Welcome to the World Coin Gallery Coin Trading System

You can now arrange a trade with other collectors around the world without EVER having to sort through doubles lists to figure out what they have that you want, and vice versa!

Here's how the system works:

This system is REVOLUTIONIZING world coin trading!
We never need to sort through doubles lists, often written with country names in other languages, to determine potential trade opportunities.

From your report of potential trades, you can click to display a list of all your spares that you can offer the other collector and all their spares that they can offer to you. Simply follow up with that collector by email to balance a trade, privately exchange postal mailing addresses and mail and receive coins!

Always check out the honesty of the person you are trading with. Worldcoingallery does not screen coin traders registering to use this system. Ask for references, check "Good Trader" and "Bad Trader" lists on-line. My favorite list is maintained by David Rivera Alonso.

If you have any questions or suggestions about this coin trading system, please send a note to don@worldcoingallery.com. I look forward to hearing from you!

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