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km55.11 Falus AH1232 Flower
km55.21 Falus AH1232 Sword between two leaves
km55.31 Falus AH123x Two ducks intertwined
kmA781 Falus AH1268 4 Petal flower
kmB781 Falus AH1268 3 Petal flower
kmA791 Falus AH1285 Mihrabi in square
km791 Falus ND Flower
kmB791 Falus AH1285 Arrowhead
km38.11 Falus AH1295 Lion facing left
km38.21 Falus AH1295 Lion facing right
km911 Falus AH1295 Hand
km951 Falus AH1296 Adl justice in hexagram
km941 Falus AH1296 Crown
kmA101.11 Falus AH1296 Crown
km101.21 Falus AH1296 Crown
km471 Falus AH1297 Fish
km481 Falus AH1297 Crab
km991 Falus AH1300 leaves and stem
km1001 Falus AH1300 Flower
kmD1011 Falus AH1308 Crown
km488.31 Rupee AH1258 Dur-e-Duran
km488.41 Rupee AH1258 Padshah-i-Ghazi
km4931 Rupee AH1258 Kalimah
km9221 Pul AH1349 (1939) Toughra
km10015 Afghanis SH1360 (1981) World Food Day Regular and Proof
km102650 Afghanis ND(1995) Anniversary of the U.N.
km103050 Afghanis (1996) World Food
km103750 Afghanis (1999) Sydney Olympics
km1014100 Afghanis (1990) Proof Soccer Championship
km978250 Afghanis (1978) Snow Leopard
km979250 Afghanis (1978) Snow Leopard Proof
km1017250 Afghanis (1978) Snow Leopard Special (4 Known)
km981500 Afghanis (1978) Crane Proof
km1018500 Afghanis (1978) Crane Special (4 known)
km1002500 Afghanis (1981) World Food Day Proof
km1003500 Afghanis ND(1986) Automobile Anniversary
km1004500 Afghanis ND(1986) 1988 Winter Games
km1009500 Afghanis ND(1988) 1986 World Soccer
km1008.1500 Afghanis (1989) Proof Short thick letters
km1008.2500 Afghanis (1989) Proof Tall thin letters
km1031500 Afghanis ND(1995) Proof Anniv. of U.N.
km1025500 Afghanis (1996) Proof Lynx
km1027500 Afghanis (1996) Regular and Proof
km1028500 Afghanis (1996) World Food
km1040500 Afghanis (1996) Proof World Cup Soccer
km1029500 Afghanis (1996) Proof Charles Lindbergh
km1036.1500 Afghanis (1996) Proof Winged Goddess
km1039500 Afghanis (1997) Proof 16th World Cup Soccer
km1033500 Afghanis (1998) Proof Sydney Olympics
km1034500 Afghanis (1998) Proof Marco Polo Sheep
km1036.2500 Afghanis (1998) Proof Winged Goddess
km1038500 Afghanis (1999) Proof Sydney Olympics
km1041500 Afghanis ND(1999) Proof 3rd Millennium
km1049500 Afghanis (1999) Shakespeare
km1042500 Afghanis (2000) Proof Snow Leopard
km1043500 Afghanis (2001) Proof World Championship Soccer
km1048500 Afghanis SH1380 (2001) Proof Death of Verdi
km10475,000 Afghanis (1999) Proof Sydney Olympics
km101910,000 Afghanis (1978) Special Sheep (4 Known)
km9528 Grams SH1339 (AH1380) (1960) Proof


km672 Leke (1989) Anniv. WWII
km49.15 Leke ND(1969) Proof Victory
km49.25 Leke (1969) Proof Victory
km49.35 Leke (1970) Proof Victory
km575 Leke (1987) Durazzo Seaport
km57a5 Leke (1987) Proof Durazzo Seaport
km615 Leke (1988) First Railroad
km50.110 Leke ND Skanderberg
km50.210 Leke (1969) Proof Skanderberg
km50.310 Leke (1970) Proof Skanderberg
km50.410 Leke (1970) Proof Skanderberg hallmark
km6910 Leke (1991) Olympics
km7010 Leke (1992) Boxing
km9310 Leke (2005) Tirana as Capitol
km9410 Leke (2005) Ornate Vest
km51.120 Leke (1968) Skanderberg Helmet
km51.220 Leke (1968) Proof Skanderberg Helmet
km51.420 Leke (1969) Proof Skanderberg Helmet
km51.520 Leke (1970) Proof Skanderberg Helmet
km51.620 Leke (1970) Proof Helmet (1 Ar)
km8720 Leke (2002) Apollo portrait
km52.125 Leke (1968) Proof Sword Dance
km52.225 Leke (1969) Proof Sword Dance
km52.325 Leke (1970) Proof Sword Dance
km53.150 Leke (1968) Proof Ruins
km53.250 Leke (1969) Proof Ruins
km53.350 Leke (1970) Proof Ruins
km5850 Leke (1987) Proof Durazzo (silver)
km58a50 Leke (1987) Proof Durazzo (gold)
km6250 Leke (1988) Proof 1st Railroad
km8150 Leke (2001) Michaelangelos David
km8850 Leke (2002) Sami Frasheri
km8950 Leke (2003) Jeronim de Rada
km8650 Leke (2003) Ancient Illyrian helmet
km9050 Leke (2004) wheel design
km9150 Leke (2004) Soldier
km54.1100 Leke (1968) Proof Peasant Girl
km54.2100 Leke (1969) Proof Peasant Girl
km54.3100 Leke (1970) Proof Peasant Girl
km59100 Leke (1987) Proof Durazzo
km63100 Leke (1988) Proof 1st Railroad
km80100 Lek (2000) Teuta
km82100 Leke (2001) Michaelangelos David
km84100 Leke (2001) Dove in flight
km92100 Leke (2002) Proof Guns
km55.1200 Leke (1968) Proof Ruins
km55.2200 Leke (1969) Proof Ruins
km55.3200 Leke (1970) Proof Ruins
km83200 Leke (2001) Michaelangelos David
km85200 Leke (2001) Dove in flight
km56.1500 Leke (1968) Proof Skanderberg
km56.2500 Leke (1969) Proof Skanderberg
km56.3500 Leke (1970) Proof Skanderberg
km647500 Leke (1988) Proof 1st Railroad


km12 Pounds (1989) Royal Visit
km22 Pounds (1990) 90th Birthday of Queen Mother
km32 Pounds (1992) 40 yrs. Queens Reign
km52 Pounds (1993) Coronation
km72 Pounds (1994) D-Day Normandy
km162 Pounds (1997) World Wildlife Fund - Puffins
km172 Pounds (1997) Golden Wedding Anniversary
km145 Pounds (1995) Queen Mother with Children
km155 Pounds (1996) Queens 70th Birthday
km605 Pounds (2001) Queen 75th birthday
km275 Pounds (2002) Princess Diana
km295 Pounds (2002) Duke of Wellington
km315 Pounds (2003) Prince William
km445 Pounds (2003) HMS Mary Rose
km455 Pounds (2003) Alfred the Great
km355 Pounds (2003) Concorde in flight
km385 Pounds (2004) HMS Belfast
km425 Pounds (2004) Florence Nightingale
km435 Pounds (2004) Battle of Inkerman
km475 Pounds (2004) Locomotive The Rocket
km485 Pounds (2004) Locomotive The Royal Scot
km495 Pounds (2004) Locomotive The Merchant Navy
km795 Pounds (2005) Battle of Trafalgar
km665 Pounds (2005) Viscount Samuel Hood
km685 Pounds (2005) HMS Revenge
km855 Pounds (2009) Mini Cooper


km1015 Centimes (ND1970) FAO, 1st Five Year Plan
km1065 Centimes (ND1974) FAO, 2nd Five Year Plan
km1135 Centimes (ND1980) FAO, 3rd Five Year Plan
km1165 Centimes (ND1985) FAO, 4th Five Year Plan
km11510 Centimes (1984, 1989 rare) palm tree
km107.220 Centimes (1975) flower above 20
km10950 Centimes (ND1975) 30 yrs. since French-Algerian Clash
km11150 Centimes (1980) 1400 yrs. Mohamads Flight
km11950 Centimes (1988) 25 yrs. of Constitution
km9120 Francs (1949,1956) French Occupation
km9250 Francs (1949) French Occupation
km93100 Francs (1950,1952) French Occupation
km1271/4 Dinar (1992, 1998, 2003) Fennec Fox
km1281/2 Dinar (1992) Barbary Horse
km104.11 Dinar (1972) legend away from inner circle
km104.21 Dinar (1972) legend touches inner circle
km1055 Dinars (ND1972) FAO, 10th Anniversary, silver
km105a.15 Dinars (ND1972) FAO, 10th Anniversary, Nickel
km105a.25 Dinars (ND1972) FAO, 10 yrs., dolphin privy, Nickel
km1085 Dinars ND(1974) Anniv. of Revolution
km1145 Dinars ND(1984) Anniv. of Revolution
km1235 Dinars (1992--) African Elephant
km12410 Dinars (1992--) Barbary Falcon
km12520 Dinars (1992--) Lion
km12650 Dinars (1992-2004) Dama Gazelle
km13150 Dinars ND(1994) 40 Years since Revolution
km132100 Dinars (1992-2011) Horse head

American Samoa

km11 Dollar (1988) Americas Cup
km25 Dollars (1988) Americas Cup
km6.15 Dollars (1988) Olympics


Tn125 Cents (1920) Society of Mines
Tn250 Cents (1920) Society of Mines
Tn31 Franc (1920) Society of Mines

Andaman and Nicobar Islands

x125 Paise (2011) Andaman Clubtail Butterfly
x250 Paise (2011) Stork-billed Kingfisher
x31 Rupee (2011) Kuhls Flying Gecko
x42 Rupees (2011) Coconut Crab
x55 Rupees (2011) Wild Boar
x610 Rupees (2011) Dugong
x720 Rupees (2011) Nautilus


km1711 Centim (1999) FAO
km1761 Centim (2002) Charlemagne
km1771 Centim (2002) Mountain Goat
km1781 Centim (2002) Lamb of God
km1981 Centim (2003) church wall paintings
km1991 Centim (2003) Pont de la Margineda bridge
km2001 Centim (2003) Romanesque church
km2291 Centim (2004) Santa Coloma
km2301 Centim (2004) Sant Marti de la Cortinada
km2311 Centim (2004) Altar at Santa Coloma
km2361 Centim (2005) Death of Pope John-Paul II
km2451 Centim (2005-2008) Findern flower
km2901 Centim (2006) Joseph Ratzinger
km3061 Centim (2007) Pope Leo XIII
km1792 Centims (2002) Grandalla
km2012 Centims (2003) Clavell Deltoide flower
km2322 Centims (2004) West Gothic robe
km2372 Centims (2005) Death of Pope John-Paul II
km2462 Centims (2005-2008) Pyrenean Chamois
km2912 Centims (2006) Joseph Ratzinger
km3072 Centims (2007) Pope Pius X
km1805 Centims (2002) Squirrel on tree stump
km1815 Centims (2002) Male Turkey
km2025 Centims (2003) Cross of Seven Arms
km2035 Centims (2003) church wall paintings
km2335 Centims (2004) Gothic cross
km2345 Centims (2004) Lady of Canolic
km2385 Centims (2005) Death of Pope John-Paul II
km2475 Centims (2005-2008) church wall paintings
km2925 Centims (2006) Joseph Ratzinger
km3085 Centims (2007) Pope Benedict XV
km18210 Centims (2002) St. Joan de Caselles
km20410 Centims (2003) wood carving
km23510 Centims (2004) Casa de la Vall
km23910 Centims (2005) Death of Pope John-Paul II
km24810 Centims (2005-2008) Sant Vincenc Denclar church
km29310 Centims (2006) Joseph Ratzinger
km30910 Centims (2007) Pope Pius XI
km10925 Centimes (1995) 50 yrs. FAO
km24025 Centims (2005) Death of Pope John-Paul II
km24925 Centims (2005-2008) Our Lady of Meritxell sanctuary
km29425 Centims (2006) Joseph Ratzinger
km31025 Centims (2007) Pope Pius XII
km24150 Centims (2005) Death of Pope John-Paul II
km25050 Centims (2005-2008) Map of Andorra
km29550 Centims (2006) Joseph Ratzinger
km31150 Centims (2007) Pope John XXIII
km141 Diner (1983) Joan D.M. Bisbe D Urgell
km2421 Diner (2005) Death of Pope John-Paul II
km2511 Diner (2005-2008) Our Lady of Meritxell sanctuary
km2961 Diner (2006) Joseph Ratzinger
km2991 Diner (2006) Chess Pawn - nickel
km299a1 Diner (2006) Chess Pawn - brass
km3001 Diner (2006) Chess Rook - nickel
km300a1 Diner (2006) Chess Rook - brass
km3011 Diner (2006) Chess Knight - nickel
km301a1 Diner (2006) Chess Knight - brass
km3021 Diner (2006) Chess Bishop - nickel
km302a1 Diner (2006) Chess Bishop - brass
km3031 Diner (2006) Chess Queen - nickel
km303a1 Diner (2006) Chess Queen - brass
km3041 Diner (2006) Chess King - nickel
km304a1 Diner (2006) Chess King - brass
km3121 Diner (2007) Pope Paul VI
km192 Diners (1984) Brown Bear
km202 Diners (1984) Red Squirrel
km212 Diners (1984) Chamois
km272 Diners (1985) Skier
km282 Diners (1985) High Jumper
km462 Diners (1987) Olympics
km1402 Diners (1997) Olympic Bobsled
km2432 Diners (2005) Death of Pope John-Paul II
km2522 Diners (2005-2008) Signing of the Umpirage
km2972 Diners (2006) Joseph Ratzinger
km3132 Diners (2007) Pope John Paul I
km1555 Diners (1999) World globe amid stars
km3245 Diners (2011) beatification of Pope John Paul II
km5510 Diners (1989) Olympic Downhill skier
km6010 Diners (1989) World Cup Soccer
km9710 Diners (1994) Woman and Globe


km7120 Centavos (1948,1949) Anniv. of Revolution
km10150 Kwanzas ND(1992) 8 Jan. 92


km1Liberty Dollar on Mexico 5 Pesos km467
km2Liberty Dollar on Mexico 5 Pesos km465
km3Liberty Dollar on Peru Sol
km3aLiberty Dollar on Yemen Riyal km31
km6Liberty Dollar on Mexico 10 Pesos km474
km7.1Liberty dollar on Panama balboa

Antigua and Barbuda

km14 Dollars (1970) FAO
km510 Dollars (1985) Royal Visit
km230 Dollars (1982) Washington at Yorktown
km330 Dollars (1982) Washington Inauguration
km430 Dollars (1982) Washington at Verplancks Point


km109a.15 Centavos (1993-1995) copper-nickel fine lettering
km109a.25 Centavos (1993-1995) copper-nickel bold lettering
km11950 Centavos (1996) UNICEF
km12150 Centavos (1997) Eva Peron
km12450 Centavos (1998) Southern Cross
km12950 Centavos (2000) General Guemes
km130.150 Centavos (2000) General San Martin - reeded edge
km130.250 Centavos (2000) General San Martin - plain edge
km15450 Centavos (2000) Martin Miguel de Guemes
km15550 Centavos (2000) Jose de San Martin
km112.21 Peso (1995) small legend, round 9s
km112.31 Peso (1995) error PROVINGIAS
km1201 Peso (1996) UNICEF
km1221 Peso (1997) Eva Peron
km1251 Peso (1998) Mercosur
km132.11 Peso (2001) General Urguiza brass center
km132.21 Peso (2001) General Urguiza cu-al-ni center
km1551 Peso (2006) Jorge Luis Borges
km1561 Peso (2010) El Palmar
km1571 Peso (2010) Aconcagua
km1581 Peso (2010) Mar del Plata
km1591 Peso (2010) Pucara de Tilcara
km1601 Peso (2010) Glaciar Perito Moreno
new1 Peso (2013) Bicentennary of the First Patriotic Coin
km1142 Pesos (1994) Nat. Constitution Convention
km1282 Pesos (1999) Jorge Luis Borges
km135.12 Pesos (2002) Eva Peron - reeded edge
km135.22 Pesos (2002) Eva Peron - plain edge
km1612 Pesos (2006) Human Rights
km144.12 Pesos (2007) Malvinas War - reeded edge
km144.22 Pesos (2007) Malvinas War - plain edge
km1452 Pesos (2007) Petroleum Industry
km1622 Pesos (2010) 75 yrs. Central Bank
km1652 Pesos (2010-2011) Bicentenary of Revolution
new2 Pesos (2012) 30 yrs. South Atlantic War
km735 Pesos (1977) Admiral G. Brown
km1155 Pesos (1994) Nat. Const. Convention
km6210 Pesos Decl. of Ind. (1966)
km7410 Pesos (1977) Admiral G. Brown
km7520 Pesos (1977-1978) World Soccer Championship
km6325 Pesos (1968) D. Faustino Sarmiento
km7650 Pesos (1977-1978) World Soccer Championship
km8150 Pesos (1978) Birth of Jose de San Martin
km8450 Pesos (1979) Conquest of Patagonia
km86100 Pesos (1979) Conquest of Patagonia
km781000 Pesos (1977-1978) World Soccer Championship
km792000 Pesos (1977-1978) World Soccer Championship
km803000 Pesos (1977-1978) World Soccer Championship


km21250 Dram (2012) Aragatsotn Region
km21350 Dram (2012) Ararat Region
km21450 Dram (2012) Armavir Region
km21550 Dram (2012) Gegharkunik Region
km21650 Dram (2012) Kotayk Region
km21750 Dram (2012) Lori Region
km21850 Dram (2012) Shirak Region
km21950 Dram (2012) Syunik Region
km22050 Dram (2012) Tavush Region
km22150 Dram (2012) Vayots Dzor Region
km22250 Dram (2012) Yerevan Region
km69100 Drams (1996) Chess Olympiad
km76100 Drams (1997) Charents
km98100 Dram (2002) Aram Khachatryan


km1025 Florin (1992) Olympic Windsurfing

Ascension Island

km125 Pence (1978) 25th Anniv. Of Coronation
km325 Pence (1981) Wedding of Charles and Dianna
km650 Pence (1984) Prince Andrew Visit
km850 Pence (1996) 70th Birthday Q. Elizabeth II
km950 Pence (1998) WWF - Frigate birds
km1350 Pence (2001) Queens 75th birthday
km1450 Pence (2001) Queen Victoria
km1550 Pence (2002) Queens Golden Jubilee
km1850 Pence (2002) Queen Mother
km1650 Pence (2003) Crown, sceptres and the ampula
km1750 Pence (2003) 50th Anniv of Coronation


km421/2 Penny (1949-1952) no IND:IMP
km443 Pence (1949-1952) no IND:IMP
km461 Shilling (1950,1952) no IND:IMP
km311 Florin (1927) Parliment House, Canberra
km331 Florin (1934) horse with rider
km481 Florin (1951-1952) no IND:IMP
km551 Florin (1954) Royal Visit
km29520 Cents (1995) United Nations
km53220 Cents (2001) Norfolk Island
km55020 Cents (2001) New South Wales
km55220 Cents (2001) Australian Capital Territory
km55420 Cents (2001) Queensland
km55620 Cents (2001) Victoria
km55820 Cents (2001) Northern Territory
km56020 Cents (2001) South Australia
km56220 Cents (2001) Western Australia
km56420 Cents (2001) Tasmania
km58920 Cents (2001) Sir Donald Bradman
km68820 Cents (2003) Volunteers
km74520 Cents (2005) World War - Coming Home
km82020 Cents (2007) Surf Lifesaver
km105820 Cents (2008) Year of Planet Earth
km107520 Cents (2009) Year of Astronomy
km108820 Cents (2009) Poppy
km143320 Cents (2009) Nurses
km143020 Cents (2009) Burke and Wills
km150220 Cents (2009) Wool Industry
km151320 Cents (2010) Taxation Office
km151820 Cents (2010) Lost Soldiers of Promelles
km163420 Cents (2011) Year of the Volunteer
km164820 Cents (2011) War Historians
km151720 Cents (2011) Ashes Cricket tournament
km156620 Cents (2011) Wedding of Catherine and William
km164220 Cents (2011) International Womens Day
km162520 Cents (2012) Australian Wheat
km174220 Cents (2012) WW-II Bombing of Australia
km174320 Cents (2012) Military lookout
km6950 Cents (1970) Cooks Australian Voyage
km7050 Cents (1977) Silver Jubilee
km7250 Cents (1981) Charles and Diana
km7450 Cents (1982) Commonwealth Games
km9950 Cents (1988) Bicentennial
km13950 Cents (1991) Merino Ram
km25750 Cents (1994) Year of the Family
km29450 Cents (1995) Weary Dunlop
km36450 Cents (1998) Bass and Flinders
km43750 Cents (2000) Royal Visit
km48850 Cents (2000) Millennium Year
km49150 Cents (2001) Commonwealth Coat of Arms
km53350 Cents (2001) Norfolk Island
km53550 Cents (2001) Year of the Snake
km55150 Cents (2001) New South Wales
km55350 Cents (2001) Australian Capital Territory
km55550 Cents (2001) Queensland
km55750 Cents (2001) Victoria
km55950 Cents (2001) Northern Territory
km56150 Cents (2001) South Australia
km56350 Cents (2001) Western Australia
km56550 Cents (2001) Tasmania
km60250 Cents (2002) The Outback (windmill)
km64550 Cents (2002) Queens 50th Anniv.
km68950 Cents (2003) Volunteers
km79950 Cents (2003) 50th Anniv. of Coronation
km69450 Cents (2004) Australian animals
km74650 Cents (2005) World War - Remembrance
km76950 Cents (2005) Olympics and Animals
km77050 Cents (2006) Basketball
km77150 Cents (2006) Hockey
km77250 Cents (2006) Shooting
km77350 Cents (2006) Weightlifting
km77450 Cents (2006) Gymnastics
km77550 Cents (2006) Rugby
km77650 Cents (2006) Cycling
km77750 Cents (2006) Athletics
km77850 Cents (2006) Triathlon
km77950 Cents (2006) Netball
km78050 Cents (2006) Table Tennis
km78150 Cents (2006) Aquatics
km80150 Cents (2006) 80th Birthday of Queen
km80250 Cents (2006) Visit of Queen Elizabeth II
km100150 Cents (2006) Squash
km100250 Cents (2006) Lawn Bowling
km100350 Cents (2006) Boxing
km100450 Cents (2006) Dame Edna Everage
km157050 Cents (2006) Badminton
km104150 Cents (2007) Elizabeth and Philip Wedding Anniv.
km104950 Cents (2008) Scouting Centennial
km106250 Cents (2008) Yacht Australia II
km143250 Cents (2009) 40 yrs. Moon Landing
km150050 Cents (2010) Australia Day
km150150 Cents (2010) Melbourne Cup
km157150 Cents (2010) William and Catherine engagement
km152150 Cents (2011) 60 yrs. National Service
km152550 Cents (2011) Australia Day
km156750 Cents (2011) Wedding of Catherine and William
km162450 Cents (2011) Triple Zero Code for Emergency
km404b50 Cents (2012) Colorized coat of arms
km174150 Cents (2012) 60th Anniv. Elizabeth II
km174450 Cents (2012) WW-II Bombing of Australia
km771 Dollar (1984) kangaroos
km841 Dollar (1985-1995) kangaroos
km871 Dollar (1986) Year of Peace
km1001 Dollar (1988) Aboriginal Art
km1751 Dollar (1992) Javelin Thrower
km2081 Dollar (1993) Landcare
km2581 Dollar (1994) Intro. Of Dollar Coin
km2691 Dollar (1995) Banjo Paterson
km3101 Dollar (1996) Sir Henry Parks
km2891 Dollar (1996) Kookaburra in flight
km3271 Dollar (1997) Sir C. K. Smith airplane only
km3551 Dollar (1997) Sir C. K. Smith airplane over map
km3621 Dollar (1997-1998) Kookaburra on Fence
km3661 Dollar (1998) Howard Florey
km4001 Dollar (1999,2000) The Last Anzacs
km4051 Dollar (1999) Intl Yr of Older People
km4161 Dollar (1999,2000) Kookaburra (1 oz. silver)
km4221 Dollar (2000) HMAS Sydney II
km4931 Dollar (2000) Victoria Cross
km5291 Dollar (2000) Olymphilex Exhib
km5301 Dollar (2001) Army Centennial
km5311 Dollar (2001) 50 years Air Force
km5341 Dollar (2001) Norfolk Island Federation
km5881 Dollar (2001) Royal Navy
km6631 Dollar (2003) Korean War
km6821 Dollar (2001) Intl Yr of Volunteers
km6001 Dollar (2002) The Outback
km6901 Dollar (2003) Volunteers
km7541 Dollar (2003) Womens Suffrage
km7261 Dollar (2004) Eureka Stockade
km7471 Dollar (2005) World War - Peace
km7481 Dollar (2005) Gallipoli
km8031 Dollar (2003) Vietnam War Veterans
km7331 Dollar (2004) Five kangaroos
km8351 Dollar (2005) Living Icons of Australia
km8041 Dollar (2006) XVIII Commonwealth Games
km8051 Dollar (2006) 50 yrs. Australian Television
km8081 Dollar (2007) Ashes Cricket Series
km8091 Dollar (2007) Year of the Pig
km1016a1 Dollar (2007) Sydney Harbour Bridge
km10401 Dollar (2007) APEC Australia
km10421 Dollar (2007) 60 yrs. Peacekeepers
km16531 Dollar (2007) International Polar Year
km490.11 Dollar (2008) Kangaroo (1 oz. silver)
km10471 Dollar (2008) First Coat of Arms
km10631 Dollar (2008) Mary MacKillop
km10391 Dollar (2008) Centenary of Scouting
km10521 Dollar (2008) Rugby League Centennial
km10561 Dollar (2008) Year of the Rat
km10591 Dollar (2008) Year of Planet Earth
km10641 Dollar (2008) Centennial of Quarantine
km10761 Dollar (2008) Year of Astronomy
km14971 Dollar (2009) ANZAC
km14981 Dollar (2009) Commonwealth Age Pension
km14991 Dollar (2009) Girl Guides
km14951 Dollar (2010) 100 yrs. Australian Coinage
km14961 Dollar (2010) Fred Hollows
km15031 Dollar (2010) Wool Industry
km15041 Dollar (2011) Historical coin designs
km16191 Dollar (2011) CHOGM meeting at Perth
km17321 Dollar (2012) Historical coin designs
km1025 Dollars (1988) Parliament House
km1345 Dollars (1990) ANZAC Memorial
km1905 Dollars (1992) Space Industry
km2245 Dollars (1994) Womens Enfranchisement
km3115 Dollars (1996-1997) Sir Donald Bradman
km3565 Dollars (2000/1997) Olympic Athletics
km3575 Dollars (2000/1997) Olympic Gymnastics
km3585 Dollars (2000/1997) Olympic Sailing
km3595 Dollars (2000/1997) Olympic Archery
km3605 Dollars (2000/1997) Olympic Hockey
km3615 Dollars (2000/1997) Olympic Weight Lifting
km3685 Dollars (2000/1998) Olympic Cycling
km3695 Dollars (2000/1998) Olympic Football
km3705 Dollars (2000/1998) Olympic Triathlon
km3745 Dollars (1998) Flying Doctor
km3755 Dollars (2000/1998) Olympic Handball
km3765 Dollars (2000/1998) Olympic Wrestling
km3775 Dollars (2000/1998) Olympic Canoe/Kayak
km3785 Dollars (2000/1998) Olympic Softball
km4075 Dollars (2000/1999) Olympic Basketball
km4085 Dollars (2000/1999) Olympic Taekwando
km4095 Dollars (2000/1999) Olympic Tennis
km4185 Dollars (2000/1999) Olympic Shooting
km4195 Dollars (2000/1999) Olympic Table Tennis
km4205 Dollars (2000/1999) Olympic Fencing
km4215 Dollars (2000/1999) Olympic Badminton
km4295 Dollars (2000) Olympic Modern Pentathlon
km4305 Dollars (2000) Olympic Judo
km4315 Dollars (2000) Olympic Rowing
km4325 Dollars (2000) Olympic Boxing
km4335 Dollars (2000) Olympic Valleyball
km4345 Dollars (2000) Olympic Equeatrian
km4355 Dollars (2000) Olympic Baseball
km4365 Dollars (2000) Olympic Aquatics
km4785 Dollars (2000) Phar Lap
km5165 Dollars (2000) Kookaburra Sydney Olympics
km6015 Dollars (2002) USS Houston
km8115 Dollars (2004) Bicentenary of Tasmania
new5 Dollars (2004) Eureka Stockade
km18725 Dollars (2008) Koala
km8510 Dollars (1985) 150 yrs State of Victoria

State of Salzburg

km4701 Kreuzer, Hieronymus (1801-1802)
km4981 Ducat, Ferdinand (Trade Coinage) (1805-1806)


kmT11 Thaler, Maria Theresia (Trade Coinage), (1780SF) silver
km21801/4 Kreuzer, Franz Joseph I (1851)
km28231 Heller (1916) shield on eagle
km28432 Schilling (1928) Franz Schubert
km28442 Schilling (1929) Dr. Theodor Billroth
km28452 Schilling (1930) Walther von der Vogelweide
km28472 Schilling (1931) Wolfgang Mozart
km28482 Schilling (1932) Joseph Haydn
km28492 Schilling (1933) Dr. Ignaz Seipel
km28522 Schilling (1934) Dr. Engelbert Dollfuss
km28552 Schilling (1935) Dr. Karl Lueger
km28582 Schilling (1936) Prince Eugen
km28592 Schilling (1937) St. Charles Church
km28535 Schilling (1934-1936) Madonna of Mariazell
km295520 Schilling (1982-1993) Joseph Haydn
km296020 Schilling (1983-1993) Hochosterwitz Castle
km296520 Schilling (1984-1993) Grafenegg Palace
km297020 Schilling (1985-1993) Diocese of Linz
km297520 Schilling (1986-1993) Georgenberger Treaty
km298020 Schilling (1987-1993) Archbishop Thun
km298820 Schilling (1989-1993) Tyrol
km299320 Schilling (1990-1993) Martinsturm
km299520 Schilling (1991-1993) Franz Grillparzer
km301620 Schilling (1994) Vienna Mint
km302220 Schilling (1995) Krems
km303320 Schilling (1996) Anton Bruckner
km304120 Schilling (1997) St. Stephens Cathedral
km304820 Schilling (1998) Michael Pachers altar
km305620 Schilling (1999) Hofmannsthal
km306420 Schilling (2000) First Austrian Postage Stamp
km307520 Schilling (2001) Johann Nestroy
km288025 Schilling (1955) National Theater in Vienna
km288125 Schilling (1956) Wolfgang Mozart
km288325 Schilling (1957) Mariazell Basilica
km288425 Schilling (1958) Auer von Welsbach
km288725 Schilling (1959) Archduke Johann
km289025 Schilling (1960) Carinthian Plebescite
km289125 Schilling (1961) Burgenland
km289225 Schilling (1962) Anton Bruckner
km289325 Schilling (1963) Prince Eugen
km289525 Schilling (1964) Franz Grillparzer
km289725 Schilling (1965) Vienna Tech High School
km289925 Schilling (1966) Ferdinand Raimund
km290125 Schilling (1967) Maria Theresa
km290325 Schilling (1968) Von Hildebrandt
km290525 Schilling (1969) Peter Rosegger
km290725 Schilling (1970) Franz Lehar
km291025 Schilling (1971) Vienna Bourse
km291225 Schilling (1972) Carl M. Ziehrer
km291525 Schilling (1973) Max Reinhardt
km288850 Schilling (1959) Liberation of Tyrol
km289450 Schilling (1963) Union with Tirol
km289650 Schilling (1964) Winter Olympics Innsbruck
km289850 Schilling (1965) Vienna University
km290050 Schilling (1966) National Bank
km290250 Schilling (1967) Blue Danube Waltz
km290650 Schilling (1969) Maximilian I
km290850 Schilling (1970) Innsbruck University
km290950 Schilling (1970) Dr. Karl Renner
km291150 Schilling (1971) Julius Raab
km291350 Schilling (1972) Salzburg University
km291450 Schilling (1972) Institute of Agriculture
km291650 Schilling (1973) Bummerl House
km291750 Schilling (1973) Dr. Theodor Korner
km291950 Schilling (1974) International Garden Exhibition
km292050 Schilling (1974) Austrian Police Force
km292150 Schilling (1974) Salzburg Cathedral
km292250 Schilling (1974) Austrian Broadcasting
km293750 Schilling (1978) Franz Schubert
km303850 Schilling (1996) Austrian Millenium
km304450 Schilling (1997) Wiener Secession
km305050 Schilling (1998) New Hofburg Palace
km305350 Schilling (1998) Konrad Lorenz
km305750 Schilling (1999) Euro dollars
km306150 Schilling (1999) Johann Strauss
km306650 Schilling (2000) Sigmund Freud
km307050 Schilling (2000) Ferdinand Porsche
km307650 Schilling (2001) Schillings
km2926100 Schilling (1974) Winter Olympics Emblem
km2927100 Schilling (1974) Buildings and Olympic Rings
km2928100 Schilling (1974) Winter Olympic Skier
km2929100 Schilling (1974) Ski Jump and Symbols
km2923100 Schilling (1975) Johann Stauss
km2924100 Schilling (1975) State Treaty
km2925100 Schilling (1975) Anniversary of Schilling
km2930100 Schilling (1976) Burgtheater
km2931100 Schilling (1976) Carinthia
km2932100 Schilling (1976) Johann Nestroy
km2934100 Schilling (1977) Kremsmunster Monastery
km2935100 Schilling (1977) Hohensaizburg Fortress
km2936100 Schilling (1977) Hall Mint
km2938100 Schilling (1978) Gmunden
km2939100 Schilling (1978) Battle of Durnkrut
km2940100 Schilling (1978) Founding of Villach
km2941100 Schilling (1978) Arlberg Tunnel
km2942100 Schilling (1979) Neustadt Cathedral
km2943100 Schilling (1979) Inn District
km2944100 Schilling (1979) Vienna Center
km2945100 Schilling (1979) Hall at Bregenz
km2996100 Schilling (1991) Mozart, Salzburg-Violine
km2998100 Schilling (1991) Mozart, Burgtheater-Piano
km3001100 Schilling (1991) Rudolph I
km3003100 Schilling (1992) Maximilian
km3005100 Schilling (1992) Otto Nicolai
km3007100 Schilling (1992) Karl V
km3019100 Schilling (1994) Kaiser Franz Joseph I
km3020100 Schilling (1994) 1984 Revolution, Archduke Johann
km3036100 Schilling (1996) Leopold III
km3046100 Schilling (1997) Maximilian
km3051100 Schilling (1998) Prince Rudolf
km3063100 Schilling (2000) Millenium Connectivity
km3073100 Schilling (2001) Transportation
km3077100 Schilling (2001) Charlemagne
km3079100 Schilling (2001) Rudolf IV
km3026200 Schilling (1995) Ribbon Dancer
km3027200 Schilling (1995) Olympic Skier
km2947500 Schilling (1980) City of Steyr
km2968500 Schilling (1984) Stams Stift in Tirol
km31591.5 Euro (2008--) Wiener Philharmonic 1oz.silver bullion
km31242 Euro (2005) State Treaty
km31432 Euro (2008--) Relief map of Europe
km31502 Euro (2007) Treaty of Rome
km31752 Euro (2009) Ten yrs. E.M.U.
km32052 Euro (2012) 10 yrs. Euro Coinage
km30915 Euro (2002) 250 Years Vienna Zoo
km31055 Euro (2003) Waterpower
km31225 Euro (2004) European Union Extension
km31135 Euro (2004) 100 years of Soccer
km31175 Euro (2005) 100 yrs. Ski Sports
km31205 Euro (2005) Carinthian Gate Theater
km31315 Euro (2006) Mozart
km31325 Euro (2006) Austrian EU Presidency
km31445 Euro (2007) Universal Male Suffrage
km31455 Euro (2007) Mariazell
km31645 Euro (2008) Soccer Champs
km31635 Euro (2008) Soccer Champs
km31565 Euro (2008) Herbert von Karajan
km31705 Euro (2009) Joseph Haydn
km31775 Euro (2009) Tirolean Resistance Fighters
km31845 Euro (2010) High Alpine Road Grossglockner
km31925 Euro (2010) Winter Olympic Snowboarding
km31935 Euro (2010) Winter Olympic Ski Jumper
km31955 Euro (2011) Pummerin Bell
km31965 Euro (2011) Land of Forests
km32065 Euro (2012) Society of Music Lovers
km309610 Euro (2002) Ambras Castle
km309910 Euro (2002) Eggenberg Castle
km310310 Euro (2003) Hof Castle
km310610 Euro (2003) Schonbrunn Castle
km311110 Euro (2004) Hellbrunn Castle
km311510 Euro (2004) Artstetten Castle
km312510 Euro (2005) Reopening of Burg Theater
km312910 Euro (2006) Nonnenberg Abbey
km313710 Euro (2006) Gottweig Abby
km314610 Euro (2007) Melk Abbey
km314810 Euro (2007) St. Paul in Lavanttal
km316210 Euro (2008) Seckau Abbey
km315710 Euro (2008) Abbey of Klosterneuburg
km317610 Euro (2009) Basilisk of Vienna
km318510 Euro (2010) Erzberg in Styria
km318010 Euro (2009) Richard the Lionheart
km318610 Euro (2010) Charlemagne in the Undersberg
km319710 Euro (2011) The Lindworm in Klagenfurt
km319810 Euro (2011) My Dear Old Augustin
km320710 Euro (2012) Steiermark
km309720 Euro (2002) Rennaissance - Ferdinand I
km309820 Euro (2002) Baroque Period - Prince Eugene
km310420 Euro (2003) Furst Biedermeierzeit
km310125 Euro (2003) Stadt Hall in Tirol
km310925 Euro (2004) 150th Ann. Semmeringbahn
km311925 Euro (2005) 50 Years Television
km313525 Euro (2006) Eu.Satelite Navigation
km314725 Euro (2007) Austrian Aviation
km315825 Euro (2008) Carl Baron Auer von Welsbach
KM317425 Euro (2009) Astronomy Year
km318925 Euro (2010) Renewable Energy
km320425 Euro (2011) Robotics Mars Rover
km321225 Euro (2012) Bionik
km321725 Euro (2013) Tunnelling
km309050 Euro (2002) 2000 Years of Christianity
km309450 Euro (2002-2006) Wiener Philharmonic
km3100100 Euro (2002) Providentia Fountain


km43a25 Escudos (1980) Regional Autonomy (silver)
km44a100 Escudos (1980) Regional Autonomy (silver)
km45a100 Escudos (1986) Regional Autonomy 10 Years (silver)
km46a100 Escudos (1991) Antero de Quental (silver)
km47100 Escudos (1995) Goshawk
km47a 100 Escudos (1995) 100 Years Azorean Autonomy (silver)


km81 Dollar (1966-1970) Conch
km67a5 Dollars (1974-1980) National Flag
km1405 Dollars (1991) 500 yrs of the Americas
km7810 Dollars (1978) Prince Charles


km29100 Fils (2004) 1st Grand Prix
km7250 Fils (1969,1983) FAO
km8500 Fils (1965,1968) Isa Town
km27500 Fils (2002--) Kingdom of Bahrain


km65 Poisha (1974-77) FAO
km105 Poisha (1977--) FAO
km210 Poisha (1973-1974) leaf
km710 Poisha (1974-79) FAO
km325 Poisha (1973) Rohy fish
km825 Poisha (1974-79) FAO
km1350 Poisha (1977-94) FAO
km2450 Poisha (2001) FAO
km9.11 Taka (1975-1977) stylized family
km9b1 Taka (1996-2003) stylized family
km321 Taka (2010) Sheikh Mujibur Rahman
km252 Taka (2004,2008) Two children reading
km312 Taka (2010) Sheikh Mujibur Rahman
km265 Takka (2006,2008) date under bridge
km335 Takka (2012) Sheikh Mujibur Rahman


kmA94 Dollars (1970) FAO
km625 Dollars (1995) 50 yrs. United Nations
km1710 Dollars (1973-1981) Neptune. Copper-Nickel
km17a10 Dollars (1973-1981) Neptune


km61 Rouble (1996) Crane flying over map
km71 Rouble (1996) Olympic Gymnast on Rings
km81 Rouble (1996) Olympic Rhythmic Gymnast
km91 Rouble (1997) July 3 Monument
km211 Rouble (1998) Olympic Hurdlers
km341 Rouble (1997) Olympic Biathalon
km361 Rouble (1997) Olympic Ice Hockey
km411 Rouble (1999) Bethlehem
km631 Rouble (1999) Jubilee 2000 - 3 churches
km481 Rubel (2000) Synkovichy Fortress -Church
km1101 Rouble (2001) Euphrasinta
km1121 Rubel (2001) The Tower of Kamenets
km471 Rubel (2001) Belovezhskaya Pushcha Zubr
km501 Rubel (2001) Freestyle
km1141 Rubel (2002) Ignat Domeyko
km1061 Rubel (2002) Yacob Kolas
km441 Rubel (2002) Beaver-Berezinsky Biosphere Nature Reserve.
km691 Rubel (2002) 80 Years Belarus Bank
km541 Rubel (2003) Mute Swan-National Park Naracanski
km551 Rouble (2003) Herring Gull
km561 Rubel (2003) Church-Savior and Transfiguration XII-Bel.Arch.Mon
km611 Rouble (2003) Wrestlers
km851 Rubel (2004) Warriors-Soldier with Tank
km601 Rubel (2004) Common crane, Prypyatsky National Park
km621 Rouble (2004) Rowers
km751 Rouble (2004) Flower above ferns
km761 Rouble (2004) Stylized sunflower
km781 Rubel (2004) The Radziwills Castle. Nesvizh
km801 Rubel (2004) Defenders of the Brest fortress
km831 Rubel (2004) Hadyn-Man with death child
km851 Rubel (2004) Belarusian partisans
km1041 Rouble (2005) Decorated egg
km1071 Rouble (2005) Bagach
km1321 Rouble (2005) Usyaslau of Polatsk
km1341 Rouble (2005) Tennis
km811 Rubel (2005) WW II 60th Anniversary
km971 Rouble (2005) The Bogs of Almany
km1351 Rouble (2006) Vyaselle Wedding
km1381 Rouble (2006) Sophia of Galshany
km1401 Rouble (2006) Syomukha
km1461 Rouble (2006) European Mink
km2731 Rubel (2006) Silichi -Skiing Center
km2741 Rouble (2006) Rogwald
km2751 Rouble (2006) Commonwealth Indep. States
km2761 Rouble (2006) Bicycle Sport
km2981 Rouble (2006) Duga Struve
km1501 Rouble (2007) Maslenitsa (Pancake week)
km1511 Rouble (2007) Thrush Nightingale
km2171 Rouble (2007) Sturgeon fish
km2991 Rouble (2007) Belarus-China. 15 Year Relations
km3001 Rouble (2007) Naoleon Orda
km3011 Rubel (2007) Gleb Mienski
km3021 Rouble (2007) Alena Aladawa
km3031 Rouble (2007) Legend of the Stork
km3041 Rubel (2008) Zair Azgur
km3051 Rubel (2008) Vincent Dunin-Martsynkevich
km3061 Rouble (2008) Legend of the Cuckoo
km3071 Rouble (2008) House-warming
km3081 Rubel (2008) Great White Egret -Bird of the year
km3091 Rubel (2008) Dzyady -Belarusian Festivals and Rites
km3101 Rouble (2008) Minsk
km3111 Rouble (2008) Davyd of Garadzen
km3121 Rubel (2008) 90 Years Belarus Financial System
km3131 Rouble (2008) Kingfisher bird
km2151 Rubel (2009) The Sedov -Sailing Ships
km2191 Rouble (2009) Greylag Goose
km2221 Rouble (2009) Straw weaving
km2591 Rouble (2009) Sailing Ship Dar Pomorza
km3141 Rouble (2009) 80 yrs. Science Academy
km3151 Rouble (2009) Zodiac symbol Pisces
km3161 Rouble (2009) Zodiac symbol Aries
km3171 Rouble (2009) Zodiac symbol Taurus
km3181 Rouble (2009) Zodiac symbol Gemini
km3191 Rubel (2009) Zodiac symbol Cancer
km3201 Rouble (2009) Christening
km3211 Rouble (2009) Zodiac symbol Leo
km3221 Rubel (2009) 65 Years Belarus Liberation
km3231 Rouble (2009) Zodiac symbol Virgo
km3241 Rouble (2009) Zodiac symbol Libra
km3251 Rubel (2009) Spasy -Belarusian Festivals and Rites
km3261 Rouble (2009) Zodiac symbol Scorpio
km3271 Rouble (2009) White Stork
km3291 Rouble (2009) Zodiac symbol Sagitarius
km2231 Rouble (2010) EURASEC 10th Anniversary
km3341 Rouble (2010) The Battle of Grunwald

Belgian Congo

km295 Francs (1947) elephant


km213.150 Francs (2000) Belgique - soccer
km213.250 Francs (2000) Belgique - soccer - medal alignment
km214.250 Francs (2000) Belgie - soccer - medal alignment
km215200 Francs (2000) The Universe
km216200 Francs (2000) Belgie - The Universe
km217200 Francs (2000) Belgien - The Universe
km195250 Francs (1994) BE-NE-LUX Treaty
km199250 Francs (1995) Queen Astrid
km202250 Francs (1996) King Baudouin Foundation
km207250 Francs (1997) 60th Birthday Queen Paola
km208250 Francs (1998) King Boudewijn - Queen Fabiola
km209250 Francs (1999) 40th Wedding Anniversary
km218250 Francs (1999) Marriage of Prince Philip and Princess Mathilde
km165500 Francs (1980) Belgique 150 yrs Onafhankelijkheid van Belgie - Silver (error)
km178500 Francs (1990) Belgique - 60th Birthday of King Baudouin
km179500 Francs (1990) Belgie - 60th Birthday of King Baudouin
km180500 Francs (1990) Belgien - 60th Birthday of King Baudouin
km186500 Francs (1993) Europalia - Mexico Exposition
km212500 Francs (1999) Brussels - European Culture Capital
km2105000 Francs (1999) Brussels - European Culture Capital
km1665 Ecu (1987-1988) Trade Coinage
km2402 Euro (2005) Schengen Agreement
km2412 Euro (2006) Atomic model
km2462 Euro (2007) Relief Map of Europe
km2472 Euro (2007) Treaty of Rome
km2482 Euro (2008) 60 yrs. Human Rights
km2822 Euro (2009) 10 yrs European Monetary Union
km2882 Euro (2009) Louis Braille
km2892 Euro (2010) European Union Presidency
km3082 Euro (2011) International Womens Day
km3152 Euro (2012) 10 yrs. Euro Coinage
km3172 Euro (2012) Queen Elizabeth Music Competition
km3232 Euro (2013) Royal Meteorological Institute
new2 Euro (2014) 150 yrs Red Cross
new2 Euro (2014) WW1 2014-18
km2705 Euro (2008) 50 Years of Smurfs
km270a5 Euro (2008) 50 Years of Smurfs (multicolor)
km23310 Euro (2002) 50 yrs. North-South Connection
km23510 Euro (2003) Georges Simenon


km381 Cent (1974) Swallow-tailed kite
km46b1 Cent (1977-1981) Swallow-tailed Kite
km395 Cents (1974) Fork-tailed flycatcher
km645 Cents (1981) World Food Day
km4010 Cents (1974) Long-tailed hermit
km4125 Cents (1974) Blue-crowned motmot
km4925 Cents (1975-1981) Blue-crowned motmot
km7725 Cents (1985) World Forestry Congress
km4250 Cents (1974) Frigate bird
km5050 Cents (1975-1981) Frigate birds
km431 Dollar (1974-1981) Scarlet macaw
km445 Dollars (1974-1981) Keel-billed Toucan
km4510 Dollars (1974-1978) Great Curassow bird


km10200 Francs (1993) Preussen ship
km16200 Francs (1995) 50 yrs. United Nations
km25200 Francs (1999) Sydney Olympics
km11000 Francs (1992) hands holding jar
km121000 Francs (1995) Olympic Runners
km131000 Francs (1995) woman stirring pot
km401500 CFA Francs (2003) buffalo and keeper bird
km441500 CFA Francs (2005) European Union
km416000 CFA Francs (2003) President Kerekou
km456000 CFA Francs (2005) Beijing Olympics
km45a6000 CFA Francs (2005) silver center in gold ring
km466000 CFA Francs (2005) Papal visit
km46a6000 CFA Francs (2005) silver center in gold ring


km3225 Cents (1984) Arms of the Bermudas
km3325 Cents (1984) City of Hamilton
km3425 Cents (1984) Town of St. George
km3525 Cents (1984) Warwick Parish
km3625 Cents (1984) Smiths Parish
km3725 Cents (1984) Devonshire Parish
km3825 Cents (1984) Sandys Parish
km3925 Cents (1984) Hamilton Parish
km4025 Cents (1984) Southampton Parish
km4125 Cents (1984) Pambroke Parish
km4225 Cents (1984) Paget Parish
km301 Dollar (1983) Cahow bird
km221 Dollar (1972) Silver Wedding Anniv.
km22a1 Dollar (1972) Silver Wedding Anniv. (proof)
km281 Dollar (1981) Royal Wedding
km28a1 Dollar (1981) Royal Wedding (silver)
km431 Dollar (1985) Cruise ship tourism
km491 Dollar (1986) WWF - Sea turtle
km521 Dollar (1987) 50 yrs Commercial Aviation
km551 Dollar (1988) Railroad (copper nickel)
km951 Dollar (1997) Wreck of the Sea Venture
km1232 Dollars (1996) Carriage and Tree
km315 Dollars (1983) Onion


km323 Rupee (1966) Jigme Wangchuck
km1055 Chhertum (2003) monkey
km4310 Chetrums (1975) Intl Womens Year
km40.225 Chetrums (1974-1975) bust closer to rim
km4215 Ngultrums (1974) FAO
km4430 Ngultrums (1975) Intl Womens Year
km87200 Ngultrums (1996) Olympic Skiing
km74300 Ngultrums (1992) Speed Skating


km170.210 Centavos (1883) hole at center
km179.110 Centavos (1935,1936) wide 10
km179.210 Centavos (1939) narrow 10
km21410 Centavos (2010) Estado Plurinacional de Bolivia
km21520 Centavos (2010) Estado Plurinacional de Bolivia
km161.450 Centavos (1884, 1887, 1889, 1891)
km21650 Centavos (2010) Estado Plurinacional de Bolivia
km2171 Boliviano (2010) Estado Plurinacional de Bolivia
km2182 Bolivianos (2010) Estado Plurinacional de Bolivia
km2195 Bolivianos (2010) Estado Plurinacional de Bolivia
km1911 Peso Bolivianos (1968) War Against Hunger
km194100 Pesos Bolivianos (1975) Banzer and Bolivar
km198200 Pesos Bolivianos (1979) Year of the Child


x11 Cent (2011) Indian Mulberry / Noni Fruit
x25 Cents (2011) Hibiscus flower
x310 Cents (2011) Dodder Vine
x425 Cents (2011) Barrel Cactus
x550 Cents (2011) Royal Poinciana
x61 Dollar (2011) Antilles Star Orchid flowers
x72-1/2 Dollars (2011) Tarrow plant
x85 Dollars (2011) Bougainvillea flowers

Bosnia and Herzegovina

km1500 Dinara (1993) Brontosaurus - Preserve Planet Earth
km4500 Dinara (1993) Tyrannosaurus Rex - Preserve Planet Earth
km20500 Dinara (1994) Eohippos - Preserve Planet Earth
km23500 Dinara (1994) Gray Wolf - Preserve Planet Earth
km24500 Dinara (1994) Black Bear - Preserve Planet Earth
km25500 Dinara (1994) Kingfisher - Preserve Planet Earth
km39500 Dinara (1995) Przewalskii Horses - Preserve Planet Earth
km42500 Dinara (1995) Hedgehoges - Preserve Planet Earth
km52500 Dinara (1996) Long Jumper - European Youth Olympics
km53500 Dinara (1996) Sprinter - European Youth Olympics
km54500 Dinara (1996) Wrestlers - European Youth Olympics
km55500 Dinara (1996) Fencers - European Youth Olympics
km64500 Dinara (1995) Flame - European Youth Olympics
km65500 Dinara (1995) Rings - European Youth Olympics
km76500 Dinara (1996) Hoopoe birds - Preserve Planet Earth
km79500 Dinara (1996) Goosander birds - Preserve Planet Earth
km95500 Dinara (1997) Tyrannosaurus Rex-Jurasic Park - Preserve Planet Earth
km7750 Dinara (1993) Bob sleeding - Olympics
km9750 Dinara (1993) Downhill skiing - Olympics
km11750 Dinara (1993) Cross country skiinng - Olympics
km13750 Dinara (1993) Pairs Figure Skating - Olympics
km2750 Dinara (1993) Brontosaurus - Preserve Planet Earth
km5750 Dinara (1993) Tyrannosaurus Rex - Preserve Planet Earth
km21750 Dinara (1994) Eohippos - Preserve Planet Earth
km26750 Dinara (1994) Gray Wolf - Preserve Planet Earth
km27750 Dinara (1994) Black Bear - Preserve Planet Earth
km28750 Dinara (1994) Kingfisher - Preserve Planet Earth
km40750 Dinara (1995) Przewalskii Horses - Preserve Planet Earth
km43750 Dinara (1995) Hedgehoges - Preserve Planet Earth
km66750 Dinara (1995) Flame - European Youth Olympics
km67750 Dinara (1995) Rings - European Youth Olympics
km56750 Dinara (1996) Long Jumper - European Youth Olympics
km57750 Dinara (1996) Sprinter - European Youth Olympics
km58750 Dinara (1996) Wrestlers - European Youth Olympics
km59750 Dinara (1996) Fencers - European Youth Olympics
km77750 Dinara (1996) Hoopoe birds - Preserve Planet Earth
km80750 Dinara (1996) Goosander birds - Preserve Planet Earth
km96750 Dinara (1997) Tyrannosaurus Rex-Jurasic Park - Preserve Planet Earth
km310,000 Dinara (1993) Brontosaurus - Preserve Planet Earth
km610,000 Dinara (1993) Tyrannosaurus Rex - Preserve Planet Earth
km810,000 Dinara (1993) Bob sleeding - Olympics
km1010,000 Dinara (1993) Downhill skiing - Olympics
km1210,000 Dinara (1993) Cross country skiinng - Olympics
km1410,000 Dinara (1993) Pairs Figure Skating - Olympics
km2210,000 Dinara (1994) Eohippos - Preserve Planet Earth
km2910,000 Dinara (1994) Gray Wolf - Preserve Planet Earth
km3010,000 Dinara (1994) Black Bear - Preserve Planet Earth
km3110,000 Dinara (1994) Kingfisher - Preserve Planet Earth
km4110,000 Dinara (1995) Przewalskii Horses - Preserve Planet Earth
km4410,000 Dinara (1995) Hedgehoges - Preserve Planet Earth
km6010,000 Dinara (1996) Long Jumper - European Youth Olympics
km6110,000 Dinara (1996) Sprinter - European Youth Olympics
km6210,000 Dinara (1996) Wrestlers - European Youth Olympics
km6310,000 Dinara (1996) Fencers - European Youth Olympics
km7810,000 Dinara (1996) Hoopoe birds - Preserve Planet Earth
km8110,000 Dinara (1996) Goosander birds - Preserve Planet Earth
km9710,000 Dinara (1997) Tyrannosaurus Rex-Jurasic Park - Preserve Planet Earth
km321/25 Suverena (1994) Lipizzaner Stallion
km451/25 Suverena (1995) English Hack
km891/25 Suverena (1997) The Arab
km1041/25 Suverena (1998) Chinese Horse
km331/10 Suverena (1994) Lipizzaner Stallion
km461/10 Suverena (1995) English Hack
km711/10 Suverena (1996) Hanoverian Stallion
km901/10 Suverena (1997) The Arab
km1051/10 Suverena (1998) Chinese Horse
km341/5 Suverena (1994) Lipizzaner Stallion
km471/5 Suverena (1995) English Hack
km721/5 Suverena (1996) Hanoverian Stallion
km911/5 Suverena (1997) The Arab
km1061/5 Suverena (1998) Chinese Horse
km351/2 Suverena (1994) Lipizzaner Stallion
km481/2 Suverena (1995) English Hack
km731/2 Suverena (1996) Hanoverian Stallion
km921/2 Suverena (1997) The Arab
km1071/2 Suverena (1998) Chinese Horse
km371 Suverena (1994) Lipizzaner Stallion (silver)
km37a1 Suverena (1994) Lipizzaner Stallion (gold)
km491 Suverena (1995) English Hack
km501 Suverena (1995) English Hack (silver)
km511 Suverena (1995) English Hack (gold)
km751 Suverena (1996) Hanoverian Stallion (silver)
kmA761 Suverena (1996) Hanoverian Stallion (gold)
km931 Suverena (1997) The Arab (copper-Nickel)
km93a1 Suverena (1997) The Arab (silver)
km93b1 Suverena (1997) The Arab (gold)
km108a1 Suverena (1998) Chinese Horse (silver)
km1091 Suverena (1998) Chinese Horse (gold)
km9910 Maraka (1998) Princess Diana
km11210 Maraka (1998) Javelin thrower - Olympics
km10020 Maraka (1998) Princess Diana
km10150 Maraka (1998) Princess Diana
km102100 Maraka (1998) Princess Diana
km113100 Maraka (1998) Javelin thrower - Olympics
km103250 Maraka (1998) Princess Diana
km8414 Ecus (1995) Peace - Allegorical Europa (silver)
km8514 Ecus plus 2 (1993) The Bey Mosque of Sarajevo (silver)
km8621 Ecus plus 3 (1993) The Bey Mosque of Sarajevo (silver)
km181/2 Dukata (1993) Hajj-Kaaba in Mecca (gold)
km171/5 Dukata (1993) Hajj-Kaaba in Mecca (gold)
km151/25 Dukata (1993) Hajj-Kaaba in Mecca (gold)
km161/10 Dukata (1993) Hajj-Kaaba in Mecca (gold)
km191 Dukat (1993) Hajj-Kaaba in Mecca (gold)
km8814 Euro (1996) Rose - Peace (silver)
km11210 Marka (1998) Javelin thrower
km701/25 Suverena (1996) Hanoverian Stallion
km361 Suverena (1994) Lipizzaner Stallion
km741 Suverena (1994) Hanoverian Stallion
km931 Suverena (1997) The Arabian Horse
km1081 Suverena (1998) Chinese Horse
km985 Maraka (1998) Princess Diana
km1115 Maraka (1998) Javelin thrower - Olympics
km8214 Ecus (1993) Day of Peace (silver)
km8314 Ecus (1994) Peace - Teddy Bear (silver)
km8770 Ecus plus 10 (1993) The Bey Mosque of Sarajevo (gold)
km11014 Euro (1998) Dove -Peace (silver)
km11414 Euro (1999) Woman planting oak tree (silver)


km142 Thebe (1981,1988) World Food Day
km4a.15 Thebe (1991) bronze-steel plain edge
km81 Pula (1976-1987) zebra
km205 Pula (1988) Popes Visit


km527100 Reis (1932) Cazique Tibirica
km528200 Reis (1932) Anniv. Colonization
km499400 Reis (1900) 400th Ann.of Discovery
km530500 Reis (1932) Joao Ramalho
km533500 Reis (1935) Diego Feijo
km5001000 Reis (1889) 400th Ann.of Discovery
km5311000 Reis (1932) Martinda Sousa
km5341000 Reis (1935) Jose de Anchieta CB under chin
km5012000 Reis (1900) 400th Ann.of Discovery
km5024000 Reis (1900) 400th Ann.of Discovery
km5482000 Reis (1927-1938) Duke of Caxias
km5821 Cruzeiro (1972) Anniv. of Indep.
km5981 Cruzeiro (1985) F.A.O.
km5995 Cruzeiros (1985) FAO - Coffee plant
km6255000 Cruzeiros (1992) Tiradentes
km608100 Cruzados (1988) Slavery - Man
km609100 Cruzados (1988) Slavery - Woman
km610100 Cruzados (1988) Slavery - Child
km5851 Centavo (1975-1978) FAO
km5891 Centavo (1979-1984) FAO
km5862 Centavos (1975-1978) FAO
km587.15 Centavos (1975-1978) FAO
km587.25 Centavos (1975-1978) 5 over wavy lines
km64110 Centavos (1995) Seedling in Hand
km64225 Centavos (1995) FAO - Farmer working
km6372 Reais (1994) 300 yrs. Brazilian Mint
km6722 Reais (2007) Pan-American Games
km6752 Reais (2008) Centennial of Japanese Immigration
km6403 Reais (1995) 30 yrs. Of Central Bank
km6453 Reais (1997) Belo Horizonte Centennial
km6384 Reais (1994) World Cup Soccer
km6531 Real (1998) 50 yrs. Human Rights
km6561 Real (2002) Juscelino Kubitschek
km6681 Real (2005) 40 yrs Central Bank
km6791 Real (2012) Olympic flag delivery

British Guiana

km284 Pence (1911-1916) B.G. and West Indies

British Virgin Islands

km11 Cent (1973-1984) Crested Hummingbird
km161 Cent (1978) Coronation Jubilee
km421 Cent (1985) Hawksbill Turtle
km25 Cents (1973-1984) Zenalda Dove
km105 Cents (1977) Zenalda Doves
km175 Cents (1978) Coronation Jubilee
km435 Cents (1985) Bonito fish
km310 Cents (1973-1984) Ringed Kingfisher
km1110 Cents (1977) Ringed Kingfisher
km1810 Cents (1978) Coronation Jubilee
km4410 Cents (1985) Great Barracuda
km425 Cents (1973-1984) Mangrove Cuckoo
km1225 Cents (1977) Mangrove Cuckoo
km1925 Cents (1978) Coronation Jubilee
km4525 Cents (1985) Blue Marlin
km550 Cents (1973-1984) Brown Pelican
km2050 Cents (1978) Coronation Jubilee
km4650 Cents (1985) Dolphin fish
km61 Dollar (1974-1983) Magnificent Frigate
km6a1 Dollar (1973-1984) Magnificent Frigate
km211 Dollar (1978) Coronation Jubilee
km471 Dollar (1985) Butterfly fish
km1691 Dollar (1992) 500 yrs. Columbus Voyage
km2071 Dollar (2002) World Trade Center towers
km2861 Dollar (2004) Dolphin
km3031 Dollar (2004) 28th Olympics
km2971 Dollar (2004) D-Day
km267.11 Dollar (2004) Peter Rabbit
km3121 Dollar (2005) Mother and baby dolphins
km2321 Dollar (2007) Henry the 8th
km4820 Dollars (1985) Crossed Cannons
km5020 Dollars (1985) Sextant
km5220 Dollars (1985) Gold Doubloon
km5820 Dollars (1985) Ivory Sundial
km6420 Dollars (1985) Porcelain bottle.
km11825 Dollars (1992) Columbus on death bed


km1111 Stotinka (1981) 1300 yrs Bulgaria
km9850 Stotinki (1977) University Games at Sofia
km11650 Stotinki (1981) 1300 yrs Bulgaria
km27250 Stotinki (2004) Bulgaria in NATO
km28250 Stotinki (2005) seated woman
km29150 Stotinki (2007) pillar behind open book
km741 Lev (1969) 25 yrs Socialist Revolution
km761 Lev (1969) 90 yrs Liberation from Turks
km941 Lev (1976) 100 yrs April Uprising against Turks
km1071 Lev (1980) World Cup Soccer in Spain
km1171 Lev (1981) 1300 yrs Bulgaria
km1181 Lev (1981) International Hunting Exposition
km1191 Lev (1981) Russo-Bulgarian Friendship, 1300 yrs Bulgaria
km1751 Lev (1987) Winter Olympics - Hockey
km1761 Lev (1988) Summer Olympics - Sprinters
km2571 Lev (2002) Saint Ivan Rilski (gold)
km2811.95583 Lev (2005) Bulgaria in the EU
km2901.95583 Lev (2007) Bulgaria in the EU
km652 Leva (1965) 1100 yrs Slovanic Alphabet
km692 Leva (1965) 20 yrs Peoples Republic, Georgi Dimitrov
km732 Leva (1966) Kliment Ochridsky
km752 Leva (1969) 25 yrs Socialist Revolution
km772 Leva (1969) 90 yrs Liberation from Turks
km802 Leva (1972) Dobri Chintulov
km95.12 Leva (1976) April Uprising Against Turks
km95.22 Leva (1976) April Uprising Against Turks. Edge lettered.
km1082 Leva (1980) World Cup Soccer in Spain
km1102 Leva (1980) Yordan Yovkov
km1202 Leva (1981) International Hunting Exposition
km1212 Leva (1981) 681. Madara Equestrian Figure, 1300 yrs Bulgaria
km1222 Leva (1981) Mother and Child, 1300 yrs Bulgaria
km1232 Leva (1981) Georgi Dimitrov, 1300 yrs Bulgaria
km1242 Leva (1981) King and Saint, Ivan Asen II, 1300 yrs Bulgaria
km1252 Leva (1981) Soldier, 1300 yrs Bulgaria
km1262 Leva (1981) Clandestine Meeting, Bouzloudja 1981, 1300 yrs Bulgaria
km1272 Leva (1981) Cyrillic Alphabet, 1300 yrs Bulgaria
km1282 Leva (1981) Rila Monastery, 1300 yrs Bulgaria
km1292 Leva (1981) Russky Monument, 1300 yrs Bulgaria
km1302 Leva (1981) Bojana Church, 1300 yrs Bulgaria
km1612 Leva (1981) Oboriste Assembly, 1300 yrs Bulgaria
km1622 Leva (1981) Uprising of Assen and Peter, 1300 yrs Bulgaria
km1632 Leva (1981) Unification Made Power, 1300 yrs Bulgaria
km1552 Leva (1986) Soccer in Mexico
km1582 Leva (1987) Rhythmic Gymnastics
km1592 Leva (1987) Winter Olympics - Skier
km1652 Leva (1988) 100 yrs Sophia University
km1662 Leva (1988) Second Soviet-Bulgarian Space Flight
km1772 Leva (1988) Summer Olympics - High Jumper
km1782 Leva (1989) Canoe-Kayak World Championship Plovdiv
km3042 Leva (2007) Dechko Uzunov
km3102 Leva (2010) Zahariy Zograf
km665 Leva (1965) 1100 yrs Slovanic Alphabet
km785 Leva (1970) Ivan Vazov
km795 Leva (1971) Georgi S. Rakovski
km815 Leva (1972) Paisii Chilendarski
km825 Leva (1973) Vasil Levski
km835 Leva (1973) 50 yrs. Anti-Fascist Uprising
km915 Leva (1974) Alexander Stamboliiski
km925 Leva (1974) 30 yrs. Socialist Revolution
km965 Leva (1976) Christo Botev
km975 Leva (1976) 100 yrs April Uprising against Turks
km995 Leva (1977) Petko R. Slaveikov
km1005 Leva (1978) Peyo K. Javorov
km1015 Leva (1978) 100 yrs National Library
km1035 Leva (1979) 100 yrs Comunication Systems
km1095 Leva (1980) World Cup Soccer in Spain
km1315 Leva (1981) International Hunting Exposition
km1325 Leva (1981) Christo Botev and Sandor Petefi, 1300 yrs Bulgaria
km1405 Leva (1982) Vladimir Dimitrov
km1415 Leva (1982) Lyudmila Zhivkova
km1425 Leva (1982) International Childrens Assembly
km1515 Leva (1985) 3rd Intl Childrens Assembly
km1525 Leva (1985) 90 yrs Tourism in Bulgaria, Aleko Konstantinov
km1535 Leva (1985) 23th UNESCO Conference
km1545 Leva (1985) Young Inventors Exposition, EXPO 85 Plovdiv
km167.15 Leva (1988) 300 yrs Chiprovo Uprising, plain edge
km167.25 Leva (1988) 300 yrs Chiprovo Uprising, reeded
km1685 Leva (1988) Hadji Dimitar and Stefan Karadzha
km1695 Leva (1988) 25 yrs Kremikovski Metal
km1705 Leva (1988) 4th International Childrens Assembly
km1795 Leva (1989) Vasil Aprilov
km1805 Leva (1989) Sofronil Vrachanski
km2585 Leva (2002) Archery, Summer Olimpic Games in Athens (gold)
km2595 Leva (2002) Cycling, Summer Olimpic Games in Athens (gold)
km2605 Leva (2002) Fencing, Summer Olimpic Games in Athens (gold)
km2615 Leva (2002) Wrestling, Summer Olimpic Games in Athens (gold)
km2625 Leva (2002) Gymnastics, Summer Olimpic Games in Athens (gold)
km2635 Leva (2002) Pierre de Coubertain, Summer Olimpic Games in Athens (gold)
km2645 Leva (2002) Running, Summer Olimpic Games in Athens (gold)
km2655 Leva (2002) Swimming, Summer Olimpic Games in Athens (gold)
km2665 Leva (2002) Tennis, Summer Olimpic Games in Athens (gold)
km2675 Leva (2002) Weightlifting, Summer Olimpic Games in Athens (gold)
km2685 Leva (2003) My Childhood
km2745 Leva (2002) Sourvakari, colored
km2765 Leva (2003) My Childhood, Child on rocking horse, colored
km2775 Leva (2004) Palm Sunday, colored
km2795 Leva (2005) Baba Marta , colored
km2845 Leva (2006) Vine-growing and Wine Production , Bulgarian Crafts, colored
km2965 Leva (2007) Carpet Making , Bulgarian Crafts
km3055 Leva (2009) 130 yrs National Bank
km3065 Leva (2009) Pottery , Traditional Bulgarian Crafts
km3225 Leva (2011) Kosse Bosse , Bulgarian Folktales
km6710 Leva (1965) 1100 yrs Slovanic Alphabet (gold)
km93.110 Leva (1975) X Olimpic Congres Varna 1973
km93.210 Leva (1975) X Olimpic Congress Varna 1973, Citius, Altius, Fortius on edge
km10210 Leva (1978) 100 yrs Liberation from Turks
km10410 Leva (1979) Intl Year of the Child
km10510 Leva (1979) Bulgarian-Soviet Spaceflight
km105a10 Leva (1979) Bulgarian-Soviet Spaceflight
km14310 Leva (1982) Sombrero, Soccer Spain 1982
km14410 Leva (1982) Players, Soccer Spain 1982
km14610 Leva (1984) Skier, Winter Olympic in Sarajevo
km14710 Leva (1984) Summer Olympics - Gymnast
km147a10 Leva (1984) Summer Olympics - Gymnast, cu-ni
km14910 Leva (1984) UN Decade of Women
km15710 Leva (1985) Cosmonauts
km18410 Leva (1987) Winter Olympics - Hockey
km18510 Leva (1988) Summer Olympics - Sprinters
km24510 Leva (1999) Monk Seal
km24810 Leva (1999) Euro, Theodor Burnov, 120 yrs Council of Ministres
km24910 Leva (1999) Euro, Oldtown Plovdiv
km25010 Leva (1999) High Jumper, Summer Olympics in Sydney
km24410 Leva (2000) The Beginning of the New Millennium
km25110 Leva (2000) Weight Lifting, Summer Olympics in Sydney
km25210 Leva (2000) Euro, Church of Pantrokrator in Nessebar
km25310 Leva (2000) Euro, Tsar Todor Svetoslav Terter
km24610 Leva (2001) Higher Education
km24710 Leva (2001) Ski jumper, XIX Winter Olympics
km27510 Leva (2003) 60 yrs Rescue Jewish People in Bulgaria
new10 Leva (2003) Soccer Germany 2006
km27010 Leva (2004) 100 yrs National Theater
km27310 Leva (2004) Saint Nikolay Mirlikiisky Chudotvorez
km28310 Leva (2005) The Gold Mask, Treasures of Bulgaria
km28010 Leva (2005) Shorttrack , The XX Winter Olympic Games, Torino 2006
km28610 Leva (2006) Letnitsa ,Treasures of Bulgaria
km28510 Leva (2006) The Black Sea Coast , National Parks and Reserves
km29210 Leva (2007) Boris Hristov
km29510 Leva (2007) Bulgarian Mountains - Pirin , National Parks and Reserves
km29710 Leva (2007) Pegasus from Vayoyo, Treasures of Bulgaria
km29810 Leva (2008) 130 yrs Bulgarian Liberation
km30210 Leva (2008) Nikolay Gyaurov
km30010 Leva (2008) Sevt III, Treasures of Bulgaria
km29910 Leva (2008) Shooting Sports
new10 Leva (2009) 130 yrs Bulgarian National Bank
new10 Leva (2010) 140 yrs Bulgarian Exarchate
km30810 Leva (2010) Belogradchik Rocks
km30910 Leva (2010) 125 yrs of the Unification of Bulgaria
km31210 Leva (2011) Zograf Monastery, Bulgarian Churches and Monasteries
km31310 Leva (2011) Gena Dimitrova
km31410 Leva (2011) Khan Krum, Medieval Bulgarian Rulers
km6820 Leva (1965) 1100 yrs Slovanic Alphabet (gold)
km10620 Leva (1979) Centennial of Sophia as Capital
km106a20 Leva (1979) Centennial of Sophia as Capital
km133.120 Leva (1982) Lyudmila Zhivkova
km133.220 Leva (1982) Lyudmila Zhivkova, Denomination between Amblems
km16420 Leva (1987) Vasil Levsky
km17120 Leva (1988) 100 yrs Bulgarian Railways
km17220 Leva (1988) 110 yrs Liberation from Ottoman Rule
km17320 Leva (1988) 100 yrs. Sophia University
km17420 Leva (1988) Second Soviet-Bulgarian Space Flight
km18320 Leva (1989) 120 yrs Academy of Science
km27820 Leva (1999) The Virgin Mary with Infant Christ (gold)
km26920 Leva (2003) The Virgin Mary (gold)
km28720 Leva (2006) St. John the Baptist , Bulgarian Iconography (gold)
km29420 Leva (2007) Saint George the Victorious (gold)
km30320 Leva (2008) The Holy Tsar Boris I the Baptist (gold)
km13425 Leva (1981) Mother and Child, 1300 yrs Bulgaria
km14525 Leva (1982) George Dimitrov
km156.125 Leva (1986) Soccer Mexico 1986, date above Eagle
km156.225 Leva (1986) Soccer. No date above eagle head.
km19425 Leva (1986) Soccer Mexico 1986, Player
km16025 Leva (1987) Winter Olympics, Skier
km18625 Leva (1988) High Jump, Seul Olympics 1988
km18725 Leva (1989) Two Soccer Players
km18925 Leva (1989) XXV Olympic Games Barcelona 1992, Kanu
km19025 Leva (1989) Figure Skating, Albervil Olympics 1992
km19125 Leva (1990) XIV Soccer Championship, Globe, net and shoe
km19225 Leva (1990) XIV Soccer Championship, Ball design
km19325 Leva (1989) Wildlife, Bears
km19525 Leva (1990) Skiing, Albervil Olympics 1992
km19625 Leva (1990) Marathon, Olympics Barcelona 1992
km19725 Leva (1990) Wildlife, Lynx
km13550 Leva (1981) 681. Madara Equestrian Figure, 1300 yrs Bulgaria
km13650 Leva (1981) Georgi Dimitrov, 1300 yrs Bulgaria
km13750 Leva (1981) Mother and Child, 1300 yrs Bulgaria
km13850 Leva (1981) King and Saint, Ivan Asen II, 1300 yrs Bulgaria
km19850 Leva (1992) Downhill Skier -Winter Olimpics
km21350 Leva (1994) 10 yrs Gymnastics in Bulgaria
km150100 Leva (1984) UN Decade of Women (gold)
km212100 Leva (1992) Old ship Radetsky
km226100 Leva (1992) Imperial Eagle
km209100 Leva (1993) Bobsleigh, Winter Olympic
km210100 Leva (1993) XV Soccer Chamionship1994
km231100 Leva (1993) Parliament Building
km227100 Leva (1994) Ibex
km255100 Leva (1999) Euro, Theodor Burnov, 120 yrs Council of Ministres (gold)
km293100 Leva (2007) Saint George the Victorious (gold)
km307100 Leva (2009) St. Dimitar the Wonderworker , Bulgarian Iconography (gold)
km311100 Leva (2010) Saint Naum , Bulgarian Iconography (gold)
km271125 Leva (2004) 125 yrs Bulgarian National Bank (gold)
km206500 Leva (1993) ECU, Saint Theodor Stratilat
km211500 Leva (1994) World Cup Soccer
km219500 Leva (1996) France 1998 Soccer Championship
km223500 Leva (1996) National Academia
km229500 Leva (1997) NATO, For Atlantic Solidarity
km1391000 Leva (1981) Mother and Child, 1300 yrs Bulgaria (gold)
km2141000 Leva (1995) FAO 50 Years
km2151000 Leva (1995) Equestrian, 100 Years of Olimpic Games
km2161000 Leva (1995) 110 yrs Union with East Rumelia
km2171000 Leva (1995) ECU, Astronomical Observatory Rochen Peak
km2201000 Leva (1996) Sailing Ship Kaliakra
km2211000 Leva (1996) Speed Skater, Nagano Winter Olympics
km2221000 Leva (1996) ECU, Saint Ivan Rilski
km2301000 Leva (1998) 100 yrs Bulgarian Telegraph Agency
km2321000 Leva (1997) Singing Bulgarian Child, UNICEF
km2331000 Leva (1997) France 1998 Soccer Championship
km2075000 Leva (1993) ECU, European Community -Alphabet (gold)
km2435000 Leva (1998) Euro, Saint Sofia Church
km20810000 Leva (1993) ECU, European Community, Desislava (platinum)
km21810000 Leva (1993) Saint Alexander Nevski Cathedral (gold)
km23410000 Leva (1998) Soldier with Flag, 120 yrs Liberation from Ottoman Rule
km23510000 Leva (1998) Euro, Ancient cup and map, Rhyton, European Community
km23620000 Leva (1998) Tetraevangelia of Tzar Ivan Alexander (gold)
km25620000 Leva (1999) 120 yrs Bulgarian National Bank (gold)

Burkina Faso

km16000 CFA Francs (2003) bird and rhinoceros
km1b6000 CFA Francs (2003) silver center in gold ring


km1710 Francs (1968,1971) FAO


x11 Centavo (2001) Shrimp
x141 Centavo (2008) large leaves
x112 Centavos (2006) Sea shell
x152 Centavos (2008) fruit on branch
x25 Centavos (2001) Jelly Fish
x165 Centavos (2008) berries
x310 Centavos (2001) Squid
x1710 Centavos (2008) pineapple
x1225 Centavos (2006) Fish
x1825 Centavos (2008) bananas
x450 Centavos (2001) Sting Ray
x1950 Centavos (2008) honeycomb bee hive
x51 Escudo (2003) Fish
x201 Escudo (2008) rooster
x241 Escudo (2008) Ten coin designs
x62.5 Escudos (2003) Fish
x212.5 Escudos (2008) rabbit
x75 Escudos (2001) Ramora Fish
x225 Escudos (2008) piglet
x87.5 Escudos (2005) fish, pig, rooster
x237.5 Escudos (2008) tree frog
x1310 Escudos (2006) Twelve coin designs
x371 Real (2011) UNICEF
new1.5 Real (2011) Elephant
new3 Reals (2011) WWF 50 years
x355 Reals (2010) Tuna
new6.5 Reals (2012) 65 Years K-47 Kalashnikov
new10 Reals (2011) United Nations

Cabo Dakhla

new1 Peseta (2006) camel
new5 Pesetas (2006) whale
new10 Pesetas (2006) Fennec Fox
new25 Pesetas (2006) vulture
new50 Pesetas (2006) men on camels
new500 Pesetas (2006) colonial Spanish building


km591 Riel (1970) FAO
km98500 Riels (2001) armless statue


km650 Centimes (1943) LIBRE added
km25750 CFA Francs (2005) Pygmies
km25a750 CFA Francs (2005) Pygmies bi-metalic
km261500 CFA Francs (2005) Primative Mambila money
km291500 CFA Francs (2006) Soccer - Germany
km301500 CFA Francs (2006) Soccer - Berlin mintmark
km244500 CFA Francs (2005) Pope Benedict XVI
km324500 CFA Francs (2007) Pope John Paul II
km276000 CFA Francs (2003) President Paul Biya
km317500 CFA Francs (2006) Wedding rings silver plated
km31a7500 CFA Francs (2006) Wedding rings gold plated

Lower Canada

Tn11 Sou (ND) Bank Token Montreal
Tn21 Sou (ND) Bank of Montreal Token
Tn31 Sou (ND) Banque du Peuple Montreal
Tn41 Sou (ND) Bank du Peuple Montreal
Tn4a1 Sou (ND) Bank du Peuple Montreal
Tn51 Sou (ND) Token Montreal
Tn61 Sou=1/2 Penny (1837) CITY BANK on ribbon
Tn71 Sou=1/2 Penny (1837) QUEBEC BANK on ribbon
Tn81 Sou=1/2 Penny (1837) BANQUE DU PEUPLE on ribbon
Tn91 Sou=1/2 Penny (1837) BANK OF MONTREAL on ribbon
Tn151 Sou=1/2 Penny (1838-1839) BANK OF MONTREAL on ribbon
Tn181 Sou=1/2 Penny (1842-1845) Bank of Montreal
Tn201 Sou=1/2 Penny (1852) Quebec Bank Token -cooper
Tn20a1 Sou=1/2 Penny (1852) Quebec Bank Token -bronze
Tn102 Sous=1 Penny (1837) CITY BANK on ribbon
Tn112 Sous=1 Penny (1837) QUEBEC BANK on ribbon
Tn122 Sous=1 Penny (1837) BANQUE DU PEUPLE on ribbon
Tn132 Sous=1 Penny (1837) BANK OF MONTREAL on ribbon
Tn142 Sous=1 Penny (1837) CITY BANK on ribbon
Tn162 Sous=1 Penny (1838-1839) BANK OF MONTREAL on ribbon
Tn172 Sous=1 Penny (1839) BANQUE DU PEUPLE on ribbon
Tn192 Sous=1 Penny (1842) BANK OF MONTREAL on ribbon
Tn212 Sous=1 Penny (1852) Quebec Bank Token -cooper
Tn21a2 Sous=1 Penny (1852) Quebec Bank Token -bronze


TokenTrade Navigation 1 Penny 1813
km651 Cent (1967) Confederation Centennial
km2041 Cent (1992) Confederation 125
km395 Cents (1942) Tombac (brass)
km425 Cents (1948-1950) modified legend
km485 Cents (1951) (factory)
km665 Cents (1967) Centennial (rabbit)
km2055 Cents (1992) Confederation 125
km4005 Cents (2000) First French-Canadian Regiment
km6275 Cents (2005) Victory Anniversary
km6710 Cents (1967) Centennial (fish)
km67a10 Cents (1967) Centennial
km72a10 Cents (1968) V-shaped edge reeding
km7310 Cents (1968) flat deep area edge reeding
km20610 Cents (1992) Confederation 125
km41210 Cents (2001) Volunteers
km6825 Cents (1967) Centennial (lynx) 80% silver
km68a25 Cents (1967) Centennial (lynx) 50% silver
km81.125 Cents (1973) Centennial (Mounty)
km20725 Cents (1992) 125 years
km20325 Cents (1992) New Brunswick
km21225 Cents (1992) Northwest Territories
km21325 Cents (1992) Newfoundland
km21425 Cents (1992) Manitoba
km22025 Cents (1992) Yukon
km22125 Cents (1992) Alberta
km22225 Cents (1992) Prince Edward Island
km22325 Cents (1992) Ontario
km23125 Cents (1992) Nova Scotia
km23225 Cents (1992) British Columbia
km23325 Cents (1992) Saskatchewan
km23425 Cents (1992) Quebec
km34225 Cents (1999) January - Totem Poles
km34325 Cents (1999) February - Petroglyphs
km34425 Cents (1999) March - Lumberjack
km34525 Cents (1999) April - Owl, polar bear
km34625 Cents (1999) May - Voyageurs
km34725 Cents (1999) June - Locomotive
km34825 Cents (1999) July - Stylized portraits
km34925 Cents (1999) August - Hay harvesting
km35025 Cents (1999) September - Child art
km35125 Cents (1999) October - Aboriginal art
km35225 Cents (1999) November - Bush plane
km35325 Cents (1999) December - Geometric design
km37325 Cents (2000) Health
km37425 Cents (2000) Freedom
km37525 Cents (2000) Family
km37625 Cents (2000) Community
km37725 Cents (2000) Harmony
km37825 Cents (2000) Wisdom
km37925 Cents (2000) Creativity
km38025 Cents (2000) Ingenuity
km38125 Cents (2000) Achievement
km38225 Cents (2000) Natural Legacy
km38325 Cents (2000) Celebration
km38425 Cents (2000) Pride
km41925 Cents (2001) Spirit of Canada (colorized)
km45125 Cents (2002) Canada Day
km451a25 Cents (2002) Canada Day (colorized)
km62825 Cents (2004) First French Colonies in N. America
km51025 Cents (2004) Remembrance Day (colorized Poppy)
km69925 Cents (2004) Stylized Moose
km69825 Cents (2004) Santa Clause
km53025 Cents (2005) Alberta Centennial
km53125 Cents (2005) Canada Day colorized
km53225 Cents (2005) Saskatchewan Centennial
km53325 Cents (2005) Stuffed Bear colorized
km53425 Cents (2006) Toronto Maple Leafs
km53525 Cents (2005) Year of the Veteran
km63425 Cents (2006) Pink Ribbon colorized
km63525 Cents (2006) Pink Ribbon applique
km62925 Cents (2006) Medal of Bravery
km68225 Cents (2007) Olympic Curling
km68325 Cents (2007) Olympic Ice Hockey
km68425 Cents (2007) Olympic Wheelchair Curling
km68525 Cents (2007) Olympic Biathlon
km68625 Cents (2007) Olympic Downhill Skiing
km76825 Cents (2008) Olympic Snowboarding
km76525 Cents (2008) Olympic Freestyle Skiing
km103925 Cents (2008) Colorized moose head
km77525 Cents (2008) Armistice Day
km76625 Cents (2008) Figure Skating
km84125 Cents (2008) Bobsledding
km84025 Cents (2009) Cross-country Skiing
km84225 Cents (2009) Speed Skating
km93325 Cents (2009) Santa Claus, multicolor
km95225 Cents (2009) Ice Sledge Hockey
km106325 Cents (2009) Mens Hockey
km1063a25 Cents (2009) Mens Hockey - Colorized
km106425 Cents (2009) Womens Hockey
km1064a25 Cents (2009) Womens Hockey - Colorized
km106525 Cents (2009) Cindy Klassen
km1065a25 Cents (2009) Cindy Klassen - Colorized
km95325 Cents (2010) Ice Hockey
km102825 Cents (2010) Soldier and colorized poppies
km116825 Cents (2011) Stylized bison
km1168a25 Cents (2011) Stylized bison - colorized
km116925 Cents (2011) Stylized falcon
km1169a25 Cents (2011) Stylized falcon - colorized
km117025 Cents (2011) Stylized orca whale
km1170a25 Cents (2011) Stylized orca whale - colorized
km132225 Cents (2012) Sir Isaac Brock
km1322a25 Cents (2012) Sir Isaac Brock - colorized
km132425 Cents (2012) Chief Tecumseh
km1324a25 Cents (2012) Chief Tecumseh - colorized
new25 Cents (2013) Laura Secord
new25 Cents (2013) Laura Secord - colorized
new25 Cents (2013) Charles de Salaberry
new25 Cents (2013) Charles de Salaberry - colorized
new25 Cents (2013) Whales - 2 frosted
new25 Cents (2013) Whales - 1 frosted
new25 Cents (2013) Arctic Expedition - frosted
new25 Cents (2013) Arctic Expedition - unfrosted
km12a50 Cents (1910) Edwardian leaves
km6950 Cents (1967) Centennial (coyote)
km75.250 Cents (1977) smaller bust
km75.350 Cents (1978-1989) smaller bust
km20850 Cents (1992) Confederation 125
km26150 Cents (1995) Atlantic Puffin
km26250 Cents (1995) Whooping Crane
km26350 Cents (1995) Gray Jays
km26450 Cents (1995) White Tailed Ptarmigans
km28350 Cents (1996) Moose Calf
km28450 Cents (1996) Wood Ducklings
km28550 Cents (1996) Cougar Kittens
km28650 Cents (1996) Black Bear Cubs
km29250 Cents (1997) Duck Tolling Retriever
km29350 Cents (1997) Labrador Retriever
km29450 Cents (1997) Newfoundland
km29550 Cents (1997) Eskimo Dog
km31850 Cents (1998) Killer Whales
km31950 Cents (1998) Humpback Whale
km32050 Cents (1998) Beluga Whale
km32150 Cents (1998) Blue Whale
km33550 Cents (1999) Canadian Cat, Cymric
km33650 Cents (1999) Canadian Cat, Tonkinese
km33750 Cents (1999) Canadian Cat, Cougar
km33850 Cents (1999) Canadian Cat, Lynx
km38950 Cents (2000) Great Horned Owl
km39050 Cents (2000) Red-Tail Hawk
km39150 Cents (2000) Osprey
km39250 Cents (2000) Bald Eagle
km29050 Cents (1997-1998) redesigned arms
km45650 Cents (2002) Folklorama
km311 Dollar (1936) King George V
km381 Dollar (1939) Royal Visit
km461 Dollar (1948-1952) Voyageur
km471 Dollar (1949) Newfoundland
km551 Dollar (1958) British Columbia
km581 Dollar (1964) Charlottetown
km701 Dollar (1967) Centennial (goose)
km76.11 Dollar (1968-1976) Voyageur
km76.21 Dollar (1975-1976) Voyageur
km781 Dollar (1970) Manitoba
km791 Dollar (1971) British Columbia
km801 Dollar (1971) British Columbia
km821 Dollar (1973) Prince Edward Island
km831 Dollar (1973) Canadian Mountie
km881 Dollar (1974) Winnipeg Centennial (nickel)
km88a1 Dollar (1974) Winnipeg
km971 Dollar (1975) Calgary
km1061 Dollar (1976) Parliament Library
km1181 Dollar (1977) Throne of the Senate
km1211 Dollar (1978) XI Games
km1241 Dollar (1979) Griffon
km1281 Dollar (1980) Arctic Territories
km1301 Dollar (1981) Transcontinental Railroad
km1331 Dollar (1982) cow skull
km1341 Dollar (1982) Constitution
km1381 Dollar (1983) Edmonton Univ. Games
km1401 Dollar (1984) Toronto Sesquicentennial
km1411 Dollar (1984) Cartier
km1431 Dollar (1985) National Parks / Moose
km1491 Dollar (1986) Vancouver
km1541 Dollar (1987) John Davis
km1571 Dollar (1987-1989) Loon
km1611 Dollar (1988) Ironworks
km1681 Dollar (1989) MacKenzie River
km1701 Dollar (1990) Henry Kelsey
km1791 Dollar (1991) S.S. Frontenac
km1861 Dollar (1990-2003) Loon
km2091 Dollar (1992) Loon, aureate
km2101 Dollar (1992) Stagecoach Service
km2181 Dollar (1992) Parliament
km2351 Dollar (1993) Stanley Cup Hockey
km2481 Dollar (1994) War Memorial
km2511 Dollar (1994) Last RCMP sled-dog patrol
km2581 Dollar (1995) Peacekeeping Monument
km2591 Dollar (1995) Hudson Bay Co.
km2741 Dollar (1996) McIntosh Apple
km2821 Dollar (1997) 25 yrs. Hockey Victory
km2911 Dollar (1997) aureate
km3561 Dollar (1999) Discovery of Queens Charlotte Isle
km4011 Dollar (2000) Voyage of Discovery
km4141 Dollar (2001) Ballet dencers
km4671 Dollar (2002) Jubilee
km5131 Dollar (2004) Olympic Rings
km5521 Dollar (2005) Terry Fox
km5811 Dollar (2006) Loon and Moon
km6301 Dollar (2006) Olympic Rings, splashing loon
km7871 Dollar (2008) Loon splashing
km8511 Dollar (2009) Calgary Flames
km8521 Dollar (2009) Edmonton Oilers
km8541 Dollar (2009) Ottawa Senators
km8551 Dollar (2009) Toronto Maple Leafs
km8561 Dollar (2009) Vancouver Canucks
km8531 Dollar (2009) Montreal Canadiens
km8831 Dollar (2010) Vancouver Lucky Loonie
km10171 Dollar (2010) 100 yrs. of Navy
km10461 Dollar (2010) Roughriders
km11661 Dollar (2011) Canada Parks
km12551 Dollar (2012-2013) Loon
km12561 Dollar (2012-) Lucky Loonie
km12941 Dollar (2012) Grey Cup
km3572 Dollars (1999) Nunavut
km3992 Dollars (2000) Knowledge
km4492 Dollars (2002) 1952-2002
km6312 Dollars (2006) 1996-2006 date at bottom
km8372 Dollars (2006) 1996-2006 date at top
km10402 Dollars (2008) Quebec
km10202 Dollars (2010) Lynx cubs
km10882 Dollars (2011) Elk Calf
km11672 Dollars (2011) Boreal Forest
km12572 Dollars (2012-) Security device at top
km12582 Dollars (2012) War of 1812 - HMS Shannon
km14632 Dollars (2013) Two Bear Cubs
km12632 Dollars (2012) Wolf cubs
km845 Dollars (1973) Sailboat Kingston
km855 Dollars (1973) North American Map
km895 Dollars (1974) Olympic Rings
km905 Dollars (1974) Athlete w/ Torch
km915 Dollars (1974) Rowing
km925 Dollars (1974) Canoeing
km985 Dollars (1975) Marathon
km995 Dollars (1975) Womens javelin
km1005 Dollars (1975) Swimmer
km1015 Dollars (1975) Diver
km1075 Dollars (1976) Fencing
km1085 Dollars (1976) Boxing
km1095 Dollars (1976) Olympic village
km1105 Dollars (1976) Olympic flame
km1635 Dollars (1988-1989) 1 oz. silver bullion
km1875 Dollars (1990-2003) 1 oz. silver bullion
km5085 Dollars (2004--) Silver bullion
km86.110 Dollars (1973) World map
km8710 Dollars (1973) Montreal skyline
km9310 Dollars (1974) Head of Zeus
km9410 Dollars (1974) Temple of Zeus
km9510 Dollars (1974) Cycling
km9610 Dollars (1974) Lacrosse
km10210 Dollars (1975) Mens hurdles
km10310 Dollars (1975) Womens shot put
km10410 Dollars (1975) Sailing
km10510 Dollars (1975) Canoeing
km11110 Dollars (1976) Football
km11210 Dollars (1976) Field hockey
km11310 Dollars (1976) Olympic Stadium
km11410 Dollars (1976) Olympic Velodrome
km21515 Dollars (1992) Olympics, Coaching track
km21615 Dollars (1992) Olympics, High jump, rings, speed skating
km14520 dollars (1985 ) Calgary 1988 - 15th Winter Olympic Games, Downhill skier
km14620 dollars (1985 ) Calgary 1988 - 15th Winter Olympic Games, Speed skater
km14720 dollars (1986 ) Calgary 1988 - 15th Winter Olympic Games, Biathlon
km14820 dollars (1986 ) Calgary 1988 - 15th Winter Olympic Games, Hockey
km15020 dollars (1986 ) Calgary 1988 - 15th Winter Olympic Games, Cross-country skier
km15120 dollars (1986 ) Calgary 1988 - 15th Winter Olympic Games, Free-style skier
km15520 dollars (1987) Calgary 1988 - 15th Winter Olympic Games, Figure skating pairs
km15620 dollars (1987) Calgary 1988 - 15th Winter Olympic Games, Curling
km15920 dollars (1987) Calgary 1988 - 15th Winter Olympic Games, Ski jumper
km16020 dollars (1987) Calgary 1988 - 15th Winter Olympic Games, Bobsled
km158100 dollars (1987) 1988 Calgary Olympics
TokenCity of Peterborough Anniversary Dollar (1975)
TokenCity of Belleville Centennial Dollar (1978)
TokenBelleville Loyalist Bicentennial Dollar (1984)
TokenVictoria B.. City of Gardens Dollar (1985)
TokenPort Alberni Salmon Festival (1985)
TokenQuinte Exhibition and Raceway (1996)

Cape Verde

km171 Escudo (1977,1980) FAO
km271 Escudo (1994) Tartaruga Sea Turtle
km182.5 Escudos (1977-1982) FAO
km285 Escudos (1994) Osprey
km315 Escudos (1994) Contra Bruxas flowers
km365 Escudos (1994) Sailboat Belmira
km1910 Escudos (1977-1982) Eduardo Mondlane
km2910 Escudos (1994) Brown-headed Kingfisher
km3210 Escudos (1994) Lingua De Vaca flower
km4110 Escudos (1994) Sail-ship Carvalho
km2020 Escudos (1977-1982) Domingos Ramos
km3020 Escudos (1994) bird
km3320 Escudos (1994) Carqueja flowers
km4220 Escudos (1994) Novas de Alegia
km2150 Escudos (1977,1980) Amilcar Lopes Cabral
km2250 Escudos (1984) World Fisheries
km3750 Escudos (1994) Cape Verde Sparrow
km4350 Escudos (1994) Senhor das Areias
km4450 Escudos (1994) Macelina flowers
km25100 Escudos (1990) Papal Visit
km38100 Escudos (1994) Saiao - bronze
km38a100 Escudos (1994) Saiao flowers
km39100 Escudos (1994) Raza Lark - bronze
km39a100 Escudos (1994) Calhandra Raso bird
km40100 Escudos (1994) Sailship Madalan
km40a100 Escudos (1994) Sailship - brass
km35200 Escudos (1995) 20 yrs Ind.

Cayman Islands

km2810 Cents (1978) 25th Anniv. of Coronation
km550 Cents (1972-1982) Caribbean Emperor fish
km61 Dollar (1972-1982) Flamboyant flower
km1241 Dollar (1996) Two sailboats
km72 Dollars (1972-1986) Great Blue Heron
km925 Dollars (1972) Queen Elizabeth II 25th Anniversary

Central African Republic

km8100 Francs (1978) Empire Centrafricain
km121500 CFA Francs (2005) Crossed lances
km134500 CFA Francs (2007) Pope John Paul II


km1251 Rupee (1957) 2500 yrs. of Buddhism
km1342 Rupees (1968) FAO
km1265 Rupees (1957) 2500 yrs. of Buddhism


km191500 CFA Francs (2005) Manilla bracelet
km184500 CFA Francs (2005) lamb above oil can
km284500 CFA Francs (2007) Pope John Paul II

China - Peoples Republic

km1551 Jiao (1987) Gymnast
km1561 Jiao (1987) Soccer
km1571 Jiao (1987) Volleyball
km655 Jiao (1983) Marco Polo
km14115 Jiao (2002--) flower
km181 Yuan (1980-1986) Great Wall of China
km581 Yuan (1982) World Cup Soccer
km851 Yuan (1984) Panda within octagon
km1051 Yuan ND(1984) Dancers
km1061 Yuan ND(1984) Monument and cranes flying
km1581 Yuan (1987) Mongolian Region
km1301 Yuan (1986) Year of Peace
km2641 Yuan (1990) XI Asian Games - Archer
km3391 Yuan (1991) Globe
km3401 Yuan (1991) Seedling
km3411 Yuan (1991) House of Shanghai
km3421 Yuan (1991) House of Tsun-i
km3431 Yuan (1991) Tiananmen Square
km3441 Yuan (1991) 1st Woman World Football Cup (Goalie)
km3451 Yuan (1991) 1st Woman World Football Cup (Player)
km6101 Yuan (1994) Two Children
km7101 Yuan (1995) World Table Tennis Championships
km7111 Yuan (1995) Defeat of Fascism
km7121 Yuan (1995) 50 Years of U.N.
km8801 Yuan (1996) Marshal Zhu De 1896-1996
km11201 Yuan (1998) Chou Enlai birthplace
km12111 Yuan (1999) 50th Ann. People-s Conference
new1 Yuan (Dollar) (1999) Year of the rabbit, British Trade Dollar
new1 Yuan (Dollar) (1999) Year of the rabbit, Macau returns to China
new1 Yuan (Dollar) (1999) Year of the rabbit, Peoples Republic of China
km13011 Yuan (2000) Donhuang Cave
km14651 Yuan (2003) Celebrating child - Year of the Ram
km15211 Yuan (2004) Celebrating child
km15221 Yuan (2004) Deng Xiao Ping
km15231 Yuan (2004) 50th year of Peoples Congress
km15231 Yuan (2004) 50 Years
km15741 Yuan (2005) Chenyun
km15751 Yuan (2005) Celebrating Child
km16501 Yuan (2006) Year of the Dog
km16721 Yuan (2008) mascot as archer
km17761 Yuan (2006) cartoon weightlifter
km17751 Yuan (2006) cartoon swimmer
km16521 Yuan (2007) Year of the Pig
km18111 Yuan (2008) cartoon fencer
km18121 Yuan (2008) cartoon horse rider
km16731 Yuan (2008) cartoon soccer player
km18101 Yuan (2008) cartoon table tennis player
new1 Yuan (2008) cartoon vaulter
km18131 Yuan (2008) Child with fireworks
km17911 Yuan (2009) Environmental Protection
km19881 Yuan (2010) Expo Shanghai
km19901 Yuan (2010) Peace-Harmony (Caligraphy )
km19911 Yuan (2010) Family Dancing on Globe
km20411 Yuan (2012) Year of the Dragon
new1 Yuan (2013) Year of the Snake
new1 Yuan (2014) Year of the Horse
km995 Yuan (1984) Terra Cotta Soldier statue
km1525 Yuan (1986) Great Wall of China
km2095 Yuan (1988) Inventor of Moveable-type Printing
km2475 Yuan (1990) Soccer Goalie
km6215 Yuan (1994) Panda approaching water
km8825 Yuan (1996) Dolphins
km8815 Yuan (1996) Tiger
km9805 Yuan (1997) Crested Ibis
km9815 Yuan (1997) Red-crowned Crane
km9935 Yuan (1997) Panda crossing stream
km11225 Yuan (1998) Aligator
km11235 Yuan (1998) Pheasant
km12135 Yuan (1999) Butterfly
km12145 Yuan (1999) Sturgeon
km13635 Yuan (2001) 50th Anniversay - Occupation of Tibet
km14135 Yuan (2002) Terra Cotta Soldier
km14635 Yuan (2002) Chaotian Temple in Beijing
km14645 Yuan (2003) Imperial Palace
km15265 Yuan (2004) Peking Man
km15275 Yuan (2004) Pavillion and bridge
km15765 Yuan (2005) Lijiang building
km15785 Yuan (2005) Green City Hall
km16515 Yuan (2006) Summer Palace Pagoda
km19925 Yuan (2011) Communist Party of China 90th Anniv.
new5 Yuan (2013) Harmony
km9310 Yuan (1984) Year of the Rat
km16910 Yuan (1987) Year of the Rabbit
km19310 Yuan (1988) Year of the Dragon
kmA19310 Yuan (1988) Year of the Dragon
km23110 Yuan (1989) Year of the Snake
kmA22110 Yuan (1989) Baby Panda
km27610 Yuan (1990) Panda
km300A10 Yuan (1990) Barcelona 1992 Olympics - Cycling
km29910 Yuan (1991) Barcelona 1992 Olympics - Table tennis
km73210 Yuan (1995) Panda on branch
km98210 Yuan (1997) Return of Hong Kong
km98310 Yuan (1997) Hong Kong Constitution
unlisted10 Yuan (1999) Wall of China, Temple and Boat
km127910 Yuan (1999) Return of Macau
km130410 Yuan (2000) Temple of Heaven, Panda seated on leaves
km5620 Yuan (1982) Year of the Dog
km2630 Yuan (1980) Lake Placid Winter Olympics
km3630 Yuan (1980) Soccer
km4030 Yuan (1981) Year of the Rooster
km9050 Yuan (1984) Temple of Heaven
km16250 Yuan (1987) Panda drinking
km16850 Yuan (1987) Panda on tree
km57200 Yuan (1982) Year of the Dog

China Republic - Taiwan

y5431 Yuan (1966) Chiang Kai-Shek
y5471 Yuan (1969) FAO
y5375 Yuan (1965) Mausoleum in Nanking
y53810 Yuan (1965) Mausoleum in Nanking
y55510 Yuan (1995) 50 yrs Liberation from Japan
y55810 Yuan (1999) Coins
y56010 Yuan (2000) Year of the Dragon
y56710 Yuan (2001) Sun Yat-sen
y57210 Yuan (2010) Chiang Ching-kuo
y57310 Yuan (2010) Chiang Wei-shui
y57410 Yuan (2011-2012) Dr. Sun Yat-sen
y56520 Yuan (2001,2003) Three boats
y53950 Yuan (1965) Sun Yat-sen
y55650 Yuan (1996-1997) Parliament Building
y56850 Yuan (2002-2006) holographic
y540100 Yuan 54(1965) Bust of Sun Yat-sen

Colombia - Nueva Granada

km97.12 Reales (1839-1846) Condor with banner above cornucopia

Colombia - Santander

km350 Centavos (1902) Civil war coinage


km2181 Centavo (1960) Uprising Sesquicentennial
km2112 Centavos (1952,1965) divided legend
km2192 Centavos (1960) Uprising Sesquicentennial
km2205 Centavos (1960) Uprising Sesquicentennial
km207.210 Centavos (1947-1952) Francisco Santander
km212.110 Centavos (1952,1953) 18.0mm
km212.210 Centavos (1954-1969) 18.5mm
km22110 Centavos (1960) 150 yrs. Uprising
km215.320 Centavos (1966) medium size date
km22220 Centavos (1960) Uprising Sesquicentennial
km22720 Centavos (1967-1969) continuous legend
km23720 Centavos (1969,1970) divided legend
km24520 Centavos (1971) divided legend 2
km22350 Centavos (1960) Uprising Sesquicentennial
km2161 Peso (1956) Popayan Mint
kma2791 Peso (1907-1916) Inflationary Coinage
kmb2792 Pesos (1907-1914) Inflationary Coinage
km2305 Pesos (1968) Eucharistic Congress
km2795 Pesos (1907-1914) Inflationary Coinage
km281.210 Pesos (1993-1994) narrow 10
km282.120 Pesos (1989-1994) 72-bead circle
km282.220 Pesos (1994-2003) 68-bead circle
km29550 Pesos (2012) Spectacled bear
km296100 Pesos (2012--) Colombian fruit Frailejon
km297200 Pesos (2012--) Scarlet macaw
km298500 Pesos (2012) Frog
km2991000 Pesos (2012) Turtle

Colombia Leprosarium

L61 Peso (1907) Papel Moneda
L75 Pesos (1907) Papel Moneda
L810 Pesos (1907) Papel Moneda


km15 Centimes (AH1308) 1890
km1425 Francs (1981,1982) FAO
km13100 Francs (1977) FAO

Conch Republic

Token1 Conch Dollar (1973) Pelicans

Congo Democratic Republic DRC

km7625 Centimes (2002) Weasel
km7725 Centimes (2002) Ram
km8325 Centimes (2002) Wild Dog
km7550 Centimes (2002) Soccer player
km7850 Centimes (2002) Giraffe
km7950 Centimes (2002) Gorilla
km8050 Centimes (2002) Butterfly
km12350 Centimes (2002) Verney Camereon
km811 Franc (2002) Turtle
km821 Franc (2002) Chicken
km1561 Franc (2004) Pope Jean Paul 1946
km1571 Franc (2004) Pope Jean Paul 1967
km1581 Franc (2004) Pope Jean Paul 1978
km1591 Franc (2004) Pope Jean Paul Visit
km1741 Franc (2004) African Golden Cat
km245 Francs (2000) Panama Canal
km2310 Francs (1999) Diver and Opera House
km21710 Francs (2005) Acrylic, John Paul II

Congo Republic

km8100 Francs (1991) Olympic Hurdler
km35100 Francs (1999) Sydney Olympics
km38500 Francs (1998) Basketball player
km461500 CFA Francs (2005) Katanga Cross
km494500 CFA Francs (2007) Pope John Paul II

Cook Islands

km11 Cent (1972-1983) Taro leaf
km1a1 Cent (1978) Captain Cook
km1b1 Cent (1981) Royal Wedding
km4191 Cent (2003) Captain Cook
km4201 Cent (2003) Collie dog
km4211 Cent (2003) Pointer dog
km4221 Cent (2003) Rooster
km4231 Cent (2003) Monkey
km7561 Cent (2010) Hula dancer
km22 Cents (1972-1983) Pineapple
km2a2 Cents (1978) Captain Cook
km2b2 Cents (1981) Royal Wedding
km7572 Cents (2010) Sailing ship
km35 Cents (1972-1983) Hibiscus
km3a5 Cents (1978) Captain Cook
km3b5 Cents (1981) Royal Wedding
km335 Cents (1987-1994) Hibiscus
km7585 Cents (2010) Hibiscus
km410 Cents (1972-1983) Orange
km4a10 Cents (1978) Captain Cook
km4b10 Cents (1979) FAO
km4c10 Cents (1981) Royal Wedding
km75910 Cents (2010) Bonito fish
km520 Cents (1972-1983) Fairy Tern
km1420 Cents (1976-1979) Triton shell
km14a20 Cents (1978) Captain Cook
km14b20 Cents (1981) Royal Wedding
km76020 Cents (2010) Dove
km6.150 Cents (1972-1983) Bonito fish
km6.250 Cents (1978) Captain Cook
km6.350 Cents (1979) FAO
km6.450 Cents (1981) Royal Wedding
km30750 Cents (1997) Diana Princess of Wales
km76150 Cents (2010) Sailing ship Endeavor
km4150 Tene (1988-1994) Sea Turtle
km71 Dollar (1972-1983) Tangaroa
km7a1 Dollar (1978) Captain Cook
km7b1 Dollar (1981) Royal Wedding
km311 Dollar (1986) 60th Birthday Queen Eliz. II
km321 Dollar (1986) Prince Andrew Wedding
km4161 Dollar (2003) Tangaroa
km7621 Dollar (2010) Tangaroa bi-metallic
km82 Dollars (1973) 20th Anniv. of Coronation
km382 Dollars (1987-1994) Kumete table
km4172 Dollars (2003) new portrait
km468a2 dollars (2002) Football Championship - silver
km92 -1/2 Dollars (1973-1974) Captain James Cook
km155 Dollars (1976) Mangara kingfisher bird
km175 Dollars (1977) Atiu Swiftlet
km205 Dollars (1978) Polynesian Warblers
km395 Dollars (1987-1994) Conch shell
km4185 Dollars (2003) new portrait
km7310 Dollars (1990) Endangered Wildlife - Tiger
km7910 Dollars (1990) Olympic Runner
km9010 Dollars (1990) 500 years of America
km12110 Dollars (1990) Columbus and ship
km16120 Dollars (1993) Olympic Pole Vaulter
km5250 Dollars (1990) Endangered Wildlife - Grizzly Bear
km5350 Dollars (1990) Endangered Wildlife - African Elephant
km5450 Dollars (1990) Endangered Wildlife - Lynx
km5550 Dollars (1990) Endangered Wildlife - Black Rhinoceros
km6850 Dollars (1988) Sir Francis Drake
km6950 Dollars (1988) Sieur de la Salle
km10450 Dollars (1988) Samuel de Champlain
km26550 Dollars (1990) World Cup Soccer

Costa Rica

km2035 Colones (1975) 25 yrs. Central Bank
km20410 Colones (1975) Central Bank
km20520 Colones (1975) Central Bank
km200a50 Colones (1974) Green Turtles
km231.150 Colones (1999) smaller letters
km201a100 Colones (1974) Manatee
km206100 Colones (1979) Year of the Child
km240100 Colones (2000) smaller legend
km236500 Colones (2000) Bank building
km239.1500 Colones (2003-2006) thick numerals


kmA3500 Kuna (1941) Ante Pavelic (gold)
km31 Lipa (1993) Corn-Kukuruz, year w/o dot
km31 Lipa (1995--, odd years) Corn-Kukuruz, year with dot
km121 Lipa (1994--, even years) Zea mays
km131 Lipa (1995) FAO
km42 Lipe (1993) Grapevine-Vinova loza, year w/o dot
km42 Lipe (1995--, odd years) Grapevine-Vinova loza, year with dot
km142 Lipe (1994--, even years) Vitis vinifera
km362 Lipa (1996) Olympics
km55 Lipa (1993) Oak-Hrast luznjak, year w/o dot
km55 Lipa (1995--, odd years) Oak-Hrast luznjak, year with dot
km155 Lipa (1994--, even years) Quercus robur
km375 Lipa (1996) Olympics
km610 Lipa (1993) Tobacco-Duhan, year w/o dot
km610 Lipa (1995--, odd years) Tobacco-Duhan, year with dot
km1610 Lipa (1994--, even years) Nicotiana tabacum
km3810 Lipa (1995) United Nations
km720 Lipa (1993) Olive-Maslina, year w/o dot
km720 Lipa (1995--, odd years) Olive-Maslina, year with dot
km1720 Lipa (1994--, even years) Olea europaea
km1820 Lipa (1995) FAO
km850 Lipa (1993) Velebitska degenija, year w/o dot
km850 Lipa (1995--, odd years) Velebitska degenija, year with dot
km1950 Lipa (1994--, even years) Degenia velebitica
km3950 Lipa (1996) European Soccer
km9.11 Kuna (1993) Nightingale-Slavuj , year w/o dot
km9.11 Kuna (1995--, odd years) Nightingale-Slavuj, year with dot
km9.21 Kuna (1999) 5 years of National Currency
km20.11 Kuna (1994)Luscinnia megarhynchos, Mistake in name, two NN instead one
km20.21 Kuna (1996--, even years) Luscinia megarhynchos
km401 Kuna (1996) Olympics
km791 Kuna (2004) 10 years of National Currency
new1 Kuna (2014) 20 years of National Currency
km102 Kune (1993) Tuna-Tunj, year w/o dot
km102 Kune (1995--, odd years) Tuna-Tunj, year with dot
km212 Kune (1994--, even years) Thunnus thynnus
km222 Kune (1995) FAO
km115 Kuna (1993) Bear-Mrki medvjed, year w/o dot
km115 Kuna (1995--, odd years) Bear-Mrki medvjed, year with dot
km235 Kuna (1994--, even years)Ursus arctos
km245 Kuna (1994) 500 yrs of printing of Senj Glagolitic Missal
km24b5 Kuna (1994) 500 yrs of printing of Senj Glagolitic Missal (gold)
new10 Kuna (2010) Louis Braille (gold)
new20 Kuna (2010) King Tomislav (gold)
km4725 Kuna (1997) Danube Border Region
km4825 Kuna (1997) 5 yrs. U.N. Membership
km4925 Kuna (1997) Esperanto Congress
km6325 Kuna (1998) Lisbon Expo
km6425 Kuna (1999) European Union
km6525 Kuna (2000) New Millenium (human fetus)
km7825 Kuna (2004) Entry into EEU
km9325 Kuna (2010) Zagreb EBRD Annual Meeting
new25 Kuna (2011) Accession to the E.U.
km9425 Kuna (2013) E.U. Membership
km25.1100 Kuna (1994) Zagreb Archdiocese and Zagreb 900 yrs -St Blaz Church
km25.2100 Kuna (1994) Zagreb Archdiocese 900 yrs -St Blaz Church -Series II mark added
km26100 Kuna (1994) Pope John Paul II
km50100 Kuna (1995) Split 1700 yrs
km41100 Kuna (1996) XXVI Olimpiad -Sailboat -Javelin thrower
km42100 Kuna (1996) XXVI Olimpiad -Rowing -Water polo
km43150 Kuna (1996) XXVI Olimpiad -Gymnast -Handball
km44150 Kuna (1996) XXVI Olimpiad -Table tennis -Shooting
km56150 Kuna (1996) Osijek 800 yrs
km59150 Kuna (1997) President Franjo Tudman
km67150 Kuna (1997) Vukovar
km69150 Kuna (1997) Baranja White-Tailed Eagle
km75150 Kuna (1997) Croatian as an Official Language 150 Anniversary
km73150 Kuna (1998) Cardinal Alojzije Stepinac
km83150 Kuna (2006) Winter Olympics
km84150 Kuna (2006) Soccer Championship -Player
km85150 Kuna (2006) Soccer Championship -Cartoon Vignette
km86150 Kuna (2006) Nikola Tesla
km88150 Kuna (2007) Ivan Mestrovic
km89150 Kuna (2007) Benedeikt Kotruljevic
km90150 Kuna (2007) Dubrovnik Karaka
new150 Kuna (2008) Olympian Stretching
new150 Kuna (2010) FIFA Soccer 2010
new150 Kuna (2010) 100 yrs of Aviation in Croatia
km29.1200 Kuna (1994) Zagreb Archdiocese and Zagreb 900 yrs -St Marko Church
km29.2200 Kuna (1994) Zagreb Archdiocese 900yrs -St Marko Church -Series II mark added
km51200 Kuna (1995) Split 1700 yrs
km45200 Kuna (1996) XXVI Olimpiad -High jumper -Tennis
km46200 Kuna (1996) XXVI Olimpiad -Swimming -Basketball
km54200 Kuna (1996) University in Zadar 600 yrs
km57200 Kuna (1996) Osijek 800 yrs
km60200 Kuna (1997) President Franjo Tudman
km71200 Kuna (1997) Baranja -Black storks
km76200 Kuna (1998) Juraj Julije Klovic
km77200 Kuna (1998) Ivana Brlic Mazuranic
km80200 Kuna (1999) Katarina Zrinska
km81200 Kuna (2000) Slava Raskaj
km31.1500 Kuna (1994) Zagreb Archdiocese and Zagreb 900 yrs (gold)
km31.2500 Kuna (1994) Zagreb Archdiocese 900 yrs -Series II mark added (gold)
km52500 Kuna (1995) Split 1700 yrs (gold)
km55500 Kuna (1996) University in Zadar 600 yrs (gold)
km58500 Kuna (1996) Osijek 800 yrs (gold)
km70500 Kuna (1998) Baranja White-Tailed Eagle (gold)
km74500 Kuna (1998) Cardinal Alojzije Stepinac (gold)
km80500 Kuna (2000) Parliament 10 yrs (gold)
km331000 Kuna (1994) Pope John Paul II (gold)
km531000 Kuna (1995) Split 1700 yrs (gold)
km611000 Kuna (1995) President Franjo Tudman (gold)
km721000 Kuna (1997) Baranja -Black storks (gold)
km911000 Kuna (2007) Andrija Mohorovicic (gold)
km921000 Kuna (2008) Marin Drzic (gold)
km351 Ducat (1994) Ruder Boskovic (gold)
km621 Ducat (1995) Liberation of Knin (gold)


km36125 Centavos (1989) Alexander von Humbolt
km3240 Centavos (1962) Camilo Gornaron
km2850 Centavos (1953) Birth of Jose Marti
km578.250 Centavos (2002--) Cathedral of Havana
km221 Peso (1934-1939) ABC Peso
km3471 Peso (1992-2002) Jose Marti
km579.11 Peso (1994) Guama
km579.21 Peso (1998--) Guama
km3463 Pesos (1990) Ernesto Che Guevara
km7305 Pesos (1999) Che Guevara
km461 Peso 1980 Mariposa flower
km531 Peso 1981 Azahar flower
km541 Peso 1981 Orquidea flower
km551 Peso 1981 Cuban Crocodile
km561 Peso 1981 Emerald Hummingbird
km571 Peso 1981 Bee Hummingbird
km581 Peso 1981 Soccer Games - Spain
km591 Peso 1981 Sugar Production
km601 Peso 1981 Caribbean Games - Symbol
km611 Peso 1981 Caribbean Games - 3 Athletes
km621 Peso 1981 Caribbean Games - Boxers
km631 Peso 1981 Cuban Trogon bird
km641 Peso 1981 Cuban Solenodon
km651 Peso 1981 Giant Gar Fish
km661 Peso 1981 Columbus Ship - Nina
km671 Peso 1981 Columbus ship - Pinta
km681 Peso 1981 Columbus ship - Santa Maria
km881 Peso 1982 Ernest Hemingway
km891 Peso 1982 Hemingway Fishing Yacht
km901 Peso 1982 Hemingway Small Boat
km911 Peso 1982 Miguel De Cervantes
km921 Peso 1982 Hidalgo Don Quijote
km931 Peso 1982 Don Quijote and Sancho Panza
km941 Peso 1982 FAO - Citrus Fruit
km951 Peso 1982 FAO - Cow
km1061 Peso 1983 Railroad
km1071 Peso 1983 Spiny Lobster
km1161 Peso 1984 Transportation - Freighter
km1181 Peso 1984 Santisima Trinidad ship
km1201 Peso 1985 Year of Music - Bach
km1221 Peso 1985 Soccer Championship - Mexico
km1261 Peso 1985 Cuban Rock Iguana
km1281 Peso 1985 Cuban Amazon Parrot
km1301 Peso 1984 Transportation - Volanta Coach
km1321 Peso 1985 40th Anniversary FAO
km1331 Peso 1985 FAO - Forestry
km1341 Peso 1986 100 Yrs of Automobiles
km1361 Peso 1986 Voyage of the Granma
km1381 Peso 1986 Olympic Speed Skater with rings above skater
km1401 Peso 1984 El Morro La Habana Castle
km1421 Peso 1984 La Fuerza La Habana Castle
km1441 Peso 1984 El Morro Santiago Castle
km1481 Peso 1987 Cathedral in Santiago
km1501 Peso 1987 Caridad del Cobre Cathedral
km1521 Peso 1987 Cathedral in Trinidad
km1541 Peso 1987 Expedition of Kon-Tiki
km1561 Peso 1986 International Year of Peace
km1581 Peso 1987 Ernesto Che Guevara
km1601 Peso 1987 Anniv. of Bolshevik Revolution
km1651 Peso 1987 100 Yrs. of Souvenir Peso
km1671 Peso 1987 Abolition of Slavery
km1721 Peso 1984 Hot air balloon
km1731 Peso 1983 Olympic Runner
km1741 Peso 1983 Olympic Discus Thrower
km1751 Peso 1983 Olympic Judo
km1791 Peso 1988 Jose Capablanca playing chess
km1811 Peso 1985 Crocodile
km1821 Peso 1985 Cuban Rock Iguana
km1831 Peso 1985 Parrot (full body)
km1841 Peso 1988 Soccer - Mexico 1986
km1861 Peso 1977 Carlos Manuel de Cespedes
km1871 Peso 1977 Ignacio Agramonte
km1881 Peso 1977 Maximo Gomez
km1891 Peso 1977 Antonio Maceo
km1901 Peso 1977 Lenin
km1911 Peso 1979 Nonaligned Nations Conference
km1921 Peso 1980 Athletes in Frames
km1931 Peso 1980 3 Olympic Figures
km1941 Peso 1980 Soviet-Cuban Space Flight
km1951 Peso 1983 Woman Holding Torch
km1961 Peso 1983 Olympic Hockey
km1971 Peso 1983 Olympic Downhill Skier
km1981 Peso 1986 Speed skater
km2001 Peso 1988 Chess pieces
km2441 Peso 1988 Soccer - Italy 1990
km2451 Peso 1988 Soccer - Germany 3 players
km2461 Peso 1988 Soccer - Germany 4 players
km2471 Peso 1989 World Soccer Championship
km2481 Peso 1990 Soccer - Colosseum in Italy
km2501 Peso 1990 Esperanto
km2531 Peso 1989 Castro
km2541 Peso 1989 Jose Marti and Castro
km2551 Peso 1989 Cienfuegos and Castro
km2571 Peso 1989 Triumph of the Revolution
km2581 Peso 1988 World Food Organization
km2591 Peso 1989 Cuban Tobacco
km2601 Peso 1989 First Railroad in England
km2611 Peso 1989 Discovery of America
km2691 Peso 1988 Zeppelin airship (small coin)
km2701 Peso 1989 March to Victory
km2711 Peso 1989 French Revolution - Allegory
km2721 Peso 1989 French Revolution - Bastille
km2741 Peso 1989 First Spanish Railroad
km2751 Peso 1989 First Cuban Railroad
km2761 Peso 1988 Cuban National Ballet
km2771 Peso 1988 Havana Grand Theater
km2781 Peso 1989 Discovery of America
km2821 Peso 1988 Carlos Finlay
km2831 Peso 1989 Alexander von Humboldt
km2841 Peso 1989 Two boxers
km2851 Peso 1989 Camilo Cienfuegos
km2861 Peso 1989 Ernesto Che Guevara
km2871 Peso 1989 Tania La Guerrillera
km2881 Peso 1990 Columbus meeting natives (smaller coin)
km2891 Peso 1990 Soccer
km3061 Peso 1990 King Ferdinand of Spain
km3071 Peso 1990 Queen Isabella of Spain
km3081 Peso 1990 Christopher Columbus
km3091 Peso 1990 Juan de la Cosa
km3101 Peso 1990 Pan American Games - High Jump
km3111 Peso 1990 Pan American Games - Volleyball
km3121 Peso 1990 Pan American Games - Baseball
km3241 Peso 1988 Moncada Garrison
km3251 Peso 1990 Columbus Ships Sailing West
km3401 Peso 1990 Celia Sanchez Manduley
km3631 Peso 1988 Jose Marti
km3641 Peso 1991 Hatuey tribesman
km3651 Peso 1991 Pinzon Brothers
km3661 Peso 1991 Queen Joanna
km3671 Peso 1991 Diego Velazquez
km3681 Peso 1992 Postal Ship
km3871 Peso 1990 First Voyage of Columbus
km3881 Peso 1991 Alcala Gate
km3891 Peso 1991 Barcelona - Olympic Stadium
km3901 Peso 1991 Seville - La Giralda Tower
km3911 Peso 1992 Ernesto Che Guevara
km3921 Peso 1992 Bartolome de Las Casas
km3931 Peso 1992 Chief Guama
km3941 Peso 1992 King Phillipp of Spain
km3951 Peso 1992 Spanish Royalty
km3961 Peso 1993 Millennium of St. Jacobi
km3971 Peso 1993 40th Anniv. Of Moncada
km4021 Peso 1992 El Escorial
km4031 Peso 1992 St. Jorge Palace
km4041 Peso 1993 Prehistoric Animials - Chalicotherium
km4291 Peso 1993 Federico Garcia Lorca
km4361 Peso 1989 Alexander von Humboldt
km4371 Peso 1992 Ernesto Che Guevara
km4381 Peso 1994 Stegosaurus
km4391 Peso 1994 Bottlenose Dolphins
km4601 Peso 1994 Spotted Eagle Ray
km4621 Peso 1992 Intro of Africans to America
km4631 Peso 1994 Isla del Evangelista
km4641 Peso 1994 Nao Victoria sailing ship
km4651 Peso 1994 La India sailing ship
km4661 Peso 1994 Yellow Sea Bass
km4671 Peso 1994 Swordfish
km4711 Peso 1990 Columbus Meeting Natives (large coin)
km4721 Peso 1995 Blackbeard
km4731 Peso 1995 Sir Henry Morgan
km4741 Peso 1995 Anne Bonny
km4751 Peso 1995 Mary Read
km4761 Peso 1995 Captain Kidd
km4771 Peso 1995 Piet Heyn
km4971 Peso 1994 Pelican
km4981 Peso 1994 Flamingos
km5091 Peso 1993 Abraham Lincoln
km5121 Peso 1988 Carlos J. Finlay
km5131 Peso 1988 Zeppelin airship (large coin)
km5141 Peso 1990 Simon Bolivar
km5151 Peso 1993 Bolivar and Marti
km5161 Peso 1994 Montecristi Manifesto
km5171 Peso 1994 Nao Victoria sailing ship
km5181 Peso 1994 Fokker fighter plane
km5191 Peso 1995 Death of Jose Marti in combat
km5201 Peso 1995 Centennial
km5211 Peso 1995 Death of Jose Marti (smaller coin)
km5221 Peso 1995 SIAI Marchetti Seaplane
km5231 Peso 1995 50 yrs. United Nations
km5471 Peso 1994 Albatross DII fighter plane
km5491 Peso 1996 Ruby Throated Hummingbird
km5501 Peso 1996 Yellow Perch
km5511 Peso 1996 Cuban Tody Bird
km5521 Peso 1996 Wood Duck
km5621 Peso 1996 Vaca Anil Fish
km5651 Peso 1996 Papilio Butterfly
km6061 Peso 1994 Discovery of Evangelista Island
km6071 Peso 1 Peso -1995 FAO oxen
km6141 Peso 1996 Granma ship Landing
km6171 Peso 1997 Ernesto Che Guevara - full figure
km6181 Peso 1997 Ernesto Che Guevara portrait
km6121 Peso 1997 Pope John Paul and Castro
km6221 Peso 1998 VIH-HIV
new1 Peso 1998 Expo Bruxelles
km6621 Peso 1999 Triumph of the Revolution
km6631 Peso 2000 Toward a New Millennium
km6641 Peso 2000 Welcome to the Third Millennium
km6651 Peso 2000 Welcome to the New Millennium
km7221 Peso 1997 Hibiscus flower
km7311 Peso -1996 FAO picking fruit
km7321 Peso -1998 Pope John Paul II and Cathedral
km8231 Peso 2000 Submarine Peral
km8261 Peso 2000 Steam paddleboat Buenaventura
km8271 Peso 2000 Nativity scene in ship compass
km8551 Peso 2002 Mao Tse Tung
km8561 Peso 2002 Karl Marx
km8541 Peso 2002 Vladimir Lenin
km8531 Peso 2002 Federico Engels
km8571 Peso 2003 75 yrs. Birth of Che Guevara
km8611 Peso 2004 Imperial Eagle
new1 Peso 2004 Bearded Vulture
km8601 Peso 2004 Iberian Lynx
km8621 Peso 2004 Grey Wolves
km8631 Peso 2004 Brown Bear
km8591 Peso 2004 Peregrine Falcon
km8761 Peso -2007 Wildcat
km8731 Peso -2007 Vulture
km8781 Peso -2007 Capercaillie bird
km8751 Peso -2007 Ibex - Wild goat
km8741 Peso -2007 Native donkey of Gerona
km8771 Peso -2007 Spanish mastiff dog
km8711 Peso 2007 Che Guevara
km695 Pesos (1981) Mariposa flower
km1095 Pesos (1983) Olympic Runner
km1135 Pesos (1983) Downhill Skier
km5010 Pesos (1980) First Soviet-Cuban Space Flight
km33610 Pesos (1990) Olympic Hurdler
km59110 Pesos (1997) Olympic Fencing
km4420 Pesos (1979) Nonaligned Nations Conference

Cuba visitor coinage

km4211 Peso (1981) Lighthouse
km5801 Peso (1989) Lighthouse


km43500 Mils (1970) FAO
km44500 Mils (1975,1977) Hercules
km45500 Mils (1976) Refugees
km48500 Mils (1978) Human Rights
km49500 Mils (1980) Olympic Rings
km51500 Mils (1981) World Food Day
km461 Pound (1976) Refugees
km4750 Pounds (1977) Arch Bishop
km5850 Cents (1985) Forestry
km701 Pound (1995) 50 yrs. F.A.O.
km751 Pound (2004) European Union
km892 Euro (2009) Ten Years of European Monetary Union
km972 Euro (2012) 10 Years of Euro Coinage


km14320 Haleru (1991-1992) CSFR
km1210 Korun (1928) Tomas Masaryk
km1510 Korun (1930-1933) Artist Jaroslav Horejc
km4010 Korun (1954) Slovak Uprising
km4210 Korun (1955) Liberation from Germany
km4710 Korun (1957) 250 yrs. Technical College
km4810 Korun (1957) Moravian Bishop
km5610 Korun (1964) 20 yrs. Slovak Uprising
km5810 Korun (1965) Jan Hus
km6110 Korun (1966) Great Moravia
km6210 Korun (1967) Bratislava University
km6310 Korun (1968) National Theater
km139.110 Korun (1990-1993) Thomas G. Masaryk
km139.210 Korun (1990) Ronai
km15310 Korun (1991,1993) M. R. Stefanik
km15910 Korun (1992,1993) A. Rasin
km1820 Korun (1937) President Masaryk
km7620 Korun (1972) 100yrs-death of A.Sladkovic
km4125 Korun (1954) 10th Anniv. Slovak Uprising
km5925 Korun (1965) Czech Liberation
km6425 Korun (1968) National Museum
km6625 Korun (1969) 100yrs-death of J.E.Purkyne
km6725 Korun (1969) 25yrs-Slovak National Uprising
km6825 Korun (1970) National Theatre
km2450 Korun (1947) Slovak Uprising
km2550 Korun (1948) Prague Uprising
km2850 Korun (1949) Stalin 70th birthday
km7050 Korun (1970) 100yrs-birth of Lenin
km7150 Korun (1971) 50 yrs Communist Party
km7250 Korun (1971) 100yrs-death of P.O.Hviezdoslav
km7750 Korun (1972) 50yrs-death of J.V.Myslbek
km7850 Korun (1973) 25yrs-victory of communist party
km7950 Korun (1973) 200yrs-birth of J.Jungmann
km8150 Korun (1974) Janko Jesensky
km8350 Korun (1975) 100yrs-birth of S.K.Neumann
km8750 Korun (1977) 120yrs-death of J.Kollar
km9050 Korun (1978) 100yrs-birth of Z.Nejedly
km9150 Korun (1978) 650yrs-Kremnica mint
km9850 Korun (1979) Communist Party Congress
km12150 Korun (1986) Prague
km12250 Korun (1986) Levoca
km12450 Korun (1986) Telc
km12550 Korun (1986) Bratislava
km12650 Korun (1986) Cesky Krumov
km12750 Korun (1987) Prague ZOO-Horse Prevalsky
km12950 Korun (1988) 300yrs-birth of J.Janosik
km13350 Korun (1989) 150yrs-Brno-Breclav railroad
km14050 Korun (1990) St. Agnes
km14550 Korun (1991) 150yrs-first steamship on Vltava
km15550 Korun (1991) Piestany Spa Building
km15650 Korun (1991) Marianske Lazne
km15750 Korun (1991) Karlovy Vary
km26100 Korun (1948) Charles University
km29100 Korun (1949) Jihlava Mining Privileges
km30100 Korun (1949) Stalin - 70th birthday
km33100 Korun (1951) 30 yrs. Communist Party
km73100 Korun (1971) 100yrs-death of J.Manes
km82100 Korun (1974) Bedrich Smetana
km84100 Korun (1976) 100yrs-death of J.Kral
km85100 Korun (1976) 100yrs-birth of V.Kaplan
km88100 Korun (1977) 300yrs-death of V.Hollar
km92100 Korun (1978) 70yrs-birth of J.Fucik
km93100 Korun (1978) 600yrs-death of king Charles IV.
km99100 Korun (1979) 150yrs-birth of J.Botto
km100100 Korun (1980) 650yrs-birth of P.Parler
km101100 Korun (1980) 5th Spartakiade games 1980
km102100 Korun (1980) 100yrs-birth of B.Smeral
km103100 Korun (1981) First men in space J.Gagarin
km104100 Korun (1981) 100yrs-birth of O.Spaniel
km106100 Korun (1982) 100yrs-birth of I.Olbracht
km107100 Korun (1982) 150yrs-horse drawn railway
km108100 Korun (1983) 100yrs-death of K.Marx
km109100 Korun (1983) 100yrs-birth of J.Hasek
km110100 Korun (1983) 100yrs-death of S.Chalupka
km111100 Korun (1983) National Theatre
km113100 Korun (1984) 100yrs-birth of M.Bel
km114100 Korun (1984) 150yrs-birth of J.Neruda
km115100 Korun (1984) 100yrs-birth of A.Zapotocky
km116100 Korun (1985) 200yrs-birth of J.Holly
km117100 Korun (1985) Ice Hockey Championship
km118100 Korun (1985) 125yrs-birth of M.Kukucin
km119100 Korun (1985) Helsinki Conference
km120100 Korun (1985) 150yrs-death of P.Brandl
km123100 Korun (1986) 150yrs-death of K.H.Macha
km128100 Korun (1987) Banska Stiavnica
km130100 Korun (1988) Prague `88-stamps exposition
km132100 Korun (1988) 100yrs-birth of M.Benka
km135100 Korun (1989) 50yrs-events on 17/11/1939
km137100 Korun (1990) Karel Capek
km138100 Korun (1990) 250yrs-death of J.Kupecky
km141100 Korun (1990) 100th Pardubicka steeple chase
km142100 Korun (1990) 100yrs-birth of B.Martinu
km147100 Korun (1991) 150yrs-birth of A.Dvorak
km154100 Korun (1991) 200yrs-death of W.A.Mozart
km160100 Korun (1992) Moravian Museum in Brno
km161100 Korun (1992) Lidice and Lazaky
km162100 Korun (1993) 1000yrs-Brevnov monastery
km163100 Korun (1993) 100yrs-Slovak museum society
km105500 Korun (1981) 125yrs-death of L.Stur
km112500 Korun (1983) National Theatre
km131500 Korun (1988) Czech and Slovak Federation
km134500 Korun (1988) Matica Slovenska Institute
km136500 Korun (1987) 100yrs-birth of J.Lada
km158500 Korun (1992) 400yrs-birth of J.A.Komensky
km164500 Korun (1993) 100yrs-czechoslovak tennis

Czech Republic

km3.250 Haleru (2001-2009) larger mint mark
km4210 Korun (2000) clockworks
km4320 Korun (2000) Astrolab


km1565 Gulden (1932) Marienkirche
km1575 Gulden (1932) Grain elevator

Darfur Sultanate

x15 Dinars (2008) African Wild Dog
x210 Dinars (2008) African Civet
x325 Dinars (2008) Camel
x450 Dinars (2008) Hartebeest
x5100 Dinars (2008) Leopard
x6250 Dinars (2008) African Elephant
x7500 Dinars (2008) Nile Crocodile


km7231/5 Rigsbankskilling (1842) value spelled out
km862.11 Krone (1973-1978) Margrethe
km7992 Kroner (1888) 25th Anniversary of Reign
km8002 Kroner (1892) Golden Wedding Anniversary
km8212 Kroner (1923) Silver Wedding Anniv.
km8292 Kroner (1930) Kings 60th Birthday
km8302 Kroner (1937) 25 yrs. Of Reign
km8362 Kroner (1945) Kings 75th Birthday
km8442 Kroner (1953) Greenland Commemorative
km8452 Kroner (1958) Princess Margreth
km8525 Kroner (1960) Silver Wedding Anniv.
km8545 Kroner (1964) Princess Anne Marie
km863.15 Kroner (1973-1978) initials SB
km85610 Kroner (1967) Princess Margrethe
km85710 Kroner (1968) Wedding of Princess Benedikte
km85810 Kroner (1972) Accession of Margreth-II
km86510 Kroner (1986) Princes 18th Birthday
km867.210 Kroner (1990-1993) initials LG
km887.110 Kroner (2001) initials LG-JP-A
km887.210 Kroner (2002) without initials
km89810 Kroner (2005) H.C. Andersen - Swan
km90010 Kroner (2005) H.C. Andersen - Mermaid
km90310 Kroner (2006) The Shadow
km91410 Kroner (2006) H.C.A. Snow Queen
km91610 Kroner (2007) Polar Bear
km92310 Kroner (2007) The Nightingale
km92510 Kroner (2008) Polar Year
km93210 Kroner (2009) Northern Lights
km87020 Kroner (1990) Queens Birthday
km87520 Kroner (1992) Silver Wedding Ann.
km87920 Kroner (1995) 1000 Yrs Coins
km88120 Kroner (1995) Prince Joachim Weds
km888.220 Kroner (2002) without initials
km88920 Kroner (2002,2003) Tower of Arhus City Hall
km89020 Kroner (2003) Old Stock Exchange
km89220 Kroner (2003) Tower of Christiansborg Castle
km89320 Kroner (2004) Tower of Gasetamet
km89420 Kroner (2004) Prince Wedding
km89720 Kroner (2004) Svaneke Water Tower
km89920 Kroner (2005) Landet Kirke
km90120 Kroner (2005) Nolsoy Lighthouse
km90220 Kroner (2006) Grasten Palace
km91320 Kroner (2006) The Greenland Cairns
km91920 Kroner (2007) Copenhagen City Hall
km92020 Kroner (2007) Frigate Jutland
km92120 Kroner (2007) Vaedderen ship
km92620 Kroner (2008) Selandia
km92720 Kroner (2008) Havhingsten
km92820 Kroner (2008) Royal Yacht Dannebrog
km93520 Kroner (2009) Fyrskib XVII ship
km93620 Kroner (2009) Faerobad boat
km93720 Kroner (2010) 1940-2010
km94020 Kroner (2010) Kajak Konebad
km94120 Kroner (2011) Hjejlen
km94220 Kroner (2011) Emma Maersk
km94420 Kroner (2011) Crowned shield


km3410 Francs (2003) Chimpanzee
km42250 Francs (2012) Djibouti Francolin


km114 Dollars (1970) FAO
km1610 Dollars (1979) John Paul II

Dominican Republic

km321 Centavo (1969) FAO
km641 Centavo (1984-1987) Caonabo
km415 Centavos (1976) Centennial - Duarte
km495 Centavos (1978-1981) Juan Pablo Duarte
km595 Centavos (1983-1987) Sanchez and Mella
km4325 Centavos (1976) Centennial
km71.125 Centavos - Ox Cart (1989,1991) no beaded circle
km71.225 Centavos - Ox Cart (1989,1990) beaded circle
km621/2 Peso (1983-1987) Human Rights
km73.11/2 Peso (1989) Beacon at Colon
km231 Peso (1955) Trujillo
km341 Peso (1972) 25th Anniv. Central Bank
km351 Peso (1974) Central American Games
km451 Peso (1976) Juan Pablo Duarte
km531 Peso (1978-1981) Duarte
km631 Peso (1983-1986) Human Rights
km651 Peso (1986) Caribbean Games
km741 Peso (1989) Sailship landing
km80.11 Peso (1991-1992) DUARTE on bust
km80.21 Peso (1992--) DUARTE below bust
km811 Peso (1991) Pinzon brothers
km821 Peso (1992) Portrait of Columbus
km3710 Pesos (1975) International Bankers Conference
km3810 Pesos (1975) Taino Art
km5710 Pesos (1982) Year of the Child

East Africa

km221 Cent (1922-1935) King George V
km375 Cents (1955-1963) Elizabeth II
km26.110 Cents (1937-1941) thick flan
km26.210 Cents (1942-1952) thin flan
km3810 Cents (1956) Queen Elizabeth the Second

British East Caribbean Territories

km810 Dollars (1980) Golden Hind
km910 Dollars (1981) Royal Wedding

East Caribbean States

km861 Dollar (2002) Coronation Jubilee
km581 Dollar (2008) Together We Stand
km1610 Dollars (1981) World Food Day

Easter Island

x11 Peso (2007) Bonito fish
x25 Pesos (2007) Forceps fish
x310 Pesos (2007) Tangata Manu birdman
x450 Pesos (2007) Moray eel
x5100 Pesos (2007) Vaka canoe
x6200 Pesos (2007) Hammerhead shark
x7500 Pesos (2007) Moai stone statues


km10850 Centavos (2000) Eloy Alfaro
km97500 Sucres State Reform (1995)

Galapagos Islands

x11 Centavo (2008) Darwins Finch
x25 Centavos (2008) Sea Lion
x310 Centavos (2008) Marine Iguana
x425 Centavos (2008) Galapagos Shark
x550 Centavos (2008) Masked Booby bird
x61 Dolar (2008) Galapagos Penguin
x72 Dolares (2008) Galapagos Cormorant
x85 Dolares (2008) Galapagos Tortoise


km24620 Para (AH1277) Reform Coinage
km2501 Qirsh (AH1277) Abdul Aziz Reform Coinage
km377.11 Millieme (1956-1958) large sphinx
km4335 Milliemes (1973) FAO
km4455 Milliemes (1975) Intl Womens Year
km4625 Milliemes (1977) FAO
km4635 Milliemes (1977,1979) Corrective Revolution
km38010 Milliemes (1954-1955) small sphinx
km44610 Milliemes (1975) FAO
km44910 Milliemes (1976) Osiris
km46410 Milliemes (1977) FAO
km46510 Milliemes (1977,1979) Corrective Rev.
km47610 Milliemes (1978) Microscope
km48310 Milliemes (1979) Year of the Child
km49810 Milliemes (1980) Corrective Revolution
km49910 Milliemes (1980) FAO
km553.11 Piastre (1984) Christian date on left
km553.21 Piastre (1984) Islamic date on left
km554.22 Piastres (1984) Islamic date on left
km4045 Piastres (1964) Diversion of the Nile
km4145 Piastres (1968) Industrial Fair
km4175 Piastres (1969) Labor Organization
kma4275 Piastres (1972) UNICEF
km4365 Piastres (1973) Cairo State Fair
km4375 Piastres (1973) National Bank of Egypt
kma4415 Piastres (1974) October War
km4475 Piastres (1975) Womens Year
km4515 Piastres (1976) Cairo Trade Fair
km4665 Piastres (1977,1979) Corrective Revolution
km4675 Piastres (1977) Textile Industry
km4685 Piastres (1977) FAO
km4775 Piastres (1978) Portland Cement
km4785 Piastres (1978) FAO
km4845 Piastres (1979) Year of the Child
km5015 Piastres (1980) Applied Professions
km5025 Piastres (1980) Corrective Revolution
km555.15 Piastres (1984) Christian date left
km555.25 Piastres (1984) Islamic date left
km622.15 Piastres (1984) large denomination
km7315 Piastres (1992) decorated vase (21mm)
km9415 Piastres (2004) decorated vase (18mm)
km41810 Piastres (1970) FAO oxen
km41910 Piastres (1969) Agriculture Fair
km42010 Piastres (1970) Banque Misr
km42110 Piastres (1970,1971) Industrial Fair
km42910 Piastres (1972) Cairo Fair
km44210 Piastres (1974) October War
km44810 Piastres (1975) FAO Family scene
km45210 Piastres (1976) Suez Canal
km46910 Piastres (AH1397) FAO
km47010 Piastres (1977,1979) Corrective Revolution
km47110 Piastres (1977) Economic Union
km47910 Piastres (1978) Cairo Fair
km48510 Piastres (1979) Abbasia Mint
km48610 Piastres (1979) National Education Day
km50310 Piastres (1980) Doctors Day
km50410 Piastres (1980) Egyptian-Israeli Peace Treaty
km50510 Piastres (1980) FAO
km50610 Piastres (1980-1981) Sadats Corrective Revolution
km52010 Piastres (1981) Scientists Day
km52110 Piastres (1981) 25yrs of Trade Unions
km59910 Piastres (1982) Egyptian Products Company
km57010 Piastres (1985) National Planning Institute
km57310 Piastres (1985) Egyptian Parliament
km67510 Piastres (1989) October War
km92210 Piastres (2004) National Womens Council
km32220 Piastres (1917H) without inner circle
km59620 Piastries (1985) Cairo International Airport
km59720 Piastries (1985) Professions
km60620 Piastries (1986) Warriors Day
km60720 Piastries (1986) Census
km65220 Piastries (1987) Investment Bank
km64620 Piastries (1988) Police Day
km65020 Piastres (1988) Cairo Opera House
km67620 Piastres (1989) October War 1973
km68520 Piastries (1989) National Health Insurance
km69020 Piastries (1989) Cairo Subway
km92320 Piastries (2004) National Womens Council
km38525 Piastres (1956) Suez Canal Nationalization
km40025 Piastres (1960) 3 yrs. National Assembly
km42225 Piastres (1970) President Nasser
km43825 Piastries (1973) Egypt National Bank
km42350 Piastres (1970) President Nasser
km941.250 Piastres (2005,2006) Cleopatra (brass)
km4151 Pound (AH1387) Power Station at Aswan Dam
km4241 Pound (1970-1972) Al Azhar Mosque
km4391 Pound (1973) FAO Aswan Dam
km4531 Pound (1976) F.A.O.
km4541 Pound (1976) Re-opening of the Suez Canal
km4551 Pound (1976) Om Kalsoum
km4721 Pound (1977) Various laborers
km4731 Pound (1977-1979) Corrective Revolution
km4811 Pound (1978) 25 yrs. Ain Shams University
km4821 Pound (1978) FAO woman looking into microscope
km4881 Pound (1979) 25 yrs. Abbasia Mint
km4891 Pound (1979) FAO and I.Y.C.
km4901 Pound (1979) National Education Day
km4931 Pound (1979) 1400 yrs. Mohammeds Flight
km5081 Pound (1980) Anwar Sadat
km5131 Pound (1980) FAO - kneeling figure with book
km5111 Pound (1980) Doctors Day
km5241 Pound (1981) Suez Canal Reopening
km5261 Pound (1981) 25 yrs. Egyptian Industry
km5281 Pound (1981) Nationalization of Suez Canal
km5301 Pound (1981) Revolt by Arabi Pasha
km5401 Pound (1982) 1000 yrs. Al Azhar Mosque
km5421 Pound (1982) 50 yrs. Air Force
km9401 Pound (2005,2006) Tutankhamen burial mask
km7705 Pounds (1995) Tughra above FAO logo

El Salvador

km13625 Centavos (1943,1944) Francisco Morazan
km13850 Centavos (1953) Jose Matias Delgado

Emirate of Ajman

km265 Rials (1970) FAO
km275 Riyals (1971) Save Venice
km57.5 Riyals (1970) Bonefish
km67.5 Riyals (1970) Barbary Falcon
km77.5 Riyals (1970) Gazelle
km137.5 Riyals (1970) Gamal Abdel Nassar

Emirate of Al-Fujairah

km22 Riyals (1970) Richard Nixon
km35 Rials (1969,1970) Olympics
km410 Riyals (1969) Apollo XI Moon Landing
km510 Riyals (1969) Apollo XII
km1910 Riyals (1969) Apollo XIII
km2210 Riyals (1969) Apollo 14
km725 Riyals (1969-1970) Richard Nixon

Emirate of Ras Al-Khaimah

km307.5 Riyals (1970) Barbary Falcon

Emirate of Sharjah

x15 Rupees (1964) John F. Kennedy Memorial
km21 Riyal (1970) Mona Lisa
km45 Riyals (1969) Napoleon

Equatorial Guinea

km372000 Ekuele (1979) Olympic Discus Thrower
km13100 Pesetas (1970) Goyas Naked Maja
km1241500 CFA Francs (2005) Cowry shells


km151 Dollar (1994) Cheetah
km161 Dollar (1994) Black Rhinoceros
km171 Dollar (1994) Colobus Monkey
km281 Dollar (1995) Lions
km311 Dollar (1995) Cape Eagle Owl
km371 Dollar (1996) Laner Falcon
km1110 Dollars (1993) Triceratops


km141 Kroon (1933) 10th Singing Festival
km361 Kroon (1999) Song Festival Building
km441 Kroon (2008) two leaves in center
km132 Krooni (1932) University of Tartu
km702 Euro (2012) Ten years Euro Coinage


km91/100 Birr (Matonya) EE1889
km642 Birr (EE1974) World Soccer Games
km44.25 Cents (1977) small head, 2 long chin whiskers
km44.35 Cents (EE1969-2000) 2004-2008
km45.210 Cents (1977) small head, 2 long chin whiskers
km45.310 Cents (EE1969-2000) 2004-2008
km46.125 Cents (1969) Small Lion Head
km46.225 Cents (EE1969) large lion head (2 long chin whiskers)
km46.325 Cents (EE1969-2000) 1977, 2004-2008
km47.250 Cents (EE1996-2000) 2004-2008

Falkland Islands

km21 Penny (1974-1992) Gentoo Penguins
km1720 Pence (1982-1999) Romney marsh sheep
km1050 Pence (1977) Silver Jubilee
km14.150 Pence (1980-1992) Falkland Island fox
km1550 Pence (1980) The Queen Mother
km1650 Pence (1981) Wedding of Charles and Diana
km1850 Pence (1982) Liberation from Argentine Forces
km1950 Pence (1983) 150 yrs of British Rule
km2150 Pence (1985) Mount Pleasant Airport
km2550 Pence (1987) King Penguins
km2650 Pence (1990) Herding Sheep
km3450 Pence (1992) 40 yrs Reign of Elizabeth II
km4550 Pence (1995) 50 yrs since V.E. Day
km5950 Pence (1997) WWF - Black-browed Albatros
km6050 Pence (1998) WWF - Peales Dolphin
km16350 Pence (2007) soldier and map
km1372 Pounds (2004) Sun, map and wildlife
km1471 Crown (2007) Shortfin Squid

Faroe Islands

new25 Oyru (2011) Crab
new50 Oyru (2011) Sheep Dog
new1 Krona (2011) Puffin
new2 Kronur (2011) Guillemot
new5 Kronur (2011) Oystercatcher
new10 Kronur (2011) Shad
new20 Kronur (2011) Gray Seal
new50 Kronur (2011) Rams head


km391 Cent (1977-1982) FAO
km775 Cents (1995) FAO
km3325 Cents (2012--) Nuqa roro
km33310 Cents (2012--) Beka mirimiri
km9520 Cents (2003) South Pacific Games
km33420 Cents (2012--) Kaka
km4450 Cents (1979) FAO
km4550 Cents (1980) Prince Charles
km33550 Cents (2012--) Varivoce
km32a1 Dollar (1976) Arms with supporters (silver)
km731 Dollar (1995-2000) Native Rattle
km1541 Dollar (2010) Pretoria Stadium and Antelope
km1551 Dollar (2010) Kapstadt (Cape Town) Stadium and Zebra
km1561 Dollar (2010) Johannesburg Ellis Park Stadium and Rhinoceros
km1571 Dollar (2010) Johannesburg Soccer city and Leopard
km1581 Dollar (2010) Rustenburg Stadium and Lion
km1591 Dollar (2010) Durban Stadium and Giraffe
km1601 Dollar (2010) Polokwane Stadium and Elephant
km1611 Dollar (2010) Nelspruit Stadium and Water Buffalo
km1621 Dollar (2010) Bloemfontein Stadium and Merkats
km1631 Dollar (2010) Port Elizabeth and Deer
km3361 Dollar (2012--) Vokai
km3372 Dollars (2012--) Ga ni vatu
km6710 Dollars (1993) Judo match
km8710 Dollars (1997) Golden Jubilee
km3725 Dollars (1975) King Cakobau


km161 Penni (1917) Civil war coinage
km64.15 Pennia (1941-1943) center hole
km535 Markkaa (1972-1978) Icebreaker Varma
km575 Markkaa (1979-1993) Icebreaker Urho
km735 Markkaa (1992-2001) Ringed Seal
km5110 Markkaa (1970) President Paasikivi
km5210 Markkaa (1971) European Athletic Championships
km5410 Markkaa (1975) Kekkonen
km8210 Markka (1995) Swan
km9110 Markka (1999) Finnish EU Presidency
km5625 Markkaa (1978) Winter Games in Lahti
km5825 Markkaa (1979) 750 yrs of Turku
km9625 Markkaa (2001) Lahti 2001
km5950 Markkaa (1981) 80th Birthday Kekkonen
km6050 Markkaa (1982) World Ice Hockey Games
km6150 Markkaa (1983) World Athletics Championships
km6250 Markkaa (1985) National Epic - The Kalevala
km68100 Markkaa (1990) 350 yrs Helsinki University
km69100 Markkaa (1991) World Ice Hockey Games
km78100 Markkaa (1994) Stadium of Friendship
km80100 Markkaa (1995) Atturi Ilmari Virtanen
km1142 Euro (2004) EU, Stylized flower
km1192 Euro (2005) 60 years of U.N.
km1252 Euro (2006) Two faces
km1302 Euro (2007--) Relief map of Europe
km1382 Euro (2007) Treaty of Rome
km1432 Euro (2008) Human Rights
km1442 Euro (2009) Ten Years of European Monetary Union
km1492 Euro (2009) 200 yrs. Autonomy
km1542 Euro (2010) 150 yrs. Finnish Currency
km1632 Euro (2011) 200 yrs. Bank of Finland
km1782 Euro (2012) 10 yrs. Euro Coinage
km1822 Euro (2012) Helene Schjerfbeck
new2 Euro (2013) 125 Ann.Birth of Frans Eemil Sillanpää
new2 Euro (2013) The Diet of 1863
new2 Euro (2014) Tove Jansson
km1115 Euro (2003) Championship Ice Hockey
km1185 Euro (2005) IAAF World Athletics Championships
km1235 Euro (2006) Demilitarization of Aland
km1315 Euro (2006) E.U. Presidency
km1415 Euro (2008) 100 yrs Finnish Academy
km1565 Euro (2010) Satakunta -Province
km1585 Euro (2010) Proper(Varsinais) -Province
km1595 Euro (2011) Karelia -Province
km1605 Euro (2011) Uusimaa - Province
km1615 Euro (2011) Savonia -Province
km1625 Euro (2011) Tavastia -Province
km1705 Euro (2011) Lapland -Province
km1715 Euro (2011) Ostrobothnians -Province
km1775 Euro (2011) Alland -Province
km1815 Euro (2012) World Design Capital Helsinki
km1835 Euro (2012) Ice Hockey World Championship
km1845 Euro (2012) Flora - Glacier growfoot
km1855 Euro (2012) Fauna - Paw trail of arctic fox
km1865 Euro (2012) Winter - Northern lights
new5 Euro (2012) Lapland - Candle Bridge
new5 Euro (2012) Uusimaa - Provincial Buildings
new5 Euro (2013) Summer
new5 Euro (2013) Finlane-Proper - Turku Cathedral
new5 Euro (2013) Satakunta - Provincial Buildings
new5 Euro (2013) Åland - Provincial Buildings (Sälskär Lighthouse)
km10810 Euro (2002) Elias Lonnrot
km10710 Euro (2002) Olympic Games Helsinki
km109100 Euro (2002) Midnight Sun


c1341 Centime (AN6-8) 1797-1799 Goddess Artemis
km7751 Centime (1853-1857) Napoleon III
km6405 Centimes (LAN 5 - LAN 9) 1796-1801
km7775 Centimes (1853-1857) Napoleon III
km8655 Centimes (1914-1920) small w/ center hole
km77110 Centimes (1852-1857) Napoleon III
km79810 Centimes (1861-1865) Napoleon III
km89510 Centimes (1941) no dash below MES
km89610 Centimes (1941) dash below MES
km900.220 Centimes (1941-1944) no mint mark, thin
km86725 Centimes (1914-1917) dash below MES
km7791 Franc (1853-1863) Napoleon III
km9631 Franc (1988) Charles de Gaulle
km9671 Franc (1989) 200 yrs of Estates General
km11331 Franc (1995) Institute of France
km11601 Franc (1996) Jacques Rueff
km7802 Francs (1853-1859) Napoleon III
km904.12 Francs (1943,1944) axe
km9052 Francs (1944) Allied Occupation Issue
km10622 Francs (1993) Jean Moulin
km11192 Francs (1995) Louis Pasteur
km11872 Francs (1997) Guynemer
km12132 Francs (1998) Declaration of Human Rights
km9015 Francs (1941) Marshall Petain
km9685 Francs (1989) Eiffel Tower
km10065 Francs (1992) Pierre Mendes-France
km10635 Francs (1994) Voltaire - Poet
km11555 Francs (1996) Hercules group
km95010 Francs (1982) Leon Gambetta
km95210 Francs (1983) Montgolfier Balloon
km95310 Francs (1983) Stendhal
km95410 Francs (1984) Francois Rude
km95610 Francs (1985) Victor Hugo
km95810 Francs (1986) Robert Schuman
km95910 Francs (1986) Madam Republic
km961d10 Francs (1987) King Capet
km96510 Francs (1988) Roland Garros
km101620 Francs (1993) Mediterranean Games
km103620 Francs (1994) Pierre De Coubertin
km951100 Francs (1982-2000) Pantheon
km955100 Francs (1984) Marie Curie
km957100 Francs (1985) Emile Zola
km960100 Francs (1986) Statue of Liberty
km962100 Francs (1987) General Lafayette
km966100 Francs (1988) Fraternity
km970100 Francs (1989) Human Rights
km971100 Francs (1989) Olympic Alpine Skiing
km972100 Francs (1989) Olympic Ice Skating Couple
km980100 Francs (1990) Olympic Speed Skating
km982100 Francs (1990) Charlemagne
km983100 Francs (1990) Olympic Free-style Skier
km984100 Francs (1990) Olympics Slalom Skiers
km996100 Francs (1991) Descartes
km1120100 Francs (1992) Jean Monet
km1018100 Francs (1993) Liberty
km1045100 Francs (1994) Liberation of Paris
km1047100 Francs (1994) Olympic Discus Thrower
km1116100 Francs (1995) Victory in Europe PAX
km1180100 Francs (1996) King Clovis I
km1188100 Francs (1997) Andre Malraux
km12931/4 Euro (2002) Euro des enfants
km13001/4 Euro (2002) Allez France
km13011.5 Euro (2002) Europa Series
km13101.5 Euro (2002) Spirit of St. Louis
km13071.5 Euro (2002) Montmatre
km13051.5 Euro (2002) Mont St. Michel
km13321.5 Euro (2002) Gavroche Les Miserables
km18401.5 Euro (2002) Snowwhite Fairytale
km18411.5 Euro (2002) Cinderella Fairytale
km18421.5 Euro (2002) Pinocchio Fairytale
km13381.5 Euro (2003) Europa Series
km13211.5 Euro (2003) Tour de France
km13221.5 Euro (2003) Group of cyclists and Arch de Triumph -Tour de France 100 Years
km13231.5 Euro (2003) Two cyclists and spectators -Tour de France 100 Years
km13241.5 Euro (2003) Two group of cyclists -Tour de France 100 Years
km13251.5 Euro (2003) Cyclists, stopwatch and gears -Tour de France 100 Years
km13611.5 Euro (2003) Paris Athletics - Running
new1.5 Euro (2003) Paris Athletics - Jumping
km13361.5 Euro (2003) Louisiana Purchase
km13531.5 Euro (2003) Mona Lisa
km14142 Euro (2007--) Relief map of Europe
km14602 Euro (2007) Treaty of Rome
km14592 Euro (2008) French E.U. Presidency
km15902 Euro (2009) Ten Years of European Monetary Union
km16762 Euro (2010) General Charles DeGaulle
km17892 Euro (2011) International Music Day
km18462 Euro (2012) 10 yrs. Euro Coinage
km18942 Euro (2012) abbe Pierre
km20942 Euro (2013) Franco-German Friendhip 50th Ann.
new2 Euro (2013) Pierre de Couberten
new2 Euro (2013) 70 yrs. since D-Day
km13475 Euro (2002) Merci le Franc
new5 Euro (2003) La Semeuse
km15345 Euro (2008) The Seed Sower
new10 Euro (2003) Europa Series
km134810 Euro (2003) La Semeuse
km158010 Euro (2009) The Seed Sower
km153515 Euro (2008) The Seed Sower
km133920 Euro (2003) Europa Series
km133420 Euro (2003) Tour de France
km136320 Euro (2003) Paris Athletics - Running
new20 Euro (2003) Paris Athletics - Jumping
km133720 Euro (2003) Louisiana Purchase
km134920 Euro (2003) La Semeuse
km158125 Euro (2009) The Seed Sower
km134050 Euro (2003) Europa Series

French Indo-China

km12.11 Cent (1908-1939) mint mark A
km12.21 Cent (1920-1921) no mint mark
km24.11 Cent (1940) circles on cap
km24.21 Cent (1940) rosette on cap
km275 Cents (1943) Vichy Govt issue
km30.15 Cents (1946) Post war issue
km30.25 Cents (1946B) Post war issue
km21.210 Cents (.1939.) dates between two dots
km1320 Cents (1909) obverse km10 reverse km3a
km2320 Cents (1939) magnetic with security edge
km23a.220 Cents (1941S) non-magnetic
km5a.21 Piastre (1921-1922) no mint mark

French Polynesia

km21 Franc (1965) no IEOM
km32 Francs (1965) no IEOM
km45 Francs (1965) no IEOM
km510 Francs (1967) no IEOM
km620 Francs (1967-1970) no IEOM
km750 Francs (1967) no IEOM


km161500 CFA Francs (2005) Throwing knife
km154500 CFA Francs (2005) Oil drop on map
km174500 CFA Francs (2007) Pope John Paul II


km141 Butut (1974,1985) FAO
km6410 Bututs (1997) Marine life
km131 Dalasi (1971) crocodile

Gardiner Island

xPt1Pattern Trial on Silver Clad
xPt2Pattern Trial on Franklinium I
xPt3Pattern Trial on Nicon Franklinium II


km901 Lari (2006) National arms
km922 Lari (2006) UFFA Winners Cup
km933 Lari (2006) Three oil wells
km942 Lari (2006) National arms
km8510 Lari (2000) Eagle Over Lion
km8610 Lari (2000) Coat of Arms

German notgeld - Aachen

n/a10 Pfennig 1920 iron (dog Notmunze)
n/a10 Pfennig 1920 iron (dog)
n/a10 Pfennig 1920 iron (hooded head)
n/a25 Pfennig 1920,1921 iron (date under dog)
n/a25 Pfennig 1920 iron (dog Notmunze)
n/a25 Pfennig 1920,1921 iron (dog)

German notgeld - Aalen

n/a1 Pfennig 1918 iron (eagle)
n/a1 Pfennig 1920 iron (antler)
n/a2 Pfennig 1918 iron (eagle)
n/a2 Pfennig 1920 iron (antler)

German notgeld - Abensberg

n/a10 Pfennig 1917 zinc (Kriegsmunze)

German notgeld - Bonn

n/a5 Pfennig 1919 zinc (bridge)
n/a10 Pfennig 1919 zinc (bridge)
n/a10 Pfennig 1920 iron (Beethoven)

German notgeld - Braunschweig

n/a10 Pfennig 1918 zinc (Kriegsnotgeld)
n/a50 Pfennig 1920 iron (Staatsbank Kriegsnotgeld)
n/a50 Pfennig 1921 iron (Staatsbank Notgeld)

German notgeld - Bremen

n/a50 Pfennig 1921 zinc (ship)

German notgeld - Coblenz

n/a10 Pfennig 1920 iron (head and shoulders)

German notgeld - Duren

n/a1/2 Mark 1919 iron (miner)

German notgeld - Eggenfelden

n/a10 Pfennig 1916 zinc (bee hive)
n/a10 Pfennig 1921 zinc (rodent)
n/a50 Pfennig 1917 zinc (bee hive)
n/a50 Pfennig 1921 zinc (hand)

German notgeld - Emmendingen

n/a5 Pfennig (nd) Ramie Textile Factory

German notgeld - Frankenthal

n/a10 Pfennig 1918 iron (loading munitions)
n/a10 Pfennig 1918 iron (factory worker)
n/a50 Pfennig 1917 zinc (lion)

German notgeld - Hattingen

n/a10 Pfennig 1917 zinc (Dragonslayer)
n/a10 Pfennig 1917 zinc (Caduceus)
n/a50 Pfennig 1917 zinc (Dragonslayer)
n/a50 Pfennig 1917 zinc (Caduceus)

German notgeld - Immenstadt

n/a5 Pfennig 1919 zinc (Kriegsnotgeld)
n/a10 Pfennig 1919 zinc (Kriegsnotgeld)

German notgeld - Lichtenfels

n/a20 Pfennig nd aluminum (Rathaus)
n/a20 Pfennig nd aluminum (Bamberger Tor)
n/a20 Pfennig nd aluminum (Fachschule)
n/a20 Pfennig nd aluminum (Oberer Stadturm)
n/a20 Pfennig nd aluminum (Stadtpfarrkirche)
n/a20 Pfennig nd aluminum (Schloss Banz)
n/a20 Pfennig nd aluminum (Vierzehnheiligen)

German notgeld - Meissen

n/a30 Pfennig 1921 white porcelain
n/a50 Pfennig 1921 white porcelain

German notgeld - Munsterberg

n/a50 Pfennig nd aluminum (Wertsachen)
n/a50 Pfennig nd aluminum (Zahle Bargeldlos)
n/a50 Pfennig nd aluminum (Spareinlagen)
n/a50 Pfennig nd aluminum (Wertpapiere)
n/a50 Pfennig nd aluminum (Darlehne)
n/a50 Pfennig nd aluminum (Reise Ohne Bargeld)
n/a50 Pfennig nd aluminum (Der An-Und Verkauf)
n/a50 Pfennig nd aluminum (spare in der Zeit)

German notgeld - Neisse

n/a50 Pfennig 1921 aluminum (Alte_Wace)
n/a50 Pfennig 1921 aluminum (Bischofhof)
n/a50 Pfennig 1921 aluminum (Glockenturm)
n/a50 Pfennig 1921 aluminum (Kreuzkirche)
n/a50 Pfennig 1921 aluminum (Schoner_Brunnen)

German notgeld - Neustadt a.D.

n/a10 Pfennig nd zinc (Notgeldmarke)
n/a50 Pfennig nd zinc (Notgeldmarke)

German notgeld - Nurnberg

n/a20 Pfennig Railway Token: Adam Kraft (sculptor)
n/a20 Pfennig Railway Token: Albrech Durer (artist)
n/a20 Pfennig Railway Token: Auf der Burg (castle)
n/a20 Pfennig Railway Token: Balmberger (pattern design)
n/a20 Pfennig Railway Token: Berolz Heimerianum (Berolz Home)
n/a20 Pfennig Railway Token: Bratwurstglockl (small bell)
n/a20 Pfennig Railway Token: Burg (castle)
n/a20 Pfennig Railway Token: Deutsche Eisenbahn Nurnberg Furth
n/a20 Pfennig Railway Token: Durer Haus (The Durer house)
n/a20 Pfennig Railway Token: Elisabethen U. Jakobskirche (churches)
n/a20 Pfennig Railway Token: Eppelein Sprung (the Eppelein leap)
n/a20 Pfennig Railway Token: Frauentor (ancient castle)
n/a20 Pfennig Railway Token: Funfeckiger Turm (five cornered tower)
n/a20 Pfennig Railway Token: Ganse Mannchen (the goose man)
n/a20 Pfennig Railway Token: Germanisches Museum
n/a20 Pfennig Railway Token: Hans Sachs (poet)
n/a20 Pfennig Railway Token: Henkersteg (Hanker path)
n/a20 Pfennig Railway Token: Hieronimus Holzschuer
n/a20 Pfennig Railway Token: HL Geist Spital (Hospital church)
n/a20 Pfennig Railway Token: Karlsbrucke (Karls bridge)
n/a20 Pfennig Railway Token: Kunst Brunnen (the Art Fountain)
n/a20 Pfennig Railway Token: Luginsland (castle)
n/a20 Pfennig Railway Token: Martin Behaim (cosmographer)
n/a20 Pfennig Railway Token: Nassauer Haus (the Nassau Building)
n/a20 Pfennig Railway Token: Neptun Brunnen (Neptune Fountain)
n/a20 Pfennig Railway Token: Neues Rathaus (new City Hall)
n/a20 Pfennig Railway Token: Neutorzwinger (Newgate Prison)
n/a20 Pfennig Railway Token: Nurnberger - Madonna
n/a20 Pfennig Railway Token: Peter Henlein (clockmaker)
n/a20 Pfennig Railway Token: Peter Vischer (sculptor)
n/a20 Pfennig Railway Token: Petter Haus (with equestrian statue)
n/a20 Pfennig Railway Token: Rathaus (Nurnberg old City Hall)
n/a20 Pfennig Railway Token: Rathaus in Furth (court house)
n/a20 Pfennig Railway Token: Schoner Brunnen (beautiful fountain)
n/a20 Pfennig Railway Token: Spittler Tor (Spittler Gate)
n/a20 Pfennig Railway Token: Stadt Sparkasse (bank building)
n/a20 Pfennig Railway Token: Tegend Brunnen (Fountain of Virtue)
n/a20 Pfennig Railway Token: Tiefer Brunnen (the Tiefer Well)
n/a20 Pfennig Railway Token: Tiergarten Eisbaren (the Ice Bears)
n/a20 Pfennig Railway Token: Tiergartnertor (Zoological Garden gate)
n/a20 Pfennig Railway Token: Toppler Haus (Toppler House)
n/a20 Pfennig Railway Token: Vestner Tor (Vestner gate)
n/a20 Pfennig Railway Token: Wasser Speier (Water Spewer Fountain)
n/a20 Pfennig Railway Token: Weinstadel (building)
n/a20 Pfennig Railway Token: Weisser Turm (White tower)
n/a20 Pfennig Railway Token: Wenzel Jamnitzer (goldsmith)
n/aLudwigs Railroad 100 pfennig 1921
n/aLudwigs Railroad 150 pfennig 1921
n/aLudwigs Railroad 200 pfennig 1921

German notgeld - Rothenburg

n/a25 Pfennig 1921 iron (Rothenburg)
n/a25 Pfennig 1921 iron (Rathaus)
n/a25 Pfennig 1921 iron (Rathaus_Protal)
n/a25 Pfennig 1921 iron (Herterich_Brunnen)
n/a25 Pfennig 1921 iron (St._Jakobs_Kirche)
n/a25 Pfennig 1921 iron (Kobolzeller_Tor)
n/a25 Pfennig 1921 iron (Plonlein)
n/a25 Pfennig 1921 iron (Roder_Tor)
n/a25 Pfennig 1921 iron (Spital_Bastei)
n/a25 Pfennig 1921 iron (Stoberlein_Turm)
n/a25 Pfennig 1921 iron (Strafturm)
n/a25 Pfennig 1921 iron (St._Wolfgang)

German notgeld - Saxony

n/a50 Pfennig 1921 brown porcelain
n/a2 Mark 1921 brown porcelain
n/a10 Mark (1920) thick brown porcelain
n/a10 Mark (1920) thin white porcelain

German notgeld - Solingen

n/a50 Pfennig 1917 zinc (lion head)
n/a50 Pfennig 1917 iron (lion head)
n/a50 Pfennig 1917 zinc (hand holding cross)
n/a50 Pfennig 1917 iron (hand holding cross)

German notgeld - Stettin

n/a1 Pfennig nd iron Rudolph Karstadt

German notgeld - Thale a. Harz

n/a6 Mark nd,1923 bronze (stone canyon)
n/a6 Mark 1923 bronze (man standing by tree)
n/a6 Mark 1923 bronze (cat)
n/a6 Mark 1923 bronze (man on horseback)

German notgeld - Weissenfels

n/a10 Pfennig 1918 iron (castle)
n/a10 Pfennig 1918 iron (hammer and sickle)
n/a50 Pfennig 1918 iron (castle)
n/a50 Pfennig 1920 iron (castle)
n/a50 Pfennig 1918 iron (soldier facing left)

German notgeld - Westphalia Province

n/a50 Mark 1923 aluminum (Annette v. Droste-H?lshoff)
n/a100 Mark 1922 gilded bronze (Freiherr vom Stein)
n/a100 Mark 1923 aluminum (Annette v. Droste-H?lshoff)
n/a100 Mark 1923 gilded bronze (Annette v. Droste-H?lshoff)
n/a500 Mark 1922 gilded bronze (Freiherr vom Stein)
n/a500 Mark 1923 gilded bronze (Annette v. Droste-H?lshoff)
n/a10,000 Mark 1923 gilded bronze (Freiherr vom Stein)
n/a1/4 Million Mark 1923 aluminum (Freiherr vom Stein)
n/a2 Million Mark 1923 aluminum (Freiherr vom Stein)
n/a5 Million Mark 1923 gilded bronze (Freiherr vom Stein)
n/a50 Million Mark 1923 gilded bronze (Freiherr vom Stein)
n/a50 Million Mark 1923 aluminum (Freiherr vom Stein 45mm)
n/a50 Million Mark 1923 aluminum (Freiherr vom Stein 38mm)
n/a1 Billion Mark 1923 silvered bronze (Freiherr vom Stein)

German notgeld - Zwiesel

n/a10 Pfennig 1920 zinc (man standing)
n/a10 Pfennig 1920 zinc (plant)
n/a20 Pfennig 1919 zinc (tree)
n/a20 Pfennig 1920 zinc (man walking)
n/a20 Pfennig 1920 zinc (plant)

German State of Anhalt-Dessau

km303 Mark (1914) Silver Wedding Anniv.

German State of Baden

km2501 Kreuzer (1868) 50yrs Baden Constitution
km2551 Kreuzer (1871) Victory over France
km2521 Kreuzer (1871) War Victory
km2762 Mark (1906) Golden Wedding Anniv.

German State of Bavaria

km8891 Thaler (1871) Seated Figure with wreath
kmn/a5 Mark (1913) Ludwig III

German State of Hamburg

km3461/2 Thaler (200th Anniv. of Reformation) ND(1717)
km3481/2 Thaler (Martin Luther) (1717)
km3501 Thaler (200th Anniv. of Reformation) ND(1717)
km3791 Thaler (200th Anniv. of Augsburg Confession) (1730)
km1341 1/2 Thaler (Christ joing couple in marriage)(1620-1634)
km1351 1/2 Thaler (Marriage scene)(1620-1634)
km1361 1/2 Thaler (Crucifixion scene)(1620-1634)
km2001 1/2 Thaler (Nativity scene)(1635-1668)
km2011 1/2 Thaler (Angel with band)(1635-1638)
km2021 1/2 Thaler (Engaged Couple)(1635)
km3331 Ducat (Trade Coinage)(Rev.: Bust of Joseph I)(1705-1710)

German State of Prussia

km5252 Mark (1901) 200 yrs. of Prussia
km5303 Mark (1910) Berlin University
km5313 Mark (1911) Breslau University
km5265 Mark (1901) 200 yrs. Prussia

German State of Saxony

km12695 Mark (1909) Leipzig Univ.

German Empire

km211 Kopek (1916) Military Issue - WWI
km222 Kopeks (1916) Military Issue - WWI
km233 Kopeks (1916) Military Issue - WWI

German Weimar Republic

km293 Mark (1922,1923) Anniv. Weimar Constitution
km483 Reichsmark (1926) Lubeck
km503 Reichsmark (1927) Bremerhavan
km673 Reichsmark (1930) Graf Zeppelin Flight
x15 Mark (1927) Von Hindenburg
km645 Reichsmark (1929) 10 yrs. Weimar Constitution

German Third Reich

kmA1031 Reichspfennig (1945-1946) Allied Occupation
kmA1055 Reichspfennig (1947-1948) Allied Occupation
kmA10410 Reichspfennig (1945-1948) Allied Occupation
km812 Reichsmark (1934) Potsdam Garrison Church
km842 Reichsmk (1934) Schiller
km932 Reichsmark (1936-1939) Swastika-Hindenburg
km805 Reichsmk (1933) M.Luther
km825 Reichsmk (1934) Potsdam
km835 Reichsmark (1934-1935) Potsdam Garrison Church
km855 Reichsmk (1934) Schiller
km865 Reichsmark (1935-1936) Hindenburg
km945 Reichsmark (1936-1939) Swastika-Hindenburg

German DDR - East Germany

km12.150 Pfennig (1958) small coat of arms
km12.250 Pfennig (1968-1990) larger coat of arms
km195 Mark (1968) Robert Koch
km22.15 Mark (1969) 20th Anniv. of DDR
km235 Mark (1969) Heinrich Hertz
km265 Mark (1970) Wilhelm Conrad Rontgen
km295 Mark (1971-1990) Brandenburg Gate
km305 Mark (1971) Johannes Kepler
km365 Mark (1972) Johannes Brahms
km375 Mark (1972-1983) City of Meissen
km435 Mark (1973) Otto Lilienthal
km495 Mark (1974) Philipp Reis
km545 Mark (1975) Thomas Mann
km555 Mark (1975) Womens Year
km605 Mark (1976) Ferdinand von Schill
km645 Mark (1977) Friedrich Ludwig Jahn
km675 Mark (1978) Friedrich Klopstock
km685 Mark (1978) Anti-Apartheid year
km725 Mark (1979) Albert Einstein
km765 Mark (1980) Adolph von Menzel
km795 Mark (1981) Tilman Riemenschneider
km845 Mark (1982) Friedrich Frobel
km855 Mark (1982) Goethes Weimar Cottage
km865 Mark (1982) Wartburg Castle
km895 Mark (1983) Wittenberg Church
km905 Mark (1983) Martin Luthers birthplace
km915 Mark (1983) Max Planck
km965 Mark (1984) Leipzig Old City Hall
km975 Mark (1984) Thomas Church of Leipzig
km985 Mark (1984) Adolf von Lutzow
km1025 Mark (1985) Dresdens Womens Church
km1035 Mark (1985) Dresden Zwinger
km1045 Mark (1985) Caroline Neuber
km1105 Mark (1986) Sanssouci Palace
km1115 Mark (1986) Potsdam - New Palace
km1125 Mark (1986) Heinrich von Kleist
km1145 Mark (1987) Berlin - Nikolai Quarter
km1155 Mark (1987) Berlin - Red City Hall
km1165 Mark (1987) Universal Time Clock
km1205 Mark (1988) Germanys First Railroad
km1215 Mark (1988) City of Rostock
km1225 Mark (1988) Ernst Barlach
km1295 Mark (1989) Katharinen Kirche in Zwickau
km1305 Mark (1989) Marien Kirche
km1315 Mark (1989) Carl von Ossietzky
km1335 Mark (1990) Kurt Tucholsky
km1345 Mark (1990) 500 yrs. Postal Service
km1355 Mark (1990) Zeughaus Museum
km1510 Mark (1966) Karl Friedrich Schinkel
km1710 Mark (1967) Kathe Kollwitz
km2010 Mark (1968) Johann Gutenberg
km2410 Mark (1969) Johann Friedrich Bottger
km2710 Mark (1970) Ludwig van Beethoven
km3110 Mark (1971) Albrecht Durer
km3810 Mark (1972) Buchenwald Memorial
km3910 Mark (1972) Heinrich Heine
km4410 Mark (1973) Youth Festival Games
km4510 Mark (1973) Bertolt Brecht
km5010 Mark (1974) 25yrs. w/ State Motto
km5110 Mark (1974) 25 years D.D.R.
km5210 Mark (1974) Caspar David Friedrich
km5610 Mark (1975) Albert Schweitzer
km5810 Mark (1975) Warsaw Pact
km6110 Mark (1976) Peoples Army
km6210 Mark (1976) Carl Maria von Weber
km6510 Mark (1977) Otto von Guericke
km6910 Mark (1978) Justus von Liebig
km7010 Mark (1978) Joint USSR-DDR Orbital Flight
km7310 Mark (1979) Ludwig Feuerbach
km7710 Mark (1980) Gerhard von Scharnhorst
km8010 Mark (1981) 25 yrs. Peoples Army
km8110 Mark (1981) Georg Hegel
km8210 Mark (1981) 700 yrs Berlin Mint
km8710 Mark (1982) Leipzig Gewandhaus
km9210 Mark (1983) Richard Wagner
km9310 Mark (1983) 30 yrs Workers Militia
km9910 Mark (1984) Alfred Brehm
km10110 Mark (1985) Semper Opera in Dresden
km10610 Mark (1985) Liberation from Fascism
km10710 Mark (1985) Humboldt University
km10910 Mark (1986) Ernst Thalmann
km11310 Mark (1986) Charite - Berlin
km11810 Mark (1987) Berlin - Theater
km12310 Mark (1988) Ulrich von Hutten
km12510 Mark (1988) East German Sports
km12610 Mark (1989) Mutual Economic Aid Council
km12810 Mark (1989) Johann Gottfried Schadow
km13210 Mark (1989) 40 Yrs. Of Government
km13610 Mark (1990) International Labor Day
km13710 Mark (1990) Johann Gottlieb Fichte
km1620 Mark (1966) Gottried Wilhelm Leibniz
km1820 Mark (1967) Wilhelm von Humboldt
km2120 Mark (1968) Karl Marx
km2520 Mark (1969) Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
km2820 Mark (1970) Friedrich Engels
km3220 Mark (1971) Karl Liebknecht-Rosa Luxemburg
km3320 Mark (1971) Heinrich Mann
km3420 Mark (1971) Ernst Thalmann
km4020 Mark (1972) Friedrich von Schiller
km4120 Mark (1972) Lucas Cranach
km4220 Mark (1972) Wilhelm Pieck
km4620 Mark (1973) August Bebel
km4720 Mark (1973) Otto Grotewohl
km5320 Mark (1974) Immanuel Kant
km5920 Mark (1975) Johann Sebastian Bach
km6320 Mark (1976) Wilhelm Liebknecht
km6620 Mark (1977) Carl Friedrich Gauss
km7120 Mark (1978) Johann von Herder
km7420 Mark (1979) Gotthold Ephraim Lessing
km7520 Mark (1979) 30 yrs. East German Regime
km7820 Mark (1980) Ernst Abbe
km8320 Mark (1981) vom Stein
km8820 Mark (1982) Clara Zetkin
km9420 Mark (1983) Martin Luther
km9520 Mark (1983) Karl Marx
km10020 Mark (1984) Georg Friedrich Handel
km10520 Mark (1985) Ernst Moritz Arndt
km10820 Mark (1986) Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm
km11920 Mark (1987) Berlin - City Seal
km12420 Mark (1988) Carl Zeiss
km12720 Mark (1989) Thomas Muntzer
km13820 Mark (1990) Andreas Schluter
km13920 Mark (1990) Brandenburg Gate

German Federal Republic

km1162 Mark (1957-1971) Planck
km1242 Mark (1969-1987) Adenauer
kma1272 Mark (1970-1987) Heuss
km1492 Mark (1979-1993) Schumacher
km1702 Mark (1988-2001) Erhard
km1752 Mark (1990-2001) Strauss
km1832 Mark (1994-2001) Brandt
km1135 Mark (1952) Centenary - Nurnberg
km1145 Mark (1955) Friedrich von Schiller
km1155 Mark (1955) Ludwig von Baden
km1175 Mark (1957) Joseph von Eichendorff
km1185 Mark (1964) Johann Fichte
km1195 Mark (1966) Gottfried Leibniz
km1205 Mark (1967) Wilhelm and Alexander von Humboldt
km1215 Mark (1968) Friedrich Raiffeisen
km1225 Mark (1968) Johannes Gutenberg
km1235 Mark (1968) Max von Pettenkoffer
km1255 Mark (1969) Theodor Fontane
km1265 Mark (1969) Gerhard Mercator
km1275 Mark (1970) Ludwig von Beethoven
km1285 Mark (1971) German Unification
km1295 Mark (1971) Albrecht Durer
km1365 Mark (1973) Nicholas Copernicus
km1375 Mark (1973) Frankfurt Parliament
km1385 Mark (1974) Constitutional Law
km1395 Mark (1974) Immanuel Kant
km1415 Mark (1975) Fredrich Ebert
km1425 Mark (1975) European Monument Protection
km1435 Mark (1975) Albert Schweitzer
km1445 Mark (1976) von Grimmelshausen
km1455 Mark (1977) Carl Friedrich Gauss
km1465 Mark (1977) Heinrich von Kleist
km1475 Mark (1978) Gustav Stresemann
km1485 Mark (1978) Balthasar Neumann
km1505 Mark (1979) Archeological Institute
km1515 Mark (1979) Otto Hahn
km1525 Mark (1980) von der Vogelweide
km1535 Mark (1980) Cologne Cathedral
km1545 Mark (1981) Gotthold Ephraim Lessing
km1555 Mark (1981) Carl vom Stein
km1565 Mark (1982) von Geothe
km1575 Mark (1982) U.N. Environmental Conference
km1585 Mark (1983) Karl Marx
km1595 Mark (1983) Martin Luther
km1605 Mark (1984) German Customs Union
km1615 Mark (1984) Felix Bartholdy
km1625 Mark (1985) European Year of Music
km1635 Mark (1985) German Railroad
km1645 Mark (1986) Heidelberg University
km1655 Mark (1986) Frederick the Great
km13010 Mark (1972) Munich Olympics
km13110 Mark (1972) Schleife Knot
km13210 Mark (1972) Munich Olympics - Athletes
km13310 Mark (1972) Olympic Stadium
km13410 Mark (1972) Munich Olympics
km13510 Mark (1972) Olympic Flame
km16610 Mark (1987) 750 yrs. - Berlin
km16710 Mark (1987) European Unity
km16810 Mark (1988) Arthur Schopenhauer
km16910 Mark (1988) Carl Zeiss
km17110 Mark (1989) Port of Hamburg
km17210 Mark (1989) 2000 yrs. - Bonn
km17410 Mark (1990) Friedrich Barbarossa
km17610 Mark (1990) 800 yrs. - Teutonic Order
km17710 Mark (1991) Brandenburg Gate
km17810 Mark (1992) Kathe Kollwitz - Artist
km17910 Mark (1992) Pour-le-Merite
km18010 Mark (1993) 1000 yrs. - Potsdam
km18110 Mark (1993) Robert Koch
km18210 Mark (1994) German Resistance
km18410 Mark (1994) Johann Gottfried Herder
km18510 Mark (1995) 50 yrs. Of Reconciliation
km18610 Mark (1995) Henry the Lion
km18710 Mark (1995) Wilhelm Conrad Rontgen
km18810 Mark (1996) Kolpingwerk
km18910 Mark (1997) Philipp Melanchthon
km19010 Mark (1997) Heinrich Heine
km19110 Mark (1998) Peace in Westphalia
km19210 Mark (1997) 100 yrs. - Diesel Engine
km19310 Mark (1998) Hildegard von Bingen
km19410 Mark (1998) Franckesche Endowment
km19510 Mark (1998) 50 yrs. Of Deutsch Mark
km19710 Mark (1999) J.W. von Goethe
km19810 Mark (1999) SOS Kinderdorfs
km19910 Mark (2000) Expo 2000
km20010 Mark (2000) Charlemagne
km20110 Mark (2000) 10 yrs. Of Reunification
km20210 Mark (2000) Johann Sebastian Bach
km20410 Mark (2001) Naval Museum
km20510 Mark (2001) Albert Gustav Lortzing
km20610 Mark (2001) Federal Constitution


km2532 Euro (2006) Schleswig Holstein
km2592 Euro (2007) Treaty of Rome
km2602 Euro (2007) Mecklenburg-Vorpommern
km2612 Euro (2008) Hamburg
km2762 Euro (2009) Saarland
km2772 Euro (2009) Ten Years of EMU
km2852 Euro (2010) Bremen
km2932 Euro (2011) Nordrhein-Westfalen
km3052 Euro (2012) Bavaria Neuschwanstein Castle
km3062 Euro (2012) 10 yrs. Euro Coinage
km3142 Euro (2013) Baden-Württemberg
km3152 Euro (2013) Franco-German Friendship 50th Ann.
new2 Euro (2014) Niedersachsen
km21510 Euro (2002) Introduction of Euros
km21610 Euro (2002) 100 yrs. of Subway
km21710 Euro (2002) Kassel Art Exhibition
km21810 Euro (2002) Berlin Museum
km21910 Euro (2002) 50 yrs. of German Television
km22210 Euro (2003) Justus von Liebig
km22310 Euro (2003) Soccer championship
km22410 Euro (2003) Ruhr District
km22510 Euro (2003) Munich Museum
km22610 Euro (2003) Rising of the People
km22710 Euro (2003) Gottfried Semper
km22910 Euro (2004) Soccer world championship 2006
km23010 Euro (2004) Bauhaus / Dessau
km23110 Euro (2004) EU Enlargment
km23210 Euro (2004) National park Wattenmeer
km23310 Euro (2004) 200 Y Eduard Morike Birth
km23410 Euro (2004) International Space Station
km23810 Euro (2005) Albert Einstein
km23910 Euro (2005) Schiller
km24010 Euro (2005) Magdeburg
km24110 Euro (2005) National Park Bavarian Forest
km24210 Euro (2005) Suttner
km24310 Euro (2005) Soccer Championship
km24510 Euro (2006) Schinkel
km24610 Euro (2006) 800 yrs. Dresden
km24710 Euro (2006) Hanseatic League
km24810 Euro (2006) Mozart
km24910 Euro (2006) Soccer
km26310 Euro (2007) 50 yrs. Saarland
km26410 Euro (2007) Treaties of Rome
km26510 Euro (2007) Wilhelm Busch
km26610 Euro (2007) Federal Bank
km26810 Euro (2007) St. Elisabeth von Thuringen
km27310 Euro (2008) Carl Spitzweg
km27210 Euro (2008) Max Planck
km27110 Euro (2008) Franz Kafka
km27410 Euro (2008) Gorch Fock
km29410 Euro (2008) Nebra Sky Disk
km27910 euro (2009) Athletics World Championship
km28110 euro (2009) 100 yrs. International Air Show
km28210 euro (2009) 600 yrs. Leipzig University
km28010 euro (2009) Astronomia Nova by Kepler
km28410 euro (2009) Marion Grafin Donhoff
km28310 euro (2009) 100 yrs. German Youth Hostels
km28910 Euro (2010) Konrad Zuse
km28710 Euro (2010) Porcelain 300 Years in Germany
km28810 Euro (2010) Robert Schumann
km29010 Euro (2010) 20 Years Germany Unification
km29110 Euro (2010) 175 Years Railway in Germany
km29810 Euro (2010) FIS Ski Alpine WM 2011
km29510 Euro (2011) Franz Liszt 200 years Birth, cu-ni
km295a10 Euro (2011) Franz Liszt 200 years Birth, silver
km29610 Euro (2011) 125 years Automobile, cu-ni
km296a10 Euro (2011) 125 years Automobile, silver
km29910 Euro (2011) Womens Football -World Cup in Germany, cu-ni
km299a10 Euro (2011) Womens Football -World Cup in Germany, silver
km30010 Euro (2011) Till Eulespiegel 500 years, cu-ni
km300a10 Euro (2011) Till Eulespiegel 500 years, silver
km30110 Euro (2011) Archaeopteryx Discovery 150 years, cu-ni
km301a10 Euro (2011) Archaeopteryx Discovery 150 years, silver
km30210 Euro (2011) Elbtunnel 100 years, cu-ni
km302a10 Euro (2011) Elbtunnel 100 years, silver
km30810 Euro (2012) Friedrich der Grosse 300 years Birth, cu-ni
km308a10 Euro (2012) Friedrich der Grosse 300 years Birth, silver
km30910 Euro (2012) German Argo Action 50 years, cu-ni
km309a10 Euro (2012) German Argo Action 50 years, silver
km31010 Euro (2012) Grimms Fairy Tales 200 years, cu-ni
km310a10 Euro (2012) Grimms Fairy Tales 200 years, silver
km31110 Euro (2012) German National Library 100 years, cu-ni
km311a10 Euro (2012) German National Library 100 years, silver
km31210 Euro (2012) Gerhard Hauptmann 150 years Birth, cu-ni
km312a10 Euro (2012) Gerhard Hauptmann 150 years Birth, silver
km31810 Euro (2012) Georg Buchner 200 years Birth, cu-ni
km318a10 Euro (2012) Georg Buchner 200 years Birth, silver
km31610 Euro (2013) Richard Wagner 200 years Birth, cu-ni
km316a10 Euro (2013) Richard Wagner 200 years Birth, silver
km31710 Euro (2013) Freidrich III, cu-ni
km317a10 Euro (2013) Freidrich III, silver
km31910 Euro (2013) Heinrich Herz, Electric Rays, cu-ni
km319a10 Euro (2013) Heinrich Herz, Electric Rays, silver
km32010 Euro (2013) 150 Years Red Cross, cu-ni
km320a10 Euro (2013) 150 Years Red Cross, silver
km32110 Euro (2013) German fairy tales - Snow White, cu-ni
km321a10 Euro (2013) German fairy tales - Snow White, silver
km220100 Euro (2002) Introduction of Euros
km228100 Euro (2003) City of Quedlinburg


km33 Pence (1958) Dr. Nkrumah
km710 Shilling (1958) Dr. Kwame Nkrumah
km1850 Pesewas (1979) FAO
km191 Cedi (1979) FAO
km335 Cedis (1991) Bush drums


km10461 Penny (2004) Monkey
km10791 Penny (2005--) Constitution Order
km10442 Pence (2004) four old keys
km10652 Pence (2005--) Operation Torch
km10802 Pence (2007) Diamond Wedding Anniv.
km225 Pence (1988-1990) Barbary Ape
km10495 Pence (2004) Royal Sceptre
km10815 Pence (2005--) Barbary ape
new5 Pence (2010) 5 at top
km11210 Pence (1992-1997) Euro-Port
km104710 Pence (2004) Officers
km108210 Pence (2005--) The Great Siege
km104820 Pence (2004) Neanderthal
km108320 Pence (2005--) keys
km525 New Pence (1971) Barbary Ape
km625 New Pence (1972) Silver Wedding Anniv.
km1025 New Pence (1977) Silver Jubilee
km1750 Pence (1988-1989) Candytuft Flowers
km1950 Pence (1988) Christmas
km3150 Pence (1989) Christmas
km3950 Pence (1990-1997) Dolphins
km4750 Pence (1990) Christmas
km8350 Pence (1991) Christmas
km10850 Pence (1992) Christmas
km19050 Pence (1993) Christmas
km77850 Pence (1998-2003) Dolphins
km97150 Pence (2001) Christmas
km102650 Pence (2002) Christmas
km106350 Pence (2003) Christmas
km105050 Pence (2004) HMS Victory
km106650 Pence (2004) Christmas
km106750 Pence (2005) Christmas
km107450 Pence (2005) Capture of Gibraltar
km108950 Pence (2006-2010) lower rock
km106850 Pence (2006) Christmas
km106950 Pence (2007) Christmas
km107050 Pence (2008) Christmas
km321 Pound (1989) 150 years of coinage
km1911 Pound (1993) Rock of Gibraltar
km3241 Pound (1994) Royal Yacht
km3401 Pound (1995) Rock of Gibraltar
km8691 Pound (1998-2002) key
km10361 Pound (2003) St. George and the Dragon
km10511 Pound (2004) old cannon
km10911 Pound (2005--) Neanderthal skull
km242 Pounds (1988-1997) Cannon in fortress tunnel
km7552 Pounds (1997) Hercules wrestling a lion
km7562 Pounds (1998) Hercules fighting the hydra
km7572 Pounds (1998) Hercules and the Ceryneian Hind
km7582 Pounds (1998) Hercules wrestles the Erymanthian Boar
km7592 Pounds (1999) Hercules and the Augean Stables
km7602 Pounds (1999) Hercules and the Cretan Bull
km7612 Pounds (1999) Hercules and the Stmphalian Birds
km7622 Pounds (1999) Hercules and the Mares of Diomedes
km7632 Pounds (2000) Hercules and Hippolyta Girdle
km7642 Pounds (2000) Hercules and Geryon Cattle
km7652 Pounds (2000) Hercules carries the world
km7662 Pounds (2000) Hercules chaining Cerberus
km9702 Pounds (2001) Bicentennial of the Union Jack
km10432 Pounds (2003) Cannon
km10572 Pounds (2004) Tercentenary
km10922 Pounds (2005--) Battle of Trafalgar
km10932 Pounds (2008) Royal Diamond Wedding
km255 Pounds (1988-1993) Hercules statue
km3095 Pounds (1994) D-Day - Soldier, sailor, pilot
km5275 Pounds (1997) Queen Elizabeth Golden Wedding
km111 Crown (1980) 80 yrs Queen Mother
km121 Crown (1980) Death of Nelson
km461 Crown (1990) 90 yrs Queen Mother
km661 Crown (1991) Barcelona Olympics - Discus thrower
km861 Crown (1991) Royal Yacht
km1151 Crown (1993) HNLMS Isaac Sweers
km1161 Crown (1993) USS Weehawken
km1191 Crown (1993) HMS Penelope
km7461 Crown (1998) Octopus, fish and coral
km3651 Royal (1996) Bulldog
km4782.8 Ecus (1993) Euro Tunnel
km6302.8 Ecus (1993) European Space Programme
km63114 Ecus (1993) Winston Churchill
km48314 Ecus (1994) International Aid for Europe
km49014 Ecus (1994) Parthenon and Brandenburg Gate

Glasgow Scotland

Token1/2 Penny (1791) "Let Glasgow Flourish"

Gough Island

km11/2 Penny (2009) Gough Bunting (Finch)
km21 Penny (2009) Sub-Atric Skua
km32 Pence (2009) Tristan Albatros
km45 Pence (2009) Rockhopper Penguins
km510 Pence (2009) Gough Moorhen
km620 Pence (2009) Yellow nosed Albatros
km725 Pence (2009) Owl
km81 Crown (2009) Falcons

Great Britain

km7911/3 Farthing (1902) for Malta
km8231/3 Farthing (1913) for Malta
km808.21 Farthing (1918-1925) Bright finish
km8671 Farthing (1949-1952) no IND:IMP
km8821/2 Pence (1953) Golden Hind
km8801 Crown (1951) Festival of Britain
km8941 Crown (1953) Coronation of Elizabeth II
km9091 Crown (1960) British Exhibition
km9101 Crown (1965) Winston Churchill
kmT51 Dollar (1895-1935) Trade Dollar
New1 Dollar 1997 Indian Independence, Gandhi, rev British Trade Dollar
New1 Dollar 1997 Indian Independence, Nehru, rev British Trade Dollar
km11071 Penny (2008--) part of Coat of Arms
km11082 Pence (2008--) part of Coat of Arms
km11095 Pence (2008--) part of Coat of Arms
km111010 Pence (2008-2010) part of Coat of Arms (copper-nickel)
km111120 Pence (2008--) part of Coat of Arms
km91725 New Pence (1972) Royal Silver Wedding Anniv.
km92025 New Pence (1977) Silver Jubilee of Reign
km92125 New Pence (1980) Birthday of Queen Mother
km92525 New Pence (1981) Wedding of Charles and Diana
km91850 Pence (1973) Entry into E.E.C.
km96350 Pence (1992) European Council Presidency
km96650 Pence (1994) Normandy Invasion
km99250 Pence (1998) Britain in the Common Market
km99650 Pence (1998) National Health Service
km100450 Pence (2000) Public Libraries
km103650 Pence (2003) Womens Suffrage
km104750 Pence (2004) First 4-minute Mile
km105050 Pence (2005) First English Dictionary
km105750 Pence (2006) Victoria Cross
km105850 Pence (2006) Heroic Act scene
km107350 Pence (2007) Centennial of Scouting
km111250 Pence (2008--) part of Coat of Arms
km111450 Pence (2009) Royal Botanical Gardens
km115050 Pence (2009,2011) Olympics Athletics(High Jumper)
km116550 Pence (2010) Girl Guides
km116650 Pence (2011) Olympics Aquatics (Swimmer)
km116750 Pence (2011) Olympics Archery (Hand, arrow and bowstring)
km116850 Pence (2011) Olympics Canoeing (Canoeist)
km116950 Pence (2011) Olympics Cycling (Cyclist on track)
km117050 Pence (2011) Olympics Gymnastics (Gymnast with ribbon)
km117150 Pence (2011) Olympics Hockey (Two players)
km117250 Pence (2011) Olympics Rowing (Two rowers)
km117350 Pence (2011) Olympics Triathlon (Runner, cyclist and swimmer)
km117450 Pence (2011) Olympics Badminton (Shuttlecock and players)
km117550 Pence (2011) Olympics Boxing (Two gloves and ring)
km117650 Pence (2011) Olympics Equestrian (Horse and rider jumping fence)
km117750 Pence (2011) Olympics Pentathlon
km117850 Pence (2011) Olympics Yachting (Yachts and map of Portland Bill)
km117950 Pence (2011) Olympics Shooting (Clay pigeon shooter)
km118050 Pence (2011) Olympics Table Tennis (Two bats, ball and table)
km118150 Pence (2011) Olympics Volleyball (Game in progress)
km118350 Pence (2011) Olympics Goalball (Goalball player throwing a ball
km118450 Pence (2011) Olympics Judo (Judo Throw in progress)
km118550 Pence (2011) Olympics Taekwondo (Two athletes engaging in Taekwondo)
km118650 Pence (2011) Olympics Weightlifting (Female weightlifter)
km118750 Pence (2011) Olympics Wheelchair Rugby (Wheelchair player with ball)
km118850 Pence (2011) Olympics Wrestling (Wrestlers in stadium)
km118950 Pence (2011) Olympics Boccia (Wheelchair player)
km119050 Pence (2011) Olympics Basketball (Basketball players)
km119150 Pence (2011) Olympics Fencing (Two fencers)
km119250 Pence (2011) Olympics Handball (Handball player and court)
km119350 Pence (2011) Olympics Football (Diagram explaining the offside rule)
km119450 Pence (2011) Olympics Tennis (Ball over tennis net)
km119550 Pence (2011) Olympic Sailing
km119650 Pence (2011) World Wildlife Fund
km125350 Pence (2013) Benjamin Britten
km9331 Pound (1983) Royal Coat of Arms
km9341 Pound (1984) Scottish Thistle
km9411 Pound (1985-1990) Welsh Leek
km9461 Pound (1986,1991) Blooming Flax
km9481 Pound (1987,1992) Oak Tree
km9541 Pound (1988) Royal Shield
km9591 Pound (1989) Scottish Thistle
km9641 Pound (1993) Royal Coat of Arms
km9671 Pound (1994) Scotland
km9691 Pound (1995) Welsh Dragon
km9721 Pound (1996) Celtic Collar on Cross
km9751 Pound (1997) Plantagenet Lions
km9931 Pound (1998,2003) Shield
km9981 Pound (1999) Scottish Lion
km10051 Pound (2000) Welsh Dragon
km10131 Pound (2001) Celtic Collar on Cross
km10301 Pound (2002) Plantgenet Lions
km10481 Pound (2004) Forth Rail Bridge, Scotland
km10511 Pound (2005) Menai Bridge in Wales
km10591 Pound (2006) Egyptian Arch Bridge
km10741 Pound (2007) Gateshead Millenium Bridge
km11131 Pound (2008--) Royal Shield
km11581 Pound (2010) City of London Arms
km11591 Pound (2010) City of Belfast Arms
km11971 Pound (2010) City of Edinburgh Arms
km11981 Pound (2010) City of Cardiff Arms
km12371 Pound (2013) England flora - Rose and oak
km9472 Pounds (1986) Commonwealth Games
km9602 Pounds (1989) Bill of Rights
km9612 Pounds (1989) Claim of Right
km9682 Pounds (1994) 300 yrs. Bank of England
km9702 Pounds (1995) End of World War II
km9712 Pounds (1995) 50 yrs. United Nations
km9732 Pounds (1996) Soccer
km9762 Pound (1997) Celtic designs
km10292 Pounds (1998, 2000) 1 Ounce silver Britannia (standing)
km9992 Pounds (1999) Rugby
km10002 Pounds (1999) Silver Britannia 1 oz.
km10142 Pounds (2001) Marconi Commemoration
km10192 Pounds (2001) Silver Britannia 1 oz.
km10312 Pounds (2002) Commonwealth Games (England)
km10322 Pounds (2002) Commonwealth Games (Scotland)
km10332 Pounds (2002) Commonwealth Games (Wales)
km10342 Pounds (2002) Commonwealth Games (Northern Ireland)
km10372 Pounds (2003) DNA Double Helix
km10392 Pounds (2003) Silver Britannia 1 oz.
km10492 Pounds (2004) Trevithick steam engine
km1049a2 Pounds (2004) R. Trevithick
km10522 Pounds (2005) Scepters, Swords, Crosiers
km10562 Pounds (2005) St. Pauls Cathedral
km10602 Pounds (2006) Isambard Brunel
km10612 Pounds (2006) Paddington Station
km10632 Pounds (2005 )Silver Britannia 1 oz.
km10292 Pounds (2006) Silver Britannia 1 oz.
km10782 Pounds (2007) Silver Britannia 1 oz.
km10752 Pounds (2007) Abolition of Slave Trade
km10762 Pounds (2007) Act of Union
km10982 Pounds (2008) 1 Ounce silver Britannia (wave)
km11052 Pounds (2008) London Olympics - Sprint Track
km11062 Pounds (2008) London Games - Flag hand-off
km11152 Pounds (2009) Charles Darwin
km11162 Pounds (2009) Robert Burns
km11602 Pounds (2010) Florence Nightengale
km11992 Pounds (2011) Mary Rose
km12002 Pounds (2011) King James Bible
km12442 Pounds (2012) London 2012 Olympic Handover to Rio
new2 Pounds (2012) 200 yrs. Birth of Charles Dickens
km12392 Pounds (2013) Victoria line tube train
km12402 Pounds (2013) 150 yrs. London Underground
km12412 Pounds (2013) 350 yrs. Guinea Coin
km9625 Pounds (1990) 90th Birthday of Queen Mother
km9655 Pounds (1993) 40th Ann.Reign
km9745 Pounds (1996) 70th Birthday of Queen Elizabeth II
km9775 Pounds (1997) Golden Wedding Ann.
km9955 Pounds (1998) 50th Birthday of Prince Charles
km9975 Pounds (1999) Princess Diana In Memory
km10075 Pounds (2000) 100yrs Queen Mother
km10155 Pounds (2001) Queen Victoria Centenial
km10355 Pounds (ND 2002) Queen Mother 1900-2002
km10385 Pounds (2003) Queens Golden Jubilee
km10555 Pounds (2004) Entente Cordiale
km10535 Pounds (2005) Trafalgar
km10545 Pounds (2005) Horatio Nelson
km10625 Pounds (2006) Queens 80th Birthday
km10775 Pounds (2007) 60th Ann. Queens Wedding
km11035 Pounds (2008) Prince of Wales
km11045 Pounds (2008) 450 yrs. Elizabeth I
km11185 Pounds (2009) King Henry VIII


km1210 Lepta (1831) Phoenix without circle
km10210 Lepta (1973) Soldier and Phoenix
km10310 Lepta (1973) Phoenix only
km10420 Lepta (1973) Soldier in front of Phoenix
km10650 Lepta (1973) Phoenix and flame
km8630 Drachmai (1963) Royal Greek Dynasty
km8730 Drachmai (1964) Constantine Wedding
km14750 Drachmes (1986--) Homer
km16450 Drachmes (1994) Kallergis
km16850 Drachmes (1994) Makrygiannis
km17150 Drachmes (1998) Rigas Feraios
km17250 Drachmes (1998) Dionysios Solomos
km125100 Drachmes (1981) Broad Jump
km126250 Drachmes (1981) Javelin Thrower
km127500 Drachmes (1981) Relay Race
km137250 Drachmes (1982) Disc Thrower
km139500 Drachmes (1982) Runners Start
km159100 Drachmes (1990--) Alexander
km169100 Drachmes (1997) Track Championship Games
km170100 Drachmes (1998) Basketball Championships
km173100 Drachmes (1999) Modern Wrestlers
km174100 Drachmes (1999) Atlas and Weightlifter
km175500 Drachmes (2000) Olympics - Arched Entry
km176500 Drachmes (2000) Olympics - Runner w/ torch
km177500 Drachmes (2000) Olympics - Diagoras
km178500 Drachmes (2000) Olympics - Vikelas and Couberten
km179500 Drachmes (2000) Olympics - Spyros Louis
km180500 Drachmes (2000) Olympics - 1896 Medal design
km2092 Euro (2004) Athens Olympics
km2162 Euro (2007) Treaty of Rome
km2272 Euro (2009) Ten Years of European Monetary Union
km2362 Euro (2010) Battle of Marathon
km2392 Euro (2011) Special Olympics
km2452 Euro (2012) 10 yrs. Euro Coinage
new2 Euro (2012) 2400 yrs. Founding of the Platonic Academy
new2 Euro (2012) 100 yrs. Union of Crete with Greece
new2 Euro (2013) Independance of Crete
new2 Euro (2013) Plato Academy


Tn511 Skilling (ND) Oresund
Tn524 Skilling (ND) Oresund
Tn5316 Skilling (ND) Oresund
Tn5448 Skilling (ND) Oresund
Tn551 Rigsdaler (ND) Oresund
Tn151 Ore (ND) Royal Greenland Trade
Tn261 Ore (ND) Ivigtut Cryolite Mining
Tn321 Ore (ND) Ivigtut Cryolite Mining
Tn381 Ore (ND) Ivigtut Cryolite Mining
Tn165 Ore (ND) Royal Greenland Trade
Tn275 Ore (ND) Ivigtut Cryolite Mining
Tn335 Ore (ND) Ivigtut Cryolite Mining
Tn395 Ore (ND) Ivigtut Cryolite Mining
Tn1710 Ore (ND) Royal Greenland Trade
Tn2810 Ore (ND) Ivigtut Cryolite Mining
Tn3410 Ore (ND) Ivigtut Cryolite Mining
Tn4010 Ore (ND) Ivigtut Cryolite Mining
Tn1825 Ore (ND) Royal Greenland Trade
Pr125 Ore (2010) Arctic Hare
Tn1950 Ore (ND) Royal Greenland Trade
Tn3550 Ore (ND) Ivigtut Cryolite Mining
Tn4150 Ore (ND) Ivigtut Cryolite Mining
Pr250 Ore (2010) Arctic Fox
Tn2970 Ore (ND) Ivigtut Cryolite Mining
Tn3085 Ore (ND) Ivigtut Cryolite Mining
Tn3685 Ore (ND) Ivigtut Cryolite Mining
Tn21100 Ore (ND) Royal Greenland Trade
Tn31100 Ore (ND) Ivigtut Cryolite Mining
Tn37100 Ore (ND) Ivigtut Cryolite Mining
Tn42100 Ore (ND) Ivigtut Cryolite Mining
Tn23500 Ore (ND) Royal Greenland Trade
Tn43500 Ore (ND) Ivigtut Cryolite Mining
Tn441000 Ore (ND) Ivigtut Cryolite Mining
Pr31 Krone (2010) Narwhal
Pr42 Kroner (2010) Musk Ox
Pr55 Kroner (2010) Wolverine
Pr610 Kroner (2010) Walrus
Tn4520 Kroner (ND) Ivigtut Cryolite Mining
Pr720 Kroner (2010) Polar Bear and cub
Pr850 Kroner (2010) Dog Sled Team


new1 Dollar (2000) Bay Leaf
new1 Dollar (2000) Nutmeg
new1 Dollar (2000) Black Pepper
new1 Dollar (2000) Sapote
km154 Dollars (1970) FAO
km1610 Dollars (1985) Royal Visit


km275.11 Centavo (1974-1979) large head
km275.21 Centavo (1979-1984) smaller head
km275.31 Centavo (1985-1992) dots around date
km275.41 Centavo (1981-1982) scroll legend in relief
km275.51 Centavo (1993-1995) modified portrait
km238.25 Centavos (1928-1943) w/o initials
km2555 Centavos (1949) Kapok tree
km239.110 Centavos (1925-1949) Long-tailed quetzal


km168 Doubles (1956-1966) 3 Flowered Lily
km1910 Shillings (1966) Norman Conquest
km271 Penny (1977-1981) Gannet bird
km891 Penny (1998,2003,2006) Chancre Crab
km412 Pence (1985-1990) Guernsey cow
km173 Pence (1956) Guernsey cow
km3010 Pence (1977-1984) Guernsey Cow
km3820 Pence (1982,1983) Milk Can
km2625 Pence (1972) 25th Wedding Anniversary
km3125 Pence (1977) Queens Silver Jubilee (copper-nickel)
km31a25 Pence (1977) Queens Silver Jubilee (silver)
km3225 Pence (1978) Royal Visit (copper-nickel)
km32a25 Pence (1978) Royal Visit (silver)
km3525 Pence Queen Mothers 80th birthday
km2550 New Pence (1969-1970) Ducal cap
km3450 Pence (1979-1984) Ducal Cap
km14550 Pence (2003) Queen on horseback
km14650 Pence (2003) Queen on throne
km14750 Pence (2003) Crown
km14850 Pence (2003) Crowned monogram
km371 Pound (1981) Guernsey Lily
km391 Pound (1983) HMS Crescent
km1421 Pound (2002) William Duke of Normandy
km882 Pounds (1997) latent image arms on cross, 3rd Portrait
km832 Pounds (2003,2006) latent image arms on cross
km915 Pounds (1999) Millennium, Hands holding World


km1750 Centavos (1977) FAO
km181 Peso (1977) FAO
km205 Pesos (1977) FAO
km2120 Pesos (1977) FAO
km382000 Pesos (1995) FAO - Pineapple Harvest
km3910000 Pesos (1992) European Soccer 94


km371 Cent (1976-1980) Manatee
km385 Cents (1976-1980) Jaguar
km3910 Cents (1976-1980) Squirrel Monkey
km4025 Cents (1976-1980) Harpy Eagle
km4150 Cents (1976-1980) Hoatzin bird
km361 Dollar (1970) FAO
km421 Dollar (1976-1980) Caiman
km43a5 Dollars (1976-1980) Critchlow


km595 Centimes (1953) Pres. Magloire
km1455 Centimes (1981) FAO
km154a5 Centimes (1995,1997) Charlemagne Peralte
km14610 Centimes (1981) FAO
km6120 Centimes (1956) President Magliore
km14720 Centimes (1981) FAO
km10150 Centimes (1972) FAO
km14850 Centimes (1981) FAO
km10225 Gourdes (1973-1974) Christopher Columbus
km10325 Gourdes (1973) World Soccer Championship


km71 Dollar (1883) Akahi Dala


km22 Reales (1808) Vice Royality of New Spain
km62 Reales (1823) Empire of Mexico
km8250 Centavos (1973) FAO
km8850 Centavos (1994) FAO

Hong Kong

km7210 Cents (1997) Sailing Junk
km7320 Cents (1997) Butterfly Kites
km7450 Cents (1997) Ox
km751 Dollar (1997) Chinese Unicorn
km762 Dollars (1997) Ho Ho Brothers
km775 Dollars (1997) Shou character
km7810 Dollars (1997) Suspension bridge


km4871 Korona (1896) Millennium Commemorative
km4895 Korona (1907) Coronation
km518.12 Filler (1940) smooth rim
km49410 Filler (1914-1916) cu-ni-zn
km498a20 Filler (1922) Crown of St. Stephen
km62720 Filler (1983) FAO
km5112 Pengo (1929-1939) Madonna
km5132 Pengo (1935) Pazmany University
km5142 Pengo (1935) Rakoczi
km5152 Pengo (1936) Liszt
km5165 Pengo (1938) St. Stephan
km5751 Forint (1967-1989) smaller
km5375 Forint (1948) Sandor Petofi
km6285 Forint (1983) FAO
km8475 Forint (2012--) Magyarorszag
km53810 Forint (1948) Istvan Szechenyi
km55210 Forint (1956) National Museum
km62010 Forint (1981) FAO
km62910 Forint (1983) Gyorgi Bognar
km77910 Forint (2005) Jozsef Attila
km84810 Forint (2012--) Magyarorszag
km55320 Forint (1956) Szechenyi Bridge
km63720 Forint (1984) Forestry
km65320 Forint (1985) FAO
km76820 Forint (2003) Deak Ferenc
km84920 Forint (2012--) Magyarorszag
km55425 Forint (1956) Parliament Building in Budapest
km55725 Forint (1961) Liszt
km56725 Forint (1966) Zrinyi
km57725 Forint (1967) Kodaly
km56150 Forint (1961) Birth of Bartok
km58250 Forint (1968) Birth of Semmelweis
km60150 Forint (1974) 50 yrs National Bank
km66350 Forint (1988) WWF Red-footed Falcon
km77350 Forint (2004) Member of the European Union
km78050 Forint (2005) Intl Childrens Safety Service
km78850 Forint (2006) 125 yrs. Hungarian Red Cross
km78950 Forint (2006) 1956 Revolution
km80550 Forint (2007) Treaty of Rome
km85050 Forint (2012--) Magyarorszag
km600100 Forint (1973) 150 yrs. Sandor Petofi
km602100 Forint (1974) 25 yrs KGST
km603100 Forint (1974) 50 yrs National Bank
km617100 Forint (1980) Soviet-Hungarian Space Flight
km621100 Forint (1981) World Food Day
km622100 Forint (1981) 1300 yrs Bulgarian Statehood
km626100 Forint (1982) World Football Championship
km631100 Forint (1983) FAO
km632100 Forint (1983) Simon Bolivar
km633100 Forint (1983) Count Istyan Szechenyl
km634100 Forint (1983) Bela Czobel - Painter
km638100 Forint (1984) Sandor Korosi Csoma
km639100 Forint (1984) Forestry for Development
km644100 Forint (1985) Pond Turtle
km645100 Forint (1985) European Otter
km646100 Forint (1985) Wildcat
km647100 Forint (1985) Map of Mexico
km648100 Forint (1985) Native Mexican Artifacts
km651100 Forint (1985) Budapest Cultural Forum
km654100 Forint (1985) FAO
km655100 Forint (1986) Andras Fay
km664100 Forint (1988) World Cup Soccer
km665100 Forint (1988) Europe Football Championship
km668100 Forint (1989) World Cup Soccer
km678100 Forint (1990) Andras Fay
km760100 Forint (2002) Kossuth
km844100 Forint (2012) Hungarian Scouting
km851100 Forint (2012 --) Magyarorszag
km605200 Forint (1975) 150 yrs. Academy of Science
km607200 Forint (1976) Mihaly Munkacsy
km608200 Forint (1976) Painter Pal Szinyei Merse
km609200 Forint (1976) Gyula Derkovits
km611200 Forint (1977) Tivadar CS. Kosztka
km612200 Forint (1977) Jozsef Rippl-Ronai
km615200 Forint (1979) Year of the Child
km618200 Forint (1980) Two figure skaters
km643200 Forint (1985) Otter
km650200 Forint (1985) Wildcat
km688200 Forint (1992) White Storks
km689200 Forint (1992-1993) National Bank
km707200 Forint (1994-1997) Deak Ferenc
km745200 Forint (2000) Rodins The Thinker statue
km754200 Forint (2001) Children Literature: Ludas Matyi
km755200 Forint (2001) Children Literature: Janos Vitez
km756200 Forint (2001) Children Literature: Toldi
km757200 Forint (2001) Children Literature: A Pal Utcai
km826200 Forint (2009-2011) circulation coinage
km852200 Forint (2012 --) Magyarorszag
km619500 Forint (1980) Two figure skaters
km624500 Forint (1981) Soccer Championship
km625500 Forint (1981) World Football Championship
km640500 Forint (1984) Decade for Women
km641500 Forint (1984) Cross Country Skiers
km660500 Forint (1987) Olympic Wrestlers
km666500 Forint (1988) Europe Football Championship
km669500 Forint (1988) Two Basketball Players
km671500 Forint (1989) Olympic Torch Bearer
km709500 Forint (1994) Lajos Kossuth
km764500 Forint (2002) Farkas Kempelen
km781500 Forint (2005) First Hungarian Post Car
km723750 Forint (1997) Soccer
km7871000 Forint (2006) Ford Model-T Car
km7971000 Forint (2007) First Hungarian Airplane
new1000 Forint (2008) Hirmondo Feltalaloja
km8131000 Forint (2009) Banki Donat
km7745000 Forint (2004) Olympic Boxing
km7765000 Forint (2004) European Union
km7865000 Forint (2005) Istvan Bocskai
km7955000 Forint (2006) 50 yrs since Hungarian Revolution
km7905000 Forint (2006) Basilica of Esztergom
km7945000 Forint (2006) Victory of Nandorfehervar
km7995000 Forint (2007) Count Lajos Batthyany
km7985000 Forint (2007) Gyula Castle
km8005000 Forint (2007) Zoltan Kodaly
km8105000 Forint (2008) Ede Teller
km8075000 Forint (2008) Siklos Castle
km8085000 Forint (2008) Olympic Water Polo
km8115000 Forint (2008) Tokaj Wine Region
km8125000 Forint (2009) Miklos Radnoti
km8195000 Forint (2010) Kosztolanyi Dezso

Hutt River Province

x315 Dollars (1991) US AH-64 Apache attack helicopter
x325 Dollars (1991) US F-117a Stealth jet fighter
x335 Dollars (1991) US M-551 Sheridan Tank
x345 Dollars (1991) US Airborne Troops
x355 Dollars (1991) US Patriot Missile Batteries
x365 Dollars (1991) US Marines
x375 Dollars (1991) US F4-G Phanthom Jet Fighter
x385 Dollars (1991) US Guided Missile Destroyer
x395 Dollars (1991) US MGM-52C Lance Guided Missile
x405 Dollars (1991) Battleship USS Missouri
x415 Dollars (1991) US Bradley Vehicle
x425 Dollars (1991) US A-6E Intruder Attack Jet
x435 Dollars (1991) US BGM-109 Cruise Guided Missile
x445 Dollars (1991) US M-1 Abrams Tank
x455 Dollars (1991) US A-10 Thunderbolt II Attack Jet
x465 Dollars (1991) Aircraft Carrier - USS John F. Kennedy
x475 Dollars (1991) US AIM-9 Sidewinder Guided Missile
x485 Dollars (1991) US B-52 Stratofortress Jet Bomber
x495 Dollars (1991) US M-163 Vulcan Cannon
x505 Dollars (1991) Womans Armed Forces
x515 Dollars (1991) US Infantry - Tow Missile
x525 Dollars (1991) US F-14 Tomcat Jet Fighter
x535 Dollars (1991) US M-60A3 Tank
x545 Dollars (1991) US Army Mortar Attack
x555 Dollars (1991) US Dragon Anti-tank Weapon
x565 Dollars (1991) US F-16C Fighting Falcon Jet Fighter
x575 Dollars (1991) US Multi-launch Rocket System
x585 Dollars (1991) Chemical Warfare
x595 Dollars (1991) Submarines, the Silent Service
x2435 Dollars (1993) President Clinton


km1650 Kronur (1968) 50 yrs. Sovereignty
km35100 Kronur (1995--) Lumpfish
km20500 Kronur (1974) 1100 yrs. 1st Settlement
km371000 Kronur (2000) Leif Erickson

India - Princely State of Mewar

y231/2 Paisa Local Coinage -Umarda

India - Princely State of Mysore

c17720 Cash (1810-1868) Krisha Raja Wodeyar

India - Princely State of Ratlam

km251 Paisa VS1947 (1890) Restrike ca.1942-45

India - Princely State of Sailana

km51 Paisa (ND c.1880) Dule Singh

India - Bengal Presidency

km651 Pice (1820) Farrukhabad mint

India - Madras Presidency

km3165 Cash (1803) Pagoda Series
km4281 Pie (1825-1833) Tegnapatam-Rupee Series

India Republic

km5.21/4 Rupee (1954-1955) large lion
km5.31/4 Rupee (1954-1956) small lion
km195 Paise (1976) FAO
km205 Paise (1977) Save for Development
km215 Paise (1978) FAO
km225 Paise (1979) Intl Year of the Child
km2810 Paise (1974) FAO
km2910 Paise (1975) FAO Womens Year
km3010 Paise (1976) Food and Work for All
km3110 Paise (1977) Save for Development
km3210 Paise (1978) Food and Shelter for All
km3310 Paise (1979) Intl Year of the Child
km3410 Paisa (1979) mule variety
km3510 Paise (1980) Rural Women
km3610 Paise (1981) World Food Day
km3710 Paise (1982) IX Asian Games
km3810 Paise (1982) World Food Day
km4220 Paise (1969) Mahatma Gandhi
km43.120 Paise (1970) FAO
km43.220 Paise (1971) FAO
km4520 Paise (1982) World Food Day
km4620 Paise (1983) Fisheries
km5025 Paise (1980) Rural Womens Advancement
km5125 Paise (1981) World Food Day
km5225 Paise (1982) IX Asian Games
km5325 Paise (1985) Forestry
km5425 Paise (1988-2002) Rhinoceros
km5650 Paise (1964) Jawaharlal Nehru - English
km5750 Paise (1964) Jawaharlal Nehru - Hindi
km5950 Paise (1969) Mahatma Gandhi
km6250 Paise (1973) FAO
km6450 Paise (1982) National Integration
km6650 Paise (1985) Reserve Bank Golden Jubilee
km67.150 Paise (1985) Indira Gandhi
km6850 Paise (1986) Fisheries
km6950 Paise (1988-2007) Parliament Building in New Delhi
km37450 Paise (2008) Clenched fist
km39850 Paise (2011--) New Rupee Symbol
km761 Rupee (1964) Jawaharial Nehru
km771 Rupee (1969) Mahatma Gandhi
km811 Rupee (1987) FAO - Small Farmers
km821 Rupee (1988) Rainfed Farming
km831 Rupee (1989) Anniv. Nehrus Birth
km841 Rupee (1989) FAO - World of Food Day
km851 Rupee (1990) Dr. Ambedkar
km861 Rupee (1990) Anniv. of ICDS
km87.11 Rupee (1990) Care for the Girl Child (security)
km87.21 Rupee (1990) Care for the Girl Child (milled)
km881 Rupee (1990) Farming Scene
km891 Rupee (1991) Rajiv Gandhi
km901 Rupee (1991) Parliamentary Conference
km911 Rupee (1991) Tourism Year
km931 Rupee (1992) Quit India
km941 Rupee (1992) World Food Day
km951 Rupee (1993) Inter Parliamentary Union Conf.
km96.11 Rupee (1994) Year of the Family - reeded edge
km96.21 Rupee (1994) Year of the Family - plain edge
km97.11 Rupee (1995) World Tamil Conference
km981 Rupee (1997) Cellular Jail
km2951 Rupee (1999) Saint Dnyaneshwar
km3131 Rupee (2002) Jaya Prakash Narayan
km3141 Rupee (2003) Maharana Pratap
km3161 Rupee (2003) Veer Durgadass
km3211 Rupee (2004) 150 yrs. Indian Postal Service
km3221 Rupee (2005,2007) cross dividing four dots
km3311 Rupee (2007-2009) hand with thumb up
km3851 Rupee (2010) Reserve Bank of India
km3941 Rupee (2011--) New Rupee Symbol
km1202 Rupees (1982) IX Asian Games
km121.22 Rupees (1990) Natl Integration (15mm col)
km3232 Rupees (1992) National Land Conservation
km121.32 Rupees (1992-2003) National Integration, Reduced size
km121.52 Rupees (2001-2004) National Integration, Type C, 11-sided
km124.12 Rupees (1993) Family Planning (14mm col)
km124.22 Rupees (1993) Family Planning (15mm col)
km125.12 Rupees (1993) World Food Day (14mm)
km125.22 Rupees (1993) World Food Day (15mm)
km126.12 Rupees (1994) Water for Life
km127.12 Rupees (1995) Globalizing Indian Agriculture
km1282 Rupees (1995) World Tamil Conference
km1292 Rupees (1996) Sardar Patel
km1302 Rupees (1996-1997) Subhas Bose
km1312 Rupees (1998) Sri Aurobindo
km2902 Rupees (1999) Chhatrapati Shivaji
km2912 Rupees (2000) Supreme Court of India
km2962 Rupees (1998) Deshbandhu Chittaranjan
km3032 Rupees (2001) Dr. Shyama Prasad Mookerjee
km3052 Rupees (2002) Saint Tukaram
km3072 Rupees (2003) Indian Railways
km3342 Rupees (2004) Telecommunications
km3262 Rupees (2005-2007) cross and dots
km3272 Rupees (2007-2010) two fingers
km3502 Rupees (2007) Indian Air Force
km3682 Rupees (2008-2009) Louis Braille
km3752 Rupees (2008-2009) Natya Mudra
km3862 Rupees (2010) Reserve Bank of India
km4012 Rupees (2010) XIX Delhi Common Wealth Games
km3952 Rupees (2011--) New Rupee Symbol
km1505 Rupees (1985) Indira Gandhi
km1515 Rupees (1989) Nehrus Birth
km1555 Rupees (1994) World of Work
km1565 Rupees (1995) 50 Yrs. United Nations
km1575 Rupees (1995) FAO
km1585 Rupees (1995) World Tamil Conference
km1595 Rupees (1996) Mothers Health is Childs Health
km1605 Rupees (1996) Crop Science Conference
km3045 Rupees (2001) Bhagwan Mahavir
km3085 Rupees (2003) Dadabhai Naroji
km317.15 Rupees (2003) K. Kamaraj, security edge
km317.25 Rupees (2003) K. Kamaraj, reeded edge
km3365 Rupees (2004) Lal Bahadur Shastri, 9 g., Stainless Steel. 23 mm.
km336a5 Rupees (2004) Lal Bahadur Shastri, 6.0300 g., Stainless Steel, 22.9 mm.
km3295 Rupees (2004) Lal Bahadur Shastri (bi-metallic)
km329a5 Rupees (2004) Lal Bahadur Shastri (stainless steel)
km3245 Rupees (2006) Mahatma Basaveshwara, Copper Nickel
km324a5 Rupees (2006) Mahatma Basaveshwara, Stainless Steel
km3255 Rupees (2005) Dandi March, 8.85 g., Copper-Nickel, 23 mm.
km365a5 Rupees (2005) Dandi March, 6.0300 g.Stainless Steel, 22.9 mm.
km3555 Rupees (2006) Narayana Gurudev, 9.5 g.. Copper-Nickel, 23.1 mm.
km355a5 Rupees (2006) Narayana Gurudev, 6.0300 g.. Stainless Steel, 22.9 mm.
km3545 Rupees (2006) 50 yrs. ONGC
km3305 Rupees (2007-2008) Waves
km3285 Rupees (2007) L.B.G. Tilak, 9.5 g., Copper-Nickel, 23.1 mm., security edge
km3565 Rupees (2007) L.B.G. Tilak, 6.0300 g. Copper-Nickel, 22.9 mm., Withdrawn
km3575 Rupees (2006) 200 yrs. State Bank of India
km3605 Rupees (2007) Khadi and Village Industries
km3905 Rupees (2007) cross and dots
km328a5 Rupees (2008) L.B.G. Tilak (stainless steel)
km3655 Rupees (2009) St. Alphonsa
km3675 Rupees (2009) C.N. Annadurai Centenary
km3765 Rupees (2009) 60 yrs. of Commonwealth
km3735 Rupees (2009,2010) Ashoka Pillar
km3845 Rupees (2009) Perarignar
km3925 Rupees (2009) Dr. Rajendra Prasad
km3785 Rupees (2010) Brimadeeswarar Temple
km3775 Rupees (2010) C Subramaniam
km3815 Rupees (2010) Mother Teresa
km3875 Rupees (2010) Reserve Bank of India
km3915 Rupees (2010) XIX Delhi Common Wealth Games
km4035 Rupees (2010) Comptroller and Audit General
km3785 Rupees (2011) Brihadeeswarar Temple
km3795 Rupees (2011) Income Tax
km3935 Rupees (2011) Rabindranath Tagore
km3975 Rupees (2011) Civil Aviation
km3995 Rupees (2011) New Rupee Symbol
km3965 Rupees (2012) Indian Council of Medical Research
new5 Rupees (2013) 150 yrs. of Kuka Movement
km18510 Rupees (1969) Mahatma Gandhi
km18610 Rupees (1970-1971) FAO
km18810 Rupees (1973) FAO
km18910 Rupees (1974) FAO
km19010 Rupees (1975) FAO - Womens Year
km19210 Rupees (1977) FAO - Save for Development
km29710 Rupees (1998) Deshbandhu Chittaranjan Das
km30910 Rupees (2001) Dr. Syama Prasad Mukherjee
km34410 Rupees (2002) Jaya Prakash Narayan
km34710 Rupees (2002) Sant Tukaram
km31910 Rupees (2003) Maharana Pratap
km33210 Rupees (2003) Veer Durgadass
km35310 Rupees (2005-2007) Unity in Diversity
km36310 Rupees (2008-2010) Connectivity and Info Technology
km37110 Rupees (2008) Tercentenary of Gur-ta-Gaddi
km37210 Rupees (2009) Dr. Homi Bhabha
km38810 Rupees (2010) Reserve Bank of India
km40010 Rupees (2011--) New Rupee Symbol
km40710 Rupees (2012) 60 yrs. Indian Parliament
new10 Rupees (2012) Silver Jubilee
km24020 Rupees (1973) FAO
km25650 Rupees (1975) Womens Year
km25850 Rupees (1977) Save for Development
km31050 Rupees (2001) Dr. Syama Prasad Mukherjee
km34850 Rupees (2002) Sant Tukaram
new50 Rupees (2007) Khadi and Village Industries
km311100 Rupees (2001) Dr. Syama Prasad Mukherjee
km312100 Rupees (2001) Bhagwan Mahavir
km345100 Rupees (2002) Jaya Prakash Narayan
km349100 Rupees (2002) Sant Tukaram
km318100 Rupees (2003) K Kamaraj
km320100 Rupees (2003) Maharana Pratap
km333100 Rupees (2003) Veer Durgadas
km340100 Rupees (2003) Indian Railways
km335100 Rupees (2004) Telecommunications
km343100 Rupees (2004) Indian Postal Service
km337100 Rupees (2004) Lal Bahadur Shastri
km338100 Rupees (2005) Dandi March
km339100 Rupees (2006) Mahatma Basaveshwara
new100 Rupees (2006) State Bank
new100 Rupees (2006) Narayana Gurudev
new100 Rupees (2007) L.B.G. Tilak
km351100 Rupees (2007) 75 yrs. Indian Air Force
new100 Rupees (2008) Ter-Centenary of Gur-ta-Gaddi
km369100 Rupees (2009) Louis Braille


km10.250 Sen (1957) different head, larger lettering
km201 Rupiah (1970) Fantail Flycatcher
km375 Rupiah (1974) Family Planning Program
km5250 Rupiah (1991-1998) Komodo Dragon
km6050 Rupiah (1999-2002) Black-naped Oriole
km66200 Rupiah (2003,2008) Balinese Starling bird
km67500 Rupiah (2003,2008) Jasmine flower
km561000 Rupiah (1993--) Palm tree
km701000 Rupiah (2010) Angklung
km405000 Rupiah (1974) Orangutan


km1156a50 Dinars (1976-1979) w/o crown
km1013500 Dinars (AH1326) Muhammad Ali Shah
km8241000 Dinars (AH1264-1295) 1 Kran
km10151000 Dinars (AH1326) Muhammad Ali Shah
km10561000 Dinars (AH1331-1344) Ahmad Shah
km10172000 Dinars (AH1326) Muhammad Ali Shah
km12051 Rial (MS2535) 50 yrs Pahlavi Rule
km12451 Rial (SH1359) Mosque of Omar
km12631 Rial (1992-1995) Mount Damavand
km124310 Rials (1979) 1st Anniv. Of Revolution
km124910 Rials (1982) Moslem Unity
km125310 Rials (SH1368) World Jerusalem Day
km119620 Rials (1974) Asian Games
km120920 Rials (1976) 50 yrs. Pahlavi Rule
km121420 Rials (1978) 50 yrs Bank Melli
km124420 Rials (AH1400) Mohammeds Flight
km124620 Rials (1980) Islamic Revolution
km120920 Rials (MS2535) Anniv. Pahlavi Rule
km125120 Rials (1988) Islamic Banking Week
km125420 Rials (SH1368) 8 yrs. Sacred Defense
km125250 Rials (1988) Islamic Revolution
km126650 Rials (2003-2006) Hazrat Masumah Shrine
km1261.1100 Rials (1992) Shrine of Imam Reza
km1261.2100 Rials (SH1371-1382) Shrine of Reza
km1267100 Rials (2003-2006) Imam Reza Shrine
km1268250 Rials (2003-2006) stylized flower
km1270250 Rials (2008-2009) Feyziyeh School
km1271500 Rials (2009) Saadi Tomb
km1281500 Rials (2011) Freedom of Khorrarnshahr
km1285500 Rials (2011) Dove-shaped tulip
km12721000 Rials (2008) Khajou Bridge in Isfahan
km12751000 Rials (2010) Kaaba Cubus
km12861000 Rials SH1390 (2011) Dafoldills - 15 Shaban Month
km12762000 Rials (2010) Central Bank
km12775000 Rials (2010) 50th Anniversary Central Bank
km12805000 Rials (2010) Two roses


km1415 Fils (1975) FAO
km1595 Fils (1982) Babylon Ruins
km14210 Fils (1975) FAO
km16010 Fils (1982) Ishtar Gate (steel)
km160a10 Fils (1982) Ishtar Gate (copper-nickel)
km16125 Fils (1982) Babylon - Lion
km16250 Fils (1982) Babylon - Bull
km130250 Fils (1970) Agrarian Reform Day
km131250 Fils (1971) Peace with Kurds
km135250 Fils (1972) Jubilee of Al Baath
km136250 Fils (1972) Anniv. Central Bank
km138250 Fils (1973) Oil Nationalization
km146250 Fils (1980) Hussein as President
km152250 Fils (1981) World Food Day
km155250 Fils (1982) Baghdad Conference
km163250 Fils (1982) Babylon
km132500 Fils (1971) 50 yrs. Iraqi Army
km139500 Fils (1973) Oil Nationalization
km165500 Fils (1982)500 Fals
km165a500 Fils (1982)500 Falsan
km168500 Fils (1982) Lion of Babylon
km1331 Dinar (1971) Iraqi Army
km1371 Dinar (1972) Anniv. Central Bank
km1401 Dinar (1973) Oil Tanker
km1481 Dinar (1980) 15th Century of Hegira
km1491 Dinar (1980) Battle of Qadissyiat
km1531 Dinar (1981) Iraq Air Force
km1561 Dinar (1982) Conf of Nonaligned Nations
km1641 Dinar (1982) Tower of Babylon
km1701 Dinar (1981) Circulation Coinage


TokenDublin 1/2 Penny (1792) Hibernian Mining Co.
km91 Farthing (1939-1966) Eire
km136 Pence (1939-1940) Irish Wolfhound
km61 Shilling (1928-1937) Eireann
km141 Shilling (1939-1942) Eire
km161/2 Crown (1939-1942) Irish Hunter horse
km1810 Shillings (1966) Easter Uprising
km2650 Pence (1988) Dublin Millennium
km311 Pound (2000) Millennium
km532 Euro (2007) Treaty of Rome
km622 Euro (2009) Ten Years of European Monetary Union
km712 Euro (2012) 10 yrs. Euro Coinage
km405 Euro (2003) Special Olympics
km4110 Euro (2003) Special Olympics

Isle of Man

km191/2 New Penny (1971-1975) St. James Weed
km321/2 Penny (1976-1979) Atlantic Herring
km401/2 Penny (1977) FAO
km72.11/2 Penny (1981) FAO
km72.21/2 Penny (1981) World Food Day
km1421/2 Penny (1985) Fuchsia blossom
km201 New Pence (1971-1975) Celtic cross
km331 Penny (1976-1979) Loaghtyn Sheep
km591 Penny (1980-1983) Manx Cat
km1121 Penny (1984) Shag bird
km1431 Penny (1985-1987) Shag bird
km5881 Penny (1996-1998) Rugby
km8231 Penny (1998--) Rugby ball
km12531 Penny (2004--) Santon War Memorial
km342 Pence (1976-1979) Manx Shearwater bird
km602 Pence (1980-1983) Red-Billed chough
km1132 Pence (1984) Peregrine Falcon
km1442 Pence (1985-1987) Peregrine Falcon
km5892 Pence (1996-1997) Bicyclists
km9012 Pence (1998--) Bicyclists
km10372 Pence (2000-2003) Sailboat
km12542 Pence (2004--) Albert Tower
km355 Pence (1976-1979) Laxey Wheel
km615 Pence (1979-1983) Loagthyn Sheep
km1145 Pence (1984) Cushag
km209.25 Pence (1990-1993) windsurfing
km3925 Pence (1994-1995) Golf clubs and ball
km5905 Pence (1996-1997) Golfer
km9025 Pence (1998--) Golfer
km10385 Pence (2000-2003) Gauts Cross
km12555 Pence (2004--) Tower of Refuge
km6210 Pence (1980-1983) Gyrfalcon
km11510 Pence (1984) Loagthyn Ram
km14610 Pence (1985-1987) Loagthyn ram
km21010 Pence (1988-1992) Portcullis on globe
km59110 Pence (1996-1997) Sailboat
km90310 Pence (1998-1999) Sailboat
km103910 Pence (2000-2003) St. Germans Cathedral
km125610 Pence (2004--) Chicken Rock Lighthouse
km9020 Pence (1982-1983) Medieval Norse History
km11620 Pence (1984) Atlantic Herring
km21120 Pence (1988-1992) Farm combine harvester
km39120 Pence (1993-1995) Farm Combine
km59220 Pence (1996-1997) Race Cars
km90420 Pence (1998-1999) Race Cars
km104020 Pence (2000-2003) Monk writing
km125720 Pence (2004--) Castle Rushen Clock
km25a25 Pence (1972) Silver Wedding Anniv.
km3125 Pence (1975) Manx Cat
km2450 New Pence (1971-1975) Viking Ship
km3950 Pence (1976-1979) Viking Ship
km5150 Pence (1979) Day of Tynwald
km51a50 Pence (1979) Day of Tynwald (silver)
km5350 Pence (1979) Point of Ayre lighthouse
km57a50 Pence (1980) Christmas
km7150 Pence (1980) Christmas
km8350 Pence (1981) Motorcyclist
km8450 Pence (1981) Christmas
km10150 Pence (1982) Tourist Trophy Motorcycle Races
km10250 Pence (1982) Christmas Tree
km10750 Pence (1983) Christmas
km10850 Pence (1983) Tourist Trophy Motorcycle Races
km12550 Pence (1984) Viking Longship
km12650 Pence (1984) TT - motorcycle and sidecar
km12750 Pence (1984) Christmas
km14850 Pence (1985-1987) Viking Longship
km15850 Pence (1985) Christmas
km19050 Pence (1987) Christmas
km21250 Pence (1988-1997) Computer
km28250 Pence (1990) Christmas
km52150 Pence (1995) Christmas
km59350 Pence (1996-1997) TT motorcyclists
km80650 Pence (1997 PM) Motorcycle racers
km90550 Pence (1997) Motorcyclists (Queen with tiara)
km104150 Pence (2000-2003) Stylized Crucifix
km105050 Pence (2000) Christmas
km110550 Pence (2001) Christmas
km116050 Pence (2002) Christmas
km118350 Pence (2003) Snowman and James
km125850 Pence (2004--) Milners Tower
km126250 Pence (2004) Laxey Wheel
km129350 Pence (2004,2007) Tourist Trophy
km129450 Pence (2005) Partridge in a pear tree
km1320.150 Pence (2005) Partridge in a pear tree
km1321.150 Pence (2006) Two Turtle Doves
km1322.150 Pence (2007) Three French Hens
km129350 Pence (2007) Centenary of TT Motorcycle Races
km142550 Pence (2007) TT races- Motorcycle and sidecar
km1393.150 Pence (2008) Snowman
km148750 Pence (2008) Four Calling Birds
km441 Pound (1978-1981) Triskeles
km44a1 Pound (1978-1982) Triskeles (silver)
km1091 Pound (1983) Peel
km1281 Pound (1984) Castletown
km1511 Pound (1985) Ramsey
km1751 Pound (1986) Douglas
km2131 Pound (1988-1995) Telecommunicator (Cell Phone)
km5941 Pound (1996-1997) Cricket Equipment
km6551 Pound (1996) Douglas Centenary
km9061 Pound (1998-1999) Cricket Equipment
km10421 Pound (2000-2003) Triskeles and 3 bells
km12591 Pound (2004--) St. Johns Chapel
km1672 Pounds (1986-1987) Tower of Refuge
km2142 Pounds (1988-1993) Manx Airlines
km2572 Pounds (1989) Dirigible
km8442 Pounds (1997) Three race cars, 3rd portrait
km10432 Pounds (2000-2003) Thorwalds Cross
km8582 Pounds (1998-1999) Three racecars
km12602 Pounds (2004--) Round Tower of Peel Castle
km14762 Pounds (2011) IV Commonwealth Youth Games
km4665 Pounds (1995) Winston Churchill
km7695 Pounds (1997) Queen Elizabeth Golden Wedding
km3491/25 Crown (1993) Maine Coon Cat
km4451/2 Crown (1995) Turkish Cat
km181 Crown (1970) Manx Cat
km30a1 Crown (1974) Centenary Birth Winston Churchill
km381 Crown (1976) Horse-drawn tram
km411 Crown (1977) Silver Jubilee
km421 Crown (1977) Jubilee Appeal
km42a1 Crown (1977) Queens Silver Jubilee Appeal
km431 Crown (1978) Silver Ann. of Coronation
km451 Crown (1979) 30th Ann. Of Manx Coinage
km461 Crown (1979) Viking longship, Milennium of Tynwald
km471 Crown (1979) English cog, Castle Rushen, Milennium of Tynwald
km491 Crown (1979) Standing figure and ship, Milennium of Tynwald
km501 Crown (1979) Sir William Hillory
km631 Crown (1980) Derby Bicentennial
km641 Crown (1980) Winter Olympics, Lake Placid
km651 Crown (1980) Summer Olympics - Moscow
km661 Crown (1980) XXV Olympiad Moscow, Javelin throver at top
km681 Crown (1980) 80th Birthday Queen Mother
km731 Crown (1981) Prince Phillip, Duke of EdinburgAwad Scheme 26th Ann
km741 Crown (1981) Prince Phillip, Duke of EdinburgAwad Scheme 26th Ann
km751 Crown (1981) Duke of EdinburgAwad Scheme
km761 Crown (1981) Motorcycling, Duke of Edinburg Scheme
km771 Crown (1981) Braille, Year of Disabled
km781 Crown (1981) Beethoven, Year of Disabled
km791 Crown (1981) Sir Douglas Bader, Year of Disabled
km801 Crown (1981) Sir Francis Chichester, Year of Disabled
km811 Crown (1981) Wedding of Prince and Lady Diana
km821 Crown (1981) Wedding of Prince and Lady Diana
km911 Crown (1982) World Cup Spain Player and Map
km931 Crown (1982) World Cup Soccer
km1171 Crown (1984) Winter Olympics - figure skaters
km1181 Crown (1984) Summer Olympics - runners
km1191 Crown (1984) Summer Olympics - gymnast
km1201 Crown (1984) Summer Olympics - equestrian rider
km1211 Crown (1984) Quincentenery of College of Arms
km1221 Crown (1984) Quincentenery of College of Arms
km1231 Crown (1984) Quincentenery of College of Arms
km1241 Crown (1984) Quincentenery of College of Arms
km1321 Crown (1984) Parliamentary Conference
km2251 Crown (1988) Australian Bicentennial
km2451 Crown (1988) Manx cat
km2501 Crown (1989) Persian cat
km2671 Crown (1990) Penny Black Stamp
km2831 Crown (1990) Winston Churchil wih cigar
km2841 Crown (1990) Winston Churchil in Order of the Garter
km2921 Crown (1991) Norvegian cat
km3121 Crown (1992) Discovery of America
km3321 Crown (1992) Seated Siamese cat
km3571 Crown (1993) Iguanodon
km3581 Crown (1993) Diplodocus
km439.21 Crown (1995) Focke Wulf F-190, Man in flight
km440.21 Crown (1995) Messerrschmitt 262, Man in flight
km4461 Crown (1995) Turkish Cat
km6951 Crown (1994) D-Day, Landing Craft
km6981 Crown (1994) D-Day, German Machine Gun Nest
km7011 Crown (1994) D-Day, General Omar Bradley
km8161 Crown (1998) Year of the Tiger
km10161 Crown (2000) Year of the Dragon
km10871 Crown (2001) Harry Potter -Harry Cast a Magic Spell
km10891 Crown (2001) Harry Potter -Journey to Hogwarts
km10911 Crown (2001) Harry Potter -The Key Among All Keys
km10931 Crown (2001) Harry Potter -Birth of Norbert
km10951 Crown (2001) Harry Potter -Struggling Through Potions Class
km10971 Crown (2001) Harry Potter -Harrys First Qudditch Match
km11441 Crown (2002) Harry Potter -Arriving at The Burrow
km11461 Crown (2002) Harry Potter -Dobby visits Harry
km11481 Crown (2002) Harry Potter -Polyjuice Potion
km11501 Crown (2002) Harry Potter -Tom Riddle Steals Wand
km11521 Crown (2002) Harry Potter -Harry Retrieves Sword
km11541 Crown (2002) Harry Potter -Encountering Aragog
km12021 Crown (2004) Harry Potter -The Marauders Map
km12041 Crown (2004) Harry Potter -Harrys Patronus
km12061 Crown (2004) Harry Potter -Inside the Shrieking Shack
km12081 Crown (2004) Harry Potter -Rescue of Sirius Black
km71810 Euro (1996) Spain-ten years membership E.C.
km79610 Euro (1997) Netherlands EU Presidency
km90910 Euro (1998) 125yrs Isle of Man Railway


km19100 Pruta (1954) Date Palm
km16500 Prutah (1949) Pomegranates
km311/2 Lirah (1961-1962) Feast of Purim
km36.21/2 Lirah (1971-1979) Star of David
km1001/2 Lirah (JE5740/AD1980) 25th Anniversary Bank of Israel
km221 Lirah (1958) Law is Light
km281 Lirah (1960) 50 yrs. Deganya
km321 Lirah (1960) Henrietta Szold
km341 Lirah (1961) Macabbean Hero
km381 Lirah (1962) Italian lamp
km421 Lirah (1963) North African Lamp
km47.21 Lirah (1971-1979) Star of David
km1011 Lirah (JE5740/AD1980) 25th Anniversary Bank of Israel
km335 Lirot (1961) Bar Mitzvah
km435 Lirot (1964) Israel Museum
km455 Lirot (1965) Knesset Building
km465 Lirot (1966) Israel Lives On
km485 Lirot (1967) Port of Eilat
km69.15 Lirot (1972) Hannukka, Russian Lamp, edge plain
km69.25 Lirot (1972) Hanukka, Russian Lamp, edge reeded
km75.15 Lirot (1973) Hanukka, Babylonian lamp, edge plain
km75.25 Lirot (1973) Hanukka, Babylonian lamp, edge reeded
km90a5 Lirot (1979) with Star of David
km1025 Lirot (JE5740/AD1980) 25th Anniversary Bank of Israel
km4910 Lirot (1967) The Wailing Wall
km49a10 Lirot (1967) The Wailing Wall (proof)
km5110 Lirot (1968) Jerusalem Reunification
km5510 Lirot (1970) Mikveh Israel Centenary
km5610 Lirot (1970) Pidyon Haben
km5710 Lirot (1971) Pidyon Haben
km5910 Lirot (1971) Let My People Go
km61.110 Lirot (1972) edge plain
km61.210 Lirot (1972) edge reeded
km6210 Lirot (1972) Aviation
km7010 Lirot (1973) Pidyon Haben
km7610 Lirot (1974) Pidyon Haben
km7810 Lirot (1974) Damascus Hanukkah Lamp
km8410 Lirot (1975) Hanukka from Holland
km8710 Lirot (1976) U.S. lamp
km91.110 Lirot (1977) Hanukkah Jerusalem Lamp edge plain
km91.210 Lirot (1977) Hanukkah Jerusalem Lamp edge reeded
km7925 Lirot (1974) David Ben Gurion
km8025 Lirot (1975) Pidyon Haben
km8125 Lirot (1975) Israel Bond Program
km8525 Lirot (1976) Strength Through Faith
km8625 Lirot (1976) Pidyon Haben
km8825 Lirot (1977) Brotherhood
km8925 Lirot (1977) Pidyon Haben
km9425 Lirot (1978) French lamp
km9250 Lirot (1978) Loyalty
km9550 Lirot (1979) Motherhood
km103.1100 Lirot (1979) Egyptian Lamp
km104200 Lirot (1980) Peace Treaty with Egypt
km24.21 Agorah (1971-1979) Star of David
km961 Agorah (JE5740/AD1980) 25th Anniversary Bank of Israel
km1711 Agorah (1986-1990) Hanukkah
km1931 Agorah (1988) 40th Anniv. Israel
km25a5 Agorot (1971-1972) Star of David in field
km975 Agorot (JE5740/AD1980) 25th Anniversary Bank of Israel
km1725 Agorot (1986-1997) Hanukkah
km1945 Agorot (1988) 40th Anniv. Israel
km26a10 Agorot (1960-1972) with Star of David
km26c10 Agorot (1974-1979 Star of David
km9810 Agorot (JE5740/AD1980) 25th Anniversary Bank of Israel
km17310 Agorot (1987--) Hanukkah
km27a25 Agorot (1971-1972) Star of David in field
km9925 Agorot (JE5740/AD1980) 25th Anniversary Bank of Israel
km1211/2 Sheqel (1982) Gumran Caves
km1261/2 Sheqel (1983) Herodion Ruins
km1401/2 Sheqel (1984) Kidron Valley
km1521/2 Sheqel (1985) Capernaum
km1671/2 New Sheqel (1986) Rothschild
km1741/2 New Sheqel (1986-1997) Hanukkah
km1801/2 New Sheqel (1987) Jericho
km1961/2 New Sheqel (1988) 40th Anniv. Israel
km3031/2 New Sheqel (1994) Theresienstadt Lamp
km1101 Sheqel (1980) Corfu Lamp
km1161 Sheqel (1981) Polish Lamp
km1221 Sheqel (1982) Qumran Caves
km1231 Sheqel (1982) Yeman lamp
km1271 Sheqel (1983) Valour
km1281 Sheqel (1983) Herodion Ruins
km1291 Sheqel (JE5744/AD1983) Hanukkah, Prague lamp
km1351 Sheqel (1984) Kinsmen
km1441 Sheqel (1984) Theresianstadt lamp
km1481 Sheqel (1985) Scientific Achievement
km1531 Sheqel (1985) Capernaum
km1611 Sheqel (1985) Ashkenaz lamp
km1631 New Sheqel (1985-1996) Hanukkah
km1641 New Sheqel (1986) Tribute to the Arts
km1691new Sheqel (1986) Holyland Site of Akko
km1751 New Sheqel (1986) Algerian lamp
km1771 New Sheqel (1987) 20 yrs United Jerusalem
km1811 New Sheqel (1987) Jericho
km1831 New Sheqel (1987) English lamp
km1911new Sheqel (1988) Tunisian Lamp
km1971 New Sheqel (1988) 40th Anniv. Israel
km1981 New Sheqel (1988) Maimonides
km1991 New Sheqel (1989) Deer among trees
km2051 New Sheqel (1989) Persian lamp
km2151 New Sheqel (1990) Cochin lamp
km2231 New Sheqel (1991) Kiddush cup
km2341 New Sheqel (1992) Bnai Brith
km2401 New Sheqel (1993) Tourism
km2471 New Sheqel (1993) Revolt and Heroism
km2671 New Sheqel (1995) Defeat of Nazi Germany
km2781 New Sheqel (1995) Peace Treaty with Jordan
km2871 New Sheqel (1995) Port of Caesarea
km1172 Sheqalim (1982) Baron Edmond de Rothschild
km1362 Sheqalim (1984) Kinsmen
km1452 Sheqalim (1984) Theresianstadt lamp
km1492 Sheqalim (1985) Scientific Achievement
km1622 Sheqalim (1985) Ashkanaz lamp
km1782 New Sheqalim (1987) 20 yrs United Jerusalem
km1842 New Sheqelim (1987) English Lamp
km1922 New Sheqelim (1988) Tunisian Lamp
km2002 New Sheqalim (1989) Deere at forest edge
km2132 New Sheqalim (1990) Archaeology
km2242 New Sheqalim (1991) Kiddush cup
km2482 New Sheqalim (1993) Revolt and Heroism
km2682 New Sheqalim (1995) Defeat of Nazi Germany
km2792 New Sheqalim (1995) Peace Treaty with Jordan
km2085 New Sheqalim (1990) Levi Eshkol
km2175 New Sheqalim (1991-1999) Hanukka
km2375 New Sheqalim (1992) Chaim Weizmann
km13410 Sheqalim (1983) Hanukkah
km13710 Sheqalim (1984) Theodor Herzl
km27310 New Sheqalim (1995) Golda Meir
km14750 Sheqalim (1985) David Ben Gurion
km146100 Sheqalim (1985) Menorah
km151100 Sheqalim (1985) Zeev Jabotinsky


km351 Centesimo (1902-1908) Vittorio Emanuele III
km462 Lire (1908-1912) chariot
km522 Lire (1911) Kingdom Anniv
km345 Lire (1901) Vittorio Emanuele III
km7020 Lire (1928) 10 years End WW-I
km8120 Lire (1936-1941) chariot
km108100 Lire Naval Acadamy (1981)
km107200 Lire FAO Year of Women (1980)
km109200 Lire World Food Day (1981)
km130200 Lire Taranto Naval Yards (1989)
km135200 Lire State Council Building (1990)
km151200 Lire Genoa Stamp Expo (1992)
km155200 Lire Military Aviation (1993)
km172200 Lire (1993) 100 yrs Bank of Italy
km184200 Lire Customs Services Academy (1996)
km186200 Lire Naval League (1997)
km99500 Lire (1961) Unification Centennial
km100500 Lire (1965) Dante Alighieri
km103500 Lire (1974) Guglielmo Marconi
km104500 Lire (1975) Michelangelo Buonarroti
km110500 Lire (1981) Death of Virgil
km111500 Lire bronze center (1982-2001)
km113500 Lire (1983) Galileo Galilei
km114500 Lire (1984) Los Angeles Olympics
km115500 Lire (1985) President of Common Market
km116500 Lire (1985) Town Architectural Montage
km117500 Lire (1985) European Year of Music
km118500 Lire (1985) Etruscan Culture
km123500 Lire (1985) Alessandro Manzoni
km119500 Lire (1986) Soccer
km120500 Lire (1986) Year of Peace
km121500 Lire (1987) Year of the Family
km122500 Lire (1987) World Athletic Championships
km125500 Lire (1988) Summer Olympics - Seoul
km134500 Lire (1989) Map of Italy
km136500 Lire (1990) soccer and dove
km156500 Lire (1993) Death of Horace
km160500 Lire Bank of Italy (1993)
km167500 Lire Luca Pacioli (1994)
km181500 Lire National Statistics Bldg. (1996)
km187500 Lire Road Police (1997)
km193500 Lire FAO 20 years (1998)
km203500 Lire Election of Parlament (1999)
km1011000 Lire (1970) Rome as Capital
km1901000 Lire (1997) Error Map of Europe
km1941000 Lire (1997-2001) Correct map of Europe
km24710 Euro Cents (2008--) Relief map of europe
km24820 Euro Cents (2008--) Relief map of europe
n/aTest 50 Euro cents (1997 Sasselo Municipal Issue)
km24950 Euro Cents (2008--) Relief map of europe
km2501 Euro (2008--) Relief map of Europe
km2372 Euro (2004) World Food Program
km2452 Euro (2005) European Constitution
km2462 Euro (2006) Torino Olympics
km3112 Euro (2007) Treaty of Rome
km2512 Euro (2008--) Relief map of Europe
km3012 Euro (2008) Declaration of Human Rights
km3122 Euro (2009) Ten Years of EMU
km3102 Euro (2009) Louis Braille
km3282 Euro (2010) Count of Cavour
km3382 Euro (2011) 150 yrs. Italian Unification
km3502 Euro (2012) 10 yrs. Euro Coinage
km3552 Euro (2012) Giovanni Pascoli, 100th Ann. Death
new2 Euro (2013) Giovanni Boccaccio, 700th Ann.Birth
new2 Euro (2013) Giuseppe Verdi, 200th Ann. Birth
new2 Euro (2014) Carabinieri
km2535 Euro (2003) Work in Europe
km2545 Euro (2004) 50th anniversary of Italian television
km25810 Euro (2003) People in Europe
km26010 Euro (2005) Alpine skiing

Ivory Coast

km61500 CFA Francs (2003) Fighting elephants
km76000 CFA Francs (2003) President Laurent Gbagbo


km411/2 Penny (1969) Coinage Centennial
km421 Penny (1969) Coinage Centennial
km405 Shillings (1966) VIII Commonwealth Games
km4820 Cents (1969-1990) Mahoe Tree
km6920 Cents (1976-1987) FAO - Forestry
km9020 Cents (1981) World Food Day, narrow JAMAICA
km12020 Cents (1981-1988) World Food Day
km15425 Cents (1985) Bank of Jamaica
km501 Dollar (1969-1970) Bustamante
km571 Dollar (1971-1979) Sir Alexander Bustamante
km841 Dollar (1980-1990) Bustamante
km911 Dollar (1981) World Food Day
km961 Dollar (1982) Soccer Games
km1451 Dollar (1990-1994) edge inscription
km1891 Dollar (2008-2009) Sir Alexander Bustamante
km585 Dollars (1971) Norman W. Manley
km595 Dollars (1972-1973) Norman W. Manley
km1575 Dollars (1993) 100 yrs. N. Manley
km6310 Dollars (1974) Sir Henry Morgan
km74a10 Dollars (1977) Admiral George Rodney (silver)
km75a10 Dollars (1978) Jamaican Unity (silver)
km8010 Dollars (1979) Year of the Child
km9210 Dollars (1981) Royal Wedding
km9810 Dollars (1982) Soccer World Champonships
km13810 Dollars (1988) Year of the Worker


c7100 Mon ND(1835-1870) Tempo Tsuho
km1101 Sen (1945) baked clay
y79100 Yen (1964) Olympic Games
y83100 Yen (1970) Osaka Expo
y84100 Yen (1972) Winter Olympics - Sapporo
y85100 Yen (1975) Okinawa Expo
y86100 Yen (1976) 50 yrs of Reign
y88500 Yen (1985) Mt. Tsukuba
y89500 Yen (1985) Prime Ministers Residence
y90500 Yen (1986) Shishinden Palace
y93500 Yen (1988) Selkan Tunnel
y94500 Yen (1988) Seto Bridge
y99.1500 Yen (1989) Pawlownia flower
y102500 Yen (1990) Emperors Carriage
y106500 Yen (1992) Reversion of Okinawa
y107500 Yen (1993) Royal Wedding of Prince
y110500 Yen (1994) Kansai International Airport
y111500 Yen (1994) 12th Asian Games - runners
y112500 Yen (1994) 12th Asian Games - swimmers
y113500 Yen (1994) 12th Asian Games - jumper
y114500 Yen (1997) Olympic Snowboarder
y117500 Yen (1997) Olympic Bobsledding
y118500 Yen (1998) Olympic Acrobat skier
y123500 Yen (1999) Mt. Fuji and chrysanthemums
y126500 Yen (2002) Soccer - Europe and Africa
y127500 Yen (2002) Soccer - Asia and Oceania
y128500 Yen (2002) Soccer - North and South America
y133500 Yen (2005) Expo - Aichi Japan
y137500 Yen (2007) 50 yrs. Antarctic Research
y139500 Yen (2008) Japan-Brazil Exchange
y141500 Yen (2008,Yr.20) Hokaido Prefecture
y143500 Yen (2008,Yr.20) Kyoto Prefecture
y145500 Yen (2008,Yr.20) Shimane Prefecture
y147500 Yen (2009,Yr.21) Nagano Prefecture - Zenkoji Temple
y149500 Yen (2009,Yr.21) Niigata Prefecture - Crested Ibises
y153500 Yen (2009,Yr.21) Ibaraki Prefecture
y155500 Yen (2009,Yr.21) Nara Prefecture
y157500 Yen (2009,Yr.21) 20th Anniversary of the Reign of Emperor Heisei
y159500 Yen (2010,Yr.22) Kochi Prefecture - Sakamoto Ryoma
y161500 Yen (2010,Yr.22) Gifu Prefecture - Shirakawa Village
y163500 Yen (2010,Yr.22) Fukui Prefecture - Fukuiraptor
y165500 Yen (2010,Yr.22) Aichi Prefecture
y167500 Yen (2010,Yr.22) Aomori Prefecture
y169500 Yen (2010,Yr.22) Saga Prefecture
y171500 Yen (2011,Yr.23) Toyama Prefecture
y173500 Yen (2011,Yr.23) Tottori Prefecture
y175500 Yen (2011,Yr.23) Kumamoto Prefecture
y177500 Yen (2011,Yr.23) Shiga Prefecture
y179500 Yen (2011,Yr.23) Iwate Prefecture
y181500 Yen (2011,Yr.23) Akita Prefecture
y183500 Yen (2012,Yr.24) Okinawa Prefecture
y185500 Yen (2012,Yr.24) Kanagawa Prefecture
y187500 Yen (2012,Yr.24) Miyazaki Prefecture
y189500 Yen (2012,Yr.24) Tochigi Prefecture
y191500 Yen (2012,Yr.24) Hyogo Prefecture
y193500 Yen (2012,Yr.24) Oita Prefecture
y196500 Yen (2013,Yr.25) Miyagi Prefecture
y198500 Yen (2013,Yr.25) Hiroshima Prefecture
y200500 Yen (2013,Yr.25) Gunma Prefecture
y202500 Yen (2013,Yr.25) Yamanashi Prefecture
y204500 Yen (2013,Yr.25) Shizuoka Prefecture
y206500 Yen (2013,Yr.25) Okayama Prefecture
y208500 Yen (2013,Yr.25) Kagoshima Prefecture
y801000 Yen (1964) Tokyo Olympics


km231/12 Shilling (1960) Accession King Charles II
km271/4 Shilling (1966) Norman Conquest
km285 Shilling (1966) Norman Conquest
km1042 Pence (1999-2008) LHermitage, St. Helier
km57.110 Pence (1983-1990) La Hougue Bie
km5320 Pence (1982) date below lighthouse
km4425 Pence (1977) Queens Silver Jubilee
km12350 Pence (2003) Golden Anniv. Of Coronation
km361 Pound (1972) 25th wedding anniversary
km511 Pound (1981) Battle of Jersey
km591 Pound (1983) Parish of St. Helier
km621 Pound (1985) St. Clement Parish
km871 Pound (1992) Bailiwick seal
km372 Pounds (1972) Sailing Ship Alexandria
km702 Pounds (1987) WWF Pigeons
km992 Pounds (1997) Circle of National Arms, 2nd portrait
km1022 Pounds (1998-2006) Circle of National Arms, 3rd portrait
km382 Pounds 50 Pence (1972) European Lobster


km78.11 Qirsh (2000) Abdullah Ibn Al-Hussein
km78.21 Qirsh (2000,2009) Hijra date on left
km201/4 Dinar (1969) FAO
km301/4 Dinar (1977) 25 yrs. Of Reign
km581/2 Dinar (1995-1996) King Hussein
km621 Dinar (1994) FAO
km651 Dinar (1998) Human Rights
km312-1/2 Dinar (1977) Rhim Gazelle


x11 Marka (2002) AK-47 Assault Rifle
x41 Marka (2003) K-50 Helicopter
x71 Marka (2003) T-34 Tank
x101 Marka (2003) MiG-29 Jet Fighter
x131 Marka (2003) Katyusha Rocket Launcher
x161 Marka (2004) S-13 Submarine
x191 Marka (2004) BTR-80 Armored Personel Carrier
x221 Marka (2004) SU-37 Jet Fighter
x251 Marka (2004) 45mm Field Cannon
new1 Marka (2004) Military Ship


x11 Numisma (2004) bi-metalic


km1220 Tenge (1995) 50th Anniv. United Nations
km1820 Tenge (1996) 150 Yrs. Jambyl
km2020 Tenge (1997) Muchtar Euesow
km2120 Tenge (1997) Year of Peace and Harmony
km2220 Tenge (1998) New Capital City - Astana
km2820 Tenge (1999) K.I. Satbaev - geologist
km3050 Tenge (1999) Millenium
km3150 Tenge (2000) Victory in WW-II.
km3350 Tenge (2000) 100 Yrs of Mukhanov
km4850 Tenge (2000) Akhmet Mosque
km4150 Tenge (2002) Mustafin
km6950 Tenge (2002) Musrepov
km7050 Tenge (2003) Makhambet Utemisov
km5450 Tenge (2004) Painter Abylichan Kasteev
km6550 Tenge (2004) Alken Margulan
km5850 Tenge (2005) 10 Yrs of Constitution
km7150 Tenge (2005) 60 Years of Victory
km7350 Tenge (2006) Astronaut and solar system
km7450 Tenge (2006) woman with baby in cradle
km7650 Tenge (2006) Sign of Altyn Kyran
km7850 Tenge (2006) Ahmet Zhubanov
km7750 Tenge (2006) Star of Altyn Kyran
km7550 Tenge (2006) Altai Snowcock birds
km7950 Tenge (2006) Dawn of Freedom Movement
km8050 Tenge (2007) Sputnik
km8150 Tenge (2007) Crested Spoonbill
km16550 Tenge (2007) Otan Insignia
km16450 Tenge (2007) Tusau Kesu (cutting hobbles)
km17250 Tenge (2008) City of Astana
km8650 Tenge (2008) Tien Shan Brown Bear
km16950 Tenge (2008) Catch Up Girl Horse Game
km20250 Tenge (2008) Spaceship Vostok
km17050 Tenge (2008) Star of Dank Insignia
km17150 Tenge (2008) Aibyn Insignia
km14150 Tenge (2009) Porcupine
km14650 Tenge (2009) 100 yrs Tolej Bassenov
km13250 Tenge (2009) Unveiling Ceremony
km14450 Tenge (2009) Soyuz - Apollo Mission
km14550 Tenge (2009) Star of Dostyk
km14050 Tenge (2009) Parasat Medal
km17550 Tenge (2010) 65 yrs. end of WW-II
new50 Tenge (2010) Sign of Kurmet
km17450 Tenge (2010) Lunar Rover vehicle
new50 Tenge (2010) Otay Kotery
new50 Tenge (2010) Pelican -Pelecanus Crispus
km20950 tenge (2011) Karaganda
km20650 tenge (2011) Aktobe
km20850 Tenge (2011) Ust Kamenogorsk
new50 Tenge (2011) Yuri Gagarin
new50 tenge (2011) Hawk Owl - Surnia Ulula
km20750 tenge (2011) Aitys
new50 Tenge (2012) Mantis Hierodula tenuidentata
new50 Tenge (2012) Space Station MIR
new50 Tenge (2012) Nauryz holiday
new50 Tenge (2012) D. Kunaev
new50 Tenge (2012) Aktau
new50 Tenge (2012) Atyrau
new50 Tenge (2012) Pavlodar
new50 tenge (2013) 20 yrs. National Currency
new50 tenge (2013) Taldykorgan
new50 tenge (2013) Kostanay
new50 tenge (2013) Shurala
new50 tenge (2013) Taraz
new50 Tenge (2013) Aldar Kose
new50 Tenge (2013) Boorsog / Kolobok
new50 Tenge (2013) Brandts Hedgehog
new50 Tenge (2013) Magjan Jumabayev
new50 Tenge (2013) Mukan Tulebaev
new50 Tenge (2013) Suyindir - Mothers Visit
new50 Tenge (2013) Magjan Zhumabayev
new50 Tenge (2013) Naghab Zgynabatev
new50 Tenge (2013) Suyindir
new50 Tenge (2013) International Space Station
km49100 Tenge (2003) Stylized chicken
km50100 Tenge (2003) Stylized panther
km51100 Tenge (2003) Stylized wolfs head
km52100 Tenge (2003) Stylized sheeps head
km57100 Tenge (2005) United Nations
km142500 Tenge (2009) Porcupine

Keeling-Cocos Islands

Tn142 Rupees (1968) red plastic
km75 Rupees (1977) John Clunies Ross
Tn95 Cents (1968) green plastic
km1810 Dollars (2003) Charles Darwin


km341 Shilling (2005--) Jomo Kenyatta
km165 Shillings (1973) 10 years of Ind
km375 Shillings (2005,2009) Jomo Kenyatta
km3510 Shillings (2005,2009) Jomo Kenyatta
km3620 Shillings (2005,2009) Jomo Kenyatta
km3340 Shillings (2003) President Kibaki


km11 Cent (1979) Christmas Island Frigatebird
km22 Cents (1979,1992) Babal plant
km35 Cents (1979) Tokai lizard
km405 Cents (2003) Gorilla
km410 Cents (1979) Bread fruit
km520 Cents (1979) Dolphins
km650 Cents (1979) Panda nut
km71 Dollar (1979) Outrigger Sailboat
km375 Dollars (2000) The New Millennium
km3810 Dollars (2000) New Millennium
km1720 Dollars (1992) Olympics
km1820 Dollars (1992) Endangered Wildlife
km3920 Dollars (2000) New Millennium

Korea - North

km1831/2 Chon (2002) Horse
km1841/2 Chon (2002) Orangutan
km1851/2 Chon (2002) Leopard
km1861/2 Chon (2002) Giraffes
km1871/2 Chon (2002) Helmeted guineafowl
km1881/2 Chon (2002) Snake
km1891/2 Chon (2002) Bighorn Sheep
km1901/2 Chon (2002) Hippo
km1911/2 Chon (2002) FAO - Ancient Ship
km1921/2 Chon (2002) FAO - Viking Ship
km1931/2 Chon (2002) FAO - Modern Train
km1941/2 Chon (2002) FAO - Jet plane
km11 Chon - no stars (1959,1970)
km1951 Chon (2002) FAO - Steam Locomotive
km1961 Chon (2002) FAO - Antique Automobile
km1972 Chon (2002) FAO - Antique Touring Car
km117210 Chon (2002) Rhododendron
km117350 Chon (2002) Begonia
km131 Won (1987) Kim Sungs birthplace
km141 Won (1987) Arch of Triumph
km151 Won (1987) Tower of Juche
km11741 Won (2002) Begonia
km195 Won (1989) World Youth Festival
new20 Won (2010) Ribbon dancer, Arirang
new20 Won (2010) Dancer with cranes flying above,Arirang
new20 Won (2010) May Day Stadium
new20 Won (2010) Lion
new20 Won (2010) Leopard
new20 Won (2010) Cape Buffalo
new20 Won (2010) Elephant
new20 Won (2010) Rhinoceros
new20 Won (2010) Artic Bear
new30 Won (2008) Gymnastics -Olympics
new30 Won (2008) Pole Vault -Olympics
new30 Won (2008) High Jump -Olympics
new30 Won (2008) Shot Put -Olympics
new30 Won (2008) Discus ThrowOlympics
new30 Won (2008) 100-Metre Race -Olympics
new30 Won (2008) Javell Throw -Olympics
new30 Won (2008) Long Jump -Olympics
new30 Won (2011) Rooster, Zodiac
new30 Won (2011) Dog, Zodiac
new30 Won (2011) Pig, Zodiac
new30 Won (2011) Rat, Zodiac
new30 Won (2011) Ox, Zodiac
new30 Won (2011) Tiger, Zodiac
new30 Won (2011) Rabbit, Zodiac
new30 Won (2011) Dragon, Zodiac
new30 Won (2011) Snake, Zodiac
new30 Won (2011) Horse, Zodiac
new30 Won (2011) Goat, Zodiac
new30 Won (2011) Monkey, Zodiac
new30 Won (2011) Rabbit
km38500 Won (1989) Soccer World Championship
km60500 Won (1993) Speed Skating

Korea - South

km21100 Won (1975) Yu Kwan Soon
km22500 Won (1978) World Shooting Championship
km281000 Won (1982) Seoul Olympics - Dancers
km361000 Won (1983) 1988 Olympic Drummer
km391000 Won (1984) 200 yrs. Catholic Church
km411000 Won (1986) 10th. Asian Games
km461000 Won (1986) 1988 Olympics Womens Basketball
km471000 Won (1987) 1988 Olympic Tennis
km481000 Won (1987) 1988 Olympics Handball
km491000 Won (1988) 1988 Olympics Table Tennis
km781000 Won (1993) Expo Mascot
new2000 Won (2012) EXPO 2012, Yeosu
km502000 Won (1986) Olympic Boxing
km512000 Won (1987) Tae Kwon Do
km522000 Won (1987) Wrestling
km532000 Won (1988) Weight Lifting
km882000 Won (2000) Millenium
km545000 Won (1986) Olympic Tiger Mascot
km555000 Won (1986) Olympic Tug of War
km605000 Won (1987) 1088 Olympics
km665000 Won (1987) Tai Kwon Do
km675000 Won (1987) Kondo
km715000 Won (1987) 1988 Olympics - Chegi kicking
km795000 Won (1993) Taejon Expo - Spinning
km805000 Won (1993) Taejon Expo - Folk musicians
km4010000 Won (1984) 200 years of Catholic Church in Korea
km6210000 Won (1987) Olympic Archery
km6310000 Won (1987) Olympic Volleyball
km7410000 Won (1988) Gymnast
km7510000 Won (1988) Equestrian jumping
km7610000 Won (1988) Olympic Cycling


kmx210 Dinars (2003) Deer
kmx725 Dinars (2006) grey partridge
kmx850 Dinars (2006) grey heron
kmx9100 Dinars (2006) red fox
kmx10250 Dinars (2006) lynx
kmx11500 Dinars (2006) wild goat
kmx121000 Dinars (2006) Mustafa Barzani
kmx132500 Dinars (2006) oil refinery


km165 Dinars (1981) 15th Century of Hijira


km351 Som (2008) Burana
km191 Som (2008) Tashrabat
km211 Som (2008) Uzgen Architecture Complex
km311 Som (2009) Sulayman Mountain
km331 Som (2009) Issykkul Lake
km3410 Som (2009) Issykkul Lake
km3100 Som (2000) 3000th Anniv. of OSH


km6110 Kip (1996) World Food Sumit
km7010 Kip (1999) Olympic Sailing
km591200 Kip (1995) FAO - Food for All


km541 Lats (2001) stork
km581 Lats (2003) ant
km611 Lats (2004) child with shovel
km671 Lats (2004) mushroom
km651 Lats (2005) Chicken
km661 Lats (2005) Pretzel
km731 Lats (2006) head wearing leaves
km741 Lats (2006) pinecone
km851 Lats (2007) Snowman
km861 Lats (2007) Owl Fibula
km921 Lats (2008) Water Lily
km1071 Lats (2008) Chimney Sweep
km1011 Lats (2009) Namejs Ring
km1061 Lats (2009) Fir Tree
km1081 Lats (2010) Toad
km1101 Lats (2010) Latvian ABC Book (copper-nickel)
km1111 Lats (2010) Latvian ABC book (silver)
km1171 Lats (2010) Horseshoe up
km1181 Lats (2010) Horseshoe down
km1191 Lats (2011) Beer stein
km1271 Lats (2011) Gingerbread heart
km1351 Lats (2012) Hedgehog
km1361 Lats (2012) Christmas Bells
km1421 Lats (2013) Kokle, folk instrument
new1 Lats (2014) Parity coin
km382 Lati (1999-2013) bimetalic with cow


km132.5 Piastres (nd) WWII issue
km291 Livre (1968) FAO
km321 Livre (1980) Lake Placid Olympics
km315 Livres (1978) FAO
km3510 Livres (1981) World Food Day


km185 Lisente (1979-1989) Aloe plant
km1910 Lisente (1979-1989) Angora goat
km2025 Lisente (1979-1989) woman waving baskets
km2150 Lisente (1979-1989) Horse and rider
km675 Maloti (1995) 50 years of United Nations
km2410 Maloti (1979) International Year of the Child
km4210 Maloti (1982) George Washington
x110 Maloti (1984) Field Hockey


km4745 Cents (2000) Dragon
km6185 Cents (2003) Chimpanzees
km981 Dollar (1993) Protoceratops
km1011 Dollar (1993) Nolan Ryan
km1091 Dollar (1993) Corythosaurus
km1121 Dollar (1993) Atchaeopteryx
unlisted1 Dollar (1993) Willy Brandt
km1151 Dollar (1994) Archaeopteryx
km1181 Dollar (1994) Gorillas
km1211 Dollar (1994) Pygmy Hippopotami
km1241 Dollar (1994) Trionyx Turtle
km1311 Dollar (1994) Babe Ruth
km131a1 Dollar (1994) Babe Ruth (gilt)
km1391 Dollar (1994) Damon Hill
km2481 Dollar (1994) Roberto Clemente
km2491 Dollar (1994) Reggie Jackson
km4111 Dollar (1994) Nelson Mandela
km1281 Dollar (1995) Star Trek, Kirk and Picard
km1331 Dollar (1995) Leopard
km1361 Dollar (1995) Storks
km1401 Dollar (1995) Winston Churchill
km1411 Dollar (1995) Franklin D. Roosevelt
km1421 Dollar (1995) George Patton
km1431 Dollar (1995) Harry S. Truman
km1441 Dollar (1995) Charles de Gaulle
km1581 Dollar (1995) Sun Yat-sen
km1611 Dollar (1995) Chiang Kai-shek
km1641 Dollar (1995) Cairo Conference
km1671 Dollar (1995) 375th Ann. Pilgrim Fathers, Mayflower
km1681 Dollar (1995) 375th Ann. Pilgrim Fathers, Thanksgiving
km1691 Dollar (1995) 375th Ann. Pilgrim Fathers, Cape Cod
km1701 Dollar (1995) 375th Ann. Pilgrim Fathers, Landing
km4121 Dollar (1995) 50yrs United Nations
km2071 Dollar (1996) Star Trek, Enterprise NCC-1701
km2101 Dollar (1996) Star Trek, Scott and McCoy
km2131 Dollar (1996) Star Trek, LaForge and Data
km2161 Dollar (1996) Star Trek, Spock and Uhura
km2191 Dollar (1996) Star Trek, Worf and Crusher
km2221 Dollar (1996) Grey Parrot
km2251 Dollar (1996) Love Birds
km2541 Dollar (1996) Mao Zedong
km2601 Dollar (1996) Mao Zedong and Nixon
km2631 Dollar (1996) Daniel Boone
km2661 Dollar (1996) Davy Crockett
km2691 Dollar (1996) Jim Bowie in Alamo
km2721 Dollar (1996) Kit Carson
km2751 Dollar (1996) Wild Bill Hickok
km2781 Dollar (1996) Buffalo Bill
km5691 Dollar (1996) Marine life
km2861 Dollar (1997) WWII-Evacuation of Dunkirk
km2881 Dollar (1997) WWII-Liberation of the Philippines
km2901 Dollar (1997) WWII-Defense of Stalingrad
km2921 Dollar (1997) WWII-Arnhem
km2941 Dollar (1997) WWII-Raid on the Dams
km2961 Dollar (1997) WWII-West African Campaign
km2981 Dollar (1997) WWII-North African Campaign
km3001 Dollar (1997) WWII-The Dieppe Raid
km3021 Dollar (1997) WWII-Iwo Jima
km3041 Dollar (1997) WWII-Battle of Britain
km3061 Dollar (1997) WWII-Liberation of Paris
km3081 Dollar (1997) WWII-Burma Campaign
km3101 Dollar (1997) Mahatma Gandhi
km3131 Dollar (1997) Return of Hong Kong, Dragon
km3201 Dollar (1997) 15th Ann. Kon-Tiki Expedition
km3241 Dollar (1997) Jurassic Park-Stegosaurus
km3271 Dollar (1997) Golden Wedding Ann.-E&P initials
km3301 Dollar (1997) Golden Wedding Ann.-couple with horse
km3331 Dollar (1997) Golden Wedding Ann.-couple with dogs
km3361 Dollar (1997) Golden Wedding Ann.-couple with children
km3681 Dollar (1997) Star Trek, Romulan Warbird
km3711 Dollar (1997) Star Trek, Klingon Attack Cruiser
km3741 Dollar (1997) Star Trek, Enterprise NCC-1701D
km3771 Dollar (1997) Star Trek, Klingon Bird of Prey
km3801 Dollar (1997) Star Trek, Borg Cube
km3831 Dollar (1997) Star Trek, Ferengi Marauder
km4261 Dollar (1997) Seated Panda eating
km5701 Dollar (1997) Marine life
km3861 Dollar (1998) Ronald Reagan
km4011 Dollar (1999) Cristopher Columbus
km4041 Dollar (1999) Captain Cook
km4071 Dollar (1999) Return of Macao to China
km4131 Dollar (1999) The Wedding of Prince Edward
km5711 Dollar (1999) Marine Life
km4421 Dollar (2000) Greenwich Meridian
km6121 Dollar (2000) Dragon
km6151 Dollar (2000) Dancing dragon
km472 Dollars (1983) World Fisheries Conference
km6442,5 Dollars (1999) Olympic games Sydney
km445 Dollars (1982,1985) Military Memorial
km3515 Dollars (1997) Chin. Astrology - two rats and pumpkin
km3525 Dollars (1997) Chin. Astrology - Ox
km3535 Dollars (1997) Chin. Astrology - Tiger
km3545 Dollars (1997) Chin. Astrology - Rabbits
km3555 Dollars (1997) Chin. Astrology - Dragon
km3565 Dollars (1997) Chin. Astrology - Snake
km3575 Dollars (1997) Chin. Astrology - Horse
km3585 Dollars (1997) Chin. Astrology - Goat
km3595 Dollars (1997) Chin. Astrology - Monkey
km3605 Dollars (1997) Chin. Astrology - Rooster
km3615 Dollars (1997) Chin. Astrology - Wrinkled Dog
km3625 Dollars (1997) Chin. Astrology - Pig
km4415 Dollars (1997) Polar Bear
km4455 Dollars (1997) Diana - In Memoriam
km4465 Dollars (1997) Diana - Lady Spencer
km4475 Dollars (1997) Diana - First TV Interview
km4485 Dollars (1997) Diana - Official Portrait
km4495 Dollars (1997) Diana - Wedding Day
km4505 Dollars (1997) Diana - Peoples Princess
km4515 Dollars (1997) Diana - Englands Rose
km4525 Dollars (1997) Diana - Queen of Hearts
km4535 Dollars (1997) Diana - Elegance
km4545 Dollars (1997) Diana - Birth of William
km4555 Dollars (1997) Diana - Christening of William
km4565 Dollars (1997) Diana - Birth of Harry
km4575 Dollars (1997) Diana - Loving Mother
km4585 Dollars (1997) Diana - Royal Family
km4595 Dollars (1997) Diana - Queen Elizabeth II
km4605 Dollars (1997) Diana - The Queen Mother
km4615 Dollars (1997) Diana - Visit to Wales
km4625 Dollars (1997) Diana - Australian Tour
km4635 Dollars (1997) Diana - Tour of Japan
km4645 Dollars (1997) Diana - Young Teacher
km4655 Dollars (1997) Diana - Charity
km4665 Dollars (1997) Diana - Compassion
km4675 Dollars (1997) Diana - Final Journey
km4965 Dollars (1997) Giraffe
km5785 Dollars (1997) Ox
km5795 Dollars (1997) Elephant
km5805 Dollars (1997) Lion
km5815 Dollars (1997) Rhinoceros
km5825 Dollars (1997) Zebra
km5835 Dollars (1997) Kangaroo
km6005 Dollars (1997) Tiger at rest
km3395 Dollars (1998) Tiger with three cubs
km3635 Dollars (1998) RMS Titanic
unlisted5 Dollars (1998) 10 yrs. Germany
km5935 Dollars (1999) John F. Kennedy
km4275 Dollars (2000) Millenium - Snake
km4285 Dollars (2000) Millenium - two rats and pumpkin
km4295 Dollars (2000) Millenium - Ox
km4305 Dollars (2000) Millenium - Tiger
km4315 Dollars (2000) Millenium - Horse
km4325 Dollars (2000) Millenium - Goat
km4335 Dollars (2000) Millenium - Monkey
km4345 Dollars (2000) Millenium - Rooster
km4355 Dollars (2000) Millenium - Dog
km4365 Dollars (2000) Millenium - Pig
km4375 Dollars (2000) Millenium - Rabbit
km4385 Dollars (2000) Millenium - Dragon
km5895 Dollars (2000) First Man on Moon
km6515 Dollars (2000) Pearl Harbor
km6525 Dollars (2000) Titanic sinking
km6955 Dollars (2000) The Mayflower Ship
km7235 Dollars (2000) Year of the Dragon
km7355 Dollars (2000) Olympic Games Sydney
km7785 Dollars (2000) Year of the Dragon
km7795 Dollars (2000) Year of the Dragon
km8055 Dollars (2000) Bald Eagle - multicolor
km8285 Dollars (2000) Battle at Gettysburg
unlisted5 Dollars (2000) Europe
unlisted5 Dollars (2000) Reunification of Germany
km8365 Dollars (2000) George Washington
km9125 Dollars (2000) John Adams
km8405 Dollars (2000) Thomas Jefferson
km9135 Dollars (2000) James Madison
km9145 Dollars (2000) James Monroe
km9155 Dollars (2000) John Quincy Adams
km9165 Dollars (2000) Andrew Jackson
km9175 Dollars (2000) Martin van Buren
km9185 Dollars (2000) William Henry Harrison
km9195 Dollars (2000) John Tyler
km9205 Dollars (2000) James K. Polk
km9215 Dollars (2000) Zachary Taylor
km9225 Dollars (2000) Millard Fillmore
km9235 Dollars (2000) Franklin Pierce
km9245 Dollars (2000) James Buchanan
km9255 Dollars (2000) Abraham Lincoln
km9265 Dollars (2000) Andrew Johnson
km9275 Dollars (2000) Ulysses S. Grant
km9285 Dollars (2000) Rutherford B. Hayes
km9295 Dollars (2000) James A. Garfield
km9305 Dollars (2000) Chester Arthur
km9315 Dollars (2000) Grover Cleveland
km9325 Dollars (2000) Benjamin Harrison
km9335 Dollars (2000) William McKinley
km9345 Dollars (2000) Theodore Roosevelt
km9355 Dollars (2000) William H. Taft
km9365 Dollars (2000) Woodrow Wilson
km9375 Dollars (2000) Warren G. Harding
km9385 Dollars (2000) Calvin Coolidge
km9395 Dollars (2000) Herbert Hoover
km9405 Dollars (2000) Franklin D. Roosevelt
km9415 Dollars (2000) Harry S. Truman
km9425 Dollars (2000) Dwight D. Eisenhower
km9435 Dollars (2000) John F. Kennedy
km9445 Dollars (2000) Lyndon B. Johnson
km9455 Dollars (2000) Richard Nixon
km9465 Dollars (2000) Gerald R. Ford
km9475 Dollars (2000) Jimmy Carter
km9485 Dollars (2000) Ronald Reagan
km9495 Dollars (2000) George Bush
km9505 Dollars (2000) Bill Clinton
km8375 Dollars (2000) George W. Bush
x635 Dollars (2000) The White House
unlisted5 Dollars (2000) First Presidential Oath
unlisted5 Dollars (2000) Statue of Liberty
km5685 Dollars (2001) Battle of Gettysburg
unlisted5 Dollars (2001) USS Nimitz
unlisted5 Dollars (2001) War in the Air
km6515 Dollars (2001) Japanese Zero over Pearl Harbor
unlisted5 Dollars (2001) Bombed Ship at Pearl Harbor
unlisted5 Dollars (2001) Fort Sumter
km8295 Dollars (2003) 12th Ann. Columbia Space Shuttle
unlisted5 Dollars (2003) Soccer 2006
km6645 Dollars (2005) Pope and Cathedral
km62210 Dollars (2000) Millennium
km53810 Dollars (2001) Battle of Marathon
km55310 Dollars (2001) Foundation of U.N.
km55710 Dollars (2001) French Revolution
km54910 Dollars (2001) Gandhi
km51310 Dollars (2001) Hungarian Revolution
km55510 Dollars (2001) Revolt of Spartacus
km55010 Dollars (2001) Spanish Civil War
unlisted10 Dollars (2001) Pope John Paul II
km80610 Dollars (2002) Americas Fight for Freedom
km80810 Dollars (2003) Ronald Reagan
km83010 Dollars (2004) George W. Bush
km73810 Dollars (2005) Death of Pope John-Paul II


km181 Dirham (1979) horse and rider
km195 Dirhams (1979) horse and rider
km2010 Dirhams (1979) horse and rider
km2120 Dirhams (1979) horse and rider
km2850 Dirhams (2009) Armored Equestrian
km29100 Dirhams (2009) Armored Equestrian


y2210 Franken (1990) Prince Hans Adam II


km1091 Litas (1997) 75 Yrs Central Bank
km1171 Litas (1999) The Historical Way of 3 Countries
km1371 Litas (2004) Vilniaus University
km1421 Litas (2005) Palace of Grand Dukes
km1621 Litas (2009) Vlinius - European Capital of Culture
km1721 Litas (2010) Battle of Grunwald
km1771 Litas (2011) Basketball Championship
new1 Litas (2013) Presidency of the EU council
km1832 Litai (2012) Birstonas Resort Town
km1842 Litai (2012) Druskininkai Resort Town
km1852 Litai (2012) Neringa Resort Town
km1862 Litai (2012) Palanga Resort Town
new2 Litai (2013) Puntukas
new2 Litai (2013) Kurenas
new2 Litai (2013) Stelmuze Oak
new2 Litai (2013) Verpste
new2 Litai (2013) Distaff
new2 Litai (2013) Kurenkahn
km8310 Litu (1936) Vytautas Magnus
km8410 Litu (1938) President Smetona
km9610 Litu (1994) International Song Fest
km9710 Litu (1995) 5th World Sport Games
km11510 Litu (1998) Vilnius
km11610 Litu (1999) Kaunas
km13110 Litu (2002) Klaipeda
new25 Litai (2013) Lithuanian Sjdis, colorized


km852 Euro (2004) Henri-Grand Duke
km872 Euro (2005) Henri and Adolphe
km882 Euro (2006) Grand Duke and son
km932 Euro (2007--) Relief map of Europe
km942 Euro (2007) Treaty of Rome
km952 Euro (2007) Grand Ducal Palace
km962 Euro (2008) Castle of Berg
km1062 Euro (2009) 90 yrs. Charlotte accession
km1072 Euro (2009) 10 yrs European Monetary Union
km1152 Euro (2010) Henry facing
km1162 Euro (2011) Jean of Luxembourg - Nassau
km1192 Euro (2012) 10 yrs. Euro Coinage
km1202 Euro (2012) Royal Wedding
km1212 Euro (2012) 100 yrs. Death of William IV
new2 Euro (2013) National Anthem
km8325 Euro (2002) Court of Justice


km23.21 Pataca (1982-1983) 9.0 grams
km972 Patacas (1998) Chinese Arch
km8310 Patacas (1997) Cathedral
km11710 Patacas (1999) Return of Macau to China


km150 Deni (1993) Flying Seagull
km21 Denar (1993--) Shar Planina Shepherd Dog
km51 Denar (1995) FAO brass
km5a1 Denar (1995) FAO cu-ni-zn
km91 Denar (2000) 2000 Years of Christianity
km9a1 Denar (2000) 2000 Years of Christianity (silver)
km9b1 Denar (2000) 2000 Years of Christianity (gold)
km271 Denar (2000) 2000 Years of Christianity, Mule of km2 and km9
km32 Denari (1993--) Ochrid Trout
km62 Denari (1995) FAO
km6a2 Denari (1995) FAO cu-ni-zn
km122 Denari (2000) Faculty of Economics in Skopje 50 yrs (gold)
km45 Denari (1993--) Lynx
km75 Denari (1995) FAO brass
km7a5 Denari (1995) FAO cu-ni-zn
new5 Denari (1998) Exodus from the Aegean (gold)
km1110 Denari (1999) Sts Cyril and Methodius University (gold)
km3110 Denari (2008) Peacock
km3250 Denari (2008) Gabriel Archangel
km2260 Denari (2004) ASNOM 60 yrs (gold)
km14100 Denari (2003) 100 years of Ilinden -Cherry tree cannon (silver)
km14a100 Denari (2003) 100 years of Ilinden -Cherry tree cannon (gold)
km15100 Denari (2003) 100 years of Ilinden -Goce Delcev (gold)
km16100 Denari (2003) 100 years of Ilinden -Pitu Guli (gold)
km17100 Denari (2003) 100 years of Ilinden -Jane Sandanski (gold)
km18100 Denari (2003) 100 years of Ilinden -Dame Gruev (gold)
km19100 Denari (2003) 100 years of Ilinden -Nikola Karev (gold)
km22100 Denari (2003) 100 years of Ilinden -Gorce Petrov (gold)
km23100 Denari (2003) 100 years of Ilinden -Krste Petkov Misirkov (gold)
km24100 Denari (2003) 100 years of Ilinden -Metodija Andonov Cento (gold)
km25100 Denari (2003) 100 years of Ilinden -Mihailo Apostolski (gold)
km26100 Denari (2003) 100 years of Ilinden -Blaze Koneski (gold)


km610 Francs (1953) FAO
km1110 Francs (1970-1989) FAO
km2810 Francs (2003) Monkey
km291 Ariary (2004) Steer
km302 Ariary (2003) Steer
km1420 Ariary (1978) FAO

Madeira Islands

km5100 Escudos (1981) Goncalvez Zarco


km241 Tambala (1995) Talapia fish
km252 Tambala (1995) Paradise Whydah bird
km265 Tambala (1995) Purple Heron
km32.15 Tambala (1995) without initials
km32.25 Tambala (2003) initials PV
km10.110 Tambaba (1971) Dr. Hastings Kamuzu Banda
km6650 Tambala (2004) Zebras
km595 Kwacha (2005) USS Coral Sea aircraft carrier
km625 Kwacha (2005) USSR Molotov
km635 Kwacha (2005) ship USS Missouri
km645 Kwacha (2005) ship UHMS Hood
km575 Kwacha (2006) workers
km3810 Kwacha (1999) Two runners
km6010 Kwacha (2004) multicolor zebra and colt
km6110 Kwacha (2004) multicolor leopard with cub
km8410 Kwacha (2004) multicolor elephant and calf
km8610 Kwacha (2004) multicolor lion and cub
km8910 Kwacha (2004) multicolor deer and fawn
km9010 Kwacha (2004) multicolor giraffe and her calf
pn1510 Kwacha (2004) multicolor pair of birds with chick
km8110 Kwacha (2005) Chevrotain
km8210 Kwacha (2005) Lemur
km8310 Kwacha (2005) Pygmy Hippo
km7110 Kwacha (2005) Tree Pangolin
km5810 Kwacha (2006) farm worker


km2015 Sen (2011--) geometric pattern
km20210 Sen (2011--) star-like geometric pattern
km20320 Sen (2011--) flowers on patterned background
km7725 Sen (2003) Sumatran Rhinocerus
km7825 Sen (2003) Asian Elephant
km7925 Sen (2003) Orangutan
km8025 Sen (2003) Sumatran Tiger
km8125 Sen (2003) Slow Loris Lemur
km8225 Sen (2003) Barking Deer
km8325 Sen (2003) Tapir
km8425 Sen (2003) Serow
km8525 Sen (2003) Sambar Deer
km8625 Sen (2003) Proboscis Monkey
km8725 Sen (2003) Gaur (wild bovine)
km8825 Sen (2003) Clouded Leopard
km8925 Sen (2004) Straw-headed Bulbul bird
km9025 Sen (2004) Great Argus bird
km9125 Sen (2004) Collared Kingfisher
km9225 Sen (2004) White-bellied Sea Eagle
km9325 Sen (2004) Asian Fairy Bluebird
km9425 Sen (2004) Rhinocerus Hornbill bird
km9525 Sen (2004) Nicobar Pigeon
km9625 Sen (2004) Crested Wood Partridge
km9725 Sen (2004) Black and Red Broadbill bird
km9825 Sen (2004) Green Imperial Pigeon
km9925 Sen (2004) Great Egret
km10025 Sen (2004) Brown Shrike
km10125 Sen (2006) Olive Ridley Turtle
km10225 Sen (2006) Leatherback Turtle
km10325 Sen (2006) Green Turtle
km10425 Sen (2006) Hawksbill Turtle
km10525 Sen (2006) Dugong Manatee
km10625 Sen (2006) Whale Shark
km10725 Sen (2006) Irrawady Dolphin
km10825 Sen (2006) Bottlenose Dolphin
km10925 Sen (2006) Siamese Crocodile
km11025 Sen (2006) Estuarine Crocodile
km11125 Sen (2006) Malayan Gharial
km11225 Sen (2006) Painted Terrapin Turtle
km20450 Sen (2011--) Vine on patterned circle
km121 Ringgit (1972) Kuala Lumpur
km131 Ringgit (1976) Employee Provident Fund
km161 Ringgit (1976) Third 5-Year Plan
km221 Ringgit (1977) SE Asian Games
km261 Ringgit (1977) Natural rubber production
km271 Ringgit (1979) Bank Negara
km281 Ringgit (1981) 15th Century of Hejira
km291 Ringgit (1981) Tunn Hussein Onn
km391 Ringgit (1986) 35th PATA Conference
km361 Ringgit (1986) 5th 5-Year Plan
km541 Ringgit - $1 type (1989-1993)
km641 Ringgit - Ringgit type (1993-1996)
km651 Ringgit (2000) Thomas-Uber Cup
km2051 Ringgit (2000) Pengisytiharan Bandaraya Shah Alam
km711 Ringgit (ND (2001) Sea Games XXI -Kuala Lumpur 2001
km741 Ringgit (ND 2002) Agong XII Coronation
km1741 Ringgit (ND 2003) LIMA 03-Langkawi Maritime, Aerospace
km1771 Ringgit (2003) 10th Islamic Conference
new1 Ringgit (2004) Tunku Adbul Rahman Putra Al-Haj
km1321 Ringgit (2005) Islamic Development Bank
new1 Ringgit (2005) Langkawi Exhibition (LIMA)
km1351 Ringgit (ND 2005) 11th Asean Summit
km1381 Ringgit (ND 2006) Songket- The Regal Heritage
km1411 Ringgit (ND 2006) 50 Ann Mara Technology University
km1471 Ringgit (ND 2006) 9th Malaysian Plan
km1621 Ringgit (ND 2007) 200 Years Police Force
km1821 Ringgit (ND 2007) Yang di-Pertuan Agong Coronation
km1911 Ringgit (ND 2008) 100th Ann St John Ambulance Malaysia
km1881 Ringgit (ND 2008) 50th Ann Royal Malaysian Air Force
km1971 Ringgit (ND 2009) 75th Ann Royal Malaysian Navy
km105 Ringgit (1971) Abdul Rahman Putra al-Haj
km475 Ringgit (1989) 15th Asian Games
km555 Ringgit (1989) Heads of State Meeting
km1710 Ringgit (1976) Third 5-Year Plan
km1915 Ringit (1976) Malaysian gaur
km3020 Ringgit (1981) Fourth 5-Year Plan
km2025 Ringgit (1976) rhinoceros hornbill
km6025 Ringgit (1990) 100 yrs. Kuala Lumpur

Maldive Islands

km681 Laari (1984,2002) palm tree
km695 Laari (1984) bonito fish
new5 Laari (2012) bonito fish - round
km7010 Laari (1984,2001) sailing ship
new10 Laari (2012) sailing ship - round
km555 Rufiyaa (1977) Bonito fish
km575 Rufiyaa (1978) FAO Spiny Lobster
km1005 Ruufiyaa (1998) Int.Year of the Reef
km5910 Rufiyaa (1979) Woman weaving
km59a10 Rufiyaa (1979) Woman weaving (silver)
km6210 Rufiyaa (1980) Girl making embroidery
km6120 Rufiyaa (1979) Year of the Child
km5825 Rufiyaa (1978) Sailing ship
xma125 Rufiyaa (1984) early sailing ship
km60100 Rufiyaa (1979) Woman making mats
km60a100 Rufiyaa (1979) FAO
km63100 Rufiyaa (1980) Coconut Palm
km98100 Rufiyaa (1998) Olympic Swimmer
km80250 Rufiyaa (1990) Olympic Swimmer and Diver


km110 Francs (1960) President Modibo Keita
km10100 Francs (1975) FAO
km171500 CFA Francs (2003) Gazelle and tree


km542 Mils (1982) 10 yrs. Of Decimalization
km553 Mils (1982) 10 yrs. Of Decimalization
km565 Mils (1982) 10 yrs. Of Decimalization
km571 Cent (1982) 10 yrs. Of Decimalization
km582 Cents (1982) 10 yrs. Of Decimalization
km595 Cents (1982) 10 yrs. Of Decimalization
km6010 Cents (1982) 10 yrs. Of Decimalization
km6125 Cents (1982) 10 yrs. Of Decimalization
km6250 Cents (1982) 10 yrs. Of Decimalization
km8150 Cents (1986) Tulliera plant
km131 Pound (1972) Manwel Dimech
km191 Pound (1973) Sir Temi Zammit
km451 Pound (1977) Ancient Maltese dog
km511 Pound (1979) Departure of foreign forces
km202 Pounds (1973) Tal-Imdina Gate
km522 Pounds (1982) World Food Day
km882 Liri (1989) Prime Minister Giorgio Borg Olivier
km1342 Euro (2009) Ten Years of European Monetary Union
km1442 Euro (2011) First Elected Representatives
km1392 Euro (2012) 10 yrs. Euro Coinage
km1452 Euro (2012) Majority Representation
new2 Euro (2013) Self-government 1921
new2 Euro (2014) 200 years Malta Police

Marshall Islands

km11/2 Dollar (1986) Pandanus Fruit
km2931 Dollar (1996) Lion (gold)
km2942-1/2 Dollars (1996) Lion (gold)
km65 Dollars (1988) Space Shuttle Discovery
km135 Dollars (1989) First Man on the Moon
km185 Dollars (1990) Battle of Britain
km335 Dollars (1990) Germany United
km385 Dollars (1990) Dwight David Eisenhower
km355 Dollars (1991) Heroes of Pearl Harbour
km375 Dollars (1991) Space Shuttle Columbia
km405 Dollars (1991) Heroes of Desert Storm
km495 Dollars (1991) P-40 Warhawk
km815 Dollars (1992) Reaching For New Horizons - Tipnol
km845 Dollars (1992) First Air Raid on Tokyo - Doolittle
km875 Dollars (1992) Heroes of Corregidor
km905 Dollars (1992) Heroes of Battle of Midway
km1105 Dollars (1993) Humpback Whales
km1185 Dollars (1993) Heroes of the North Atlantic
km1215 Dollars (1993) Heroes of Guadalcanal
km1245 Dollars (1993) Elvis Presley
km1265 Dollars (1993) Common Dolphin
km1445 Dollars (1993) Christmas 1993
km1485 Dollars (1993) Flight at Kitty Hawk
km1515 Dollars (1994) First Men on Moon
km1795 Dollars (1994) Heroes of D-Day
km1825 Dollars (1994) Heroes of the Philippines
km1875 Dollars (1994) World Cup Soccer
km2605 Dollars (1994) Christmas - Cherub
km2635 Dollars (1994) Heroes of the Battle of the Bulge
km1855 Dollars (1995) F-100 Super Sabre
km1865 Dollars (1995) F-16 Fighting Falcon
km2165 Dollars (1995) Peace - Victory in Europe
km2195 Dollars (1995) Heroes of the Vietnam War
km2225 Dollars (1995) Elvis Presley
km2255 Dollars (1995) War in the Pacific
km2535 Dollars (1995) Marilyn Monroe
km2575 Dollars (1995) Peace - 50th Anniversary UN
km2665 Dollars (1995) Peace - VJ Day
km2695 Dollars (1995) Mirace 2000C Jet Fighter
km2705 Dollars (1995) Tornado F.MK 3
km2715 Dollars (1995) Christmas - Cherub
unlisted5 Dollars (1995) JFK -Bear any Burden
unlisted5 Dollars (1995) JFK - Assure The Success of Liberty
unlisted5 Dollars (1995) JFK - Support Any Friend
unlisted5 Dollars (1995) JFK - Oppose any Foe
unlisted5 Dollars (1995) JFK - Meet Any Hardship
unlisted5 Dollars (1995) JFK - To A New Generation
unlisted5 Dollars (1995) MIR - Shuttle
km2805 Dollars (1996) Year of the Rat
km2885 Dollars (1996) Space Shuttle Columbia
km2955 Dollars (1996) Lion (gold)
km2975 Dollars (1996) Tiger
km3005 Dollars (1996) Elvis Presley
km3035 Dollars (1996) James Dean
km3085 Dollars (1996) Ford Quadricycle
km3115 Dollars (1996) Ford Model A
km3145 Dollars (1996) Ford Model T
km3175 Dollars (1996) Ford Thunderbird
km3205 Dollars (1996) Ford Mustang
km3235 Dollars (1996) Ford Taurus
km3305 Dollars (1996) Locomotive Pennsylvania K4
km3315 Dollars (1996) Locomotive Big Boy
km3445 Dollars (1996) Lion
km3455 Dollars (1996) Cheetah
km3465 Dollars (1996) Jaguar
km3535 Dollars (1996) Christmas - Two cherubs
km3625 Dollars (1997) Year of the Ox
km3645 Dollars (1997) Elvis Presley
km3695 Dollars (1997) The Last Supper
km3715 Dollars (1997) Heroes of the Korean War
km3745 Dollars (1997) Gray Wolf
km3955 Dollars (1997) F-80 Shooting Star
km3985 Dollars (1997) USS Constitution
km4035 Dollars (1997) Two cherubs
km4075 Dollars (1997) Sermon on the Mount
unlisted5 Dollars (1997) Diana - Princess of Wales
km4135 Dollars (1998) Year of the Tiger
km4635 Dollars (1998) USS Missouri
km4645 Dollars (1998) Heroes of the Berlin Airlift
km4665 Dollars (1998) Chevy Classic Six
km4685 Dollars (1998) Chevy Sport Roadster
km4705 Dollars (1998) Chevy Cameo Carrier
km4725 Dollars (1998) Chevy Bel Air
km4745 Dollars (1998) Chevy Corvette
km4765 Dollars (1998) Chevy Camaro
km4785 Dollars (1998) Babe Ruth
km4815 Dollars (1998) Christmas - Angel
km4845 Dollars (1998) John Glenn returns to space
km4865 Dollars (1998) USS United States
km4875 Dollars (1998) USS Monitor
km4885 Dollars (1998) USS Olympia
km4895 Dollars (1998) USS Fanning and USS Nicholson
km4905 Dollars (1998) USS Enterprise
km4915 Dollars (1998) USS New Jersey
km4925 Dollars (1998) USS Juneau
unlisted5 Dollars (1998) USS Louisville
km14710 Dollars (1988) Greg Louganis
km4110 Dollars (1991) Heroes of Desert Storm
km5910 Dollars (1991) P-51 Mustang
km6010 Dollars (1991) B-29 Superfortress
km6110 Dollars (1991) B-25 Mitchell
km6210 Dollars (1991) PBY Catalina
km6310 Dollars (1991) BF 109 Messerschmitt
km6410 Dollars (1991) Spitfire
km6510 Dollars (1991) A6M Reisen
km6610 Dollars (1991) F6F Hellcat
km6710 Dollars (1991) Yakovlev YAK-9 fighter
km6810 Dollars (1991) B-17 Flying Fortress
km6910 Dollars (1991) Hurricane
km7010 Dollars (1991) Mosquito
km7110 Dollars (1991) Lancaster
km7310 Dollars (1991) Heroes of Pearl Harbor
km9610 Dollars (1991) C-47 Skytrain
km9810 Dollars (1991) F4U Corsair
km10110 Dollars (1991) P-38 Lightning
km10310 Dollars (1991) G4M Bomber
km10710 Dollars (1991) KI-61 Hien
km10910 Dollars (1991) Dewoitine D.520 fighter
km12510 Dollars (1991) Focke-Wulf Fw 190 fighter
km13110 Dollars (1991) B-24 Liberator
km14010 Dollars (1991) S.M. 79 Sparviero
km14110 Dollars (1991) Heinkel HE 111 aircraft
km14210 Dollars (1991) IL-2 Shturmovik
km8210 Dollars (1992) Reaching for the New World
km8510 Dollars (1992) Heroes of the Raid on Tokyo
km8810 Dollars (1992) Heroes of Corregidor
km9110 Dollars (1992) Heroes of Battle of Midway
km11910 Dollars (1993) Heroes of the North Atlantic
km12210 Dollars (1993) Heroes of Guadalcanal
km12710 Dollars (1993) Common Dolphin
km12910 Dollars (1993) Elvis Presley
km13210 Dollars (1993) Humpback Whale
km13310 Dollars (1993) Risso Dolphin
km13410 Dollars (1993) Beluga Whale
km13510 Dollars (1993) Hector Dolphin
km13610 Dollars (1993) Blue Whale
km13710 Dollars (1993) Bottlenose Dolphin
km13810 Dollars (1993) Killer Whale
km13910 Dollars (1993) Baiji Dolphin
km14510 Dollars (1993) Christmas
km14910 Dollars (1993) Flight at Kitty Hawk
km40810 Dollars (1993) Indo-Pacific Humpbacked Dolphin
km40910 Dollars (1993) Long-Snouted Spinner Dolphin
km41010 Dollars (1993) Sperm Whale
km41110 Dollars (1993) Minke Whale
km15210 Dollars (1994) First Men on the Moon
km15510 Dollars (1994) Earth
km15610 Dollars (1994) The Sun
km15710 Dollars (1994) The Moon
km15810 Dollars (1994) Pluto
km15910 Dollars (1994) Mercury
km16010 Dollars (1994) Venus
km16110 Dollars (1994) Mars
km16210 Dollars (1994) Saturn
km16310 Dollars (1994) Jupiter
km16410 Dollars (1994) Uranus
km16510 Dollars (1994) Neptune
km16610 Dollars (1994) The Solar System
km18010 Dollars (1994) Heroes of D-Day
km18310 Dollars (1994) Heroes of the Philippines
km18810 Dollars (1994) World Cup Soccer
km26110 Dollars (1994) Christmas - Cherub
km26410 Dollars (1994) Heroes of the Battle of the Bulge
km21710 Dollars (1995) Peace - Victory in Europe
km22010 Dollars (1995) Heroes of the Vietnam War
km22310 Dollars (1995) Elvis Presley
km22610 Dollars (1995) Heroes of the War in the Pacific
km22810 Dollars (1995) F-14 Tomcat
km22910 Dollars (1995) F-16 Fighting Falcon
km23010 Dollars (1995) Me 262-1a Schwalbe
km23110 Dollars (1995) F-104 Starfighter
km23210 Dollars (1995) Mirage 2000C
km23310 Dollars (1995) F-4 Phantom II
km23410 Dollars (1995) Sea Harrier
km23510 Dollars (1995) F-117 Nighthawk
km23610 Dollars (1995) F-100 Super Sabre
km23710 Dollars (1995) F-86 Sabre
km23810 Dollars (1995) Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-15 fighter
km23910 Dollars (1995) FIAT-G91Y fighter-bomber
km24110 Dollars (1995) Meteor FMK8
km24210 Dollars (1995) F-105 Thunderchief
km24310 Dollars (1995) Tornado FMK3
km25410 Dollars (1995) Marilyn Monroe
km25810 Dollars (1995) Peace - 50th Anniversary UN
km26710 Dollars (1995) Peace - VJ Day
km27210 Dollars (1995) Christmas - Cherub
km28210 Dollars (1995) JFK -Bear any Burden
km28310 Dollars (1995) JFK - Assure The Success of Liberty
km28410 Dollars (1995) JFK - Support Any Friend
km28510 Dollars (1995) JFK - Oppose any Foe
km28610 Dollars (1995) JFK - Meet Any Hardship
km28710 Dollars (1995) JFK - To A New Generation
km39610 Dollars (1995) F-16 Fighting Falcon
unlisted10 Dollars (1995) F-102A Delta Dagger
unlisted10 Dollars (1995) F8U Crusader
unlisted10 Dollars (1995) Sukhoi SU-27UB
unlisted10 Dollars (1995) SAAB JA 37 Viggen
unlisted10 Dollars (1995) MiG - 21MF Turbojet
unlisted10 Dollars (1995) F9F-2 Panther
unlisted10 Dollars (1995) F-80 Shooting Star
unlisted10 Dollars (1995) Mirage F1C
km24010 Dollars (1996) Saab J35 Draken
km28910 Dollars (1996) Space Shuttle Columbia
km29810 Dollars (1996) Tiger
km30110 Dollars (1996) Elvis Presley
km30410 Dollars (1996) James Dean
km30610 Dollars (1996) Locomotive Pennsylvania K4
km30710 Dollars (1996) Locomotive Big Boy
km30910 Dollars (1996) Ford Quadricycle
km31210 Dollars (1996) Ford Model A
km31510 Dollars (1996) Ford Model T
km31810 Dollars (1996) Ford Thunderbird
km32110 Dollars (1996) Ford Mustang
km32410 Dollars (1996) Ford Taurus
km32610 Dollars (1996) Locomotive Mallard
km33610 Dollars (1996) Space Shuttle Challenger
km33710 Dollars (1996) Space Shuttle Discovery
km33810 Dollars (1996) Space Shuttle Atlantis
km33910 Dollars (1996) Space Shuttle Endeavor
km34710 Dollars (1996) Lion
km34810 Dollars (1996) Cheetah
km34910 Dollars (1996) Jaguar
km35410 Dollars (1996) Christmas - Two cherubs
km35610 Dollars (1996) Locomotive DB Class 01
km35910 Dollars (1996) Locomotive Renfe Class 242
km36110 Dollars (1996) Locomotive FS Group 691
km36810 Dollars (1996) Locomotive SNCF 232.U1
km37810 Dollars (1996) Locomotice SAR 520 Class
km37910 Dollars (1996) Locomotive Evening Star
km39310 Dollars (1996) Locomotive QJ Advance Forward
km39410 Dollars (1996) Locomotive Royal Hudson
km40210 Dollars (1996) Locomotive C62 Swallow
unlisted10 Dollars (1996) F-15 Eagle
km36510 Dollars (1997) Elvis Presley
km37210 Dollars (1997) Heroes of the Korean War
km38110 Dollars (1997) Apostle Andrew
km38210 Dollars (1997) Apostle Bartholomew
km38310 Dollars (1997) Apostle James The Greater
km38410 Dollars (1997) Apostle James The Lesser
km38510 Dollars (1997) Apostle John
km38610 Dollars (1997) Apostle Paul
km38710 Dollars (1997) Apostle Matthew
km38810 Dollars (1997) Apostle Peter
km38910 Dollars (1997) Apostle Philip
km39010 Dollars (1997) Apostle Simon
km39110 Dollars (1997) Apostle Thaddaeus
km39210 Dollars (1997) Apostle Thomas
km40010 Dollars (1997) Deng Xiaoping
km40410 Dollars (1997) Christmas - two cherubs
km40610 Dollars (1997) Elephant
km41510 Dollars (1998) Viking Longship
km41710 Dollars (1998) Greek Trireme
km41910 Dollars (1998) Roman Trireme
km42110 Dollars (1998) Chinese Ming Treasure Ship
km42310 Dollars (1998) Korean Turtle Ship
km42510 Dollars (1998) Fijar War Cance
km42710 Dollars (1998) The Bismarck
km42910 Dollars (1998) The Graf Spee
km43110 Dollars (1998) The Yamato
km43310 Dollars (1998) HMS Victory
km43510 Dollars (1998) HMS Mary Rose
km43710 Dollars (1998) HMS Dreadnought
km43910 Dollars (1998) HMS Dorsetshire
km44110 Dollars (1998) Nuestra Senora del Rosario
km44310 Dollars (1998) Santisima Trinidad
km44510 Dollars (1998) USS Bonhomme Richard
km44710 Dollars (1998) USS Constellation
km44910 Dollars (1998) USS Hartford
km45110 Dollars (1998) USS Hornet
km45310 Dollars (1998) USS Missouri
km45510 Dollars (1998) USS Tautog
km45710 Dollars (1998) Brederode
km45910 Dollars (1998) Ville de Paris
km46110 Dollars (1998) Galera Veneziana
km47910 Dollars (1998) Babe Ruth
km48210 Dollars (1998) Christmas
km320 Dollars (1986) Sun (gold)
km15320 Dollars (1994) First men on the Moon
km18920 Dollars (1994) World Cup Soccer
km25520 Dollars (1995) Marilyn Monroe
km40120 Dollars (1997) Deng Xiaoping
km2025 Dollars (1988) Greg Louganis - Back dive
km21 25 Dollars (1988) Greg Louganis - Twister
km2225 Dollars (1988) Greg Louganis - Jackknife
km450 Dollars (1986) Coconut (gold)
km750 Dollars (1989) First American in Earth Orbit
km850 Dollars (1989) First Man on the Moon
km950 Dollars (1989) First American Space Station
km1050 Dollars (1989) First International Joint Space Flight
km1150 Dollars (1989) First Space Shuttle Flight
km1250 Dollars (1989) Launch of Space Shuttle Discovery
km1450 Dollars (1989) 20th ann. First Men on the Moon
km1550 Dollars (1989) First American Space Walk
km2350 Dollars (1989) First Docking in Space
km2450 Dollars (1989) First Man-made Satellite
km2550 Dollars (1989) First Man in Space
km2650 Dollars (1989) First Woman in Space
km2750 Dollars (1989) First Rendezvous in Space
km2850 Dollars (1989) First Space Walk
km2950 Dollars (1989) First Soft Landing on the Moon
km3050 Dollars (1989) First Probe of Venus
km3150 Dollars (1989) First Manned Orbit of the Moon
km3250 Dollars (1989) First Space Station Crew
km5050 Dollars (1989) First Manned Lunar Vehicle
km5150 Dollars (1989) First American Satellite
km5250 Dollars (1989) First Liquid Fuel Rocket Launch
km5350 Dollars (1989) First Untethered Space Walk
km5450 Dollars (1989) First Landing on Mars
km5550 Dollars (1989) First Flyby of Saturn
km5650 Dollars (1989) First Probe Beyond the Solar System
km5750 Dollars (1989) First Flyby of Jupiter
km1950 Dollars (1990) Battle of Britain
km3450 Dollars (1990) Germany United
km3650 Dollars (1991) Heroes of Pearl Harbour
km3950 Dollars (1990) Dwight David Eisenhower
km4250 Dollars (1991) Heroes of Desert Storm
km4350 Dollars (1991) P-51 Mustang
km4450 Dollars (1991) B-29 Superfortress
km4550 Dollars (1991) BF 109 Messerschmitt
km4650 Dollars (1991) Spitfire
km4750 Dollars (1991) PBY Catalina
km4850 Dollars (1991) A6M Reisen
km5850 Dollars (1991) P-40 Warhawk
km7250 Dollars (1991) Space Shuttle Columbia
km7450 Dollars (1991) Hurricane
km7550 Dollars (1991) Mosquito
km7650 Dollars (1991) B-24 Liberator
km7750 Dollars (1991) B-25 Mitchell
km7850 Dollars (1991) C-47 Skytrain
km7950 Dollars (1991) B-17 Flying Fortress
km8050 Dollars (1991) F4U Corsair
km9350 Dollars (1991) P-38 Lightning
km9450 Dollars (1991) F6F Hellcat
km9550 Dollars (1991) G4M Bomber
km9750 Dollars (1991) YAK-9
km9950 Dollars (1991) KI-61 Hien
km10050 Dollars (1991) D.520
km10250 Dollars (1991) FW 190
km10450 Dollars (1991) Lancaster
km10550 Dollars (1991) S.M. 79 Sparviero
km10650 Dollars (1991) HE 111
km10750 Dollars (1991) IL-2 Shturmovik
km8350 Dollars (1992) Reaching for the Stars
km8650 Dollars (1992) First Air Raid on Tokyo - Doolittle
km8950 Dollars (1992) Heroes of Corregidor
km9250 Dollars (1992) Heroes of Battle of Midway
km11150 Dollars (1993) Humpback Whales
km11250 Dollars (1993) Risso Dolphin
km11350 Dollars (1993) Beluga Whale
km11450 Dollars (1993) Hector Dolphin
km11550 Dollars (1993) Blue Whale
km11650 Dollars (1993) Baiji Dolphin
km11750 Dollars (1993) Killer Whale
km12050 Dollars (1993) Heroes of the North Atlantic
km12350 Dollars (1993) Heroes of Guadalcanal
km12850 Dollars (1993) Common Dolphin
km13050 Dollars (1993) Elvis Presley
km14650 Dollars (1993) Christmas 1993
km15050 Dollars (1993) Flight at Kitty Hawk
km49350 Dollars (1993) Indo-Pacific Humpbacked Dolphin
km49450 Dollars (1993) Minke Whale
km49550 Dollars (1993) Long-Snouted Spinner Dolphin
km15450 Dollars (1994) First Men on Moon
km16750 Dollars (1994) Earth
km16850 Dollars (1994) The Sun
km16950 Dollars (1994) The Moon
km17050 Dollars (1994) Pluto
km17150 Dollars (1994) Mercury
km17250 Dollars (1994) Venus
km17350 Dollars (1994) Mars
km17450 Dollars (1994) Saturn
km17550 Dollars (1994) Jupiter
km17650 Dollars (1994) Uranus
km17750 Dollars (1994) Neptune
km17850 Dollars (1994) The Solar System
km18150 Dollars (1994) Heroes of D-Day
km18450 Dollars (1994) Heroes of the Philippines
km19050 Dollars (1994) World Cup Soccer
km26250 Dollars (1994) Christmas - Cherub
km26550 Dollars (1994) Heroes of the Battle of the Bulge
km19150 Dollars (1995) F-4 Phantom II
km19250 Dollars (1995) F-100 Super Sabre
km19350 Dollars (1995) Mirage 2000C
km19450 Dollars (1995) F-14 Tomcat
km19550 Dollars (1995) F-86 Sabre
km19650 Dollars (1995) Mig-15
km19750 Dollars (1995) G91R fighter
km19850 Dollars (1995) Saab J35 Draken
km19950 Dollars (1995) Meteor FMK8
km20050 Dollars (1995) F-105 Thunderchief
km20150 Dollars (1995) Tornado FMK3
km20250 Dollars (1995) F-16 Fighting Falcon
km20350 Dollars (1995) Me 262-1a Schwalbe
km20450 Dollars (1995) Sea Harrier
km20550 Dollars (1995) F-117 Nighthawk
km20650 Dollars (1995) Mig-21MF
km20750 Dollars (1995) F-104 Starfighter
km20850 Dollars (1995) Sukhoi SU-27UB
km20950 Dollars (1995) F80 Shooting Star
km21050 Dollars (1995) Saab JA 37 Viggen
km21150 Dollars (1995) F8U Crusader
km21250 Dollars (1995) Fiat G91Y
km21350 Dollars (1995) Mirage F1C
km21450 Dollars (1995) F-15 Eagle
km21550 Dollars (1995) F9F-2 Panther
km21850 Dollars (1995) Peace - Victory in Europe
km22150 Dollars (1995) Heroes of the Vietnam War
km22450 Dollars (1995) Elvis Presley
km22750 Dollars (1995) War in the Pacific
km25650 Dollars (1995) Marilyn Monroe
km25950 Dollars (1995) Peace - 50th Anniversary UN
km26850 Dollars (1995) Peace - VJ Day
km27350 Dollars (1995) Christmas - Cherub
km27450 Dollars (1995) JFK -Bear any Burden
km27550 Dollars (1995) JFK - Assure The Success of Liberty
km27650 Dollars (1995) JFK - Support Any Friend
km27750 Dollars (1995) JFK - Oppose any Foe
km27850 Dollars (1995) JFK - Meet Any Hardship
km27950 Dollars (1995) JFK - To A New Generation
km36750 Dollars (1995) F-102A Delta Dagger
km39750 Dollars (1995) F-52 Stratofortress
km28150 Dollars (1996) Year of the Rat
km29050 Dollars (1996) Space Shuttle Columbia
km29150 Dollars (1996) Locomotive Pennsylvania K4
km29250 Dollars (1996) Locomotive Big Boy
km29650 Dollars (1996) Locomotive Mallard
km29950 Dollars (1996) Tiger
km30250 Dollars (1996) Elvis Presley
km30550 Dollars (1996) James Dean
km31050 Dollars (1996) Ford Quadricycle
km31350 Dollars (1996) Ford Model A
km31650 Dollars (1996) Ford Model T
km31950 Dollars (1996) Ford Thunderbird
km32250 Dollars (1996) Ford Mustang
km32550 Dollars (1996) Ford Taurus
km32750 Dollars (1996) Locomotive DB Class 01
km32850 Dollars (1996) Locomotive Renfe Class 242
km32950 Dollars (1996) Locomotive FS Group 691
km34050 Dollars (1996) Space Shuttle Challenger
km34150 Dollars (1996) Space Shuttle Discovery
km34250 Dollars (1996) Space Shuttle Atlantis
km34350 Dollars (1996) Space Shuttle Endeavor
km35050 Dollars (1996) Lion
km35150 Dollars (1996) Cheetah
km35250 Dollars (1996) Jaguar
km35550 Dollars (1996) Christmas - Two cherubs
km35750 Dollars (1996) Locomotive SNCF 232.U1
km35850 Dollars (1996) Locomotice SAR 520 Class
km36050 Dollars (1996) Locomotive Evening Star
km37650 Dollars (1996) Locomotive C62 Swallow
km37750 Dollars (1996) Locomotive QJ Advance Forward
km38050 Dollars (1996) Locomotive Royal Hudson
km36350 Dollars (1997) Year of the Ox
km36650 Dollars (1997) Elvis Presley
km37050 Dollars (1997) The last supper
km37350 Dollars (1997) Heroes of the Korean War
km37550 Dollars (1997) Gray Wolf
km39950 Dollars (1997) USS Constitution
km40550 Dollars (1997) Christmas - Two cherubs
unlisted50 Dollars (1997) Diana - Princess of Wales
km41450 Dollars (1998) Year of the Tiger
km41650 Dollars (1998) Viking Longship
km41850 Dollars (1998) Greek Trireme
km42050 Dollars (1998) Roman Trireme
km42250 Dollars (1998) Chinese Ming Treasure Ship
km42450 Dollars (1998) Korean Turtle Ship
km42650 Dollars (1998) Fijar War Cance
km42850 Dollars (1998) The Bismarck
km43050 Dollars (1998) The Graf Spee
km43250 Dollars (1998) The Yamato
km43450 Dollars (1998) HMS Victory
km43650 Dollars (1998) HMS Mary Rose
km43850 Dollars (1998) HMS Dreadnought
km44050 Dollars (1998) HMS Dorsetshire
km44250 Dollars (1998) Nuestra Senora del Rosario
km44450 Dollars (1998) Santisima Trinidad
km44650 Dollars (1998) USS Bonhomme Richard
km44850 Dollars (1998) USS Constellation
km45050 Dollars (1998) USS Hartford
km45250 Dollars (1998) USS Hornet
km45450 Dollars (1998) USS Missouri
km45650 Dollars (1998) USS Tautog
km45850 Dollars (1998) Brederode
km46050 Dollars (1998) Ville de Paris
km46250 Dollars (1998) Galera Veneziana
km46550 Dollars (1998) Heroes of the Berlin Airlift
km46750 Dollars (1998) Chevy Classic Six
km46950 Dollars (1998) Chevy Sport Roadster
km47150 Dollars (1998) Chevy Cameo Carrier
km47350 Dollars (1998) Chevy Bel Air
km47550 Dollars (1998) Chevy Corvette
km47750 Dollars (1998) Chevy Camaro
km48050 Dollars (1998) Babe Ruth
km48350 Dollars (1998) Christmas
km48550 Dollars (1998) John Glenn returns to space
km1675 Dollars (1988) Greg Louganis
km17100 Dollars (1988) Greg Louganis (gold)
km5200 Dollars (1986) Stick Chart (gold)

Maui, Hawaii

n/a1992 Trade Dollar - whale
n/a1993 Trade Dollar - whale and calf
n/a1994 Trade Dollar - dolphins
n/a1995 Trade Dollar - marine life
n/a1996 Trade Dollar - parrot
n/a1997 Trade Dollar - whales
n/a1998 Trade Dollar - whale and turtle
n/a1999 Trade Dollar - nene birds
n/a2000 Trade Dollar - dolphins
n/a2001 Trade Dollar - whale
n/a2002 Trade Dollar - whales
n/a2003 Trade Dollar - dolphin and sea lion
n/a2004 Trade Dollar - turtle and triggerfish
n/a2005 Trade Dollar - Eagle rays
n/a2006 Trade Dollar - whale
n/a2007 Trade Dollar - dolphin and trees
n/a2008 Trade Two Dollars - whale and hula dancer
n/a2009 Trade Two Dollars - whales and island
n/a2010 Trade Two Dollars - Honeycreeper bird and Papaya tree
n/a2011 Trade Two Dollars - Lionfish
n/a2012 Trade Two Dollars - Humpback Whale
n/a2013 Trade Two Dollars - Swordfish


km820 Ouguiya (2009,2010) Bi-metallic
km950 Ouguiya (2010) Bi-metallic
x1.1500 Ouguiya (1984) runners


km3810 Rupees (1971) Dodo bird
km4025 Rupees (1975) Butterfly on flowers
km43a25 Rupees (1977) Harvesting Sugar Cane
km4150 Rupees (1975) Mauritius Kestrel

Mexico - Chihuahua

km6135 Centavos (1914-1915) Constitutionalist Army

Mexico - Guerrero Atlixtac

km64510 Centavos (1915) Revolutionary Coinage

Mexico - Jalisco

km221 Peso (1935) issued by the Cristeros

Mexico - Oaxaca

km7185 Centavos (1915) short unfinished lapels
km7215 Centavos (1915) short curved truncation

Mexico - Puebla

km75720 Centavos (1915) Chiconcuautla

Mexican Republic

km3631/4 Reale (1847-1866) Libre y Soberano de Sinaloa
km2348 Reales (1811-1814) Insurgent Coinage
km4091 Peso (1898-1909) Liberty Cap


km4255 Centavos (1950) White Josefa
km44220 Centavos (1974-1983) Madero
km49250 Centavos - Palenque Culture (1983)
km4531 Peso (1910-1914) Caballito
km4581 Peso (1957) 100 yrs. of Constitution
km5721 New Peso (1994) Chaac Mool
km5682 New Pesos (1993) Bajorrelieve De El Tajin
km4655 Pesos (1947-1948) Cuauhtemoc
km4665 Pesos (1950) Southern Railroad
km4685 Pesos (1953) 200 yrs. Hidalgos birth
km4705 Pesos (1957) 100 yrs. of Constitution
km4715 Pesos (1959) Carranzas birth
km4725 Pesos (1971-1978) Vicente Guerrero
km4855 Pesos (1980-1985) Quetzalcoatl
km8945 Pesos (2008) Ignacio Lopez Rayon
km8955 Pesos (2008) Alvaro Obregon
km8965 Pesos (2008) Carlos Maria De Bustamante
km8975 Pesos (2008) Jose Vasconcelos
km8985 Pesos (2008) Francisco Xavier Mina
km8995 Pesos (2008) Francisco Villa
km9005 Pesos (2008) Francisco Verdad Y Ramos
km9015 Pesos (2008) Heriberto Jara
km9025 Pesos (2008) Mariano Matamoros
km9035 Pesos (2008) Ricardo Flores Magon
km9045 Pesos (2008) Miguel Ramos Arizpe
km9055 Pesos (2008) Francisco J. Mugica
km9065 Pesos (2008) Hermenegildo Galeana
km9075 Pesos (2009) Filomeno Mata
km9085 Pesos (2009) Jose Maria Cos
km9095 Pesos (2009) Carmen Serdan
km9105 Pesos (2009) Pedro Moreno
km9115 Pesos (2009) Andres Molina Enriquez
km9125 Pesos (2009) Agustin de Iturbide
km9135 Pesos (2009) Luis Cabrera
km9145 Pesos (2009) Nicolas Bravo
km9155 Pesos (2009) Eulalio Gutierrez
km9165 Pesos (2009) Servando Teresa de Mier
km9175 Pesos (2009) Otilio Montano
km9185 Pesos (2009) Belisario Dominguez
km9195 Pesos (2009) Leona Vicario
km9205 Pesos (2010) Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla
km9225 Pesos (2010) Francisco I. Madero
km9235 Pesos (2010) Jose Maria Morelos y Pavon
km9245 Pesos (2010) Emiliano Zapata
km9255 Pesos (2010) Vicente Guerrero
km9265 Pesos (2010) Venustiano Carranza
km9275 Pesos (2010) Ignacio Allende
km9285 Pesos (2010) Soldadera
km9295 Pesos (2010) Guadalupe Victoria
km9305 Pesos (2010) Jose Maria Pino Suarez
km9315 Pesos (2010) Josefa Ortiz de Dominguez
km47410 Pesos (1955-1956) Miguel Hidalgo
km47510 Pesos (1957) 100 yrs. of Constitution
km477.110 Pesos (1974-1977) Miguel Hidalgo
km477.210 Pesos (1978-1985) thick flan
km51210 Pesos (1985-1990) Miguel Hidalgo
km55310 New Pesos (1992-1995) Tonatiuh Aztec Sun
km95610 Pesos (2012) Battle of Puebla
km48620 Pesos (1980-1984) Mayan Culture
km50820 Pesos (1985-1990) Guadalupe Victoria
km63820 Pesos (2000,2001) Octavio Paz
km63720 Pesos (2001) Xiuhtecuhtli
new20 Pesos (2010) Nobel Prize for Literature
new20 Pesos (2013) 100 yrs. Mexican Army
km479.125 Pesos (1968) XIX Olympics in Mexico
km48025 Pesos (1972) Benito Juarez
km49725 Pesos (1985) World Cup Soccer Games Mexico 1986
km50325 Pesos (1985) World Cup Soccer
km55425 Pesos (1992) Eagle Warior
km49050 Pesos (1982-1984) Coyolxauhqui - Mayor Temple
km49550 Pesos (1984-1988) Benito Juarez
km49850 Pesos (1985) World Cup Soccer Games Mexico 1986
km57150 Pesos (2010) Ninos Heroes
km483.2100 Pesos (1977-1979) Jose Maria Morelos y Pavon
km493100 Pesos (1984-1992) Venustiano Carranza
km499100 Pesos (1985) World Cup Soccer Games Mexico 1986
km556100 Pesos (1992) Eagle warrior

Mexico 1st State Set

km721100 Pesos (2005) Aguascalientes
km723100 Pesos (2005) Baja California
km725100 Pesos (2005) Baja California Sur
km727100 Pesos (2005) Campeche
km712100 Pesos (2005) Chiapas
km754100 Pesos (2005) Chihuahua
km752100 Pesos (2005) Coahuila
km729100 Pesos (2005) Colima
km714100 Pesos (2005) Durango
km715100 Pesos (2005) Guanajuato
km716100 Pesos (2005) Guerrero
km717100 Pesos (2005) Hidalgo
km750100 Pesos (2004) Jalisco
km748100 Pesos (2004) Mexico
km804100 Pesos (2004) Michoacan
km746100 Pesos (2004) Morelos
km744100 Pesos (2004) Nayarit
km742100 Pesos (2004) Nuevo Leon
km740100 Pesos (2004) Oaxaca
km738100 Pesos (2004) Puebla
km734100 Pesos (2004) Queretaro
km736100 Pesos (2004) Quintana Roo
km803100 Pesos (2004) San Luis Potosi
km695100 Pesos (2004) Sinaloa
km694100 Pesos (2004) Sonora
km693100 Pesos (2004) Tabasco
km692100 Pesos (2004) Tamaulipas
km691100 Pesos (2003) Tlaxcala
km690100 Pesos (2003) Veracruz
km689100 Pesos (2003) Yucatan
km688100 Pesos (2003) Zacatecas
km713100 Pesos (2005) Federal District


km705100 Pesos (2005) Don Quijote
km731100 Pesos (2005) Mexico City Mint

Mexico 2nd State Set

km719100 Pesos (2005) Aguascalientes
km758100 Pesos (2005) Baja California
km762100 Pesos (2006) Baja California Sur
km760100 Pesos (2006) Campeche
km773100 Pesos (2006) Chiapas
km775100 Pesos (2006) Chihuahua
km781100 Pesos (2006) Coahuila
km777100 Pesos (2006) Colima
km787100 Pesos (2006) Durango
km789100 Pesos (2006) Guanajuato
km791100 Pesos (2006) Guerrero
km793100 Pesos (2006) Hidalgo
km795100 Pesos (2006) Jalisco
km802100 Pesos (2006) Mexico
km785100 Pesos (2006) Michoacan
km800100 Pesos (2006) Morelos
km798100 Pesos (2007) km798 Nayarit
km848100 Pesos (2007) km848 Nuevo Leon
km849100 Pesos (2007) km849 Oaxaca
km850100 Pesos (2007) km850 Puebla
km852100 Pesos (2007) km852 Queretaro
km851100 Pesos (2007) km851 Quintana Roo
km853100 Pesos (2007) km853 San Luis Potosi
km854100 Pesos (2007) km854 Sinaloa
km855100 Pesos (2007) km855 Sonora
km856100 Pesos (2007) km856 Tabasco
km857100 Pesos (2007) km857 Tamaulipas
km858100 Pesos (2007) km858 Tlaxcala
km859100 Pesos (2007) km859 Veracruz
km860100 Pesos (2007) km860 Yucatan
km861100 Pesos (2007) km861 Zacatecas
km779100 Pesos (2006) Federal District


km510200 Pesos (1985) 75th Anniv. of Revolution
km525200 Pesos (1986) Soccer World Cup
km5361000 Pesos (1988-1992) Sor Juana Ines de la Cruz
km5315000 Pesos (1988) Oil Industry
km6121/2 Onza (1996-2010) Winged Victory
kmM491 Onza (1978-1980) Coin Press and Scales
km4941 Onza (1982-1991) Libertad
km6391 Onza (2001--) Libertad


new1 Cent (2012) Chuuk Flying Fox
new5 Cents (2012) Moorish Idol fish
new1 Dime (2012) Rufous Night Heron
new25 Cents (2012) Yellowfin Tuna
new1/2 Dollar (2012) Proa of Satawal
x11 Dollar (2004) President Urusemal
new1 Dollar (2012) Manta Ray
new2 Dollars (2012) Common Dolphin
new5 Dollars (2012) Pygmy Killer Whale


km1141 Franc (1926) Hercules shooting bow
km1505 Francs (1971-1989) Prince Ranier III
km14610 Francs (1966) Charles III
km15110 Francs (1974) 25 yrs. Of Reign
km16010 Francs (1982) Princess Grace
km16210 Francs (1989) Prince Pierre Foundation
km16520 Francs (1992-1997) Princes palace
km134100 Francs (1956) Prince Ranier III
km161100 Francs (1982) Heir Apparent Prince Albert
km1862 Euro (2007) Princess Grace
km1962 Euro (2011) Royal Wedding
new2 Euro (2012) 500 yrs. Monaco 1512-2012, Lucien I
new2 Euro (2013) 20 yrs. Membership of UNO


km341 Tugrik (1971) 50th Anniv. Revolution
km411 Tugrik (1981) 60th Anniv. Revolution
km421 Tugrik (1981) Soviet-Mongolian Space Flight
km431 Tugrik (1984) State Bank
km441 Tugrik (1984) 60 yrs. Peoples Rep.
km481 Tugrik (1986) Year of Peace
km491 Tugrik (1986) 65th Anniv. Revolution
km521 Tugrik (1988) Karl Marx
x110 Tugrik (1984) international games archery
x210 Tugrik (1984) international games equestrian
km3625 Tugrik (1976) Arfali sheep
km3925 Tugrik (1980) Year of the Child
km3750 Tugrik (1976) Running Camel
km303100 Tugrik (2003) Soccer
km155500 Tugrik (1998) Olympic Skier
new1000 Tugrik (2003) Attila the Hun
new1000 Tugrik (2003) Chinggis Khaan
new1000 Tugrik (2003) Confucius
new1000 Tugrik (2003) Great Wall of China
new1000 Tugrik (2003) Hillary
new1000 Tugrik (2003) Marco Polo
new1000 Tugrik (2003) Taj Mahal
new1000 Tugrik (2003) Trans-Siberian Express


km304 Dollars (1970) FAO

Morocco Kingdom

y1125 Santimat (2002) flower
y11410 Santimat (2002) Sport and Solidarity
y11520 Santimat (2002) Tourism and Craftsmen
y1161/2 Dirham (2002) Telecommunications
y1171 Dirham (2002) new king
y1405 Dirhams (2011) Bi-metallic


km1321 Centavo (2006) Rhinocerus
km1335 Centavos (2006) Leopard
km13410 Centavos (2006) Farm Tractor
km13520 Centavos (2006) Cotton Plant
km13650 Centavos (2006) Kingfisher Bird
km991 Metical (1980,1982) Student girl
km99a1 Metical (1986) Student girl
km1151 Metical (1994) Student girl
km1371 Metical (2006) Girl reading
km1382 Meticais (2006) Coelacanth fish
km1015 Meticais (1980-1986) tractor
km1395 Meticais (2006) Xylophone
km10210 Meticais (1980-1981) Industrial skyline
km14010 Meticais (2006) Bank building
km10320 Meticais (1980) Panzer tank
km10650 Meticais (1983) World Fisheries Conference
km11250 Meticais (1986) woman and soldier
km13110,000 Meticais (2003) Rhino

Myanmar (Burma)

km515 Pyas (1987) FAO
km4910 Pyas (1983) FAO
km4825 Pyas (1980) FAO
km4650 Pyas (1975,1976) FAO
km471 Kyat (1975) FAO
km431 Mu (1970-1971) peacock

Nagorno Karabakh

km650 Luma (2004) Horse
km750 Luma (2004) Antelope
new50 Luma (2013) Horse
new50 Luma (2013) Antelope
km81 Dram (2004) Pheasant
km91 Dram (2004) Saint Gregory
km101 Dram (2004) Leopard
new1 Dram (2013) Pheasant
new1 Dram (2013) Wolf
km115 Dram (2004) Church
km125 Dram (2004) Monument faces
new5 Dram (2013) Goat
new5 Dram (2013) Bear


km165 Cents (2000) FAO
km71 Dollar (1995) Gemsbok (colorized)
km2110 Dollars (2010) Dr. Say Nujoma

Nauru Island

km710 Dollar (1994) John Fearn


km7461 Paisa (1957-1963) numerals with shading
km7492 Paisa (1955-1957) VS2012-2014
km7512 Paisa (1957-1963) numeral w/ shading
km7522 Paisa (1964-1966) num w/o shading
km7532 Paisa (1966-1971) Himalayan Monal
km8035 Paisa (1974) FAO
km8045 Paisa (1974) Birendra Coronation
km76610 Paisa (1971) FAO
km80910 Paisa (1975) Intl Womens Year
km81010 Paisa (1976) Agricultural Dev.
km81110 Paisa (1979) Year of the Child
km81210 Paisa (1979) Education for Village Women
km81320 Paisa (1978) FAO
km81420 Paisa (1979) Year of the Child
km77025 Paisa (1956) Mahendra Coronation
km81625 Paisa (1974) Birendra Coronation
km81725 Paisa (1981) World Food Day
km81825 Paisa (1981) Year of Disabled Persons
km77650 Paisa (1956) Mahendra Coronation
km77750 Paisa (1954-1963) VS2011-2020
km821a50 Paisa (1971-1984) 20mm
km82250 Paisa (1974) Birendra Coronation
km82350 Paisa (1981) World Food Day
km82450 Paisa (1981) Year of Disabled Persons
km101650 Paisa (1984) Family Planning
km117950 Paisa (2003,2004) Tower on dome building
km7901 Rupee (1956) Mahendra Coronation
km8291 Rupee (1973) Birendra Coronation
km8311 Rupee (1975) Intl Womens Year
km10921 Rupee (1995) 50 yrs. United Nations
km11151 Rupee (1997) Visit Nepal
km11391 Rupee (2000) Gorkhapatra Centenary
km11801 Rupee (2004) Temple
km12041 Rupee (2008) Mt. Everest and map of Nepal
km8322 Rupees (1981) World Food Day
km10252 Rupees (1982) FAO
km11162 Rupees (1996-1997) Visit Nepal
km1151.22 Rupees (2001-2003) three domed buildings
km11702 Rupees (2001) 50 yrs. Of Democracy
km11882 Rupees (2006) Farmer plowing with water buffalos
km8335 Rupees (1980) Rural Womens Advancement
km8345 Rupees (1981) National Bank Jubilee
km10095 Rupees (1982-1983) circulation coinage
km10175 Rupees (1984) Family Planning
km10235 Rupees (1985) Year of Youth
km10475 Rupees (1985) Social Services
km10285 Rupees (1986) World Food Day
km10425 Rupees (1986) World Buddhist Conference
km10305 Rupees (1987,1988) Social Security Admin.
km10535 Rupees (1990) World Food Day
km10625 Rupees (1991) Parliament Session
km10635 Rupees (1990) New Constitution
km11175 Rupees (1997) Visit Nepal
km79410 Rupees (1968) FAO
km83510 Rupees (1974) FAO
km108310 Rupees (1994) Intl Labor Org.
km108910 Rupees (1995) FAO
km111810 Rupees (1997) Visit Nepal
km83620 Rupees (1975) International Womens Year
km83925 Rupees (1974) Himalayan Monal Pheasant
km104825 Rupees (1985) 25 yrs of Panchayat
km112625 Rupees (1998) Silver Jubilee - Nepal
km116425 Rupees (2003) Silver Jubilee
km118325 Rupees (2005) World Hindu Federation
km118625 Rupees (2006) First Nepal Postage Stamp
km84150 Rupees (1974) Red Panda
km84250 Rupees (1979) Education for Village Women
km116050 Rupees (2002) Scouting in Nepal
km118250 Rupees (2006) Supreme Court
km118950 Rupees (2007) Goddess Kumari
km851100 Rupee (1974) Year of the Child
km1157100 Rupees (2001) Buddha
km1161200 Rupees (2002) 50 yrs. of Chamber of Commerce
km1162200 Rupees (2002) 50 yrs. of Civil Service
km1184250 Rupees (2004) 400 yrs. Guru Granth Sahib

Netherland Antilles

km2010 Gulden (1978) 150 yrs. of bank
km1425 Gulden (1973) 25th anniversary of reign
km2225 Gulden (1979) Year of the Child


km2001 Gulden (1980) Investure of New Queen
km1972.5 Gulden (1979) Union of Utrecht
km2012.5 Gulden (1980) Investure of New Queen
km2315 Gulden (2000) Soccer
km19610 Gulden (1973) 25 Years of Reign
km21610 Gulden (1994) BE-NE-LUX Treaty
km22010 Gulden (1995) Hugo de Groot
km22310 Gulden (1996) Jan Steen / Mandolin Player
km22410 Gulden (1997) Marshall Plan
km22810 Gulden (1999,2000) Millenium
km20850 Gulden (1984) William of Orange
km20950 Gulden (1987) Golden Anniversary
km21250 Gulden (1988) William and Mary
km21450 Gulden (1990) 100 yrs of Queens
km21550 Gulden (1991) Silver Anniversary
km21750 Gulden (1994) Maastricht Treaty
km22750 Gulden (1998) Treaty of Munster
new1 Euro Cent (2014--) Willem-Alexander
new2 Euro Cents (2014--) Willem-Alexander
new5 Euro Cents (2014--) Willem-Alexander
new10 Euro Cents (2014--) Willem-Alexander
new20 Euro Cents (2014--) Willem-Alexander
new50 Euro Cents (2014--) Willem-Alexander
new1 Euro (2014--) Willem-Alexander
km2732 Euro (2007) Treaty of Rome
km2812 Euro (2009) 10 yrs European Monetary Union
km2982 Euro (2011) Erasmus 500 yrs. The Praise of Folly
km3082 Euro (2012) 10 yrs. Euro Cash
new2 Euro (2013) King Willem Alexander in background
new2 Euro (2013) 200 Years Kingdom
new2 Euro (2014) King Willem Alexander in foreground
km2455 Euro (2003) Vincent van Gogh
km2525 Euro (2004) Beatrix
km2535 Euro (2004) Netherland Antilles
km2555 Euro (2006) 400 yrs. Australia
km2665 euro (2006) Rembrandt
km2675 Euro (2006) Belastingdienst
km2775 Euro (2007) Michiel de Ruyter
km2795 Euro (2008) Architecture
km2825 Euro (2009) Manhattan New York
km2875 Euro (2009) Japanese Friendship
km2945 Euro (2010) Max Havelaar
km2965 Euro (2010) Waterland
km2995 Euro (2011) 50th anniversary world wildlife fund
km3095 Euro (2012) Turkey 400 yrs. - silver 33mm
km309a5 Euro (2012) Turkey 400 yrs.
new5 Euro (2012) Beeldhouwkunst - silver 33mm
new5 Euro (2012) Beeldhouwkunst
km24310 Euro (2002) William Alexander and Maxima
km24410 Euro (2002) William Alexander and Maxima (gold)
km24610 Euro (2003) Vincent van Gogh (gold)
km24810 Euro (2003) Baby Amalia
km26110 Euro (2005) Silver Jubilee

New Caledonia

km21 Franc (1949) Kagu bird

New Zealand

km121/2 Penny (1940-1947) Hei Tiki
km131 Penny (1940-1947) Tui Bird
km211 Penny (1949-1952) Tui Bird
km725 Cents (1990) Kotuku bird
km7310 Cents (1990) Canoes
km23410 Cents (2007) Tuatara lizard
km7420 Cents (1990) H.M.S. Tory
km3950 Cents (1969) edge lettering - Cook
km7550 Cents (1990) child with shovel
km9050 Cents (1994) HMS Endeavour
km13550 Cents (2003) Lord of the Rings - Frodo
km13650 Cents (2003) Lord of the Rings - Gandolf
km13750 Cents (2003) Lord of the Rings - Aragorn
km13850 Cents (2003) Lord of the Rings - Gollom
km13950 Cents (2003) Lord of the Rings - Mordor
km14050 Cents (2003) Lord of the Rings - Sauron
km38.11 Dollar (1967) Decimalization commemorative
km401 Dollar (1969) Captain Cooks Voyage
km421 Dollar (1970) Mount Cook
km431 Dollar (1970) Cook Islands
km441 Dollar (1974) Commonwealth Games
km451 Dollar (1974) Great Egret
km461 Dollar (1977) Waitanji Day
km471 Dollar (1978) Coronation/Parliament
km48a1 Dollar (1979) Crowned shild within silver fem
km491 Dollar (1980) Fantail bird
km501 Dollar (1981) Royal Visit
km511 Dollar (1982) Takahe bird
km521 Dollar (1983) Royal Visit
km531 Dollar (1983) 50 Years of New Zealand Coinage
km541 Dollar (1984) Black Robin
km54a1 Dollar (1986) Chatham Island Black Robin
km551 Dollar (1985) Black Stilt
km561 Dollar (1986) Royal Visit
km571 Dollar (1986) Kakapo bird
km661 Dollar (1986) Yellow-eyed Penguin
km681 Dollar (1989) Gymnastic-Comonwealth games
km691 Dollar (1989) Swimmer-Comonwealth games
km701 Dollar (1989) Weight lifter-Comonwealth games
km761 Dollar (1990) Ann.Celebration Treaty of Waitangi
km1411 Dollar (2003) Lord of the Rings - the Ring
km1421 Dollar (2003) Lord of the Rings - Frodo
km1431 Dollar (2003) Lord of the Rings - Mordor
km872 Dollars (1993) Sacred Kingfisher
km1505 Dollars (2007) Tuatara reptile


km285 Centavos (1974) FAO
km2910 Centavos (1974) FAO Issue
km431 Cordoba (1980,1983) Sandino
km445 Cordobas (1980) Sandino
km6610000 Cordobas (1990) Soccer


km123000 CFA Francs (2003) Lion
km146000 CFA Francs (2005) President Tandja, lion cub
km166000 CFA Francs (2005) Stop Malaria
km16a6000 CFA Francs (2005) silver center in gold ring

Nightingale Island

new1/2 Penny (2011) Flying Fish
new1 Penny (2011) Swordfish
new2 Pence (2011) Bluefin Tuna
new5 Pence (2011) Octopus
new10 Pence (2011) Blue Shark
new20 Pence (2011) Oarfish
new25 Pence (2011) Mahi-Mahi fish
new1 Crown (2011) Fur Seal


km1935 Cents (2009,2010) Whales
km19410 Cents (2009,2010) Crab
km19520 Cents (2009,2010) Divers and Coral
km19650 Cents (2009,2010) Outrigger Canoe
km1131 Dollar (1996) Jaguar
km1151 Dollar (2000) 50 yrs. Peanuts
km1971 Dollar (2009) Swordfish
km15 Dollars (1987) Boris Becker
km55 Dollars (1987) Steffi Graf
km125 Dollars (1988) Franz Beckenbauer
km175 Dollars (1988) John F. Kennedy
km225 Dollars (1989) General Douglas MacArthur
km295 Dollars (1990) General Dwight D. Eisenhower
km315 Dollars (1990) General George S. Patton
km685 Dollars (1992) First Moon Landing
km625 Dollars (1993) Oak Tree
km1735 Dollars (1997) Queen Mother
km1215 Dollars (1999) Long-nosed Butterfly Fish
new5 Dollars (2003) Blue Mosque
km5610 Dollars (1991) Discus Thrower
km5910 Dollars (1991) World Cup Soccer
km7410 Dollars (1992) Endangered Whales

Northern Cyprus

x11 Kurus (2010) crescent moon and star
x25 Kurus (2010) native plant
x310 Kurus (2010) native plant
x425 Kurus (2010) native plant
x550 Kurus (2010) native plant
x61 Lira (2010) butterfly
x72.5 Lira (2010) bird
x85 Lira (2010) Cypriot Mouflon
x920 Lira (2011) Sultan Selim II (copper-nickel)
x9a20 Lira (2011) Sultan Selim II (silver)

Northern Mariana Islands

n/aFreedom Dollar - World Trade Center
x15 Dollars (2004) Fernando Magellan
x35 Dollars (2004) Pope Jean Paul II
x55 Dollars (2004) Albert Einstein


km3871 Ore (1941-1945) WWII Occupation
km38910 Ore (1941-1945) WWII Occupation
km3662 Kroner (1907) Border Watch
km3772 Kroner (1914) Constitution Centennial
km4215 Kroner (1975) Anniv. of Krone System
km4225 Kroner (1975) Immigration to America
km4235 Kroner (1978) Anniv. Norwegian Army
km4285 Kroner (1986) Anniv. of the Mint
km4305 Kroner (1991) 175 yrs. Of National Bank
km4565 Kroner (1995) 1000 years of Coinage
km4585 Kroner (1995) 50 yrs. United Nations
km4595 Kroner (1996) Nasens Return from the Arctic
km4615 Kroner (1997) Norwegian Postal Service
km41310 Kroner (1964) Constitution Sesquicentennial
km48210 Kroner (2008) Henrik Vergeland spectacles
km48310 Kroner (2010) Ole Bull
km48410 Kroner (2011) 200 yrs. First Norway University
km46420 Kroner (1999) Akershus Fortress
km46520 Kroner (1999) Discovery of North America
km47120 Kroner (2002) Niels Henrik Abel
km47820 Kroner (2004) Norwegian Railroad
km47920 Kroner (2006) Henrik Ibsen
km42450 Kroner (1978) Kings 75th Birthday
km43150 Kroner (1991) Three skiers
km44850 Kroner (1993) Children ice skating
km433100 Kroner (1991) Cross-country skier
km450100 Kroner (1993) Alpine skier


x31 Dollar (1996) Taiwan President Lee Teng-hui
x41 Dollar (1996) Taiwan Vice-president
x61 Dollar (1997) Two oxen
x715 Dollars (1996) President and Vice-president
x915 Dollars (1997) Ox drinking water
x2100 Dollars (1990) Goyas Nude


km5110 Baiza (1975) FAO
km9410 Baiza (1995) FAO
km9550 Baiza (1995) U.N. - 50 Years
km641/2 Rial (1978) FAO
km671/2 Rial (1980) AH1400
km651 Omani Rial (1978) FAO - fish
km602.5 Omani Rials (AH1397)=1976 Caracal cat
km615 Omani Rials (AH1397)=1976 Arabian White Oryx


kmL12 Maravedis (1618T) Spanish Occupation
kmL24 Maravedis (1618) Spanish Occupation
kmL38 Maravedis (1618T) Spanish Occupation
kmL44 Maravedis (1691) Spanish Occupation
kmL58 Maravedis (1691) Spanish Occupation

Order of Malta

new1 Lira (2005) Pope
new1 Lira (2005) Pope
new1 Lira (2005) Pope
new1 Lira (2005) Pope
new1 Lira (2005) Pope
new100 Lira (2004) Luxembourg in the EU
new100 Lira (2004) Monaco in the EU
new100 Lira (2004) Slovenia in the EU


km331 Paisa (1974-1979) FAO
km342 Paisa (1974-1976) FAO
km355 Paisa (1974-1981) FAO
km3610 Paisa (1974-1981) FAO
km3950 Paisa (1976) Mohammad Ali Jinnah
km5150 Paisa (1981) 1400 yrs Hejira
km451 Rupee (1977) Islamic Summit Conference
km461 Rupee (1977) Allama Mohammad Iqbal
km551 Rupee (1981) 1400 yrs Hejira
km561 Rupee (1981) World Food Day
km632 Rupees (1998,1999) Mosque without clouds
km642 Rupees (1999-2006) Mosque with clouds
km595 Rupees (1995) 50 yrs. United Nations
km655 Rupees (2002-2006) value in pentagon
km6110 Rupees (1998) 25 yrs. of Senate
km6610 Rupees (2003) Fatima Jinnah
km6910 Rupees (2007-2008) Benazir Bhutto
km7010 Rupees (2009) Friendship with China
km7120 Rupees (2011) Pakistan-China Friendship
new20 Rupees (2011) Lawrence College
km40100 Rupees (1976) Tropogan Pheasant
km42150 Rupees (1976) Gavial Crocodile


km11 Dollar (1992) Marine Life Protection
km31 Dollar (1993) Marine Life Protection
km51 Dollar (1994) Fish and Coral
km81 Dollar (1994) Nautilus
km111 Dollar (1995) Sea Horse and Lion Fish
km141 Dollar (1995) Member of United Nations
km251 Dollar (1998) Bottle-nose Dolphin
km351 Dollar (1999) Manta Ray
km651 Dollar (2002) Jellyfish
km661 Dollar (2003) orange crab
km671 Dollar (2003) sparkled fish
km681 Dollar (2003 Killer whale
km691 Dollar (2003) Napoleon fish
km711 Dollar (2004) Clown fish
km721 Dollar (2004) Dolphin
km1231 Dollar (2004) Puffer fish
km1241 Dollar (2004) Sea turtle
km1401 Dollar (2005) Sea Horse
km2551 Dollar (2005) Stingray
km1411 Dollar (2005) Lion fish
km1391 Dollar (2005) Angel fish
new1 Dollar (2005) Butterfly fish
km1251 Dollar (2006) Barracuda fish
km1261 Dollar (2006) Parrot fish
km1271 Dollar (2006) Hog fish
km1281 Dollar (2006) Mahi Mahi fish
km1291 Dollar (2006) Box fish
km1181 Dollar (2007) Doctor fish
km165 Dollars (1999) Spain - Alfonso XIII
km175 Dollars (1999) Prussia
km185 Dollars (1999) German East Africa - Lettow-Vorbeck
km195 Dollars (1999) German Cameroon - Germania
km205 Dollars (1999) Kiau Chau
km215 Dollars (1999) German New Guinea
km225 Dollars (1999) German Samoa - Whilhelm II
km235 Dollars (1999) German SW Africa
km245 Dollars (1999) German Togo - Germania

Palestine State

x41 Qirsh (2010) Scorpion
x52.5 Qirsh (2010) Sandpiper
x65 Qirsh (2010) Pelican
x710 Qirsh (2010) Barbary Falcon
x825 Qirsh (2010) White Stork
x950 Qirsh (2010) Leopard
x101 Dinar (2010) Mountain Goat
x112 Dinars (2010) Sand Cats


km1321 Centesimo (2000) FAO Food Security
km12.5 Centesimos (1904) Panama Pill
km322.5 Centesimos - FAO Issue (1973,1975)
km34.22.5 Centesimos (1980) edge lettering 1830 BOLIVAR 1980
km35.15 Centesimos (1975-1982) Carlos Finlay
km1335 Centesimos (2001,2008) Sara Sotillo
km36.110 Centesimos (1975-1982) Manuel E. Amador
km37.125 Centesimos (1975-1982) Justo Arosemena
km4925 Centesimos (1978) Justo Arosemena
km13525 Centesimos (2003) Spanish Ruins
km13625 Centesimos (2005) Stone bridge
km38.150 Centesimos (1975-1982) Fernando de Lesseps
km5050 Centesimos (1978) Fernando de Lesseps
km13950 Centesimos (2009) National Bank
km1371/4 Balboa (2008) Breast Cancer Awareness
km1381/4 Balboa (2008) Childrens Hospital
km201/2 Balboa (1953) Cincuentenario
km1401/2 Balboa (2010) Convent of the Conception
km1421/2 Balboa (2011) Crowned Hapsburg shield
km131 Balboa (1931-1947) Vasco Nunez de Balboa
km39.11 Balboa (1975-1982) (copper-nickel clad copper)
km39.21 Balboa (1975-1976) Erroneous LEY .925
km761 Balboa (1982-1984) Gen. Omar Torrijos
km1341 Balboa (1999,2004) Mireya Moscoso
km285 Balboas (1970) Central American Games
km305 Balboas (1972) F.A.O.
km40.15 Balboas (1975-1982) (copper-nickel clad copper)
km40.25 Balboas (1975-1982) Belisario Porras (Erroneous LEY .925)
km585 Balboas (1979) Panama Canal Treaty

Papal States

km10711 Testone (30 Baiocchi) (1802-1803)

Papua New Guinea

km1550 Toea (1980) Festival of Arts
km3150 Toea (1991) South Pacific Games
km4150 Toea (1998) Silver Jubilee of Bank
km4950 Toea (2000) Silver Jubilee
km5050 Toea (2000) Tortoise and large 25
km5350 Toea (2007) 50 yrs St. John Ambulance
km5450 Toea (2008) 35 yrs. National Bank
km61 Kina (1975-1999) Salt water crocodiles
km6b1 Kina (2005--) reduced size 30mm.
km512 Kina (2008) 35th Anniversary
km7a5 Kina (1975-1980) New Guinea Eagle
km185 Kina (1981) Year of the Child
km405 Kina (1998) Sailboarder


km1921 Guarani (1993) FAO
km1931 Guarani (1997) Dancer
km1961 Guarani (2000) Cowboy
km1971 Guarani (2002) Naval gunship
km2001 Guarani (2003) 60 yrs. Currency Reform
km1665 Guaranies (1978-1986) FAO
km16710 Guaranies (1978-1988) FAO
km17810 Guaranies (1990) FAO
km29300 Guaranies (1968) Pres. Stroessner


km978 Reales (1791-1808) Carolus IIII
km2905 Centavos (1965) Anniv. Lima Mint
km23710 Centavos (1965) Anniv. Lima Mint
km23825 Centavos (1965) Anniv. Lima Mint
km303.41 Centimo (2001-2006) no Braille dots
km2391/2 Sol (1965) Anniv. Lima Mint
km2401 Sol (1965) Anniv. Lima Mint
km2355 Soles (1956-1969) Seated Liberty
km28710 Soles (1984) Admiral Grau
km22920 Soles (1950-1969) Seated Liberty
km24920 Soles (1966) Peru-Spain Naval Battle
km261100 Soles (1973) Peru-Japan Trade
km2751000 Soles (1979) National Congress Building
km28610000 Soles (1982) Battle of La Brena
km298100 Intis (1986) Marshal Caceres
km299200 Intis (1986) Marshal Caceres
km3401 Nuevo Sol (2010) Tumi
km3411 Nuevo Sol (2010) Karajia
km3421 Nuevo Sol (2010) Estela de Ramondi
km3461 Nuevo Sol (2011) Santa Catalina Monastery
km30920 Nuevo Soles (1992) Rio De Janeiro Protocal


km1771 Peso (1936) Roosevelt and Quezon
km1851 Peso (1947) Douglas MacArthur
km240.110 Sentimos (1983,1987) error PYGMEA
km189.225 Centavos (1966) 6 smoke rings
km18450 Centavos (1947) Gen. Douglas MacArthur
km242.250 Sentimos (1983) PITHECOBHAGA
km1911/2 Peso (1961) Dr. Jose Rizal
km1921 Peso (1961) Jose Rizal
km1931 Peso (1963) Andres Bonifacio
km1941 Peso (1964) Apolinario Mabini
km1951 Peso (1967) Bataan Day
km2011 Piso (1969) Emilio Aguinaldo
km2021 Piso (1970) Pope Paul VI Visit
km202a1 Piso (1970) Pope Paul VI - silver
km209.21 Piso (1979-1982) different legend below shield
km243.21 Piso (1991-1994) reduced size
km2511 Piso (1989) Philippine Cultures Decade
km2571 Piso (1991) Waterfall, Ship, and Flower
km2601 Piso (1992,1996) Battle of Kagitingan
km2532 Piso (1991) Elpidio Quirino
km2562 Piso (1992) Jose Laurel
km2582 Piso (1991-1994) Andres Bonifacio
km2612 Piso (1992) Manuel A. Roxas
km2595 Piso (1991-1994) Narra flower
km2625 Piso (1992) Chess Olympiad
km2635 Piso (1994) Leyte Gulf Landings
km25010 Piso (1988) People Power Revolution
km27810 Piso (2000--) Mobini and Bonifacio
km20425 Piso (1974) 25th Anniversary of Bank
km21125 Piso (1975) Emilio Aguinaldo
km21425 Piso (1976) FAO
km23225 Piso (1981) world food day
km21250 Piso (1975) 3 yrs. of New Society
km22950 Piso (1979) International Year of the Child
km254150 Piso (1991) SE Asian Games

Pitcairn Islands

km545 Cents (2009,2010) Bounty Anchor
km5510 Cents (2009,2010) Bounty Bell
km5620 Cents (2009,2010) Bounty Bible
km5750 Cents (2009,2010) Pitcairn Longboat
km31 Dollar (1988) Drafting of Constitution
km41 Dollar (1989) HMAV Bounty
km4a1 Dollar (1989) HMAV Bounty - proof
km71 Dollar (1990) Ship in flames
km101 Dollar (1997) The Queen Mother
km581 Dollar (2009,2010) Bounty Cannon
km592 Dollars (2009) Bounty Helm
km1310 Dollars (1997) Infant Prince Charles


y302 Zlote (1936) 15 Yrs. Gdynia Seaport
y2852 Zlote (1995) Katyn Forest Massacre
y2892 Zlote (1995) European Catfish
y2972 Zlote (1995) Battle of Warsaw
y3002 Zlote (1995) Olympic Centennial
y3032 Zlote (1995) Atlanta Wrestling
y3102 Zlote (1995) Lazienki Royal Palace
y3062 Zlote (1996) Zygmunt II
y3112 Zlote (1996) Hedgehogs
y3132 Zlote (1996) Ligzbark Warminski Castle
y3152 Zlote (1996) Henryk Sienkiewicz
y3252 Zlote (1997) Stefan Batory
y3292 Zlote (1997) Stag Beetle
y3312 Zlote (1997) Zamek Pieskowej Skale
y3332 Zlote (1997) Pawel Strzelecki
y3352 Zlote (1998) Snow Boarder
y3362 Zlote (1998) Sigismund III
y3402 Zlote (1998) Ropucha Paskowka - Toad
y3442 Zlote (1998) Radium and Polomium
y3472 Zlote (1998) Zamek Korniku - Palace
y3522 Zlote (1998) Adam Mickiewicz
y3552 Zlote (1999) Wolves
y3562 Zlote (1999) Juliusz Slowacki
y3572 Zlote (1999) NATO
y3582 Zlote (1999) Ernest Malinowsky
y3632 Zlote (1999) Laski and Erasmus
y3652 Zlote (1999) Chopin
y3682 Zlote (1999) King Wladislaw IV
y3722 Zlote (1999) Potlocki Palace
y3742 Zlote (2000) Millennium
y3762 Zlote (2000) Jubilee year
y3772 Zlote (2000) Gniezno Convention
y3882 Zlote (2000) Dudek bird
y3892 Zlote (2000) Breslau
y3902 Zlote (2000) Wilanowie Palace
y3942 Zlote (2000) Solidarity
y3982 Zlote (2000) Jan II Kazimierz
y4042 Zlote (2000) Strike in 1970
y4082 Zlote (2001) Production of Salt
y4102 Zlote (2001) Amber Route
y4122 Zlote (2001) 15 Yr. New Constitution
y4142 Zlote (2001) Swallowtail Butterfly
y4182 Zlote (2001) Cardinal Stefan Wyszynski
y4212 Zlote (2001) M. Sedlezky
y4222 Zlote (2001) Koledicy
y4232 Zlote (2001) Jan III Sobiezky
y4262 Zlote (2001) H. Wienawsky
y4272 Zlote (2002) Two Pond Turtles
y4312 Zlote (2002) Malinowski
y4332 Zlote (2002) Korea Soccer 2002
y4392 Zlote (2002) August II Mocny
y4402 Zlote (2002) General Anders
y4432 Zlote (2002) Zamek Malborku
y4442 Zlote (2002) Jan Matejko
y4452 Zlote (2003) European eels
y4462 Zlote (2003) Christmas Charity Orchestra
y4472 Zlote (2003) 750 yrs. of Poznan
y4512 Zlote (2003) Easter Monday Festival
y4552 Zlote (2003) Petroleum and Gas Industry
y4562 Zlote (2003) General Maczek
y4652 Zlote (2003) 25 yrs. Pope Jean Paul II
y4732 Zlote (2003) Stanislaus I
y4772 Zlote (2003) Jacek Malczewski
y4642 Zlote (2004) Porpoises
y4792 Zlote (2004) History of the Zloty
y4812 Zlote (2004) Accession to European Union
y4842 Zlote (2004) Dolnoslaskie Province
y4852 Zlote (2004) Kujawsko-Pomorskie Province
y4862 Zlote (2004) Lubuskie Province
y4872 Zlote (2004) Lodzkie Province
y4882 Zlote (2004) Malopolskie Province
y4892 Zlote (2004) Mazowieckie Province
y4902 Zlote (2004) Podkarpackie Province
y4912 Zlote (2004) Podlaskie Province
y4922 Zlote (2004) Pomorskie Province
y4932 Zlote (2004) Slaskie Province
y4962 Zlote (2004) 60 yrs Warsaw Uprising
y4992 Zlote (2004) General Sosabowski
y5012 Zlote (2004) 85 yrs. of Police
y5032 Zlote (2004) 15 yrs. of Senate
y5052 Zlote (2004) Aleksander Czekanowski
y5072 Zlote (2004) Harvest Festival
y5092 Zlote (2004) 100 yrs. Fine Arts Academy
y5122 Zlote (2004) Stanislaw Wyspianski
y5142 Zlote (2004) Lubelskie Province
y5162 Zlote (2004) Olympics - Athens
y6072 Zlote (2004) Opolskie Province
y5202 Zlote (2005) Eagle Owl
y5212 Zlote (2005) Ship coin of 1936
y5222 Zlote (2005) Intl Expo 2005 Japan
y5242 Zlote (2005) Defence of Jasna Gora
y5252 Zlote (2005) Pope John Paul II
y5272 Zlote (2005) Konstanty Galczynski
y5282 Zlote (2005) Kolobrzeg lighthouse
y5292 Zlote (2005) Wloclawek Cathedral
y5302 Zlote (2005) Stanislaw Poniatowski
y5412 Zlote (2005) Painter Tadeusz Makowski
y5582 Zlote (2005) Ending of World War II
y5602 Zlote (2005) Swietokrzyskie Province
y5622 Zlote (2005) Wielkopolskie Province
y5632 Zlote (2005) Zachodniopomorskie Province
y5642 Zlote (2005) Gniezno
y5652 Zlote (2005) Solidarity Trade Union
y6082 Zlote (2005) Mikolaj Rej
y6142 Zlote (2005) Warminsko-Mazurskie Province
y7532 Zlote (2005) Cieszyn
y5322 Zlote (2006) St. Johns Night
y5342 Zlote (2006) Marmot
y5432 Zlote (2006) Bochnia
y5442 Zlote (2006) Chelm
y5452 Zlote (2006) City of Chelmno
y5462 Zlote (2006) Elblag
y5472 Zlote (2006) Church in Haszowie
y5482 Zlote (2006) Legnica Tower
y5492 Zlote (2006) Psczyna
y5502 Zlote (2006) Sandomierz
y5512 Zlote (2006) FIFA in Germany
y5662 Zlote (2006) Jaroslaw
y5692 Zlote (2006) Zagan
y5702 Zlote (2006) Nysa
y5712 Zlote (2006) 30 Yrs. Since June 1976
y5732 Zlote (2006) City of Nowy Sacz
y5742 Zlote (2006) Jan Laski Statute
y5752 Zlote (2006) Aleksander Gierimsky
y5762 Zlote (2006) Polish Cavalry
y5802 Zlote (2006) Kalisz
y5822 Zlote (2006) Zloty of 1932
y6052 Zlote (2006) Turin Olympics
y6062 Zlote (2006) soccer ball
y6092 Zlote (2006) Warsaw School of Economics
y5772 Zlote (2007) City of Kwidzyn
y5782 Zlote (2007) Grey Seal
y5862 Zlote (2007) Breaking the Enigma Codes
y5902 Zlote (2007) Ignasy Domeyko
y5912 Zlote (2007) Konrad Korzeniowski
y5922 Zlote (2007) 5 Zloty of 1928
y5942 Zlote (2007) Krakau
y6102 Zlote (2007) Arctowski and Dobrowolski
y6112 Zlote (2007) Ciezkozbrojny in armor
y6122 Zlote (2007) Karol Szymanowski
y6132 Zlote (2007) Stargard Szczecinski
y6152 Zlote (2007) Brzeg
y6162 Zlote (2007) City of Lomza
y6172 Zlote (2007) City of Plock
y6182 Zlote (2007) Przemysl
y6192 Zlote (2007) Raciborz
y6202 Zlote (2007) Slupsk
y6212 Zlote (2007) Swidnica
y6222 Zlote (2007) Torun
y6232 Zlote (2007) Gorzow Wielkopolski
y6242 Zlote (2007) City of Klodzko
y6252 Zlote (2007) City of Tarnow
y6262 Zlote (2007) Leon Wyczolkowski
y6272 Zlote (2008) Peregrine Falcon
y6282 Zlote (2008) City of Piotrkow Trybunalski
y6292 Zlote (2008) 40 yrs March 1968 Events
y6302 Zlote (2008) Town of Lowicz
y6312 Zlote (2008) City of Konin
y6332 Zlote (2008) Warsaw Ghetto Uprising
y6342 Zlote (2008) Zbigniew Herbert
y6382 Zlote (2008) Siberian Exiles
y6412 Zlote (2008) Kazimierz Dolny
y6442 Zlote (2008) Olympic Rowing
y6482 Zlote (2008) Bronislaw Pilsudski
y6562 Zlote (2008) 450 yrs. Polish Postal Service
y6592 Zlote (2008) 400 yrs. Polish Settlement in North America
y6622 Zlote (2008) 90 yrs. Great Poland Uprising
y6632 Zlote (2008) City of Bielsko-Biala
y6702 Zlote (2009) 17th Century Hussar
y6732 Zlote (2009) Supreme Chamber of Control
y6752 Zlote (2009) 180 yrs. of Central Bank
y6782 Zlote (2009) European Green Lizard
y6802 Zlote (2009) General Elections of 1989
y6842 Zlote (2009) Musician Czeslaw Niemen
y6872 Zlote (2009) 65 yrs. Warsaw Uprising
y6902 Zlote (2009) 95 yrs. First Cadre Company
y6922 Zlote (2009) 65 yrs. Liquidation of Lodz Ghetto
y6942 Zlote (2009) Westerplatte
y6972 Zlote (2009) Tatar Mountain Rescue
y7002 Zlote (2009) Fr. Jerzy Popieluszko
y7032 Zlote (2009) Poles Who Saved the Jews
y7052 Zlote (2009) Painter Wald Strzeminski
y7072 Zlote (2009) 70 yrs. Polish Underground
y7092 Zlote (2009) Town of Jasna Gora
y7102 Zlote (2009) Jedrzejow Monastery
y7112 Zlote (2009) Trzebnica
y7122 Zlote (2010) Liberation of Auschwitz
y7152 Zlote (2010) Vancouver Winter Olympics
y7182 Zlote (2010) Imperial Guard
y7212 Zlote (2010) Katyn Crime
y7232 Zlote (2010) 2010 Lesser Horseshoe Bat
y7252 Zlote (2010) 100 yrs. Polish Scouting
y7272 Zlote (2010) Krzyszt of Komeda
y7302 Zlote (2010) Jan Twardowski
y7322 Zlote (2010) Battle of Grunwald
y7352 Zlote (2010) Battle of Warsaw
y7372 Zlote (2010) August of 1980
y7422 Zlote (2010) Benedykt Dybowski
y7442 Zlote (2010) Krezeszow
y7462 Zlote (2010) Painter Artur Grottger
y7492 Zlote (2010) Kalwaria Zebrzydowska
y7512 Zlote (2010) City of Warsaw
y7522 Zlote (2010) City of Trzemeszno
y7592 Zlote (2010) City of Gorlice
y7602 Zlote (2010) City of Meichow
y7612 Zlote (2010) City of Katowice
y8152 Zlote (2010) Krzysztof Komeda
y7672 Zlote (2011) Independent Students Union
y7692 Zlote (2011) Smolensk plane crash
y7722 Zlote (2011) Beautification of Pope
y7772 Zlote (2011) Presidency of ECU
y7802 Zlote (2011) Polish Cavalry - Uhlan
y7832 Zlote (2011) Gdynia
y7842 Zlote (2011) Pilgrimage to Shrine
y7852 Zlote (2011) Czeslaw Milosz
y7882 Zlote (2011) Mlawa
y7892 Zlote (2011) Ignacy Jan Paderewski
y7922 Zlote (2011) Silesian Uprising
y7942 Zlote (2011) Poznan
y7952 Zlote (2011) Society for Protection of Blind
y7972 Zlote (2011) Ferdynand Ossendowski
y7992 Zlote (2011) Polonia Warszawa Football
y8012 Zlote (2011) Przybora and Wasowski
y8042 Zlote (2011) Lodz Building
y8052 Zlote (2011) Krakow
y8062 Zlote (2011) Kalisz
y8092 Zlote (2012) Christmas Charity Orchestra
y8112 Zlote (2012) Cooperative Banking
y8132 Zlote (2012) Ulma, Baranek, Kowalski
y8162 Zlote (2012) 50th anniversary Polish radio
y8172 Zlote (2012) Stefan Banach
y8202 Zlote (2012) Blyskawica destroyer
y7622 Zlote (2011) European Badger
y8212 Zlote (2012) 150th anniversary national museum
y8322 Zlote (2012) Polish team London olympics
y8352 Zlote (2012) Krzemionki Opatowskie
y8372 Zlote (2012) orzel submarine
y8382 Zlote (2012) Boleslaw Prus
y8412 Zlote (2012) dragon light cruiser
y8442 Zlote (2012) destroyer Piorun
y8232 Zlote (2012) Euro 2012 (Poland-Ukraine)
y8482 Zlotych (2013) missile ship Gdynia
y8522 Zlotych (2013) 150th anniversary 1863 uprising
y8542 Zlote (2013) 100th anniversary Polish theatre
y8562 Zlotych (2013) Cyprian Norwid copper-aluminum-nickel
y8592 Zlotych (2013) Warszawa guided-missle destroyer
y8622 Zlotych (2013) lublin class minelayer-landing ship
y8662 Zlotych (2013) ORP Gen. Pulaski guided-missile frigate
y8702 Zlotych (2013) Witold Lutoslawski
y7642 Zlote (2011) Zofia Stryjenska - painter
y255 Zlotych (1934) Rifle Corps symbol
y285 Zlotych (1934-1938) Josef Pilsudski
y315 Zlotych (1936) Gdynia Seaport
y2845 Zlotych (1994-1996) bimetalic
new5 Zlotych (2014) Discover Poland – 25 years of freedom
c13410 Zlotych-1 1/2 Rubles (1833-1841)
y2310 Zlotych (1933) Sobieski
y2410 Zlotych (1933) Romuald Traugutt
y2610 Zlotych (1934) Rifle Corps symbol
y2910 Zlotych (1934-1939) Jozef Pilsudski
y50a10 Zlotych (1969-1973) reduced size
y5110 Zlotych (1959,1965) Mikolaj Kopernik
y51a10 Zlotych (1967-1969) reduced size
y5210 Zlotych (1964) Jagiello University (raised legends)
y52a10 Zlotych (1964) Jagiello University (incuse legends)
y5410 Zlotych (1965) 700th Anniv. of Warsaw
y5510 Zlotych (1965) 700th Anniv. of Warsaw
y5610 Zlotych (1966) Sigismund Pillar
y5810 Zlotych (1967) General Swierczewski
y5910 Zlotych (1967) Marie Curie
y6010 Zlotych (1968) Peoples Army
y6210 Zlotych (1970) Provincial Annexations
ypr18510 Zlotych-Proba (1971) FAO - Baby Nursing
ypr18710 Zlotych-Proba (1971) grain over globe
y6310 Zlotych (1971) FAO
y6410 Zlotych (1971) Battle of Silesia
y6510 Zlotych (1972) 50th Anniv. of Gdynia Seaport
y7310 Zlotych (1975-1984) Boleslaw Prus
y7410 Zlotych (1975-1976) Adam Mickiewicz
y43710 Zlotych (2002) Pope facing Holy Door
y52310 Zlotych (2005) Japans Aichi Expo
y64510 Zlotych (2008) swimmer
y64610 Zlotych (2008) Windsurfer
y64910 Zlotych (2008) Bronislaw Pilsudski
y65510 Zlotych (2008) 450 yrs. Polish Post
y69510 Zlotych (2009) 70 yrs. Start of WW-II
y72210 Zlotych (2010) Katyn Crime
y6920 Zlotych (1974-1983) Marceli Nowotko
y7020 Zlotych (1974) Anniv. of Comcon
y7520 Zlotych (1975) Womens Year
y9520 Zlotych (1978) Maria Konopnicka
y9720 Zlotych (1978) First Cosmonaut from Poland
y9920 Zlotych (1979) Year of the Child
y10820 Zlotych (1980) Olympic Runner
y11220 Zlotych (1980) Dar Pomorza
y42420 Zlotych (2010) Christmas
y72420 Zlotych (2010) lesser horseshoe bat
y74520 Zlotych (2010) Krzeszow
y77120 Zlotych (2010) Smolensk plane crash
y6650 Zlotych (1972) Fryderyk Chopin
y10050 Zlotych (1979) Duke Mieszko
y11450 Zlotych (1980) King Boleslaw I
y11750 Zlotych (1980) Duke Odnowiciel
y12850 Zlotych (1981) King Wladyslaw I
y12250 Zlotych (1981) General Sikorski
y12450 Zlotych (1981) King Boleslaw II
y12750 Zlotych (1981) World Food Day - FAO
y13350 Zlotych (1982) King Boleslaw III Krzywousty
y14250 Zlotych (1983) 150 yrs. of Great Theater
y14550 Zlotych (1983) King Jan III Sobieski
y14650 Zlotych (1983) Ignacy Lukasiewicz
y57100 Zlotych (1966) Polish millennium
Pr146100 Zlotych (1966) Eagle and assorted shields
y78100 Zlotych (1975) Helena Modrzejewska
y84100 Zlotych (1976) Kazimierz Pulaski
y93100 Zlotych (1978) Moose
y98100 Zlotych (1979) Henryk Wieniawski
y103100 Zlotych (1979) Ludwik Zamenhof
yPR394100 Zlotych (1980) Olympic Flame and Rings
y148100 Zlotych (1984) Wincenty Witos
y157100 Zlotych (1985) Womens Hospital
y155100 Zlotych (1985) King Przemyslaw II
y160100 Zlotych (1986) King Wladislaw II
y167100 Zlotych (1987) King Kazimierz III
y182100 Zlotych (1988) Insurrection
y183100 Zlotych (1988) Queen Jadwiga
y79200 Zlotych (1975) 30th Anniv. Victory Over Fascism
y86200 Zlotych (1976) Olympic Rings and Torch
y110.1200 Zlotych (1980) torch below ski jumper winter olympics
y129200 Zlotych (1981) king Wladyslaw I Herman
ypr475200 Zlotych (1982) soccer player
y143200 Zlotych (1983) king Jan III Sobieski
y149200 Zlotych (1984) winter olympics ice skater
Pr494500 Zlotych (1983) Gymnast
y185500 Zlotych (1989) Beginning of WWII
y194500 Zlotych (1989) King Wladyslaw II
y1441000 Zlotych (1982-1983) Pope John Paul II
y16410000 Zlotych (1982) Papal Visit
y177a10000 Zlotych (1988) 10th anniversary Pope John Paul II
y19510000 Zlotych (1990) Solidarity
y21710000 Zlotych (1991) Polish Constitution
y24610000 Zlotych (1992) King Wladyslaw III
y21520000 Zlotych (1991) 225 yrs. Warsaw Mint
y24320000 Zlotych (1993) Barn Swallows
y24420000 Zlotych (1993) Lancut Castle
y25620000 Zlotych (1993) Kazimierz IV
y26120000 Zlotych (1993) Olympic Slalom Skier
y26520000 Zlotych (1994) Disabled Association
y27020000 Zlotych (1994) New Mint Building
y27220000 Zlotych (1994) King Sigismund I
y22950000 Zlotych (1992) Military medal
y196.1100,000 Zlotych (1990) 10 yrs. of solidarity
y200100,000 Zlotych (1990) uniformed figure on horse
y231200,000 Zlotych (1992) Seville Expo


km556500 Reis (1910) Peninsular War
km557500 Reis (1910) Marqui Pombal
km5391000 Reis (1898) Discovery of India
km5581000 Reis (1910) Peninsular War
km6121 Escudo (1983) World Roller Hockey Games
km6132.5 Escudos (1983) World Roller Hockey Games
km6172.5 Escudos (1983) FAO
km5875 Escudos (1960) Prince Henry the Navigator
km6155 Escudos (1983) World Roller Hockey Games
km6185 Escudos (1983) FAO
km57910 Escudos (1928) Battle of Ourique
km58810 Escudos (1960) Prince Henry
km63810 Escudos (1987) Rural World
km58520 Escudos (1953) Financial Reform
km58920 Escudos (1960) Prince Henry the Navigator
km59220 Escudos (1966) Salazer Bridge
km60925 Escudos (1979) Year of the Child
km61625 Escudos (1983) World Roller Hockey Games
km61925 Escudos (1983) FAO
km62325 Escudos (1984) Anniv. of Revolution
km62425 Escudos (1984) Yr of Disabled Persons
km62725 Escudos (1985) Battle of Aljubarrota
km63525 Escudos (1986) European Common Market
km59350 Escudos (1968) Pedro Alvares Cabral
km59850 Escudos (1969) Vasco da Gama
km59950 Escudos (1969) Marshal Carmona
km60150 Escudos (1971) Bank of Portugal
km60250 Escudos (1972) Heroic Epic Os Lusiadas
km603100 Escudos (1976) 1974 Revolution
km625100 Escudos (1984) Yr of Disabled Persons
km628100 Escudos (1985) Fernando Pessoa, Poet
km629100 Escudos (1985) King Alfonso
km630100 Escudos (1985) Battle of Aljubarrota
km637100 Escudos (1986) World Cup Soccer, Mexico
km639100 Escudos (1987) Gil Eanes
km639a100 Escudos (1987) Gil Eanes - silver
km640100 Escudos (1987) Nuno Tristao
km640a100 Escudos (1987) Nuno Tristao - silver
km641100 Escudos (1987) Diogo Cao
km641a100 Escudos (1987) Diogo Cao - silver
km642100 Escudos (1988) Bartolomeu Dias
km642a100 Escudos (1988) Bartolomeu Dias - silver
km644100 Escudos (1987) Amadeo De Souza Cardoso
km645.1100 Escudos (1989-2000) edge has 6 reeded and 6 plain sections
km645.2100 Escudos (1989-1991) edge has 5 reeded and 5 plain sections
km646100 Escudos (1989) Discovery of Canary Islands
km646a100 Escudos (1989) Canary Islands PROOF
km647100 Escudos (1989) Discovery of Madeira
km648100 Escudos (1989) Discovery of the Azores
km649100 Escudos (1990) Celestial Navigation
km656100 Escudos (1990) Camilo Castelo Branco
km664100 Escudos (1991) Antero DeQuental
km678100 Escudos (1995) FAO
km680100 Escudos (1995) Antonio Prior de Crato
km693100 Escudos (1997) Sea Lion
km722.1100 Escudos (1999) UNICEF - Portuguesa
km722.2100 Escudos (1999) UNICEF - mis-struck PORTUGUSA
km655200 Escudos (1991--) Garcia De Orta
km658200 Escudos (1991) Columbus and Portugal
km659200 Escudos (1991) Westward Navigation
km660200 Escudos (1992) New World - Columbus and Ships
km661200 Escudos (1992) Joao Rodrigues Cabrilho
km662200 Escudos (1992) Olympics - Stylized Runner
km663200 Escudos (1992) Presidency of European Community
km665200 Escudos (1993) Tanegashima
km666200 Escudos (1993) Espingarda
km667200 Escudos (1993) Enviados Daimos Kiushu
km668200 Escudos (1993) Arte Namban
km669200 Escudos (1994) Lisbon
km670200 Escudos (1994) Prince Henry the Navigator
km671200 Escudos (1994) Treaty of Tordesilhas
km672200 Escudos (1994) Dividing Up the World
km673200 Escudos (1994) King John II
km679200 Escudos (1995) United Nations
km681200 Escudos (1995) Afonso de Albuquerque
km682200 Escudos (1995) Moluca Islands
km683200 Escudos (1995) Solor and Timor Island
km684200 Escudos (1995) Australia
km687200 Escudos (1996) Olympic High Jumper
km689200 Escudos (1996) Portugal-Siam Alliance
km690200 Escudos (1996) Portuguese Arrival in China
km691200 Escudos (1996) Macau 1557
km692200 Escudos (1996) Discovery of Taiwan
km694200 Escudos (1997) Lisbon World Expo 98
km697200 Escudos (1997) S. Francisco Xavier
km698200 Escudos (1997) Pe. Luis Frois
km699200 Escudos (1997) Bto. Jose de Anchieta
km700200 Escudos (1997) Irmao Bento de Gois
km706200 Escudos (1998) Year of the Oceans Expo
km709200 Escudos (1998) Vasco Da Gama
km710200 Escudos (1998) Discovery of Africa
km711200 Escudos (1998) Mozambique
km712200 Escudos (1998) India 1498
km716200 Escudos (1999) Death on the Sea
km717200 Escudos (1999) Pedro Alvares Cabral
km718200 Escudos (1999) Brasil
km719200 Escudos (1999) Duarte Pacheco Pereira
km720200 Escudos (1999) Bird Push Toy
km726200 Escudos (2000) Sidney Olympics
km728200 Escudos (2000) Terra Do Lavrado
km729200 Escudos (2000) Terra Dos Corte-Real
km730200 Escudos (2000) Terra Florida
km731200 Escudos (1999) Fernao De Magalhaes
km604250 Escudos (1976) 1974 Revolution
km626250 Escudos (1984) World Fisheries Conference
km643250 Escudos (1988) Seoul Olympics - Runners
km650250 Escudos (1989) Founding of Portugal
km620500 Escudos (1983) European Art Exibition
km686500 Escudos (1995) Saint Anthony
km701500 Escudos (1997) Padre Antonio Vieira
km702500 Escudos (1996) Banco de Portugal
km705500 Escudos (1998) Vasco Da Gama Bridge
km723500 Escudos (1999) Macaos Return to China
km725500 Escudos (2000) Eca de Gueiroz
km733500 Escudos (2001) Porto Culture Capital
km621750 Escudos (1983) European Art Exibition
km6111000 Escudos ND(1983) Louis de Camoes
km6221000 Escudos (1983) European Art Exibition
km6571000 Escudos (ND 1992) Ibero-American 500 Years
km6751000 Escudos ND(1994) Treaty of Tordesilhas
km6851000 Escudos (1995) 500 yrs. Death of John II
km6881000 Escudos (ND 1996) Frigate
km6951000 Escudos (1997) Oceanic Expedition 100th Ann.
km6961000 Escudos (1996) Madonna and Child
km7031000 Escudos (1997) Credito Publico
km7041000 Escudos (1997) Paulterios Dancers
km7071000 Escudos (1998) International Year of Oceans
km7081000 Escudos (ND 1998) Misericordia Church
km7131000 Escudos (1998) King Dom Manuel I
km7141000 Escudos (1998) League of Combantants
km7151000 Escudos (1999) 25 th Ann.of Revolution
km7211000 Escudos (1999) Millennium of Atlantic Sailing
km7241000 Escudos (2000) Presidence of European Union
km7271000 Escudos (2000) Lusitanian Horses
km7321000 Escudos (2000) D. Joao de Castro
km7341000 Escudos (2001) Soccer Euro 2004
km8281.5 Euro (2008) International Medical Assistance
km7891.5 Euro (2009) Morabitino of Sancho II
km7951.5 Euro (2010) Against Famine
km7712 Euro (2007) Treaty of Rome
km7722 Euro (2007) E.U. Council Presidency
km7842 Euro (2008) Human Rights
km7852 Euro (2009) Ten yrs of EMU
km7862 Euro (2009) Luzitany Games
km8042 Euro (2011) Fernano Mendes Pinto
km8122 Euro (2012) 10 yrs. Euro circulation
km8132 Euro (2012) Guimaraes Cultural Capital
new2 Euro (2013) 250 yrs. Oporto Clerigos Tower
new2 Euro (2014) Carnation Revolution 40th Anniversary
km8252.5 Euro (2008) Alto Douro Wine Region
km8242.5 Euro (2008) Historic Site of Porto
km7832.5 Euro (2008) Fado -Patrimonio Cultural
km7902.5 Euro (2008) Bejing Olympics
km7912.5 Euro (2009) Portuguese Literature
km7922.5 Euro (2009) Hieronymites Monastery
km7932.5 Euro (2009) Tower of Belém
km7982.5 Euro (2010) Lisbon Palace
km797a2.5 Euro (2010) FIFA World Cup
km8002.5 Euro (2010) Torres Defence Lines
km8012.5 Euro (2010) Côa Valley Archeological site
km8062.5 Euro (2011) Explorers Capelo and Ivens
km8092.5 Euro (2011) Army College Centenary
km8102.5 Euro (2011) Pico Island, Azores Wine Region
km7545 Euro (2004) Convent of Christ ûTomar
km7555 Euro (2004) Evora Historical c.UNESCO
km7605 Euro (2005) His.Cen.Angra do Heroismo
km7615 Euro (2005) Monestary of Batalha
km7625 Euro (2005) Pope John XXI
km7695 Euro (2006) Cultural View of Sintra
km7795 Euro (2006) Monestary of Alcobaca
km7705 Euro (2007) 100 Years Scouts
km7815 Euro (2007) Equal Opportunities
km7825 Euro (2007) Laurisssilva Forest/Unesco
km8025 Euro (2010) Medieval coin for King John II
km8117.5 Euro (2011) Manuel I
km7508 Euro (2003) Euro 2004 F. is Fairplay
km7518 Euro (2003) Euro 2004 Footb.is Celebration
km7528 Euro (2003) Euro 2004 Football is Passion
km7538 Euro (2004) EU Enlargment 25 countries
km7568 Euro (2004) Euro 2004 Defesa
km7588 Euro (2004) Euro 2004 Golo
km7578 Euro (2004) Euro 2004 Remate
km7738 Euro (2005) End of WW2 War
km7788 Euro (2006) 150 An.Caminho Ferro
km7768 Euro (2006) Henry the Navigator
km8228 Euro (2007) Bartolomeu de Gusmao
km74810 Euro (2003) Nautica
km75910 Euro (2004) Summer Olympic Games
km76810 Euro (2005) Sé do Porto
km77510 Euro (2006) 1986-2006 Port-Espana
km77410 Euro (2006) World Cup
km82110 Euro (2007) Olympic Running
km82310 Euro (2007) Olympics Sailing
km80310 Euro (2010) Escudo - Historical Coin
km80810 Euro (2011) 25th Aniv. Portugal and Spain Join EU

Qatar and Dubai

km310 Dirhems (1966,1971) Goitered Gazelle


km161 Riyal (2006) Fox on a bicycle

Rhodesia and Nyasaland

km46 Pence (1955-1963) Lion


km25950 Bani (2010) Aurel Vlaicu
km26050 Bani (2011) Mircea cel Batran 1386-1418
km28750 Bani (2012) Neagoe Basarab
km355 Lei (1906) 40yr Reign Carol I
km10810 Lei (1990-1992) Anniv. of Revolution
km117.110 Lei (1995) 50 yrs. FAO
km117.210 Lei (1995) 50 yrs. FAO - N in diamond at right
km12010 Lei (1996) Swimmer
km12110 Lei (1996) Four Olympic Scenes
km12210 Lei (1996) Windsurfer
km12310 Lei (1996) Sailboat
km12410 Lei (1996) Canoe
km12510 Lei (1996) Scullcraft
km12610 Lei (1996) World Food Summit
km13410 Lei (1996) Euro Soccer
km8020 Lei (1951) Blacksmith
km118100 Lei (1995) FAO
km119100 Lei (1996) Euro Soccer
km128100 Lei (1996) Atlanta Olympics
km129100 Lei (1996) Olympic Windsurfing
km133100 Lei (1996) World Food Summit - Rome
km135100 Lei (1996) UNICEF
km59.1250 Lei (1940) date divided by portcullis
km59.2250 Lei (1941) edge TOTUL PENTRU TARA
km59.3250 Lei (1941) edge NIHIL SINE DEO
km60500 Lei (1941) Basarabia Reunion
km146500 Lei (1999) Solar Eclipse


y241/2 Rouble (1859-1885) 1 Poltina
y431 Rouble (1883) Alexander III Coronation
y461 Rouble (1886-1894) Alexander III
y601 Rouble (1896) Nicholas II Coronation
y681 Rouble (1912) Napoleon
y691 Rouble (1912) Alexander III Memorial
y701 Rouble (1913) Romanov Dynasty
y901 Rouble (1924) Youth and Peasant
y135.11 Rouble (1965) Anniv. of WWII Victory
y1401 Rouble (1967) 50 yrs of the Soviet Authority
y1411 Rouble (1970) Centennial of Lenins Birth
y1421 Rouble (1975) Anniv. of WWII Victory
y1431 Rouble (1977) Bolshevik Revolution
y1441 Rouble (1977) 1980 Olympic Emblem
y1531 Rouble (1978) Moscow Kremlin
y1641 Rouble (1979) Moscow University
y1651 Rouble (1979) Sputnik,Sojuz
y1771 Rouble (1980) Dolgorukij Monument
y1781 Rouble (1980) Olympic Torch
y1881 Rouble (1981) Manned Space Flights
y1891 Rouble (1981) Russian-Bulgarian Friendship
y1901 Rouble (1982) Anniv. Soviet Union
y1911 Rouble (1983) Karl Marx
y1921 Rouble (1983) First Woman in Space - Tereshkova
y1931 Rouble (1983) Ivan Fedorov - First Russian Printer
y1941 Rouble (1984) Dmitri Mendeleyev
y1951 Rouble (1984) Alexander Popov
y1961 Rouble (1984) Alexander Pushkin
y1971 Rouble (1985) Vladimir Lenin
y1981 Rouble (1985) Anniv. of WWII Victory
y1991 Rouble (1985) 12th World Youth Festival
y2001 Rouble (1985) Friedrich Engels
y201.11 Rouble (1986) Rouble written with inverted V
y201.31 Rouble (1986) International Year of Peace
y2021 Rouble (1986) Mikhail Lomonosov
y2031 Rouble (1987) Battle of Borodino - Soldiers
y2041 Rouble (1987) Battle of Borodino - Kutzov Monument
y2051 Rouble (1987) Constantin Tsiolkovsy
y2061 Rouble (1987) Bolshevik Revolution
y2091 Rouble (1988) Birth of Maxim Gorki
y2161 Rouble (1988) Leo Tolstoi
y2201 Rouble (1989) Birth of Musorgsky
y2281 Rouble (1989) M. Y. Lermontov
y2321 Rouble (1989) Hamza Niyazi
y2331 Rouble (1989) Mihai Eminescu
y2351 Rouble (1989) T. G. Shevchenko
y2361 Rouble (1990) Tschaikovsky - Composer
y2371 Rouble (1990) Marshal Zhukov
y2401 Rouble (1990) Anton Chekhov
y2571 Rouble (1990) Janis Rainis
y2581 Rouble (1990) Francisk Scorina
y2601 Rouble (1991) Alisher Navoi
y2611 Rouble (1991) P. N. Lebedev
y2631 Rouble (1991) Sergey Prokofiev
y2821 Rouble (1991) Ivanov
y2831 Rouble (1991) Turkman Poet Makhtumkuli
y2841 Rouble (1991) Poet Nizami Gyanzhevi
y2891 Rouble (1991) Wrestlers
y2901 Rouble (1991) Javelin Thrower
y2911 Rouble (1991) Cyclist and Charioteer
y2991 Rouble (1991) Weight Lifters
y3001 Rouble (1991) Broad Jumpers
y3021 Rouble (1991) Runners
y3031 Rouble (1992) Rebirth of Russia
y3051 Rouble (1992) Jacob Kolas
y3061 Rouble (1992) Admiral Nakhimov
y3201 Rouble (1992) Yanka Kupala
y3211 Rouble (1992) N.I. Lobachevsky
y3191 Rouble (1993) Vladimir Vernadsky
y3251 Rouble (1993) Gavrila Derzhavin
y3261 Rouble (1993) K.A. Timiryazev
y3271 Rouble (1993) V. Maikovski
y3471 Rouble (1993) A.P. Borodin
y3481 Rouble (1993) I.S. Turgenev
y3741 Rouble (1994) Asiatic Black Bear
y3991 Rouble (1995) Mother Russia Calling for Volunteers
y5041 Rouble (1996) Russian Fleet
y5801 Rouble (1997) 1945 Soccer
y5831 Rouble (1997) 1988 Soccer
y6401 Rouble (1999) Alexander Pushkin
y7311 Rouble (2001) 10yrs of Commonwealth
y8331 Rouble (2002-2009) cu-ni-zn
y3442 Roubles (1994) Nikolai Gogol - writer
y3772 Roubles (1995) A. S. Griboyedov
y3922 Roubles (1995) Marshal Zhukov
y4142 Roubles (1995) Sergei Esenin
y4152 Roubles (1995) Field Marshal Kutozov
y4492 Roubles (1995) Ivan Bunin
y6052 Roubles (1997-1999) cu-ni-zn
y6632 Roubles (2000) Stalingrad
y6642 Roubles (2000) Tula
y6652 Roubles (2000) Smolensk
y6662 Roubles (2000) Murmansk
y6672 Roubles (2000) Moscow
y6682 Roubles (2000) Novorossijsk
y6692 Roubles (2000) Leningrad
y6752 Roubles (2001) Yury Gagarin
y8202 Roubles (2003) Zodiac sign Cancer
y8342 Roubles (2002-2009) cu-ni-zn
y13912 Roubles (2012) War of 1812
y13922 Roubles (2012) Kutuzov
y13932 Roubles (2012) Barklay de Tolly
y13942 Roubles (2012) Bagration
y13952 Roubles (2012) Benningsen
y13962 Roubles (2012) Witgenstein
y13972 Roubles (2012) Davidov
y13982 Roubles (2012) Dohkturov
y13992 Roubles (2012) Durova
y14002 Roubles (2012) Yermolov
y14012 Roubles (2012) Valilisa Kozhina
y14022 Roubles (2012) Kutaisov
y14032 Roubles (2012) Miloradovich
y14042 Roubles (2012) Osterman-Tolstoi
y14052 Roubles (2012) Rayevsky
y14062 Roubles (2012) Platov
y14072 Roubles (2012) Tsar Alexander I
y2073 Roubles (1987) Bolshevik Revolution
y2343 Roubles (1989) Armenian Earthquake Relief
y2743 Roubles (1991) Bolshoi Theater
y2753 Roubles (1991) Moscows Arch of Triumph
y3013 Roubles (1991) Defense of Moscow
y2973 Roubles (1992) International Space Year
y2983 Roubles (1992) Battle of Chudskoye Lake
y3043 Roubles (1992) Allied Supply to Murmansk
y3173 Roubles (1992) Defeat of Attempted Coup
y3183 Roubles (1993) Battle of Stalingrad
y3283 Roubles (1993) Battle of Kursk
y3403 Roubles (1993) Kievs Liberation from German Fascists
y3413 Roubles (1994) 50th Ann. Battle of Leningrad
y3463 Roubles (1994) Liberation of Sevastopol
y3623 Roubles (1994) Normandy Invasion
y3653 Roubles (1994) WW-II Partisans Activities
y3663 Roubles (1994) Liberation of Belgrade
y3783 Roubles (1995) Liberation of Warsaw
y3793 Roubles (1995) Liberation of Budapest
y3803 Roubles (1995) WWII - Capture of Konigsburg
y3813 Roubles (1995) WWII - Capture of Vienna
y3823 Roubles (1995) WWII - American and Russian Soliders
y3833 Roubles (1995) WWII - Capture of Berlin
y3843 Roubles (1995) WW-II German Surrender
y3853 Roubles (1995) WWII - Liberation of Prague
y3863 Roubles (1995) WWII - Surrender of Japanese Army at Kwantung
y3873 Roubles (1995) Japanese Formal Surrender
y4573 Roubles (1993) Ivan the Great Cathedral
y4673 Roubles (1995) Millenium of Belgorod
y4733 Roubles (1995) Wildlife, Sable on branch
y10393 Roubles (2005) Novosibirsk Opera and Ballet
y1455 Roubles (1977) Scenes of Kiev
y1465 Roubles (1977) Scenes of Leningrad
y1475 Roubles (1977) Scenes of Minsk
y1485 Roubles (1977) Scenes of Tallinn
y1545 Roubles (1978) Runner and Stadium
y1555 Roubles (1978) Olympic Swimming (silver)
y1565 Roubles (1978) Olympic High Jump
y1575 Roubles (1978) Equestrian
y1665 Roubles (1979) Weightlifting
y1675 Roubles (1979) Hammer throw
y1795 Roubles (1980) Archery
y1805 Roubles (1980) Gymnastics
y1815 Roubles (1980) Equestrian - Isindi
y1825 Roubles (1980) Gorodki -Stick Throwing
y2085 Roubles (1987) Bolshevik Revolution
y2175 Roubles (1988) Leningrad - Peter the Great
y2185 Roubles (1988) Novgorod Monument
y2195 Roubles (1988) St. Sophia Cathedral
y2215 Roubles (1989) Pokrowsky Cathedral
y2295 Roubles (1989) Samarkand
y2305 Roubles (1989) Cathedral of the Annunciation
y2415 Roubles (1990) St. Petersburg Palace
y2465 Roubles (1990) Uspenski Cathedral
y2595 Roubles (1990) Matenadarin Depository
y2715 Roubles (1991) Cathedral of Archangel Michael
y2725 Roubles (1991) State Bank Building
y2735 Roubles (1991) David Sasunsky Monument
y2805 Roubles (1991) Owl
y2815 Roubles (1991) Mountain Goat
y3225 Roubles (1992) Kazakhstan
y3245 Roubles (1993) Troitsk - Sergievsk Monastery
y3395 Roubles (1993) Turkmenistan
y4005 Roubles (1995) Infantry Officer Leading Attack
y5055 Roubles (1996) Russian Fleet
y7995 Roubles (2002-2009) cn-ni-zn
y14085 Roubles (2012) Battle of Smolensk
y14095 Roubles (2012) Battle of Borodino
y14105 Roubles (2012) Battle of Tarutino
y14115 Roubles (2012) Battle of Maloyaroslavets
y14125 Roubles (2012) Battle of Vyazma
y14135 Roubles (2012) Battle of Krasnoye
y14145 Roubles (2012) Battle of Berezina
y14155 Roubles (2012) Battle of Kulm
y14165 Roubles (2012) Battle of Leipzig
y14175 Roubles (2012) Capture of Paris
y14910 Roubles (1977) Scenes of Moscow
y15010 Roubles (1977) Map of USSR (silver)
y15810 Roubles (1978) Olympic Cycling (silver)
y15910 Roubles (1978) Olympic Canoeing (silver)
y16010 Roubles (1978) Equestrian
y16110 Roubles (1978) Pole vaulting
y16810 Roubles (1978) Basketball
y16910 Roubles (1978) Volleyball
y17010 Roubles (1979) Boxing
y17110 Roubles (1979) Judo
y17210 Roubles (1979) Weightlifting
y18310 Roubles (1980) Wrestling
y18410 Roubles (1980) Tug of War
y18510 Roubles (1980) Reindeer Racing
y30710 Roubles (1992) Kazarka
y30810 Roubles (1992) Tiger
y30910 Roubles (1992) Cobra
y40110 Roubles (1995) Munitions Workers
y50610 Roubles (1996) Cargo Ship
y67010 Roubles (2000) 55yrs WWII Conclusion
y67610 Roubles (2001) Yuri Gagarin
y73910 Roubles (2002) Old City of Derbent
y74010 Roubles (2002) Old City of Kostroma
y74110 Roubles (2002) Old City of Staraya Russa
y74810 Roubles (2002) Ministry of Education
y74910 Roubles (2002) Ministry of Finance
y75010 Roubles (2002) Ministry of Trade
y75110 Roubles (2002) Ministry of Foreign Affairs
y75210 Roubles (2002) Ministry of Internal Affairs
y75310 Roubles (2002) Ministry of Justice
y75410 Roubles (2002) Russian Armed Forces
y80010 Roubles (2003) Old City of Pskov
y81710 Roubles (2003) Old City of Murom
y81810 Roubles (2003) Old City of Kasimov
y81910 Roubles (2003) Old City of Dorogobuzh
y82410 Roubles (2004) Ryazhsk
y82510 Roubles (2004) Dmitrov
y82610 Roubles (2004) Kem
y82710 Roubles (2005) 60 yrs of Victory in WWII (Eternal Flame)
y88610 Roubles (2005) Moscow
y88710 Roubles (2005) Leningrad Region
y88810 Roubles (2005) Tver Region
y88910 Roubles (2005) Krasnodar Territory
y89010 Roubles (2005) Oryol Region
y89110 Roubles (2005) Tatarstan Republic
y94310 Roubles (2005) Kazan
y94610 Roubles (2005) Kaliningrad
y94510 Roubles (2005) Mtsensk
y94410 Roubles (2005) Borovsk
y94010 Roubles (2006) Maritime Territory
y94210 Roubles (2006) Sakhalin Region
y94110 Roubles (2006) Republic of Sakha (Yakutia)
y93910 Roubles (2006) Chita Region
y93810 Roubles (2006) Republic of Altai
y94910 Roubles (2006) Torzhok
y94710 Roubles (2006) Belgorod
y94810 Roubles (2006) Kargopol
y97010 Roubles (2007) Rostov Region
y97210 Roubles (2007) Republic of Bashkortostan
y97410 Roubles (2007) Novosibirsk Region
y97310 Roubles (2007) Arkhangelsk Region
y99310 Roubles (2007) Lipetsk Region
y97110 Roubles (2007) Khakassia Republic
y96510 Roubles (2007) Gdov
y96410 Roubles (2007) Velikyj Ustiug
y96310 Roubles (2007) Vologda
y97510 Roubles (2008) Udmurt Republic
y97610 Roubles (2008) City of Vladimir
y97710 Roubles (2008) Astrakhan Region
y97810 Roubles (2008) Sverdlovsk Region
y99410 Roubles (2008) Prioziorsk, Leningrad Region
y99510 Roubles (2008) City of Smolensk
y98610 Roubles (2008) City of Azov
y99110 Roubles (2008) Kabardin-Balkar Republic
y98310 Roubles (2009) Vyborg
y98510 Roubles (2009) Kalmykia Republic
y98710 Roubles (2009) Adygeya Republic
y98810 Roubles (2009) Veliky Novgorod
y98210 Roubles (2009) City of Kaluga
y98410 Roubles (2009) City of Galich
y98910 Roubles (2009) Jewish Region
y99610 Roubles (2009) Komi Republic
y99710 Roubles (2009) Kirov Region
y127410 Roubles (2010) Russian Census
y127510 Roubles (2010) City of Bryansk
y127610 Roubles (2010) City of Yurjevets
y127710 Roubles (2010) Perm Krai
y127810 Roubles (2010) Nenets Autonomous Area
y127910 Roubles (2010) Chechen Republic
y128010 Roubles (2010) Yamalo-Nenetskiy Autonomous Area
new10 Roubles (2010) 65 years of Victory in WWII
y128310 Roubles (2011) City of Solikamsk
y128410 Roubles (2011) City of Yelets
y129210 Roubles (2011) Republic of Buryatia
y130510 Roubles (2011) City of Belgorod
y130810 Roubles (2011) City of Kursk
y130910 Roubles (2011) City of Orel
y131310 Roubles (2011) Voronezh Region
y131410 Roubles (2011) City of Vladikavkaz
y131810 Roubles (2011) City of Malgobek
y132310 Roubles (2011) City of Rzhev
new10 Roubles (2011) First Manned Spaceflight
new10 Roubles (2011) Yelets
new10 Roubles (2011) Yelnya
y138010 Roubles (2012) Belozersk
y138110 Roubles (2012) Voronezh
y138210 Roubles (2012) Luga
y138310 Roubles (2012) Polyarny
y138410 Roubles (2012) Rostov-on-Don
y138510 Roubles (2012) Tuapse
y138610 Roubles (2012) Velikiye Luki
y138710 Roubles (2012) Veliky Novgorod
y138810 Roubles (2012) Dimitrov
y138910 Roubles (2012) 1150 yrs. Russian Statehood
y142010 Roubles (2013) Logo of the Universiade
y142110 Roubles (2013) Mascot of the Universiade
y143310 Roubles (2013) Vyazma
y144510 Roubles (2013) Kronstadt
y145010 Roubles (2013) Battle of Stalingrad
y145310 Roubles (2013) Naro-Fominsk
y146110 Roubles (2013) Pskov
y146210 Roubles (2013) Kozelsk
y146510 Roubles (2013) Arkhangelsk
new10 Roubles (2013) Bryansk
new10 Roubles (2013) Constitution of the Russian Federation
new10 Roubles (2013) Republic of Dagestan
new10 Roubles (2013) Republic of North Ossetia-Alania
new10 Roubles (2013) Volokolamsk
new10 Roubles (2014) Chelyabinskaya Region
new10 Roubles (2014) Nalchik
new10 Roubles (2014) Nerekhta
new10 Roubles (2014) Penza Region
new10 Roubles (2014) Republic of Ingushetia
new10 Roubles (2014) Saratov Region
new10 Roubles (2014) Stary Oskol
new10 Roubles (2014) Tihvin
new10 Roubles (2014) Tuymenskaya Region
new10 Roubles (2014) Tver
new10 Roubles (2014) Vladivostok
new10 Roubles (2014) Vyborg
new10 Roubles (2014) Winter Olympics - Sochi
y40220 Roubles (1995) Soldiers and Tanks
y50720 Roubles (1996) Scientific Research Ship
y129825 Roubles (2011,2014) Sochi 2014 Logo
new25 Roubles (2012) Sochi 2014 Mascots
new25 Roubles (2014) Olympic Torch
yB65a37.5 Roubles (1902) Restrike 1991
y31550 Roubles (1992-1993) bimetalic
y33050 Roubles (1993) Bear
y33150 Roubles (1993) Gecko
y33250 Roubles (1993) Grouse
y33350 Roubles (1993) Stork
y33450 Roubles (1993) Porpoise
y36750 Roubles (1994) Spalax
y36850 Roubles (1994) Bison
y36950 Roubles (1994) Gazelle
y37050 Roubles (1994) Pergrine Falcon
y37150 Roubles (1994) Flamingos
y40350 Roubles (1995) 2 Sailors, Ship, Plane
y50850 Roubles (1996) Submarine
y404100 Roubles (1995) Berlin Soldier Monument
y509100 Roubles (1996) Atlantic Icebreaker - Arctic


new10 Kopeks (2012) Green Frog - Rana clamitans
new20 Kopeks (2012) White-footed Mouse - Peromyscus leucopus
new50 Kopeks (2012) European Rabbit - Oryctolagus cuniculus
new1 Rouble (2012) Wild Goat - Capra aegagrus
new2 Roubles (2012) Red Fox - Vulpes vulpes
new5 Roubles (2012) Gray Wolf - Canis lupus
new10 Roubles (2012) Brown Bear - Ursus arctos


kmE41 Franc (1977) Essai pattern
km221 Franc (2003) Sorghum
km65 Francs (1964-1965) Kayibanda
km235 Francs (2003) Coffee plant
km14.110 Francs (1974) Coffee branch
km2410 Francs (2003) Banana tree
km3310 Francs (2009) Banki Nkuru
km2520 Francs (2003) Coffee plant seedling
km2650 Francs (2003) Ear of corn
km18100 Francs (1990) Nelson Mandela
km171000 Francs (1989) President Babyarimana


x11 Cent (2011) Hummingbird
x25 Cents (2011) Barn Owl
x310 Cents (2011) Whistling-duck
x425 Cents (2011) Parakeet
x550 Cents (2011) Toucan
x61 Dollar (2011) Flamingo
x72-1/2 Dollars (2011) Cassowary
x85 Dollars (2011) Turkey

Saharawi Arab Republic

km23100 Pesetas (1995) Spitfire MK-II
km8500 Pesetas (1991) Divided Soccer Ball
km51500 Pesetas (2004) Two Fennec Foxes
new500 Pesetas (2010) Pope and King Juan Carlos
new500 Pesetas (2010) Cultura Arbe, Soldiers
km581000 Pesetas (1997) Military ship Russian Lady
km571000 Pesetas (1997) Scandinavian ship Dromon
km591000 Pesetas (1997) Egyptian merchant ship

St. Eustatius

x11 Cent (2011) Chromis fish
x25 Cents (2011) Seahorse
x310 Cents (2011) Shark Remora
x425 Cents (2011) Damselfish
x550 Cents (2011) Bat Ray
x61 Dollar (2011) Flying-fish
x72-1/2 Dollars (2011) Hammerhead Shark
x85 Dollars (2011) Sunfish

Saint Helena

km525 Pence (1973) Tercentenary
km5a25 Pence (1973) Tercentenary (proof)
km825 Pence (1980) 80th Birthday of Queen Mother
km925 Pence (ND 1981) Wedding Diana and Charles
km1350 Pence (1984) Royal Visit
km1650 Pence (1998) WWF - Blue Whales
km1750 Pence (1998) WWF - Rainpiper bird
km1850 Pence (1997) Royal Couple Reviewing Troops

Saint Helena and Ascension

kmA41/2 Penny (1821) British East India Company
km225 Pence (1998,2003) Giant Tortoise
km2310 Pence (1998,2003,2006) Dolphins
km550 Pence (1984) Sea Turtle
km750 Pence (1986) Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson
km850 Pence (1986) Napoleon
km1650 Pence (1991,2003,2006) Green Sea Turtle
km1950 Pence (1994) Normandy Invasion
km171 Pound (1991,2003,2006) Sooty Terns

Saint Kitts and Neviss

km14 Dollars (1970) FAO
km310 Dollars (1985) Royal Visit
km420 Dollars (1982) Battle of the Saints

Saint Lucia

km114 Dollars (1970) FAO
km145 Dollars (1986) Papal Visit
km1210 Dollars (1982) Battle of the Saints (copper-nickel)
km12a10 Dollars (1982) Battle of the Saints
km13a10 Dollars (1985) Royal Visit

Saint Thomas and Prince

km17.250 Centavos (1971) 22mm
km2150 Escudos (1970) 500th Anniv. of Discovery
km272 Dobras (1977) FAO
km285 Dobras (1977) FAO
km2910 Dobras (1977) FAO
km3020 Dobras (1977) FAO
km5250 Dobras (1990) FAO
km67500 Dobras (1993) European Common Market
km441000 Dobras (1990) Soccer
km471000 Dobras (1990) Soccer
km921000 Dobras (1998) Heidiland

St. Vincent and Grenadines

km134 Dollars (1970) FAO


km1222 Sene (2000) FAO
km1315 Sene (2002,2006,2010) Pineapple
km13210 Sene (2002,2006,2010) Taro leaves
km13320 Sene (2002,2006) Bread fruits
km1750 Sene (1974-2000) Banana Tree
km13450 Sene (2002,2006,2010) Banana tree
km81 Tala (1969) Robert Louis Stevenson
km101 Tala (1970) Visit of Pope Paul VI
km111 Tala (1972) Roggeveen Pacific voyage
km181 Tala (1974) Boxing
km191 Tala (1974) Coconut Palm
km19a1 Tala (1974) Coconut Palm (proof)
km201 Tala (1976) U.S. Bicentennial
km221 Tala (1976) Olympic Weightlifting
km241 Tala (1977) Queens Silver Jubilee
km261 Tala (1977) Lindbergh
km281 Tala (1978) First Pacific Flight
km301 Tala (1978) runners XI commonwealth games
km381 Tala (1980) Food for all
km431 Tala (1981) Wedding of Charles and Diana
km571 Tala (1984) circulation coinage
km631 Tala (1986) Wedding of Prince Andrew
km741 Tala (1986) World Wildlife Fund
km1351 Tala (2002,2006) National arms
km33a10 Tala (1979) Captain Cook (proof)
km36a10 Tala (1980) Olympic Hurdles (proof)
km10210 Tala (1994) Comte de la Perouse

San Marino

km4672 Euro (2004) Bartolomeo Borghesi
km4692 Euro (2005) World Year of Physics
km4782 Euro (2006) Christopher Columbus
km4812 Euro (2007) Giuseppe Garibaldi
km4872 Euro (2008) Intercultural Dialog
km4902 Euro (2009) Creativity and Innovation
km4942 Euro (2010) Sandra Botticelil
km5002 Euro (2011) Hgiorgio Vasari
km5192 Euro (2012) 10 yrs. Euro Coinage
new2 Euro (2013) Pinturichio, 500th Ann. Death
km4485 Euro (2002) Euro Welcome
km4725 Euro (2006) Melchiorie Delfico
km4735 Euro (2007) Equal Opportunity between sexes
km4745 Euro (2007) 50 yrs. death of Toscanini
km4765 Euro (2006) Andrea Mantegna
km5155 Euro (2009) International Year of Astronomy


km71 Cent (1892-1897) Charles J. Brooke Rajah
km145 Cents (1920,1927) C.V. Brooke Rajah

Saudi Arabia

km4725 Halala (1972) masculine denomination
km67100 Halala (1999) Kingdom Centennial


x310 Dollars (1977) Roy of Sealand
x220 Dollars (1975) Princess Joan I
x6100 Dollars (1991) Johannes Seiger


Tn125 Centimes (1920) Rufisque token
Tn1750 Centimes (1921) Ziguinchor token
km6150 Francs (1975) Leopold Sedar Senghor
km113000 CFA Francs (2003) Bush Baby
km126000 CFA Francs (2006) African girl
km136000 CFA Francs (2006) African girl - silver
km13a6000 CFA Francs (2006) African girl - gold-plated silver
km146000 CFA Francs (2007) President Abdoulaye Wade


km3050 Para (1942) WW2 Ocupation coinage
km311 Dinar (1942) WW2 Ocupation coinage
km322 Dinara (1942) WW2 Ocupation coinage
km125 Dinara (1879) God Save Serbia on Edge
km275 Dinara (1904) Karageorgevich Dinasty Centenial, God Save Serbia on Edge
km285 Dinara (1904) Karageorgevich Dinasty Centenial, God Serbia Save on Edge
km3310 Dinara (1943) WW2 Ocupation coinage
km5110 Dinara (2009) Summer Universiade Logo
km17.120 Dinara (1882) God Save Serbia on Edge (gold)
km17.220 Dinara (1882) God Serbia Save on Edge (gold)
km3820 Dinara (2003) St. Sava Church
km4220 Dinara (2006) Nikola Tesla
km4720 Dinara (2007) Dositej Obradovic
km5220 Dinara (2009) Milutin Milankovic
new20 Dinara (2010) Georg Weifert
km5320 Dinara (2011) writer Ivan Andric
new20 Dinara (2012) Mihajlo Pupin
new1000 Dinara (2004) Karagiorge Bicentenary
km431000 Dinara (2006) Nikola Tesla
new1000 Dinara (2007) Dositej Obradovic
new5000 Dinara (2004) Karagiorge Bicentenary (gold)
km445000 Dinara (2006) Nikola Tesla (gold)
new5000 Dinara (2007) Dositej Obradovic (gold)
new10000 Dinara (2004) Karagiorge Bicentenary (gold)
km4510000 Dinara (2006) Nikola Tesla (gold)


km171 Cent (1972) FAO
km301 Cent (1977) Boueteur fish
km185 Cents (1972,1975) FAO
km315 Cents (1977) Bourgeois fish
km435 Cents (1981) World Food Day
km3210 Cents (1977,1978) FAO
km4410 Cents (1981) World Food Day
km365 Rupees (1977) Coco-de-mer Palm Tree
km895 Rupees (1995) 50 yrs. United Nations
km2010 Rupees (1974) Green Sea Turtle
km3710 Rupees (1977) Green Sea Turtle
km5220 Rupees (1983) Central Bank
km6725 Rupees (1993) World Cup Soccer
km3950 Rupees (1978) Squirrel fish
km4250 Rupees (1980) Year of the Child
km40100 Rupees (1978) White-tailed Tropic bird

Sierra Leone

km185 Cents (1964) Kapok Tree
km2020 Cents (1964) Sir Milton Margai
km211 Leone (1964) Sir Milton Margai
km261 Leone (1974) Siaka Stevens
km361 Leone (1980) OAU Summit
km292 Leones (1976) Regional Conference for Africa
km296500 Leones (2004) Kai Londo


km25 Cents (1967-1985) Egret
km53.250 Cents (1989-1991) Yellow Allamanda
km105 Dollars (1973) SE Asia Peninsular Games
km225 Dollars (1982) Benjamin Shears Bridge
km255 Dollars (1983) 12th SEA Games
km325 Dollars (1984) 25 Years of Nation-Building
km485 Dollars (1985) 25 Years of Public Housing
km1385 Dollars (1995) United Nations
km1715 Dollars (2000) Millenium
km9.110 Dollars (1972) hawk descending
km1510 Dollars (1976-1977) Ship in port
km1710 Dollars (1978-1980) Communications Satellites
km2010 Dollars (1981) Year of the Rooster
km2310 Dollars (1982) Year of the Dog
km3310 Dollars (1984) Year of the Rat
km4410 Dollars (1985) Year of the Ox
km16510 Dollars (1998) Year of the Tiger


km19200 Korun (1993) 150 yrs Slovak Language
km20200 Korun (1993) Jan Kollar
km21200 Korun (1994) 100y of Olympic Committee
km22200 Korun (1994) Janko Alexy
km23200 Korun (1994) 50 yrs since D-Day
km24200 Korun (1995) Pavol Josef Safarik
km25200 Korun (1995) Mikulas Galanda
km27200 Korun (1995) Bratislava Electic Tram
km31200 Korun (1996) Olympic Oval Track
km33200 Korun (1996) Mtn. Railway to Strba Lake
km30200 Korun (1996) Samuel Jurkovic
km32200 Korun (1996) Jozef Ciger Hronsky
km37200 Korun (1997) Svetozar Hurban Vajansky
km40200 Korun (1997) Stefan Moyzes
km41200 Korun (1998) Slovak National Gallery
km42200 Korun (1998) 150 yrs Railway in Slovakia
km43200 Korun (1998) 150 yrs Slovak Revolt to 1848
km44200 Korun (1998) Spis Castle
km45200 Korun (1998) Jan Smrek
km48200 Korun (1999) Pavol Orszag Hviezdoslav
km49200 Korun (1999) Slovac Philharmonic
km55200 Korun (2000) Juraj Fandly
km59200 Korun (2001) Alexander Dubcek
km60200 Korun (2002) Ludovit Fulla
km62200 Korun (2002) Vlkolinec Reserve
km65200 Korun (2003) Imrich Karvas
km77200 Korun (2004) Jan Andrej Segner
km81200 Korun (2005) Coronation of Leopold I
km28500 Korun (1994) Slovensky Raj National Park
km47500 Korun (1999) 50 yrs Tatransky National Park
km56500 Korun (2001) Mala Fatra National Park
km1032 Euro (2009) Ten Years of European Monetary Union
km1072 Euro (2009) 20th Anniversary
km1142 Euro (2011) 20 yrs. Visegrad Group
km1202 Euro (2012) 10 yrs. Euro Coinage
new2 Euro (2013) Saints Cyril and Methodius
new2 Euro (2014) 10 yrs. In the European Union
km10810 Euroá(2009) Aurel Stodola


Tn50.02 Lipe (1992) Corn crib
km95 Tolarjev (1993) Battle of Sisek
km125 Tolarjev (1993) Operosorum Labacensium
km155 Tolarjev (1994) 50 Yrs. Slovenian Bank
km165 Tolarjev (1994) Glagolitic Alphabet
km215 Tolarjev (1995) 50 Yrs. F.A.O.
km225 Tolarjev (1995) 50 Yrs. Defeat of Facism
km265 Tolarjev (1995) Aljazev Stolp
km295 Tolarjev (1996) 100th Anniv. First Railway
km335 Tolarjev (1996) Olympic Centennial
km385 Tolarjev (1997) Ziga Zois
km4110 Tolarjev (2000) Early strike, week EQUUS
km5120 Tolarjev (2003-2006) White Stork
km5250 Tolarjev (2003-2006) Stylized bull
km42100 Tolarjev (2001) 10th Ann. of Slovenia and Tolar
km10500 Tolarjev (1993) Battle of Sisek 1593
km13500 Tolarjev (1993) 300th Ann. Academia Operosorum Labacensium
km17500 Tolarjev (1994) 50 yrs. Slovenian Bank
km19500 Tolarjev (1994) 1000th Ann. Bishop Abraham
km25500 Tolarjev (1995) 50th Ann. FAO
km27500 Tolarjev (1995) 100th Ann. Aljaz Turret
km30500 Tolarjev (1996) 150th Ann. Railway on the Slovene territory
km36500 Tolarjev (1996) 100th Ann. Olympic Games of Modern Times
km39500 Tolarjev (1997) 250th Ann. Ziga Zois
km45500 Tolarjev (2002) FIFA World Cup
km50500 Tolarjev (2003) Yr. of Disabled People
km57500 Tolarjev (2004) Jurij Vega, mathematician
km63500 Tolarjev (2005) Perched falcon
km65500 Tolarjev (2006) Anton Tomaz Linhart
km432000 Tolarjev (2001) 10th Anniversary of Slovenia and Tolar
km462500 Tolarjev (2002) FIFA World Cup in Korea/Japan
km482500 Tolarjev (2002) 35th Chess Olympiad
km532500 Tolarjev (2003) European Year of Disabled
km115000 Tolarjev (1993) Battle of Sisek (gold)
km145000 Tolarjev (1993) 300 yrs. Operosorum Labacensium Academy (gold)
km185000 Tolarjev (1994) 50th Ann. - Slovenian bank (gold)
km205000 Tolarjev (1994) 1000th Ann. - Bishop Abraham, Glagolitic Alphabet (gold)
km245000 Tolarjev (1995) 50th Anniversary - Defeat of Fascism (gold)
km285000 Tolarjev (1995) Aljazev stolp (gold)
km315000 Tolarjev (1996) 100th Anniversry - First Railway in Slovenia (gold)
km375000 Tolarjev (1996) Olympics (gold)
km405000 Tolarjev (1997) 250th Ann. Of the birth of Ziga Zois (gold)
km555000 Tolarjev (2003) 60yrs Slovenian Nation Delegates in Kocevje
km585000 Tolarjev (2004) 250th Ann. of the birth of Jurij Vega
km605000 Tolarjev (2004) 1000th Ann. of the first written mention of Bled
km625000 Tolarjev (2005) 100th Ann. of Slovene film
km645000 Tolarjev (2005) 100 yrs Slovene Sokol Association - falcon
km925000 Tolarjev (2006) playwright Anton Tomaz Linhart
km935000 Tolarjev (2006) 150th Ann. of the birth of the poet Anton Askerc
km4420000 Tolarjev (2001) 10th Anniversary of Slovenia and Tolar (gold)
km4720000 Tolarjev (2002) FIFA World Cup in Korea/Japan (gold)
km4920000 Tolarjev (2002) 35th Chess Olympiad
km5425000 Tolarjev (2003) European Year of People with Disabilities (gold)
km5625000 Tolarjev (2003) 60yrs Slovenian Nation Delegates in Kocevje (gold)
km5925000 Tolarjev (2004) 250th Ann. of the birth of Jurij Vega (gold)
km6125000 Tolarjev (2004) 1000th Ann. of the first written mention of Bled (gold)
km6625000 Tolarjev (2005) 100yrs Slovene Sokol Association - falcon (gold)
km6725000 Tolarjev (2005) 100th Ann. of Slovene film (gold)
km8425000 Tolarjev (2006) playwright Anton Tomaz Linhart (gold)
km8325000 Tolarjev (2006) 150th Ann. of the birth of the poet Anton Askerc (gold)
km681 Euro Cent (2007--) stork
km692 Euro Cents (2007--) The Princes Stone
km705 Euro Cents (2007--) Grohars Sower
km7110 Euro Cents (2007) Plecniks parliament design
km7220 Euro Cents (2007) Lipizzaner Stallions
km7350 Euro Cents (2007--) Triglav constellation
km741 Euro (2007--) Primoz Trubar
km752 Euro (2007--) France Preseren
km1062 Euro (2007) Treaty of Rome
km802 Euro (2008) Primoz Trubar
km822 Euro (2009) Ten Years of European Monetary Union
km942 Euro (2010) Ljubljana Botanical Garden
km1002 Euro (2011) Franc Rozman
km1072 Euro (2012) 10 yrs. Euro Coinage
km1122 Euro (2013) Postojna Cave
km813 Euro (2008) E.U. Presidency
km853 Euro (2009) Edvard Rusjan - 100 yrs. First Flight
km953 Euro (2010) Ljubljana - World Book Capital
km1093 Euro (2012) First Slovene Olympic Medalist
km1083 Euro (2013) Tolmin Peasant Revolt
km7830 Euro (2008) E.U. Presidency
km7630 Euro (2008) Valentin Vodnik
km8830 Euro (2009) Painter Zoran Music
km8630 Euro (2009) Edvard Rusjan - 100 yrs. First Flight
km9630 Euro (2010) Ljubljana - World Book Capital
km9830 Euro (2010) World ski flying Championships at Planica
km10430 Euro (2011) World Rowing Championship in Bled
km77100 Euro (2008) Valentin Vodnik (gold)
km79100 Euro (2008) E.U. Presidency (gold)
km87100 Euro (2009) Edvard Rusjan - 100 yrs. First Flight (gold)
km89100 Euro (2009) Painter Zoran Music (gold)
km97100 Euro (2010) Ljubljana - World Book Capital (gold)
km99100 Euro (2010) World ski flying Championships at Planica (gold)
km105100 Euro (2011) World Rowing Championship in Bled (gold)

Solomon Islands

km8220 Cents (1995) native woman
km641 Dollar (1998) WWF Eagle and Fish
km85 Dollars (1978) Coronation Jubilee
km4810 Dollars (1991) Olympic Runner
km5310 Dollars (1994) Relay Runners


km450 Centesimi (1950) Lion
km245 Senti (1976) FAO
km2510 Senti (1976) FAO
km2650 Senti (1976) FAO
km271 Shilling (1976) FAO - Lamb copper-nickel
km155 Shillings (1970) FAO Conference
km27a1 Shilling (1984) FAO - lamb
km455 Shillings (1999-2002) FAO Elephant
km2810 Shillings (1979) workers
km3110 Shillings (1979) dancers
km4610 Shillings (2000,2002) FAO
km9010 Shillings (2000) Year of the rat
km9110 Shillings (2000) Year of the ox
km9210 Shillings (2000) Year of the tiger
km9310 Shillings (2000) Year of the rabbit
km9410 Shillings (2000) Year of the dragon
km9510 Shillings (2000) Year of the snake
km9610 Shillings (2000) Year of the horse
km9710 Shillings (2000) Year of the goat
km9810 Shillings (2000) Year of the monkey
km9910 Shillings (2000) Year of the rooster
km10010 Shillings (2000) Year of the dog
km10110 Shillings (2000) Year of the pig
km15910 Shillings (2003) multicolor fish
km7125 Shillines (2000) Pope John Paul II
km10325 Shillings (2001) Soccer player
km10825 Shillings (2000) penguins
new25 Shillings (2001) Queen Victoria
km15525 Shillings (2004) Pope in window at Vatican
km15625 Shillings (2004) Pope in special vehicle
km15725 Shillings (2004) Pope blessing Mother Teresa
km16525 Shillings (2006) Red Kite bird
km11150 Shillings (2002) Mandril
km112100 Shillings (2002) Queen of Sheba
km212100 Shillings (2009) African Wildlife Elephant
x611 Dollar (2004) multicolor American flag guitar
x621 Dollar (2004) flying V guitar
x631 Dollar (2004) Les Paul guitar red and white
x641 Dollar (2004)exployer guitar blue and white
x651 Dollar (2004) pink star guitar
x661 Dollar (2004) Klein guitar yellow and black


km11 Shilling (1994) Bird
km45 Shillings (2002) Richard F. Burton
km55 Shillings (2002) Rooster
km195 Shillings (2005) Elephant and calf
km310 Shillings (2002) Velvet Monkey
km710 Shillings (2006) Aquarius the Water Carrier
km810 Shillings (2006) Pisces the Two Fish
km910 Shillings (2006) Aries the Ram
km1010 Shillings (2006) Taurus the Bull
km1110 Shillings (2006) Gemini the Twins
km1210 Shillings (2006) Cancer the Crab
km1310 Shillings (2006) Leo the Lion
km1410 Shillings (2006) Virgo as a Winged Woman
km1510 Shillings (2006) Libra Balance Scale
km1610 Shillings (2006) Scorpio the Scorpion
km1710 Shillings (2006) Sagittarius the Archer
km1810 Shillings (2006) Capricorn the Goat
km620 Shillings (2002) Greyhound Dog
km21000 Shillings (2002) Richard F. Burton
x25 Dollars (1998) R.M.S. Titanic
x35 Dollars (1999) Year of the Rabbit
x45 Dollars (2000) Year of the Dragon

South African Union

km421/2 Pound (1952) springbok

South Africa

km911 Cent (1976) President Fouche
km981 Cent (1979) President Diederichs
km1091 Cent (1982) President Vorster
km1581 Cent (1996) Zulu legend
km1701 Cent (1997-2000) Ndebele legend
km66.22 Cents (1965-1969) Afrikaans legend
km75.12 Cents (1968) President Swart
km922 Cents (1976) President Fouche
km992 Cents (1979) President Diederichs
km1102 Cents (1982) President Vorster
km1592 Cents (1996-2000) Venda legend
km935 Cents (1976) President Fouche
km1005 Cents (1979) President Diederichs
km1115 Cents (1982) President Vorster
km1605 Cents (1996-1998) Tsonga Legend
km4405 Cents (2008) uMzantsi Afrika
km4645 Cents (2009) iNingizimo Afrika
km4935 Cents (2010) iSewula Afrika
km9410 Cents (1976) President Fouche
km9520 Cents (1976) President Fouche
km9650 Cents (1976) President Fouche
km10350 Cents (1979) President Diederichs
km11450 Cents (1982) President Vorster
km16350 Cents (1996--) Sotho Legend
km28750 Cents (2002) Soccer player
km27650 Cents (2003) Cricket player
km44350 Cents (2008) Afurika Tshipembe
km891 Rand (1974) 50 yrs. Pretoria Mint
km1041 Rand (1979) President Diederichs
km1151 Rand (1982) President Vorster
km1161 Rand (1985) Parliament Building
km1171 Rand (1985) President Marais Viljoen
km1191 Rand (1986) Johannesburg city view
km1201 Rand (1986) Year of the Disabled
km1221 Rand (1988) Bartolomeu Dias
km1251 Rand (1988) Huguenots
km1281 Rand (1988) The Great Trek
km1411 Rand (1990) President Botha
km1421 Rand (1991) Nursing Schools
km1431 Rand (1992) Coinage Centennial
km1481 Rand (1990) President Botha
km2751 Rand (2002) World Development Summit
km3342 Rand (2004) 10 Years of Freedom
km1505 Rand (1994) Presidential Inauguration
km1665 Rand (1996-2000) Zulu/Swati legend
km2305 Rand (2000) Nelson Mandela
km4395 Rand (2008) 90th Birthday of Nelson Mandela
km5075 Rand (2011) 90th Anniversary of the Rand

South Georgia and Sandwich Islands

km1a2 Pounds (2000) Queen Mother
km4a2 Pounds (2000) Captain Cook
km7a2 Pounds (2001) Sir Joseph Banks
km92 Pounds (2001) Sir Ernest Shackleton
km11a2 Pounds (2002) Golden Jubilee
km132 Pounds (2002) Golden Jubilee
km172 Pounds (2003) Prince Williams 21st Birthday
km182 Pounds (2003) Captain James Cook

Southern Africa

x11 Afro (1998) Kholsan rock drawing
x41 Afro (1999,2000) Baobab tree
x25 Afros (1998) Rural tribal home
x55 Afros (1999) Pair of hornbills
x310 Afros (1998) Shields, assagal and mask
x610 Afro (1999,2000) Abstract face mask


km5168 Maravedis (1837) Carlos IV Pretender
km7655 Centimos (1940-1954) Dictadura
km81550 Centimos (1980) World Cup Soccer
km8161 Peseta 1980 (80-82) World Cup Soccer
km6665 Pesetas 1871 (71-75) Amadeo I
km8175 Pesetas 1980 (82-82) World Cup Soccer
km9195 Pesetas (1993) Jacobeo
km9315 Pesetas (1994) Aragon
km9465 Pesetas (1995) Asturias
km9605 Pesetas (1996) La Rioja
km9815 Pesetas (1997) normal rim
km9815 Pesetas (1997) Balearic Islands
km10085 Pesetas (1999) Murcia
km91810 Pesetas (1993) Juan Miro
km93210 Pesetas (1994) Musician P. Sarasate
km94710 Pesetas (1995) Don Franccisco de Quevedo
km96110 Pesetas (1996) Emilia Pardo Bazan
km98210 Pesetas (1997) Seneca
km72420 Pesetas (1904) Alfonso XIII
km81825 Pesetas 1980 (80-82) World Cup Soccer
km85025 Pesetas (1990,1991) Discus Thrower
km85125 Pesetas (1990,1991) High Jumper
km90425 Pesetas (1992) Tower of Sevilla (Giralda)
km90525 Pesetas (1992) Tower of Seville (Torre del Oro)
km92025 Pesetas (1993) Pais Vasco
km93325 Pesetas (1994) Canary Islands
km94825 Pesetas (1995) Castilla and Leon
km96225 Pesetas (1996) Don Quixote
km98325 Pesetas (1997) Melilla
km99025 Pesetas (1998) Ceuta
km100725 Pesetas (1999) Navarra
km81950 Pesetas 1980 (80-82) World Cup Soccer
km85250 Pesetas (1990) Expo 92
km85350 Pesetas (1990) Expo 92 City View
km90650 Pesetas (1992) Olympics - Logo (La Pedrera)
km90750 Pesetas (1992) Olympics - Cathedral Sagrada Familia
km92150 Pesetas (1993) Extremadura
km93450 Pesetas (1994) Altamira Cave Paintings
km94950 Pesetas (1995) Puerta de Alcalá
km96350 Pesetas (1996) Philip V
km98550 Pesetas (1997) Herrera
km99150 Pesetas (1998,1999) King Juan Carlos
km797100 Pesetas (1966) Francisco Franco silver
km810100 Pesetas (1975) King Juan Carlos I
km820100 Pesetas (1980) World Cup Soccer
km826100 Pesetas (1982-1986,1988-1990) CIEN
km834100 Pesetas (1989) Qvinto Centenario (Mayan pyramid) silver
km854100 Pesetas (1990) Qvinto Centenario (Junipero Serra) silver
km882100 Pesetas (1991) Qvinto Centenario (Celestino Mutis) silver
km908100 Pesetas (1992) 100
km922100 Pesetas (1993) European Unity (Camino de Santiago)
km993100 Pesetas (1992) Expo92 Sevilla silver
km935100 Pesetas (1994) Museo del Prado
km950100 Pesetas (1995) F.A.O.
km964100 Pesetas (1996) National Library
km984100 Pesetas (1997) Teatro Real
km989100 Pesetas (1998,2000) King Juan Carlos I
km1006100 Pesetas (1999) International Year of Older Persons
km1016100 Pesetas (2001) Seated allegorical figure
km829200 Pesetas (1986-1988) King Juan Carlos I
km830200 Pesetas (1987) E-87 (Madrid Numismatic Exposition)
km835200 Pesetas (1989) Qvinto Centenario (Astrolobe) silver
km855200 Pesetas (1990) King and Crown Prince and La Cibeles
km856200 Pesetas (1990) Qvinto Centenario (Alonso de Ercilla) silver
km883200 Pesetas (1991) Qvinto Centenario (Bartolome de las Casas) silver
km884200 Pesetas (1991) Madrid European Culture Capital (La Cibeles)
km884a200 Pesetas (1992) Madrid European Culture Capital (La Cibeles) silver
km909200 Pesetas (1992) Madrid European Culture Capital (Equestrian)
km910200 Pesetas (1992) Madrid European Culture Capital (Bear by Tree)
km994200 Pesetas (1992) Expo92 Sevilla silver
km923200 Pesetas (1993) Juan Luis Vives writer
km936200 Pesetas (1994) Spanish Painting Masters (by Velazquez and Goya)
km951200 Pesetas (1995) Spanish Painting Masters (by El Greco and Murillo)
km965200 Pesetas (1996) Spanish Painting Masters
km986200 Pesetas (1997) Jacinto Benavente writer
km992200 Pesetas (1998-2000) King and Crown Prince and 200 PTAS
kmTS1Trial strike 500 Pesetas (1987) Juan Carlos and Sofia silver
kmTS2Trial strike 500 Pesetas (1987) Juan Carlos and Sofia stainless-steel
kmTS3Trial strike 500 Pesetas (1987) crown and JCS silver
kmTS4Trial strike 500 Pesetas (1987) flag and crown stainless-steel
km831500 Pesetas (1987-1990) Juan Carlos and Sofia (without hologram)
km836500 Pesetas (1989) Qvinto Centenario (Juego de Pelota Game) silver
km857500 Pesetas (1990) Qvinto Centenario (Juan de la Cosa and map) silver
km885500 Pesetas (1991) Qvinto Centenario (Jorge Juan and map) silver
km995500 Pesetas (1992) Expo92 Sevilla silver
km924500 Pesetas (1993-2001) Juan Carlos and Sofia (with hologram)
km1131500 Pesetas (2001) Commemoration of the Mint of Segovia silver
km8371000 Pesetas (1989) Qvinto Centenario (Capture of Granada) silver
km8581000 Pesetas (1990) Qvinto Centenario (Magallanes and Elcano) silver
km8861000 Pesetas (1991) Qvinto Centenario (Simon Bolivar and J. San Martin)
km9961000 Pesetas (1992) Expo92 Sevilla silver
km9521000 Pesetas (1995) Olympic Games 1996 (Torch) silver
km9731000 Pesetas (1996) Paralympic Games (Swimmers) silver
new1000 Pesetas (1997) Antonio Canovas del Castillo silver
km9881000 Pesetas (1998) Soccer World Championship silver
km10001000 Pesetas (1998) Expo Lisbon (Sailing ship Juan Sebastian de Elcano) silver
km10341000 Pesetas (1998) 20 years Spanish Constitution silver
km10091000 Pesetas (1999) Olympic Games 2000 (Waterpolo players) silver
new1000 Pesetas (2000) Paralympic Games (Wheelchair) silver
new1000 Pesetas (2000) Paralympic Games (Runners) silver
new1000 Pesetas (2000) 500 years Birth Emperor Charles V silver
km10101500 Pesetas (1999) Astronaut and Columbus ships octagonal silver
km10351500 Pesetas (2000) Antique printing press octagonal silver
km10391500 Pesetas (2000) Dove and Earth octagonal silver
km8382000 Pesetas (1989) Qvinto Centenario (Columbus) silver
km8592000 Pesetas (1990) Barcelona Olympics (Symbols) silver
km8602000 Pesetas (1990) Barcelona Olympics (Symbols and counterstamp) silver
km8612000 Pesetas (1990) Barcelona Olympics (Ancient archer) silver
km8632000 Pesetas (1990) Barcelona Olympics (Human pyramid) silver
km8642000 Pesetas (1990) Barcelona Olympics (Greek runner) silver
km8652000 Pesetas (1990) Barcelona Olympics (Ancient rowers) silver
km8622000 Pesetas (1990) Barcelona Olympics (Soccer player) silver
km8662000 Pesetas (1990) Barcelona Olympics (Basketball players) silver
km8672000 Pesetas (1990) Barcelona Olympics (Pelota player) silver
km8682000 Pesetas (1990) Qvinto Centenario (Hidalgo, Morelos and Juarez) silver
km8872000 Pesetas (1991) Barcelona Olympics (Torch and flag) silver
km8882000 Pesetas (1991) Barcelona Olympics (Tennis player) silver
km8892000 Pesetas (1991) Barcelona Olympics (Ancient rider) silver
km8902000 Pesetas (1991) Barcelona Olympics (Bowling) silver
km8912000 Pesetas (1991) Encventro de Dos Mvndos silver
km8922000 Pesetas (1991) Qvinto Centenario (Federman, Quesada and Benalcazar) silver
km9112000 Pesetas (1992) Barcelona Olympics (Tug-of-war) silver
km9122000 Pesetas (1992) Barcelona Olympics (Wheelchair basketball) silver
km9132000 Pesetas (1992) Barcelona Olympics (Sprinters) silver
km9142000 Pesetas (1992) Barcelona Olympics (Chariot racing) silver
km9802000 Pesetas (1992) Expo92 Sevilla silver
km9252000 Pesetas (1993) Holy Jacobean Year (German jacobean pilgrims) silver
km9262000 Pesetas (1993) Holy Jacobean Year (Santiago cross and scallop shell) silver
km9372000 Pesetas (1994) Intl Monetary Fund silver
km9392000 Pesetas (1994) Encuentro de Dos Mundos (Iberian lynx) silver
km9402000 Pesetas (1994) Cultura y Naturaleza (Purple herons) silver
km9412000 Pesetas (1994) Cultura y Naturaleza (Bulls) silver
km9382000 Pesetas (1995) Cultura y Naturaleza (Alhambra, Granada) silver
km9532000 Pesetas (1995) Cultura y Naturaleza (Capercaillie) silver
km9542000 Pesetas (1995) Presidential Council silver
km9552000 Pesetas (1995) 50 years United Nations silver
km9662000 Pesetas (1996) Cultura y Naturaleza (Wolves) silver
km9672000 Pesetas (1996) Cultura y Naturaleza (Bears) silver
km9682000 Pesetas (1996) Francisco de Goya silver
km9742000 Pesetas (1996) Patrimonio de la Humanidad (Taj Mahal, India) silver
km9752000 Pesetas (1996) Patrimonio de la Humanidad (Djenne, Mali) silver
km9762000 Pesetas (1996) Patrimonio de la Humanidad (Abu Simbel, Egypt) silver
km9772000 Pesetas (1996) Patrimonio de la Humanidad (Palenque, Mexico) silver
km9782000 Pesetas (1996) Patrimonio de la Humanidad (Merida, Spain) silver
km9992000 Pesetas (1997) Don Quixote silver
km10182000 Pesetas (1997) Patrimonio de la Humanidad (Abomey Palace, Benin) silver
km10192000 Pesetas (1997) Patrimonio de la Humanidad (Easter Island, Chile) silver
km10202000 Pesetas (1997) Patrimonio de la Humanidad (Petra, Jordan) silver
km10212000 Pesetas (1997) Patrimonio de la Humanidad (Acropolis, Greece) silver
km10222000 Pesetas (1997) Patrimonio de la Humanidad (Horyu-Ji Pagoda, Japan) silver
km10242000 Pesetas (1997) 300 years House of Borbon (King Philip V) silver
km10252000 Pesetas (1997) 300 years House of Borbon (King Louis I) silver
km10262000 Pesetas (1997) 300 years House of Borbon (King Ferdinand VI) silver
km9872000 Pesetas (1998) King Philip II silver
new2000 Pesetas (1998) 300 years House of Borbon (King Charles III) silver
new2000 Pesetas (1998) 300 years House of Borbon (King Charles IV) silver
km10362000 Pesetas (1998) 300 years House of Borbon (King Ferdinand VII) silver
km10112000 Pesetas (1999) St. Jacob silver
km10292000 Pesetas (1999) 750 years Barcelona City Gobernment silver
km10302000 Pesetas (1999) 300 years House of Borbon (Queen Isabel II) silver
km10312000 Pesetas (1999) 300 years House of Borbon (King Alfonso XII) silver
km10332000 Pesetas (1999) 300 years House of Borbon (King Alfonso XIII adult) silver
new2000 Pesetas (1999) Compostelan Jubilee Year (Santiago de Compostela) silver
new2000 Pesetas (1999) Compostelan Jubilee Year (San Martin de Fromista) silver
new2000 Pesetas (1999) Compostelan Jubilee Year (Silo de Carlomagno) silver
km10152000 Pesetas (2000) 500 years Birth Emperor Charles V silver
km10372000 Pesetas (2000) 700 years Bilbao City Foundation silver
new2000 Pesetas (2000) 25 years Proclamation of King Juan Carlos I silver
new2000 Pesetas (2000) Doña Juana and Emperor Charles V silver
new2000 Pesetas (2000) Emperor Charles V, in german coins of Lübeck silver
new2000 Pesetas (2000) Emperor Charles V, in italian coins of Dos Sicilias silver
new2000 Pesetas (2000) Emperor Charles V, by sculptor Hans Reinhard silver
new2000 Pesetas (2000) Emperor Charles V, in french coins of Besançon silver
new2000 Pesetas (2000) Emperor Charles V, coins with Pillars of Hercules silver
km10172000 Pesetas (2001) Anniversary of the Peseta silver
km10382000 Pesetas (2001) Commemoration of the Mint of Segovia silver
new2000 Pesetas (2001) Leopoldo Alas Clarin silver
km8395000 Pesetas (1989) Qvinto Centenario silver
km8695000 Pesetas (1990) Qvinto Centenario silver
km8935000 Pesetas (1991) Qvinto Centenario silver
km9975000 Pesetas (1992) Qvinto Centenario silver
km9425000 Pesetas (1994) Cultura y Naturaleza (Imperial eagle) silver
km9565000 Pesetas (1995) Cultura y Naturaleza (Spanish ibex) silver
km9695000 Pesetas (1996) Cultura y Naturaleza (Gaudi sculpture) silver
new5000 Pesetas (2000) 500 years Birth Emperor Charles V gold
km84110000 Pesetas (1989) Royal Family and Qvinto Centenario silver
km84210000 Pesetas (1989) Qvinto Centenario (Armillary sphere) gold
km87110000 Pesetas (1990) Barcelona Olympics (Stylized field hockey player) gold
km87210000 Pesetas (1990) Barcelona Olympics (Stylized gymnast) gold
km87310000 Pesetas (1990) Royal Family and Qvinto Centenario silver
km87410000 Pesetas (1990) Qvinto Centenario (Quactemoc) gold
km89510000 Pesetas (1991) Barcelona Olympics (TaeKwonDo participant) gold
km89610000 Pesetas (1991) Royal Family and Qvinto Centenario silver
km89710000 Pesetas (1991) Qvinto Centenario (Tupac Amaru II) gold
km91510000 Pesetas (1992) Barcelona Olympics (Stylized baseball player) gold
km99810000 Pesetas (1992) Royal Family and Qvinto Centenario silver
km100210000 Pesetas (1992) Qvinto Centenario (Worker operating screw press) gold
km92810000 Pesetas (1993) Holy Jacobean Year silver
km94310000 Pesetas (1994) Cultura y Naturaleza (Goyas paintings) silver
km95710000 Pesetas (1995) Cultura y Naturaleza (Velazquezs paintings) silver
km97010000 Pesetas (1996) Cultura y Naturaleza (Goyas paintings) silver
km102710000 Pesetas (1997) 300 years House of Borbon (Queen and King) silver
new10000 Pesetas (1998) 300 years House of Borbon (King and Prince) silver
new10000 Pesetas (1999) 300 years House of Borbon (Royal Family) silver
new10000 Pesetas (1999) Compostelan Jubilee Year silver
km106810000 Pesetas (2000) 500 yrs Birth Emperor Charles V (Seated victorious) silver
new10000 Pesetas (2000) 500 years Birth Emperor Charles V (Coat of arms) silver
new10000 Pesetas (2001) Commemoration of the Mint of Segovia silver
km84320000 Pesetas (1989) Qvinto Centenario (Pinzon brother) gold
km87520000 Pesetas (1990) Barcelona Olympics (Temple of La Sagrada Familia) gold
km87620000 Pesetas (1990) Barcelona Olympics (Ruins of Empuries) gold
km87720000 Pesetas (1990) Qvinto Centenario (Tupac Amaru I) gold
km89820000 Pesetas (1991) Barcelona Olympics (Montjuic Stadium) gold
km89920000 Pesetas (1991) Qvinto Centenario (Huascar) gold
km91620000 Pesetas (1992) Barcelona Olympics (Dome building) gold
km100320000 Pesetas (1992) Qvinto Centenario (Worker feeding screw press) gold
km92920000 Pesetas (1993) Jacobean Holy Year gold
km94420000 Pesetas (1994) Cultura y Naturaleza (Paleolithic cave painting) gold
km95820000 Pesetas (1995) Dama de Elche ancient sculpture
km97120000 Pesetas (1996) Cultura y Naturaleza (Cordova Mosque arches) gold
km84440000 Pesetas (1989) Qvinto Centenario (Sea monster attacking ship) gold
km87840000 Pesetas (1990) Qvinto Centenario (King Felipe II) gold
km90040000 Pesetas (1991) Qvinto Centenario (Imperial double eagle) gold
km100440000 Pesetas (1992) Qvinto Centenario (Horse-powered coin press) gold
km97940000 Pesetas (1996) Patrimonio de la Humanidad (Abu Simbel, Egypt) gold
km102340000 Pesetas (1997) Patrimonio de la Humanidad (Horyu-Ji Pagoda, Japan) gold
new40000 Pesetas (2000) 25 years Proclamation of King Juan Carlos I gold
new40000 Pesetas (2000) 500 years Birth Emperor Charles V gold
km84580000 Pesetas (1989) Qvinto Centenario (K. Ferdinand and Q. Isabella) gold
km87980000 Pesetas (1990) Barcelona Olympics (Discobolus of Myron) gold
km88080000 Pesetas (1990) Barcelona Olympics (Velazquezs painting) gold
km88180000 Pesetas (1990) Qvinto Centenario (Emperor Carlos V) gold
km90180000 Pesetas (1991) Barcelona Olympics (Goyas painting) gold
km90280000 Pesetas (1991) Qvinto Centenario (King Carlos III) gold
km91780000 Pesetas (1992) Barcelona Olympics (Murillos painting) gold
km100580000 Pesetas (1992) Qvinto Centenario (Hammer minting scene) gold
km93080000 Pesetas (1993) Jacobean Holy Year gold
km94580000 Pesetas (1994) Cultura y Naturaleza (Iberian lynx) gold
km95980000 Pesetas (1995) Cultura y Naturaleza (Dalis painting) gold
km97280000 Pesetas (1996) Cultura y Naturaleza (Goyas painting) gold
km102880000 Pesetas (1997) 300 years House of Borbon (King Ferdinand VI) gold
new80000 Pesetas (1998) 300 years House of Borbon (King Ferdinand VII) gold
km103280000 Pesetas (1999) 300 years House of Borbon (King Alfonso XIII child) gold
new80000 Pesetas (1999) Compostelan Jubilee Year gold
new80000 Pesetas (2001) Commemoration of the Mint of Segovia gold
XM231 ECU (1989) Europa riding a steer silver
XM81 ECU (1992) Madrid European Culture Capital silver
XM451 ECU (1994) Don Quixote and Windmills silver
new1 ECU (1995) Anchor and Sailing ship silver
new1 ECU (1996) Helm and Sailing ship silver
x245 ECU (1989) Emperor Charles V on horseback silver
xM65 ECU (1990) Alfonsvs Dei Gracia Rex Castelle silver
xM115 ECU (1992) Madrid European Culture Capital (King Charles III) silver
xM95 ECU (1993) Don Juan de Borbon silver
xM135 ECU (1994) Miguel de Cervantes and Don Quixote silver
xMA175 ECU (1995) Don Juan de Austria and Sailing ship silver
xM175 ECU (1996) Coca de Mataro and Sailing ship silver
xM2510 ECU (1989) Crowned Pillars of Hercules gold
xM1825 ECU (1992) Madrid E.C.C. (Royal Palace) silver
xM4725 ECU (1994) Battle of Lepanto and Universy of Alcala de Henares silver
xM1925 ECU (1995) Sailing ship and A.Galiano, Churruca and Gravina silver
new25 ECU (1996) Ship and Antequera, Topete and Alvargonzalez silver
xM2650 ECU (1989) King Philip II gold
xM27100 ECU (1989) Emperor Charles V on horseback gold
xM14100 ECU (1992) Madrid European Culture Capital (King Charles III) gold
xM10100 ECU (1993) Don Juan de Borbon gold
xM48100 ECU (1994) Miguel de Cervantes gold
new100 ECU (1995) Don Alvaro de Bazan and Sailing ship gold
new100 ECU (1996) Casto Mendez Nuñez and Ship gold
n/a1 Euro en Prueba (test Euro)
new1 Euro (1997) Maurice Farman MF-7 (airplane) silver
new1 Euro (1998) Tribute to the Spanish Army silver
km10632 Euro (2005) Don Quixote
km11302 Euros (2007) Treaty of Rome
km1142.12 Euro (2009) Ten Years of European Monetary Union small stars
km1142.22 Euro (2009) Ten Years of European Monetary Union large stars
km11522 Euro (2010) Cordova Mosque
km11842 Euro (2011) Granada Alhambra
km12522 Euro (2012) 10 yrs. Euro Coinage
km12542 Euro (2012) Burgos Cathedral
new2 Euro (2013) Escorial Monastery
new2 Euro (2014) Gaudis Guell Park
new3 Euro (1998) 500 years Discovery of the Mainland (Venezuela) silver
new5 Euro (1997) Tribute to the Spanish Aviation silver
new5 Euro (1998) Royal Guard silver
km11585 Euro (2010) Albacete (City arms) silver
km11645 Euro (2010) Alacant / Alicante (City arms) silver
km11535 Euro (2010) Almeria (City arms) silver
km11575 Euro (2010) Avila (City arms) silver
km11595 Euro (2010) Barcelona (City arms) silver
km11605 Euro (2010) Ceuta (City arms) silver
km11545 Euro (2010) Huesca (City arms) silver
km11555 Euro (2010) Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (City arms) silver
km11625 Euro (2010) Madrid (City arms) silver
km11615 Euro (2010) Melilla (City arms) silver
km11635 Euro (2010) Pamplona / Iruña (City arms) silver
km11565 Euro (2010) Santander (City arms) silver
km12375 Euro (2011) Badajoz (City arms) silver
km12305 Euro (2011) Bilbao (City arms) silver
km12315 Euro (2011) Cadiz (City arms) silver
km12365 Euro (2011) A Coruña (City arms) silver
km12325 Euro (2011) Logroño (City arms) silver
km12335 Euro (2011) Murcia (City arms) silver
km12265 Euro (2011) Oviedo (City arms) silver
km12275 Euro (2011) Palma de Mallorca (City arms) silver
km12285 Euro (2011) Santa Cruz de Tenerife (City arms) silver
km12295 Euro (2011) Teruel (City arms) silver
km104810 Euro (2002) EU Presidency
km107810 Euro (2002) Olympics in Salt Lake City
km107910 Euro (2002) Soccer in Japan and Korea
km108010 Euro (2002) Soccer Glove
km108210 Euro (2002) 150 yrs Gaudi (Casa Mila)
km108310 Euro (2002) 150 yrs Gaudi (El Capricho)
km108410 Euro (2002) 150 yrs Gaudi (Parque Guell)
km105010 Euro (2002) 200 Years Menorca
km108810 Euro (2002) Rafael Alberti
km108710 Euro (2002) Luis Cernuda
km108910 Euro (2002) Encounter of two worlds
km104912 Euro (2002) EU Presidency silver
km105112 Euro (2003) 25 years Spanish Constitution silver
km109612 Euro (2004) Felipe and Letizia silver
km109512 Euro (2004) Isabel I de Castilla silver
km106712 Euro (2005) Don Quixote silver
km111312 Euro (2006) Christopher Columbus silver
km112912 Euro (2007) Treaty of Rome silver
km119512 Euro (2008) International Year of Planet Earth silver
km121212 Euro (2009) Ten Years of European Monetary Union silver
km117212 Euro (2010) EU Council Presidency silver
km118320 Euro (2010) FIFA World Cup Winners silver
new20 Euro (2011) Clara Campoamor
new25 Euro (1997) Tribute to the Spanish Aviation silver
new25 Euro (1998) Tribute to the Spanish Army silver
new30 Euro (2012) Ten years of Euro Cash
km108550 Euro (2002) Sagrada Family
new200 Euro (1997) Juan de la Cierva and Autogiro gold
new200 Euro (1998) Tribute to the Spanish Army gold
km1086400 Euro (2002) Battlo House


Tn1510 Roubles (2001) Sept 11 Attack
Tn1610 Roubles (2001) Bering Sea
Tn2010 Roubles (2002) Helicopter Rescue
Tn2110 Roubles (2002) Moscow Theatre Siege
new10 Roubles (2005) Tsunami
Tn2310 Roubles (2005) Pope John Paul II

Sri Lanka

km141.2b25 Cents (2005--) reduced size
km1441 Rupee (1978) Jayewardene
km1511 Rupee (1992) 3 yrs. Induction of President
km1571 Rupee (1996) UNICEF
km1621 Rupee (1999) Army
km1641 Rupee (2000) Navy
km1422 Rupees (1976) Non-aligned Nations Conference
km1552 Rupees (1995) FAO
km1672 Rupees (2001) Colombo Plans
km1782 Rupees (2008) 50 yrs. Employees Provident Fund
km1842 Rupees (2011) 60 yrs. Air Force
km1892 Rupees (2012) Scout Movement Centenary
km1435 Rupees (1976) Non-aligned Nations Conf.
km1465 Rupees (1981) Universal Adult Franchise
km148.15 Rupees (1984) Edge: CBC
km148.25 Rupees (1986-2004) Edge: CBSL
km1565 Rupees (1995) Anniv. of U.N.
km1615 Rupees (1999) Cricket World Cup
km1685 Rupees (2003) The Upasampada Rite
km1695 Rupees (2003) 250 yrs. Upasampada
km1705 Rupees (2006) Buddha Jayanthi wheel above mtn
km1735 Rupees (2007) Cricket World Cup
km14910 Rupees (1987) Yr. of Shelter for Homeless
km15810 Rupees (1998) Anniv. of Independance
km18610 Rupees (2011) Wheel of Life

Straits Settlements

km11/4 Cent (1845) East India Co.
km21/2 Cent (1845) East India Co.
km31 Cent (1845) East India Co.


km632 Ghirsh (1976,1978) FAO
km655 Ghirsh (1976,1978) FAO
km745 Ghirsh (1978) Economic Unity
km845 Ghirsh (1981) FAO cow and calf
km45.110 Ghirsh (1970,1971) large Arabic legend
km45.210 Ghirsh (1970,1971) small Arabic legend
km5210 Ghirsh (1971) Anniversary of Revolution
km6710 Ghirsh (1976,1978) FAO
km9510 Ghirsh (1978) Economic Unity
km8510 Ghirsh (1981) FAO cow and calf
km10710 Ghirsh (1987) Central Bank
km9620 Ghirsh (1985) FAO
km101.120 Ghirsh (1987) Central Bank small value
km101.220 Ghirsh (1987) Central Bank large value
km3825 Ghirsh (1968) FAO
km10225 Ghirsh (1987) Central Bank
km56.150 Ghirsh (1972) FAO - large design
km56.250 Ghirsh (1972) FAO - small design
km6950 Ghirsh (1976) Est. of Arab Cooperative
km7350 Ghirsh (1977) 8th Anniv. 1969 Revolt
km10350 Ghirsh (1987) Central Bank
km751 Pound (1978) Rural women
km1041 Pound (1987) Central Bank
km715 Pounds (1976) Hippo with calf
km875 Pounds (1981) Year of the Child
km1121 Dinar (1994) Central Bank
km12350 Piastres (2006) Dove


km20200 Gulden (1981) Anniversary of Revolution


km211 Cent (1975) FAO
km511 Cent (1995) Pineapple plant
km222 Cents (1975) FAO
km95 Cents (1974-1979) Arum Lily
km2310 Cents (1975) FAO
km4110 Cents (1986,1992) Sugar cane
km5250 Cents (1996-2003) King Msawati III
km241 Lilangeni (1975) Womens Year
km281 Lilangeni (1976) FAO
km321 Lilangeni (1981) FAO
km33a2 Emalangeni (1981) King Sobhuza
km535 Emalangeni (1999) 25 yrs Central Bank
km555 Emalangeni (2008) Kings 40th Birthday


km6851 Riksdaler Specie (4 Riksdaler Riksmynt)(1855-1856)
km7891 Ore (1917-1919) WWI issue
km7902 Ore (1917-1919) iron WWI issue
km9161 Krona (2009) Separation from Finland
new1 Krona (2013) 40 yrs. of Reign - King Carl XVI Gustaf
km7762 Kronor (1907) Golden Wedding Anniversary
km7992 Kronor (1921) 400 Yrs. Political Liberty
km8072 Kronor (1938) Delaware Settlement
km8065 Kronor (1935) 500 yrs. Riksdag
km8285 Kronor (1952) 70th birthday Gustaf VI Adolf
km8395 Kronor (1966) Constitutional Reform
km8855 Kronor (1995) 50 yrs. United Nations
km84710 Kronor (1972) 90th birthday Gustaf VI Adolf
km84850 Kronor (1975) Constitutional Reform
km85450 Kronor (1976) King Carl and Queen Silvia
km91050 Kronor (2002) Astrid Lindgren
km91550 Kronor (2005) Swedens first postage stamp
km861100 Kronor (1983) Parliament
km863100 Kroner (1984) Stockholm Conference
km864100 Kronor (1985) International Youth Year
km865100 Kronor (1985) European Music Year
km881200 Kronor (1993) 20 yrs. Of Reign
km882200 Kronor (1993) 50th birthday Queen Silvia

Swiss Canton of Bern

km1732-1/2 Rappen (1811) bear in ornate shield

Swiss Canton of Glarus

km2040 Batzen (1847) Glarus Shooting Festival

Swiss Canton of Graubunden

km174 Franken (1842) Shooting Festival

Swiss Canton of Vaud

km221 Franc (1812) Shooting Festival


km415 Francs (1936) Confederation Arnament Fund
km425 Francs (1939) 600th Ann. Battle of Laupen
km435 Francs (1939) Landesausstelung
km445 Francs (1941) Confederation
km455 Francs (1944) Battle of St.Jakob 500 Ann.
km485 Francs (1948) Swiss Constitution
km515 Francs (1963) Red Cross
km525 Francs (1974) Revision of Constitution
km535 Francs (1975) European Monument Protection Year
km545 Francs (1976) Battle of Murten
km555 Francs (1977) Johann Pestalozzi
km565 Francs (1978) Henry Dunant
km575 Francs (1979) Albert Einstein
km585 Francs (1979) Albert Einstein Formulas
km595 Francs (1980) painter Ferdinand Hodler
km605 Francs (1981) Stans Convention of 1481
km615 Francs (1982) Gotthard Railway
km625 Francs (1983) Ernest Ansermet
km635 Francs (1984) Auguste Piccard
km645 Francs (1985) European Year of Music
km655 Francs (1986) Battle of Sempach 500th Ann.
km665 Francs (1987) Le Corbusier
km675 Francs (1988) Olympics-Dove and Rings
km685 Francs (1989) General Guisan
km695 Francs (1990) Gottfried Keller
km865 Francs (1999) Wine Festival
km895 Francs (2000) Basler Fasnacht
km915 Francs (2000) Swiss National Coinage
km925 Francs (2001) Zurcher Sechselauten
km985 Francs (2002) Escalade
km1035 Francs (2003) Chalandamarz
xS35 Francs (1855) Solothum
xS45 Francs (1857) Bern
xS55 Francs (1859) Zurich
xS65 Francs (1861) Stans in Nidwalden
xS75 Francs (1863) La Chaux-De-Fonds in Neuchatel
xS85 Francs (1865) Schaffhausen
xS95 Francs (1867) Schwyz
xS105 Francs (1869) Zug
xS115 Francs (1872) Zurich
xS125 Francs (1874) St.Gallen
xS135 Francs (1876) Lausanne
xS145 Francs (1879) Basel
xS155 Francs (1881) Fribourg
xS165 Francs (1883) Lugano
xS175 Francs (1885) Bern
xS185 Francs (1934) Shooting Festival
xS205 Francs (1939) Lucerne Shooting Festival
km10710 Francs (2004) Matternhorn
km11110 Francs (2005) Jungfrau
km11410 Francs (2006) Piz Bernina Mountain
km11810 Francs (2007) Swiss National Park
km12610 Francs (2008) Golden Eagle
km13010 Francs (2009) Red Deer
km13410 Francs (2010) Marmot
km13810 Francs (2011) Bern Onion Market
km14210 Francs (2012) Cow faighting
new10 Francs (2013) Silvesterchlausen
km7020 Francs (1991) 700 Years of Confederation
km7220 Francs (1992) Gertrud Kurz
km7320 Francs (1993) Paracelsus
km7420 Francs (1994) Devils Bridge
km7520 Francs (1995) White Snake Queen
km7620 Francs (1996) Mith.Giant Boy
km7720 Francs (1996) Dragon of Breno
km7820 Francs (1997) Swiss Railway 150 Ann
km7920 Francs (1997) Jeremias Gotthelf
km8020 Francs (1998) Helvetian Republic 200 Ann
km8220 Francs (1998) Confederation 150 Ann
km8420 Francs (1998) C.F.Meyer
km8520 Francs (1999) Swiss Postal Service 150 Ann
km8720 Francs (1999) Battle of Dornach
km9020 Francs (2000) Peace on Earth
km9320 Francs (2001) Mustair Cloister
km9420 Francs (2001) Johanna Spyri
km9720 Francs (2000) Lumen Christy
km9920 Francs (2002) St Gall Closter
km10020 Francs (2002) REGA Helicopter
km10120 Francs (2002) Expo 02
km10420 Francs (2003) St.Moritz Ski Champ.
km10620 Francs (2003) Old Town Bern
km10820 Francs (2004) Castlle of Bellinzona
km10920 Francs (2004) Castle of Chillon
km11220 Francs (2005) Geneva Motor Show
km11520 Francs (2006) 100 Years Postauto
km11720 Francs (2006) Parliament Building
km11920 Francs (2007) 100y of Swiss Nat.Bank
km12220 Francs (2005) Luzern Bridge
km12420 Francs (2007) Munot
km12720 Francs (2008) 100y of Swiss Ice Hockey
km12820 Francs (2008) Vitznau-Rigi Railway
km13120 Francs (2009) Museum of Transport
km13220 Francs (2009) Brienz-Rothorn Railway
km13520 Francs (2010) Bernina Railway
km13620 Francs (2010) Henry Dunant
km13920 Francs (2011) Max Frisch


km771 Piastre (nd) WW-II
km782.5 Piastres (nd) WW-II
km11110 Piastres (AH1396/1976) FAO
km11710 Piastres (1979) FAO
km11225 Piastres (1976) FAO
km10250 Piastres (1972) Al-Baath Party
km11350 Piastres (1976) FAO
km991 Pound (1968) FAO
km1031 Pound (1972) Al-Baath Party
km1141 Pound (1976) Euphrates Dam
km1151 Pound (1978) Re-election of President
km1321 Pound (1996) Arabic letters left of dates
km1252 Pounds (1996) Ancient Ruins
km1295 Pounds (2003) Old fort and latent image
km12810 Pounds (1997) Al-Baath Party
km13010 Pounds (2003) Ancient Ruins
km12225 Pounds (1995) President Assad


km121 Somoni (2006) Ancient archer
km131 Somoni (2006) Two busts left
km161 Somoni (2007) Jaloliddini Rumi
km103 Somoni (2004) Dushanbe City
km143 Somoni (2006) Kulyab city arms
km115 Somoni (2004) Constitution
km155 Somoni (2006) Government building
km175 Somoni (2008) 1150 yrs since birth of Rudaki


km65 Shilingi (1972-1980) FAO
km105 Shilingi (1976) Central Bank
km125 Shilingi (1978) Tractor
km2120 Shilingi (1986) Central Bank
km7a25 Shilingi (1974) Giraffes running
km8a50 Shilingi (1974) Black Rhinoceros
km18100 Shilingi (1986) Elephant mother and calf


Tn210 Litres (Petrol Industry) bronze
Tn320 Litres (Petrol Industry) copper-nickel
new10 Kopecks (2008) owl
new15 Kopecks (2008) rabbit
new50 Kopecks (2008) eagle
new1 Rubel (2008) deer
new3 Rubels (2008) fox
new5 Rubels (2008) wolf
new10 Rubels (2008) bear


y3421 Satang (1996) 50 yrs. King Rama IX
y331 Salung (1876-1900) Phra Chom Klao
y34525 Satang (1996) Golden Jubilee
y491/2 Baht (1929) elephant
y7150 Satang (1946) Youths Head
y7750 Satang (1950) 1 Medal
y831 Baht (1961) King Rama and Queen Sirikit
y871 Baht (1966) 5th Asian Games
y911 Baht (1970) 6th Asian Games
y961 Baht (1972) FAO
y971 Baht (1972) Prince Vajiralongkorn
y991 Baht (1973) World Health Organization
y1051 Baht (1975) 8th SEAP Games
y1071 Baht (1975) 75 yrs. Princess Mother
y1121 Baht (1977) FAO
y1141 Baht (1977) Princess Sirindhorn
y1241 Baht (1977) Investiture of Princess
y1271 Baht (1978) Prince Vijiralongkom
y1301 Baht (1978) 8th Asian Games
y1571 Baht (1982) World Food Day
y3301 Baht (1996) 50th Anniv. King Rama
y4431 Baht (2009--) new portrait of king
y1342 Baht (1979) Princess Chulabhorn
y1762 Baht (1985) Intl Youth Year
y1772 Baht (1985) XII SEA Games
y1782 Baht (1986) Year of Trees
y1802 Baht (1986) Year of Peace
y1882 Baht (1987) 100 yrs. Royal Military Academy
y1912 Baht (1986) Princess Einsteins Award
y1942 Baht (1987) 60th Kings Birthday
y2042 Baht (1988) 72 yrs. Thai Cooperative
y2102 Baht (1988) 42 yrs. Reign
y2202 Baht (1988) 100 yrs. Siriraj Hospital
y2222 Baht (1988) Crown Princes Birthday
y2252 Baht (1989) Chulalongkorn University
y2302 Baht (1990) 100 yrs. First Medical College
y2322 Baht (1990) Queen Mothers Birthday
y2352 Baht (1990) World Health Organizatin Award
y2372 Baht (1991) 36th Birthday Princess
y2402 Baht (1991) 80 yrs. Thai Boy Scout
y2432 Baht (1990) World Health Organization
y2482 Baht (1992) Father of Rama IX
y2512 Baht (1992) Ministry of Justice
y2532 Baht (1992) Ministry of Interior
y2552 Baht (1991) Princesss Magsaysay Award
y2592 Baht (1992) Queens 60th Birthday
y2682 Baht (1992) 60 yrs Natl Assembly
y2702 Baht (1992) 100 yrs. Ministry of Agriculture
y2722 Baht (1992) Kings Birthday 64
y2762 Baht (1992) 100 yrs. Thai Teacher Training
y2772 Baht (1992) 100 yrs. Bank of Thailand
y2782 Baht (1993) 100 yrs. Attorney General Office
y2792 Baht (1993) 100 yrs. Thai Red Cross
y2822 Baht (1993) 100 yrs. Treasury Department
y2882 Baht (1993) 100 yrs Rama VII
y2922 Baht (1994) 60 yrs. Royal Institute
y2942 Baht (1994) Judicial Council
y2962 Baht (1994) 60 yrs. Thammasat University
y3072 Baht (1994) F.A.O Award
y3132 Baht (1995) Information Technology Year
y3152 Baht (1995) Asian Environmental Year
y3172 Baht (1996) 100 yrs. Siriral Nursing School
y3192 Baht (1996) Golden Jubilee
y1205 Baht (1977) Kings 50th birthday
y1215 Baht (1977) SIAM MINTA
y1315 Baht (1978) 8th Asian Games
y1325 Baht (1979) Royal Cradle Ceremony
y1375 Baht (1980) Queen / FAO Ceres Medal
y1405 Baht (1980) Kings Mothers 80th Birthday
y1425 Baht (1982) Rama VI Centennial
y1445 Bhat (1980) Rama VII Constitutional Monarchy
y1495 Baht (1982) Bangkok bicentennial
y1585 Baht (1982) World Food Day
y1615 Baht (1982) 75 yrs. of Boy Scouts
y1715 Baht (1984) Princess Mothers 84th Birthday
y1845 Baht (1987) 200 yrs. Birth of Rama III
y1855 Baht (1987-1988) Circulation coinage
y1955 Baht (1987) 60 yrs Rama IX
y2115 Baht (1988) 42 yr Reign King Rama IX
y2605 Baht (1992) Queens Birthday 60
y3065 Baht (1995) 18th SEA Games
y3205 Baht (1996) Kings 50th Year of Reign
y9210 Baht (1971) 25 yr Reign King Rama IX
y11510 Baht (1977) Princess Sirindhom
y11710 Baht (1977) Royal Wedding
y13510 Baht (1979) Princess Chulabhorn Graduation
y14110 Baht (1980) 80th Birthday of Kings Mother
y14510 Baht (1980) 30 yrs. Buddhist Fellowship
y14610 Baht (1981) King Rama IX
y15410 Baht (1982) Queen Sirikit 50th Birthday
y16210 Baht (1982) 75 yrs. Boy Scouts
y16310 Baht (1983) 100 yrs. Postal Service
y16510 Baht (1983) Thai Alphabet
y17210 Baht (1984) Princess Mother 84th Birthday
y17510 Baht (1985) 72 yrs. Government Savings Bank
y17910 Baht (1986) National Year of the Trees
y18110 Baht (1986) 6th ASEAN Orchid Congress
y18910 Baht (1987) Chulachomklao Military Acadamy
y19010 Baht (1987) Asian Institute of Technology
y19210 Baht (1986) Princess awarded Einstein Medal
y19610 Baht (1987) King Rama IX 60th Birthday
y20510 Baht (1988) 72 yrs. Thai Cooperatives
y21210 Baht (1988) 42 yrs. Reign of King Rama IX
y22110 Baht (1988) 100 yrs. Siriraj Hospital
y22310 Baht (1988) Crown Prince Birthday
y22710 Baht (1988-2008) circulation coinage
y22810 Baht (1989) Chulalongkom University
y23110 Baht (1990) Centennial of First Medical College
y23310 Baht (1990) Princess Mother 90th Birthday
y23610 Baht (1990) 100 yrs. Office of Comptroller General
y23810 Baht (1991) Princess Sirindhorn 36th Birthday
y24110 Baht (1991) 80 yrs. Thai Boy Scouts
y24410 Baht (1990) World Health Organization
y24910 Baht (1992) Father of King Rama IX
y25210 Baht (1992) Ministry of Justice Centennial
y25410 Baht (1992) Ministry of Interior Centennial
y25610 Baht (1991) Magsaysay Foundation Award
y26110 Baht (1992) Queens 60th Birthday
y26910 Baht (1992) 60 yrs. National Assembly
y27110 Baht (1992) Ministry of Agriculture
y27310 Baht (1992) Kings 64th Birthday
y28010 Baht (1993) Centennial Thai Red Cross
y28310 Baht (1993) Treasury Department
y28410 Baht (1992) Centennial of Thai Teacher Training
y28510 Baht (1992) Centennial Thai National Bank
y28610 Baht (1993) Attorney Generals Office
y28910 Baht (1993) 100 yrs. Rama VII
y29310 Baht (1994) 60 yrs - Royal Institute
y29510 Baht (1994) 120 yrs. Juridical Council
y29710 Baht (1994) 60 yrs. Thammasat University
y328.110 Baht (1996) 50th Anniv. King Rama
y328.210 Baht (1996) Portrait touches rim
y33410 Baht (1996) FAO World Summit
y33910 Baht (1996) Kings Rice Award
y34710 Baht (1997) Chulalongkoms European Tour
y34610 Baht (1998) 100 yrs. General Hospital
y34810 Baht (1998) 13th Asian Games
y34910 Baht (1999) 125 yrs. Custom Department
y35410 Baht (2000) Army Medical Dept.
y35810 Baht (2000) 80 yrs. Ministry of Commerce
y36110 Baht (2000) 100 yrs. Princess Mother
y37110 Baht (2000) 50 yrs. Economic and Social Board
y37310 Baht (2001) 100 yrs. Land Department
y38110 Baht (2002) 100 yrs. Irrigation Dep.
y38210 Baht (2002) Internal Trade Dept.
y38310 Baht (2002) Highway Dept.
y38410 Baht (2002) Vajira Hospital
y38510 Baht (2002) World Scouting Jamboree
y38710 Baht (2002) Kings 75th Birthday
y39110 Baht (2003) 100 yrs. Army Inspector General
y39210 Baht (2003) Princess Sisters 80th Birthday
y39610 Baht (2003) 90 yrs. Government Saving Bank
y40910 Baht (2003) 150 yrs. King Rama V the Great
y40010 Baht (2003) APEC Summit 2003
y40510 Baht (2003) CITES Meeting
y41110 Baht (2004) 70 yrs. Royal Scholar Board
y41010 Baht (2004) 70 yrs. Dhammasat University
y41210 Baht (2004) Queens 70th Birthday
y41410 Baht (2004) Anti-Drug Cammpaign
y41510 Baht (2004) 200 yrs. King Rama IV
y41310 Baht (2004) IUCN Conservation Congress
y40210 Baht (2005) Treasury Dept.
y41610 Baht (2005) 100 yrs. Army Transportation Dep.
y41810 Baht (2006) Asia Pacific Scout Jamboree
y42810 Baht (2005) 72 yrs. Secretariat of the Cabinet
y42910 Baht (2006) 80 yrs. Princess Petcharat
y41710 Baht (2006) Prince Royal Cradle Ceremony
y43010 Baht (2006) 130 yrs.Budget Inspection Dep.
y43110 Baht (2006) 60th Year of Reign
y42410 Baht (2006) 150 yrs. Prince Jaturon Ratsamee
y42510 Baht (2007) 100 yrs. Royal Mounted Army
y42610 Baht (2007) 100 yrs. Thai First bank
y43210 Baht (2006) 100 yrs. Military Council
y43310 Baht (2007) Queens WHO Food Safety Award
y43410 Baht (2007) Medical Technology
y43510 Baht (2007) 24th Universiade
y43610 Baht (2007) Queens 75th Birthday
y43710 Baht (2007) IASAJ Meeting
y43810 Baht (2007) Kings 80th Birthday
y43910 Baht (2007) 24th SEA Games
y44010 Baht (2007) 120 yrs. Siriraj hospital
y45910 Baht (2008--) circulation coinage
y47010 Baht (2008) Siriraj Hospital
y46010 Baht (2009) 125 yrs. Postal Service
y46110 Baht (2009) National Research Council
y50410 Baht (2009) Princess Rajsuda
y51010 Baht (2009) Command General Staff College
new10 Baht (2009) Prince Bhanurangsri
y49710 Baht (2010) Comptroller General
y49810 Baht (2012) Economic and Social Dev. Board
y50810 Baht (2012) Fine Arts Department
new10 Baht (2012) Ministry of Transportation
y8620 Baht (1963) 36th Birthday - Rama IX
y29820 Baht (1994) Ministry of Finance
y30020 Baht (1994) Ministry of Defense
y30220 Baht (1994) Ministry of Foreign Affairs
y30420 Baht (1995) 72nd Birthday of Princess
y30820 Baht (1995) 50 yrs of FAO
y30920 Baht (1995) Deparment of Revenue
y31120 Baht (1995) Audit Council
y31420 Baht (1995) Information Technology Year
y31620 Baht (1995) Asian Environment Year
y31820 Baht (1996) Siriraj Nursing School
y321.120 Baht (1996) 50 yr Reign King Rama IX
y321.220 Baht (1996) 50 yr Reign King Rama IX
y33120 Baht (1995) Ministry of Commerce
y33220 Baht (1997) 100 yrs Thai Railway
y33320 Baht (1997) 90 yrs Thai Savings Bank
y33520 Baht (1996) FAO World Food Summit
y33820 Baht (1995) 50 Years of Peace
y34020 Baht (1996) International Rice Award
y34120 Baht (1998) Thai Veterans Organization
y35120 Baht (1999) 72nd Birthday of King
y35520 Baht (1999) Audit Council Bureau
y35720 Baht (2000) Asian Development Bank
y36220 Baht (2000) 100th Birthday of Kings Mother
y37420 Baht (2001) Chulalongkom University
y37520 Baht (2001) Civil Service Comission
y37620 Baht (2000) 9th King reaches age of 1st King
y38620 Baht (2002) Centennial of Thai Banknotes
y39320 Baht (2003) 80th Birthday of Princess
y39720 Baht (2002) Centennial of National Police
y39820 Baht (2002) 50th Birthday of Crown Prince
y41920 Baht (2002) 50yrs Cooperative Accountant
y42020 Baht (2003) 150yrs King Rama V Birthday
y42120 Baht (2004) 200yrs King Rama IV Birthday
y42220 Baht (2004) 6th Cycle of Queen Birthday
y46220 Baht (2004) 200yrs King Rama IV Birthday
y47220 Baht (2005) Princess Rattana
y42320 Baht (2005) 50th Birthday Princess Sirindhom
y40320 Baht (2005) 72yrs Treasury Department
y47120 Baht (2005) Centennial Thai Library
y47320 Baht (2005) 50 yrs Royal Artificial Rain
y47420 Baht (2006) UN Development Program
y40720 Baht (2006) 60yrs Kings Reign
y47520 Baht (2007) 84yrs Princes Vadhana
y47620 Baht (2007) Thai Heritage Conservation
y45020 Baht (2007) Kings 80th Birthday
y45320 Baht (2007) Queens 75th Birthday
y46420 Baht (2008) 9th Cycle of Kings Mother
y47720 Baht (2008) WIPO Award
y50620 Baht (2009) Princess Bejaratana
new20 Baht (2010) The Father of Thai Trade
y49920 Baht (2010) 100 yrs. Indra College
km51120 Baht (2012) Prince Ditsawarakuman
y51220 Baht (2012) Queen Sirikit
new20 Baht (2012) 100 yrs. of Highways Agency
new20 Baht (2012) Prince Father Mahikol Adulyadej
new20 Baht (2012) Queen Grandmother
new20 Baht (2012) Prime Ministers Office
new20 Baht (2013) Poh Chang College of Arts and Crafts
new20 Baht (2013) Government Savings Bank
new20 Baht (2013) 60 Years of Renewable Energy
new20 Baht (2014) Kasetsart University
y9550 Baht (1971) 20th Year Buddhist Fellowship
y33650 Baht (1995) FAO World Food Summit
y40450 Baht (2003) 50y.Thai Air Force Academy School
y47850 Baht (2004) National Intelligence Office
y48050 Baht (2005) Naval Cadet Academy
y49350 Baht (2006) Prince Dipangkom Rasmijoti
new50 Baht (2012) 60th Birthday of Crown Prince
y242100 Baht (1991) World Bank
y287100 Baht (1993) World Scouting Conference
y116150 Baht (1977) Graduation of Princess Sirindhorn
y118150 Baht (1977) Prince Vajiralongkorn Wedding
y125150 Baht (1977) Investiture of Princess Sirindhorn
y128150 Baht (1978) Graduation of Prince Vajiralongkorn
y133200 Baht (1979) Royal Cradle Ceremony


y285 Sho (1947-1950) Two mountains with two suns
y28a5 Sho (1949-1953) Moon and sun above 3 mountains

Timor - East

km11 Centavo (2003-2004) Nautilus
km25 Centavos (2003-2006) Rice Plant
km310 Centavos (2003-2006) Rooster
km425 Centavos (2003-2006) Sailboat
km550 Centavos (2003-2006) Coffee Plant
new100 Centavos (2012) Boaventura de Manufahi


km29500 Francs (2001) Colorized Tiger
km206000 CFA Francs (2003) Fighting elephants
km216000 CFA Francs (2003) African girl


new1 Cent (2012) flying fish
new2 Cents (2012) dancer
new5 Cents (2012) dancer
new10 Cents (2012) spear fishing
new20 Cents (2012) boat
km41 Tala (1981) Frigate Bird
km51 Tala (1982) Outrigger Canoe
km8.25 Tala (1984) Fisherman in sailboat
km95 Tala (1989) Captain John Byron
km115 Tala (1991) 50 yrs. Attack on Pearl Harbor
km165 Tala (1993) First Lunar Orbit
km195 Tala (1994) Olympic Swimmers
km205 Tala (1994) World Cup Soccer


km421 Seniti (1975,1979) FAO
km282 Seniti (1968,1974) Giant Tortoise
km432 Seniti (1975,1979) FAO
km445 Seniti (1975-1979) FAO
km4510 Seniti (1975-1979) FAO
km1320 Seniti (1967) Coronation
km4620 Seniti (1975-1979) FAO - Honey Bees
km70.120 Senti (2002-2004) Yams
km1050 Seniti (1967) counterstamped In Memoriam
km1550 Seniti (1967) Coronation
km4750 Seniti (1975-1978) Circles of Fish
km8250 Seniti (1985) Silver Ghost and Rolls-Royce Automobiles
km9850 Seniti (1985) Queen Mother as a young girl
km9950 Seniti (1985) Wedding of King George VI
km10050 Seniti (1985) King George VI and Elizabeth
km10150 Seniti (1985) Queen Mother holding Elizabeth
km10250 Seniti (1985) The Queen Mother
km111 Pa-anga (1967) King Salote Tupou III
km171 Pa-anga (1967) Coronation
km481 Pa-anga (1975) 100 Palms
km571 Pa-anga (1977) FAO
km581 Pa-anga (1978) 60th Birthday
km601 Pa-anga (1979) FAO Tech. Coop. Program
km621 Pa-anga (1980) Rural Womens Advancement
km721 Pa-anga (1981) World Food Day
km771 Pa-anga (1982) Praying hands
km1281 Pa-anga (1986) 25th Anniversary of WWF
km1431 Pa-anga (1991) Pritchards Megapode Birds
km1571 Pa-anga (1992) Football World Championship
km1591 Pa-anga (1994) Olympic Javalin
km1611 Pa-anga (2004) World Cup Soccer
km192 Pa-anga (1967) Coronation
km372 Pa-anga (1968,1974) King Taufa-ahau IV
km392 Pa-anga (1968) Commonwealth Member/1970
km492 Pa-anga (1977) animals, grains, fruits
km592 Pa-anga (1978) FAO 60th birthday
km612 Pa-anga (1979) SEA Resouce Management
km632 Pa-anga (1980) Humpback Whale
km732 Pa-anga (1981) pigs, chickens, nursing cow


new2 Euro (2005) pattern with Bat

Trinidad and Tobago

km525 Cents (1983) Butterfly
km2710 Cents (1974-1976) Hibiscus
km2250 Cents (1973-1976) Steel Drums
km5450 Cents (1983) Kettle Drums
km231 Dollar (1973-1975) Coerico
km381 Dollar (1979) FAO
km611 Dollar (1995) FAO
km85 Dollars (1971-1975) Scarlet Ibis
km24a10 Dollars (1973-1975) Antique Mariners Map
km3610 Dollars (1976-1980) Island and Ocean
km6310 Dollars (2006) FIFA World Soccer

Tristan da Cunha

km271/2 Penny (2008) Snipe eel
km281 Penny (2008) Lobster
km292 Pence (2008) Violet Seasnail
km305 Pence (2008) Sea Turtle
km3110 Pence (2008) Crab
km3220 Pence (2008) Orca - Killer Whale
km325 Pence (1980) 80th Birthday of Queen Mother
km3325 Pence (2008) Bottlenose Dolphins

Stoltenhoff Islands

km11/2 Penny (2008) West Riding Longboat
km21 Penny (2008) Portuguese Carrack
km32 Pence (2008) HM Sloop of War Julia
km45 Pence (2008) HMS Beagle
km510 Pence (2008) HMS East Indiaman
km620 Pence (2008) HMS Satellite
km725 Pence (2008) Iron Barque West Riding
km81 Crown (2008) Heure du Berger ship

Tristan da Cunha

new1 Crown (2005) V.E. Day - tanks
new1 Crown (2005) V.E. Day - ships
km441 Crown (2005) V.E. Day - planes,ship,tank
km431 Crown (2005) Lord Nelson
km441 Crown (2005) V.E. Day - planes
km341 Crown (2008) Pair of whale


km2645 Francs (1939) AH1358
km3491 Millim (2000) FAO
km3181/2 Dinar (1988,1990) FAO
km2931 Dinar (1969) Masinissa
km3001 Dinar (1969) Thysdrus-El Djem
km3021 Dinar (1970) FAO
km3191 Dinar (1988-1990) FAO
km3505 Dinars (2002/AH1423) 2nd anniversary of Death of Habib Bourguiba


km9241 Kurus (1979) FAO bronze
km9065 Kurus (1975) FAO
km9075 Kurus (1976) FAO
km9345 Kurus (1980) FAO
km898.110 Kurus (1971-1974) FAO
km90810 Kurus (1976) FAO
km93510 Kurus (1980) FAO
km86550 Kurus (1935-1937) Kemal Ataturk
km91350 Kurus (1978) FAO
km92550 Kurus (1979) FAO
km93650 Kurus (1980) FAO
km8691 Lira (1940-1941) Ismet Inonu
km9141 Lira (1978) FAO
km9261 Lira (1979) FAO
km9371 Lira (1980) FAO
km9152.5 Lira (1978) FAO
km9272.5 Lira (1979) FAO
km9382.5 Lira (1980) FAO
km9095 Lira (1976) FAO
km9115 Lira (1977) FAO Stylized figures
km9165 Lira (1978) FAO - Tractor
km9285 Lira (1979) FAO
km9395 Lira (1980) Fishermen within Flounder
km94620 Lira (1981) World Food Day
km90150 Lira (1972) Kemal Ataturk
km91250 Lira (1977) FAO-Family
km951100 Lira (1982) World Soccer-Madrid
km917150 Lira (1978) World Cup Soccer
km919200 Lira (1978) Jalaladdin Rumi
km940500 Lira (1980) F.A.O.
km9801000 Lira ND(1987) Shelter for the Homeless
km9961000 Lira (1990) Environmental Protection
km10185000 Lira (1992) Turkish Jews
km98310000 Lira (1988) Olympic Torch and Bear
km1027.210 Bin Lira (1997-1999) TURKIYE CUMHURIYETI on edge
km104210 Bin Lira (1994) 1994 Olympics
km1027.210 Bin Lira (1997-1999) TURKIYE CUMHURIYETI on edge
km99520000 Lira (1990) soccer and wolf
km104325 Bin Lira (1995) Environmental Protection
km105050 Bin Lira (1996) FAO
km110350 Bin Lira (1999) FAO
km1079100,000 Lira (1999) 75th Anniv. of Republic
km1051400,000 Lira (1996) Habitat II Conference
km1081500,000 Lira (1999) Trojan Horse
km1138500,000 Lira (1998) Lira to Euro Transition
km1161500,000 Lira (2002) sheep
km1058750,000 Lira (1997) First World Air Games
km1162750,000 Lira (2002) ram
km11631 Million Lira (2002) Yunus Emre
km1139.11 Million Lira (2002) Istanbul Mint
km1139.21 Million Lira (2003-2004) Istanbul Mint
km12631 Lira (2009) Elephant and Calf
km12641 Lira (2009) Sea Turtle
km12791 Lira (2010) Cat
km12801 Lira (2010) Dog
km12751 Lira (2011) Lion
km12761 Lira (2011) Bear
km12811 Lira (2012) 150 Years of the Court
km12821 Lira (2012) 10th Ann.Turkish Language Olympics
km12831 Lira (2012) Deer
km12841 Lira (2012) Leopard
new1 Lira (2013) Demoiselle Crane
new1 Lira (2013) Mediterranen Monk
km11715 New Lira (2005) 23rd Universiade
km11725 New Lira (2005) 23rd Universiade
km119730 New Lira (2006) Total Solar Eclipse

Turks and Caicos

km521/2 Crown (1981) Windmill
km641 Crown (1988) Iguana
km761 Crown (1991) Princess Dianna
km1211 Crown (1991) Prince Charles
km65 Crowns (1975-1977) Turks-head Cactus
km695 Crowns (1992) 5 Olympic Events
km725 Crowns (1992) 5 Olympic Events
km735 Crowns (1992) 5 Olympic Events
km775 Crowns (1992) 40 yrs. Reign Elizabeth II
km855 Crowns (1992) King George VI
km1325 Crowns (1994) Salute to Coin Collecting
km1735 Crowns (1994) Sir Bertram H. Ramsay
km1745 Crowns (1994) Normandy Landing
km1755 Crowns (1994) Omar N. Bradley
km1765 Crowns (1994) Dwight D. Eisenhower
km220 Crowns (1974) Winston Churchill
kmPn520 Crowns (1993) Winter Olympics - Hockey


km1481 Dollar (2010) Blackbeard
km85 Dollars (1976) Outrigger canoe
km1010 Dollars (1979) Brigantine ship Rebecca
km1110 Dollars (1980) 80th Birthday of Queen Mother
km13a10 Dollars (1981) Duke of Edinburgh Award
km1820 Dollars (1993) HMS Royalist ship
km2420 Dollars (1994) Olympic Swimmer
km2520 Dollars (1994) Olympic Javalin


km75 Shillings (1968) FAO
km2110 Shillings (1981) Wedding of Charles and Diana
km130100 Shillings (2004) Type I of five different monkeys
km131100 Shillings (2004) Type II of five different monkeys
km132100 Shillings (2004) Type III of five different monkeys
km133100 Shillings (2004) Type IV of five different monkeys
km134100 Shillings (2004) Type V of five different monkeys
km141100 Shillings (2004) Chinese Zodiac - Snake
km144100 Shillings (2004) Chinese Zodiac - Rat
km129100 Shillings (2004) Chinese Zodiac - Monkey
km139100 Shillings (2004) Chinese Zodiac - Dog
km143100 Shillings (2004) Chinese Zodiac - Rabbit
km136100 Shillings (2004) Chinese Zodiac - Goat
km135100 Shillings (2004) Chinese Zodiac - Ox
km145100 Shillings (2004) Chinese Zodiac - Pig
km138100 Shillings (2004) Chinese Zodiac - Dragon
km142100 Shillings (2004) Chinese Zodiac - Rooster
km140100 Shillings (2004) Chinese Zodiac - Tiger
km137100 Shillings (2004) Chinese Zodiac - Horse
km188100 Shillings (2004) Year of the rat (nickel-plated steel)
km189100 Shillings (2004) Year of the ox (nickel-plated steel)
km190100 Shillings (2004) Year of the tiger (nickel-plated steel)
km191100 Shillings (2004) Year of the rabbit (nickel-plated steel)
km192100 Shillings (2004) Year of the dragon (nickel-plated steel)
km193100 Shillings (2004) Year of the snake (nickel-plated steel)
km194100 Shillings (2004) Year of the horse (nickel-plated steel)
km195100 Shillings (2004) Year of the goat (nickel-plated steel)
km196100 Shillings (2004) Year of the monkey (nickel-plated steel)
km197100 Shillings (2004) Year of the rooster (nickel-plated steel)
km198100 Shillings (2004) Year of the dog (nickel-plated steel)
km199100 Shillings (2004) Year of the pig (nickel-plated steel)
km148200 Shillings (1995) Food For All - Fish
km241000 Shillings (1981) wedding of Prince Charles and Lady Diana
km521000 Shillings (1996) Hong Kongs Return to China


km9200,000 Karbovantsiv (1995) Khmelnytsky Monument
km10.2200,000 Karbovantsiv (1995) End of WWII
km11200,000 Karbovantsiv (1995) 50th Ann. Kerch City Heroi
km12200,000 Karbovantsiv (1995) WWII Monument at Odessa
km13200,000 Karbovantsiv (1995) WWII Monument at Kiev
km14200,000 Karbovantsiv (1995) WWII Monument at Sevastopol
km15200,000 Karbovantsiv (1995) 50 yrs. United Nations
km17200,000 Karbovantsiv (1996) Lesya Ukrainka - poetess
km21200,000 Karbovantsiv (1996) Chernobyl
km23200,000 Karbovantsiv (1996) Olympic Athletes
km24200,000 Karbovantsiv (1996) Olympic Flame and Logo
km27200,000 Karbovantsiv (1996) Michael Hrushevsky
km2081 Hryvnia (2004) 60 yrs. Victory over Nazis
km2091 Hryvnia (2004--) Volodimir Veliky
km2281 Hryvnia (2005) WW II Victory
new1 Hryvnia (2010) 65th Anniv. WW-II
new1 Hryvnia (2012) UEFA Euro 2012 (Poland-Ukraine)
km282 Hryvni (1996) Sophiyivka Park
km292 Hryvni (1996) Desyatinna church
km302 Hryvni (1997-1998) Modern Ukraine coinage
km392 Hryvni (1997) Yuri Kondratiuk
km402 Hryvni (1997) 1st Year Constitution
km412 Hryvni (1997) Solomia Kruseljanickova
km422 Hryvni (1998) 80 yrs. Nationhood - Cossacks and Soldiers
km432 Hryvni (1998) V.Sosura
km472 Hryvni (1998) 80 yrs. Nationhood - Soldiers on Guard
km482 Hryvni (1998) European bank
km492 Hryvni (1998) Ascania National Park
km512 Hryvni (1998) Polytechnical Institute
km722 Hryvni (1998) 50 yrs. Declaration of Human Rights
km732 Hryvni (1999) Steppe Eagle
km752 Hryvni (1999) 80 yrs. Declaration of Unification
km762 Hryvni (1999) P. Y. Rudchenko
km782 Hryvni (1999) Anatoly Solovianenko - actor
km792 Hryvni (1999) 55 yrs. Ukraine Liberation
km812 Hryvni (1999) Ground OrchidPlatanthera bifolia
km822 Hryvni (1999) National Mining Academy
km832 Hryvni (1999) Dormouse-Mouse
km912 Hryvni (2000) 55 yrs. Victory in WWII
km922 Hryvni (2000) V. Hvoika
km932 Hryvni (2000) Sydney-2000 Triple Jump
km942 Hryvni (2000) Sydney-2000 Parallel Bars
km962 Hryvni (2000) Ivan Kozlovsky
km972 Hryvni (2000) Sydney-2000 Sailing
km982 Hryvni (2000) Oles Honchar - writer
km992 Hryvni (2000) Crab
km1002 Hryvni (2000) 125 Years University
km1012 Hryvni (2000) Olympics -Free Callisth
km1062 Hryvni (2001) Winter Olympiad-2002 Ice Dancing
km1102 Hryvni (2000) Katerina Bilokur
km1112 Hryvni (2001) Lynx-Lynx
km1332 Hryvni (2001) Kindness to Children
km1342 Hryvni (2001) 5 yrs. of Ukraine Constitution
km1362 Hryvni (2001) Mykolaiv Zoo
km1372 Hryvni (2001) Michael Ostrogradski - mathematician
km1382 Hryvni (2001) Evergreen TreeLarix polonica racib.
km1392 Hryvni (2001) Vladimir Dal - writer
km1472 Hryvni (2001) Olimpics -Ice Hockey
km1492 Hryvni (2001) Michael Dragomanov - scientist
km1502 Hryvni (2002) Winter Olympiad-2002 Speed Skating
km1542 Hryvni (2002) Mykola Lysenko - composer
km1552 Hryvni (2002) Owl/Pugach -Bubo Bubo
km1562 Hryvni (2002) Olympic Swimmer
km1662 Hryvni (2002) Leonid Glebov - poet
km1672 Hryvni (2003) European Bison
km1682 Hryvni (2003) Sea Horse
km1692 Hryvni (2003) Vladimir Vernandski - scientist
km1702 Hryvni (2003) Volodymir Korolenko
km1712 Hryvni (2003) Vyacheslav Chornovil- politician
km1792 Hryvni (2003) Boris Gmirya
km1802 Hryvni (2003) Wright brothers biplane
km1812 Hryvni (2003) Ostap Veresay Musican
km1822 Hryvni (2003) Olympic Boxing
km1832 Hryvni (2003) V.O.Suhomlinskij
km1842 Hryvni (2003) Andrey Malishko
km2012 Hryvni (2004) Dolphines -Azovka
km2022 Hryvni (2004) Football Championship 2006
km2032 Hryvni (2004) Serhiy Lyfar
km2102 Hryvni (2004) 170 Years Kyev National University T.Shevchenka
km2112 Hryvni (2004) Alexander Dovzhenko
km2122 Hryvni (2004) Nickolay Bazhan
km2132 Hryvni (2004) Myhaylo Kocubinsky
km2142 Hryvni (2004) Marija Zankovecka
km2152 Hryvni (2004) Michael Maximovich
km2162 Hryvni (2004) Michael Deregus
km2172 Hryvni (2004) Atomic Power
km3302 Hryvni (2004) Kharkiv University
km3312 Hryvni (2004) 200 Years National Lawers Acadademy Y.Mudriy
km3322 Hryvni (2004) Juri Fedkovich
km3462 Hryvni (2005) Boris Lyatoshinsky
km3472 Hryvni (2005) Volodymyr Filatov
km3482 Hryvni (2005) Ulas Samchuk
km3492 Hryvni (2005) Pavlo Virsky
km3502 Hryvni (2005) Poet Maksym Rylsky
km3522 Hryvni (2005) Astronomer Serhiy Vsekhsviatsky
km3532 Hryvni (2005) Kiev build company 50y
km3542 Hryvni (2005) 75 Years National Aeronautical University
km3562 Hryvni (2005) Oleksander Korniychuk
km3572 Hryvni (2005) Spalax (mole rat)
km3592 Hryvni (2005) Tairov Wine Institute
km3602 Hryvni (2005) Poet David Guramishvili
km3612 Hryvni (2005) Dmytro Yavornytsky
km3752 Hryvni (2005) Alexey Alchevskiy
km3762 Hryvni (2005) Illia Mechnikov
km3772 Hryvni (2005) Vsevolod Holubovych
km3782 Hryvni (2005) Volodymyr Vynnychenko
km3832 Hryvni (2006) Kyiv National University
km3842 Hryvni (2006) Viacheslav Prokopovych
km3852 Hryvni (2006) Heurhii Narbut
km3862 Hryvni (2006) Oleh K. Antonov
km3912 Hryvni (2006) Ukrainian Grasshopper
km3932 Hryvni (2006) Mykola Strazhesko
km3942 Hryvni (2006) Volodymyr Chekhivskyi
km3952 Hryvni (2006) Mykola Vasylenko
km3962 Hryvni (2006) Ivan Franko
km3992 Hryvni (2006) Sergey Ostapenko
km4002 Hryvni (2006) Mihailo Lysnko
km3982 Hryvni (2006) Mihailo Grushevsky
km3972 Hryvni (2006) Dmitro Lutsenko
km4012 Hryvni (2006) Kharkiv University
km4282 Hryvni (2007) Serhii Koroliov
km4292 Hryvni (2007) Les Kurbas
km4302 Hryvni (2007) Aleksandr Ljupanov
km4402 Hryvni (2007) Ivan Ohienko
km4412 Hryvni (2007) Oleh Olzhych
km4422 Hryvni (2007) 75 Years Donetskaja Oblast
km4432 Hryvni (2007) Olena Teliha
km4442 Hryvni (2007) Orienteering
km4452 Hryvni (2007) Ivan Bahrianyi
km4462 Hryvni (2007) Petro Hryhorenko
km4472 Hryvni (2007) First Government of Ukraine
km4332 Hryvni (2008) Cinereous Vulture
km4752 Hryvni (2008) Vasyl Stus
km4762 Hryvni (2008) Leo Landau
km4772 Hryvni (2008) Sydir Holubovich
km4782 Hryvni (2008) 100 yrs of Kyiv Zoo
km4792 Hryvni (2008) Yevhen Petrushevych
km4812 Hryvni (2008) Heorhii Voronyi
km4872 Hryvni (2008) Nataliia Uzhvii
km4882 Hryvni (2008) Hryhorii Kvitka - Osnovianenko
km4892 Hryvni (2008) 90 yrs. West Ukrainian Peoples Republic
km4902 Hryvni (2008) Vasyl Symonenko
km5332 Hryvni (2009) Pavlo Chubynskyi
km5342 Hryvni (2009) Andrii Livytskyi
km5362 Hryvni (2009) Borys Martos
km5372 Hryvni (2009) Symon Petliura
km5382 Hryvni (2009) Igor Sikorsky
km5392 Hryvni (2009) Nikolay Bogolyubov
km5402 Hryvni (2009) Volodymyr Ivasiuk
km5412 Hryvni (2009) Bohdan-Ihor Antonych
km5422 Hryvni (2009) Kost Levytskyi
km5512 Hryvni (2009) 70 yrs. Carpatho-Ukraine Republic
km5762 Hryvni (2010) 100 yrs. Ice Hockey in Ukraine
km5782 Hryvni (2009) Zaporizhzhia Oblast
km5802 Hryvni (2010) Ivan Kozhedub
km5812 Hryvni (2010) Lviv Politechnical University
km5832 Hryvni (2010) Kharkiv Polytechnic Institute
km5852 Hryvni (2010) 20yrs Declaration of Sovereignity
km5932 Hryvni (2010) Ukrainian Feathergrass
km6082 Hryvni (2010) Ukrainian Medical Association
km6122 Hryvni (2011) Ivan Franko National University
km6362 Hryvni (2011) CIS, 20th anniversary
new2 Hryvni (2012) Sydir Kovpak
new2 Hryvni (2012) Games of the XXX Olympiad
new2 Hryvni (2012) Paralympic Games
new2 Hryvni (2012) Mykhailo Kravchuk
new2 Hryvni (2012) The Sterlet
new2 Hryvni (2013) The Great Bustard
new2 Hryvni (2013) World Youth Championship in Athletics
new2 Hryvni (2013) World Rhytmic Gymnastics
new2 Hryvni (2013) 150th Anniversary National Filharmony
km665 Hryven (1998) St.Mich Cathedral
km695 Hryven (1998) Kyiv-Percherski Assumption Cathedral
km745 Hryven (1999) 900 Years Novgorod Charter
km805 Hryven (1999) 500 Years Magdeburg Law
km845 Hryven (1999) Birth of Jesus
km955 Hryven (2000) 2,500 Years Belgorod
km1025 Hryven (2000) Christianity in Russia
km1035 Hryven (2000) 100 Years of Opera House
km1045 Hryven (2000) Figure sowing seeds
km1055 Hryven (2000) 2600 Years City of Kerch
km1075 Hryven (2001) New Millennium
km1125 Hryven (2001) Ostrogonsky Academy
km1295 Hryven (2001) 10 Years National Bank
km1355 Hryven (2001) 1100 Years Poltava
km1405 Hryven (2001) 10 yrs. Military Forces
km1485 Hryven (2001) 400 Years Krolevetz
km1515 Hryven (2002) 1000 Years of Khotyn
km1525 Hryven (2002) Aircraft AN-225
km1575 Hryven (2002) 1100 Years of Romen-Romni
km1585 Hryven (2002) 70 Years Dnieprogas
km1595 Hryven (2002) 350 Years of the Battle by Batih
km1635 Hryven (2002) Svjato Rizdva Hristovoga
km1725 Hryven (2003) Easter -Veliki Den
km1735 Hryven (2003) Aircraft AN-2
km1855 Hryven (2003) 150 Years St.Historical Archives
km1865 Hryven (2003) 2,500 Years of Eupatoria
km1875 Hryven (2003) 60 Years Kiev Liberation
km2005 Hryven (2003) Folk Musical In - Bandura
km2055 Hryven (2004) 2,500 Years Baloklavi
km2045 Hryven (2004) Pivdenne Space Design Office
km2205 Hryven (2004) 50 yrs. in UNESCO
km2215 Hryven (2004) Ice-breker ship Capitan Belusov
km2225 Hryven (2004) Whit Sunday
km3335 Hryven (2004) Cossack-style Lyre
km3345 Hryven (2004) 250 Years Kirovogrod
km3355 Hryven (2004) 350 Years Harkov
km3365 Hryven (2004) 50 yrs. Crimean Union
km3375 Hryven (2004) Aircraft AN-140
km3625 Hryven (2005) AN-124 Ruslan
km3645 Hryven (2005) 1,300 Years Korosten (city)
km3655 Hryven (2005) 350 Years Sumy
km3665 Hryven (2005) Pokrova (religios holyday)
km3685 Hryven (2005) Sorochynsky market
km3795 Hryven (2005) 500 Years Cossacks Settlements
km3805 Hryven (2005) Sviatogirska Uspenska Monestery
km3875 Hryven (2006) 10 Years Ukraine Antarict Station
km4025 Hryven (2006) Cymbali -Musical Instrument
km4095 Hryven (2006) 10 Years Constitution of Ukraine
km4135 Hryven (2006) 10 Years Hryvna money system
km4155 Hryven (2006) 750 Years Lvov City
km4205 Hryven (2006) Epiphany-Waterchristining holyday
km4225 Hryven (2006) Kirilivskaya Church XII century
km4325 Hryven (2007) 100 Years Motor Sich (factory)
km4535 Hryven (2007) Pure water
km4555 Hryven (2007) XVI OSCE Session Kiev
km4565 Hryven (2007) 120 Years Odesa Opera,Teater and Ballet
km4575 Hryven (2007) 1100 Years Litopisnomy Cernigovy
km4585 Hryven (2007) Bull-Bugac -National musical instrument
km4595 Hryven (2007) Golodomor Genocid
km4605 Hryven (2007) 200 Years Crimea Relax Zone
km5315 Hryven (2007) 1100 Years Pereyaslav-Khmelnitsky
km5005 Hryven (2008) Blagoveshenie-Annunciation
km5015 Hryven (2008) 600 Years Chernivci city
km5025 Hryven (2008) 850 Years Snyatyn city
km5095 Hryven (2008) 175 Years National park Trostjanec
km5105 Hryven (2008) 1020 Years Christening of Rus
km5115 Hryven (2008) 725 Years Ryvne City
km5125 Hryven (2008) 975 Years Bohuslav city
km5135 Hryven (2008) 140 Years Prosvyeta-Taras Sevcenko
km5455 Hryven (2009) 220 Years City of Simferopol
km5475 Hryven (2009) 225 Years Mikolajev City
km5485 Hryven (2009) 60 Years Council of Europe
km5505 Hryven (2009) 60 Years Nat.Museum Taras Shevcenko
km5535 Hryven (2009) Ukrainen Pisanka-Easter Holiday
km5555 Hryven (2009) Crafts of Ukraine-Bokorash
km5575 Hryven (2009) The Year of Astronomy
km5735 Hryvni (2009) Ukrainian Crafts - Cartwright
km5795 Hryvni (2010) Kylv Astronomy Observatory
km5875 Hryvni (2010) Folk Crafts - Weaver
km5895 Hryvni (2010) Ukranian Spas
km5925 Hryvni (2010) 925yrs City of Lutsk
km6015 Hryvni (2010) Cosack boat 18th century
km6045 Hryvni (2010) Potter
km6155 Hryvni (2011) Blacksmith
km6195 Hryvni (2011) Taras Shevchenko
km6385 Hryvni (2011) International Year of Forests
new5 Hryvni (2012) Mykolaivska Oblast
new5 Hryvni (2012) Zhytomyrska Oblast
new5 Hryvni (2013) Luganska Oblast
km6215 Hryvni (2011) Taras Shevchenko, National prize of Ukraine
km6225 Hryvni (2011) Constitution, 15th Anniversary
km6235 Hryvni (2011) Zbarazh castle, 800th Anniversary
km6255 Hryvni (2011) St. Andrew Church
km6275 Hryvni (2011) Hopak folk dance
km6385 Hryvni (2011) International year of Forests
km6475 Hryvni (2011) UEFA Euro 2012, map of Europe
km6485 Hryvni (2011) UEFA Euro 2012, Kyiv
km6495 Hryvni (2011) UEFA Euro 2012, Lviv
km6505 Hryvni (2011) UEFA Euro 2012, Harkiv
km6515 Hryvni (2011) UEFA Euro 2012, Donetsk
new5 Hryvni (2012) Glassblower
km6595 Hryvni (2012) 350 years of city of Ivano Frankivsk
km6575 Hryvni (2012) 200 years of the Nikitsky Botanical Garden
new5 Hryvni (2012)Yeletskyi Dormition Cloister
km6605 Hryvni (2012) folk craft, Kushnir Furrier
new5 Hryvni (2012) Antiquity Navigation
new5 Hryvni (2012) 1800 years of town of Sudak
new5 Hryvni (2012) 500 yeras of town of Chyhyryn
km6635 Hryvni (2012) Ukrainian Lyric Song
new5 Hryvni (2012) Kacha - National Aviation History
new5 Hryvni (2012) Architectural Monuments of Ukraine
new5 Hryvni (2012) 75 years of the Zhytomyr Oblast
new5 Hryvni (2012) 75 years of the Mykolaiv Oblast
new5 Hryvni (2012) The year of the Bat
new5 Hryvni (2013) The House with Chimeras
new5 Hryvni (2013) 75 years of the Luhansk Oblast
new5 Hryvni (2013) Kyiv Research Institute Forensic Science
new5 Hryvni (2013) 1025th Anniversary Christianization of Kyivan Rus
new5 Hryvni (2013) Ukrainian Vyshyvanka
new5 Hryvni (2013) Liberation of Kharkiv from the Fascist Invaders
new5 Hryvni (2013) Nesterov Loop
new5 Hryvni (2013) 650th Anniversary City of Vinnytsia
new5 Hryvni (2013) Budinok Poeta
new5 Hryvni (2013) Liberation of Donbass from Fascist

United Arab Emirates

km2.15 Fils (1973-1989) FAO
km6.11 Dirham (1973-1989) Jug
km6.21 Dirham (1995--) Jug
km101 Dirham (1986) Chess Olympiad
km111 Dirham (1987) Offshore Oil Drilling
km141 Dirham (1987) al-Ain University
km151 Dirham (1990) Soccer
km321 Dirham (1998) Bank of Dubai
km351 Dirham (1998) College of Technology
km381 Dirham (1998) Rashid bin Humaid Award
km391 Dirham (1998-1999) Sharjah Cultural City
km401 Dirham (1999) Oil Production on Abu Al Bukhoosh Field
km411 Dirham (2000) Sheikh Zayed
km431 Dirham (2000) Dubai Islamic Bank
km461 Dirham (2000) General Womens Union
km491 Dirham (2001) Armed Forces
km511 Dirham (2003) Formal Education
km521 Dirham (2003) National Bank
km541 Dirham (2003) Crude Oil Exports
km731 Dirham (2003) Dubai Meeting 2003
km741 Dirham (2004) First Gulf Bank
km761 Dirham (2007) Sharjah International Airport
km781 Dirham (2006) Dubai Police
km771 Dirham (2007) Zakum Development Co.
km791 Dirham (2007) 30 yrs. ADGAS
km831 Dirham (2005) Honoring Mother of Nations
km841 Dirham (2007) Hamden Bin Rashed Award
km851 Dirham (2008) National Bank of Abu Dhabi
km961 Dirham (2007) Boy Scout Golden Jubilee
km1001 Dirham (2009) 5 yrs. DIFC (Dubai Int. Financial Center)
km991 Dirham (no date) I Love UAE
km1011 Dirham (2012) World Environment Day
km95 Dirham (1981) 1500th Anniv. Islam


km1351 Peso (2011) Mulita (Armadillo)
km1362 Pesos (2011) Carpincho (Capybara)
km655 Nuevo Pesos (1975) Revolutionary Movement
km705 Nuevo Pesos (1976) Founding of Montevideo
km1375 Pesos (2011) Ostrich
km4310 Pesos (1961) Gaucho
km12110 Pesos (2000) Jose Artigas
km13410 Pesos (2011) Cougar
km8620 New Pesos (1984) Fisheries Conference
km13950 Pesos (2011) Bicentennial of Indpendence
km80100 Nuevo Pesos (1981) Hydroelectric Dam
km111100 Pesos (1995) 50 yrs. FAO
km112100 Pesos (1996) Central Bank
km551000 Pesos (1969) FAO
km872000 Nuevo Pesos (1984) Bank Governors Meeting
km915000 Nuevo Pesos (1987) 20 yrs. Central Bank


km101/2 cent (1793) Liberty Cap. Head facing left.
km141/2 cent (1794-1797) Liberty Cap. Head facing right
km331/2 cent (1800-1808) Draped Bust
km411/2 cent (1809-1835) Classic Head
km701/2 cent (1840-1857) Braided Hair
km11large cent (1793) Flowing Hair / Chain
km12large cent (1793) Flowing Hair / Wreath
km13large cent (1793-1795) Liberty Cap
km13alarge cent (1795-1796) Liberty Cap
km22large cent (1796-1807) Draped Bust
km39large cent (1808-1814) Classic Head
km45v1large cent (1816-1835) Matron Head
km45v2large cent (1835-1839) Coronet
km67v1large cent (1840-1857) Coronet Braided Hair (variety 1)
km67v2large cent (1840-1857) Coronet Braided Hair (variety 2)
km851 cent (1857-1858) Flying Eagle
km871 cent (1859) Indian Head Laurel Wreath
km901 cent (1860-1864) Indian Head (copper-nickel)
km90a1 cent (1864-1909) Indian Head (bronze)
km132vdb1 cent (1909) Lincoln VDB
km1321 cent (1909-1942) Lincoln/Wheat (bronze)
km132a1 cent (1943) Lincoln/Wheat (zinc-coated steel)
kmA1321 cent (1944-1958) Lincoln/Wheat (brass)
km2011 cent (1959-1982) Lincoln Memorial (brass)
km201a1 cent (1982) Lincoln Memorial (copper-plated zinc)
km201b1 cent (1983-2008) Lincoln Memorial (copper-plated zinc)
km4411 cent (2009) Log Cabin (copper-plated zinc)
km441a1 cent (2009) Log Cabin (brass)
km4421 cent (2009) Young Lincoln (copper-plated zinc)
km442a1 cent (2009) Young Lincoln (brass)
km4431 cent (2009) Statesman Lincoln (copper-plated zinc)
km443a1 cent (2009) Statesman Lincoln (brass)
km4441 cent (2009) Lincoln Presidency (copper-plated zinc)
km444a1 cent (2009) Lincoln Presidency (brass)
km4681 cent (2010--) Shield
km753 cents (1851-1853) silver (Type 1)
km803 cents (1854-1858) silver (Type 2)
km883 cents (1859-1873) silver (Type 3)
km15half dime (1794-1795) Flowing Hair
km23half dime (1796-1797) Draped Bust Small Eagle
km34half dime (1800-1805) Draped Bust
km47half dime (1829-1837) Liberty Cap
km60half dime (1837-1838) Seated Liberty no stars
km62.1half dime (1838-1840) Seated Liberty no drapery
km62.2half dime (1840-1853) Seated Liberty drapery added
km76half dime (1853-1855) Seated Liberty w/ arrows
kmA62.2half dime (1856-1859) Seated Liberty km62.2 resumed
km91half dime (1860-1873) Seated Liberty w/ legend
km965 cents (1866-1867) Shield w/ rays
km975 cents (1867-1883) Shield no rays
km1115 cents (1883) Liberty Head no "cents"
km1125 cents (1883-1912) Liberty Head w/ cents
km1335 cents (1913) Buffalo variety 1
km1345 cents (1913-1938) Buffalo variety 2
km1925 cents (1938-1942) Jefferson copper-nickel
km192a5 cents (1942-1945) Jefferson 35% silver
kmA1925 cents (1946-2003) Jefferson km192 resumed
km3605 cents (2004) Louisiana Purchase
km3615 cents (2004) Keelboat
km3685 cents (2005) Bison
km3695 cents (2005) Ocean in View
km3815 cents (2006--) Forward-facing Jefferson
km2410 cents (1796-1797) Draped Bust Small Eagle
km3110 cents (1798-1807) Draped Bust Heraldic Eagle
km4210 cents (1809-1828) Liberty Cap - no raised rim
km4810 cents (1828-1837) Liberty Cap - raised rim
km6110 cents (1837-1838) Seated Liberty no stars
km63.110 cents (1838-1840) Seated Liberty w/ stars no drapery
km63.210 cents (1840-1853) Seated Liberty w/ stars drapery added
km7710 cents (1853-1855) Seated Liberty w/ arrows
kmA63.210 cents (1856-1860) Seated Liberty km63.2 resumed
km9210 cents (1860-1873) Seated Liberty w/ legend
km10510 cents (1873-1874) Seated Liberty w/ arrows
kmA9210 cents (1875-1891) Seated Liberty km92 resumed
km11310 cents (1892-1916) Liberty Head (Barber)
km14010 cents (1916-1945) Winged Liberty (Mercury)
km19510 cents (1946-1964) Roosevelt silver
km195a10 cents (1965--) Roosevelt copper-nickel
km195b10 cents (1992--) Roosevelt silver proof
km10920 cents (1875-1878) Seated Liberty
km25quarter dollar (1796) Draped Bust Small Eagle
km36quarter dollar (1804-1807) Draped Bust Heraldic Eagle
km44quarter dollar (1815-1828) Liberty Cap w/ Banner
km55quarter dollar (1831-1838) Liberty Cap
km64.1quarter dollar (1838-1840) Seated Liberty no motto, no drapery
km64.2quarter dollar (1840-1853) Seated Liberty, no motto, drapery added
km78quarter dollar (1853) Seated Liberty w/ arrows and rays
km81quarter dollar (1854-1855) Seated Liberty w/ arrows only
kmA64.2quarter dollar (1856-1865) Seated Liberty km64.2 resumed
km98quarter dollar (1866-1873) Seated Liberty w/ motto
km106quarter dollar (1873-1874) Seated Liberty w/ motto and arrows
kmA98quarter dollar (1875-1891) Seated Liberty km98 resumed
km114quarter dollar (1892-1916) Liberty Head (Barber)
km141quarter dollar (1916,1917) Standing Liberty (variety 1)
km145quarter dollar (1917-1930) Standing Liberty (variety 2)
km164quarter dollar (1932-1964) Washington silver
km164aquarter dollar (1965-1975) Washington copper-nickel
km204quarter dollar (1976) Bicentennial copper-nickel
km204aquarter dollar (1976) Bicentennial silver
kmA164aquarter dollar (1977-1998) Washington km164a resumed
kmA164bquarter dollar (1992-1998) 0.9000 Silver
km344state quarter Alabama (2003)
km344astate quarter Alabama (2003) - Silver
km424state quarter Alaska (2008)
km424astate quarter Alaska (2008) - Silver
km423state quarter Arizona (2008)
km423astate quarter Arizona (2008) - Silver
km347state quarter Arkansas (2003)
km347astate quarter Arkansas (2003) - Silver
km370state quarter California (2005)
km370astate quarter California (2005) - Silver
km384state quarter Colorado (2006)
km384astate quarter Colorado (2006) - Silver
km297state quarter Connecticut (1999)
km297astate quarter Connecticut (1999) - Silver
km293state quarter Delaware (1999)
km293astate quarter Delaware (1999) - Silver
km356state quarter Florida (2004)
km356astate quarter Florida (2004) - Silver
km296state quarter Georgia (1999)
km296astate quarter Georgia (1999) - Silver
km425state quarter Hawaii (2008)
km425astate quarter Hawaii (2008) - Silver
km398state quarter Idaho (2007)
km398astate quarter Idaho (2007) - Silver
km343state quarter Illinois (2003)
km343astate quarter Illinois (2003) - Silver
km334state quarter Indiana (2002)
km334astate quarter Indiana (2002) - Silver
km358state quarter Iowa (2004)
km358astate quarter Iowa (2004) - Silver
km373state quarter Kansas (2005)
km373astate quarter Kansas (2005) - Silver
km322state quarter Kentucky (2001)
km322astate quarter Kentucky (2001) - Silver
km333state quarter Louisiana (2002)
km333astate quarter Louisiana (2002) - Silver
km345state quarter Maine (2003)
km345astate quarter Maine (2003) - Silver
km306state quarter Maryland (2000)
km306astate quarter Maryland (2000) - Silver
km305state quarter Massachusetts (2000)
km305astate quarter Massachusetts (2000) - Silver
km355state quarter Michigan (2004)
km355astate quarter Michigan (2004) - Silver
km371state quarter Minnesota (2005)
km371astate quarter Minnesota (2005) - Silver
km335state quarter Mississippi (2002)
km335astate quarter Mississippi (2002) - Silver
km346state quarter Missouri (2003)
km346astate quarter Missouri (2003) - Silver
km396state quarter Montana (2007)
km396astate quarter Montana (2007) - Silver
km383state quarter Nebraska (2006)
km383astate quarter Nebraska (2006) - Silver
km382state quarter Nevada (2006)
km382astate quarter Nevada (2006) - Silver
km308state quarter New Hampshire (2000)
km308astate quarter New Hampshire (2000) - Silver
km295state quarter New Jersey (1999)
km295astate quarter New Jersey (1999) - Silver
km422state quarter New Mexico (2008)
km422astate quarter New Mexico (2008) - Silver
km318state quarter New York (2001)
km318astate quarter New York (2001) - Silver
km319state quarter North Carolina (2001)
km319astate quarter North Carolina (2001) - Silver
km385state quarter North Dakota (2006)
km385astate quarter North Dakota (2006) - Silver
km332state quarter Ohio (2002)
km332astate quarter Ohio (2002) - Silver
km421state quarter Oklahoma (2008)
km421astate quarter Oklahoma (2008) - Silver
km372state quarter Oregon (2005)
km372astate quarter Oregon (2005) - Silver
km294state quarter Pennsylvania (1999)
km294astate quarter Pennsylvania (1999) - Silver
km320state quarter Rhode Island (2001)
km320astate quarter Rhode Island (2001) - Silver
km307state quarter South Carolina (2000)
km307astate quarter South Carolina (2000) - Silver
km386state quarter South Dakota (2006)
km386astate quarter South Dakota (2006) - Silver
km331state quarter Tennessee (2002)
km331astate quarter Tennessee (2002) - Silver
km357state quarter Texas (2004)
km357astate quarter Texas (2004) - Silver
km400state quarter Utah (2007)
km400astate quarter Utah (2007) - Silver
km321state quarter Vermont (2001)
km321astate quarter Vermont (2001) - Silver
km309state quarter Virginia (2000)
km309astate quarter Virginia (2000) - Silver
km397state quarter Washington (2007)
km397astate quarter Washington (2007) - Silver
km374state quarter West Virginia (2005)
km374astate quarter West Virginia (2005) - Silver
km359state quarter Wisconsin (2004)
km359astate quarter Wisconsin (2004) - Silver
km399state quarter Wyoming (2007)
km399astate quarter Wyoming (2007) - Silver
km445quarter dollar (2009) District of Columbia
km445aquarter dollar (2009) District of Columbia - Silver
km446quarter dollar (2009) Puerto Rico
km446aquarter dollar (2009) Puerto Rico - Silver
km447quarter dollar (2009) Guam
km447aquarter dollar (2009) Guam - Silver
km448quarter dollar (2009) American Samoa
km448aquarter dollar (2009) American Samoa - Silver
km449quarter dollar (2009) U.S. Virgin Islands
km449aquarter dollar (2009) U.S. Virgin Islands - Silver
km466quarter dollar (2009) Northern Mariana Islands
km466aquarter dollar (2009) Northern Mariana Islands - Silver
km469quarter dollar (2010) Hot Springs - Arkansas
km469aquarter dollar (2010) Hot Springs - Arkansas (silver)
km470quarter dollar (2010) Yellowstone - Wyoming
km470aquarter dollar (2010) Yellowstone - Wyoming (silver)
km471quarter dollar (2010) Yosemite - California
km471aquarter dollar (2010) Yosemite - California (silver)
km472quarter dollar (2010) Grand Canyon - Arizona
km472aquarter dollar (2010) Grand Canyon - Arizona (silver)
km473quarter dollar (2010) Mount Hood - Oregon
km473aquarter dollar (2010) Mount Hood - Oregon (silver)
km494quarter dollar (2011) Gettysburg - Pennsylvania
km494aquarter dollar (2011) Gettysburg - Pennsylvania (silver)
km495quarter dollar (2011) Glacier - Montana
km495aquarter dollar (2011) Glacier - Montana (silver)
km496quarter dollar (2011) Olympic - Washington
km496aquarter dollar (2011) Olympic - Washington (silver)
km497quarter dollar (2011) Vicksburg - Mississippi
km497aquarter dollar (2011) Vicksburg - Mississippi (silver)
km498quarter dollar (2011) Chickasaw - Oklahoma
km498aquarter dollar (2011) Chickasaw - Oklahoma (silver)
km519quarter dollar (2012) El Yunque - Puerto Rico
km519aquarter dollar (2012) El Yunque - Puerto Rico (silver)
km520quarter dollar (2012) Chaco Culture - New Mexico
km520aquarter dollar (2012) Chaco Culture - New Mexico (silver)
km521quarter dollar (2012) Acadia - Maine
km521aquarter dollar (2012) Acadia - Maine (silver)
km522quarter dollar (2012) Volcanoes - Hawaii
km522aquarter dollar (2012) Volcanoes - Hawaii (silver)
km523quarter dollar (2012) Denali - Alaska
km523aquarter dollar (2012) Denali - Alaska (silver)
km542quarter dollar (2013) White Mountain - New Hampshire
km542aquarter dollar (2013) White Mountain - New Hampshire (silver)
km543quarter dollar (2013) Perrys Victory - Ohio
km543aquarter dollar (2013) Perrys Victory - Ohio (silver)
km544quarter dollar (2013) Great Basin - Nevada
km544aquarter dollar (2013) Great Basin - Nevada (silver)
km545quarter dollar (2013) Fort McHenry - Maryland
km545aquarter dollar (2013) Fort McHenry - Maryland (silver)
km546quarter dollar (2013) Mount Rushmore - South Dakota
km546aquarter dollar (2013) Mount Rushmore - South Dakota (silver)
newquarter dollar (2014) Great Smoky Mountains - Tennessee
newquarter dollar (2014) Great Smoky Mountains - Tennessee (silver)
newquarter dollar (2014) Shenandoah - Virginia
newquarter dollar (2014) Shenandoah - Virginia (silver)
newquarter dollar (2014) Arches - Utah
newquarter dollar (2014) Arches - Utah (silver)
newquarter dollar (2014) Great Sand Dunes - Colorado
newquarter dollar (2014) Great Sand Dunes - Colorado (silver)
newquarter dollar (2014) Everglades - Florida
newquarter dollar (2014) Everglades - Florida (silver)
km16half dollar (1794-1795) Flowing Hair
km26half dollar (1796-1797) Draped Bust Small Eagle
km35half dollar (1801-1807) Draped Bust Heraldic Eagle
km37half dollar (1807-1836) Liberty Cap lettered edge "50 C."
km58half dollar (1836-1837) Liberty Cap lettered edge "50 Cents"
km65half dollar (1838-1839) Liberty Cap reeded edge "HALF DOL."
km68half dollar (1839-1853) Seated Liberty no motto
km79half dollar (1853) Seated Liberty w/ arrows and rays
km82half dollar (1854-1855) Seated Liberty w/ arrows only
kmA68half dollar (1856-1865) Seated Liberty km68 resumed
km99half dollar (1866-1873) Seated Liberty w/ motto
km107half dollar (1873-1874) Seated Liberty w/ motto and arrows
kmA99half dollar (1875-1891) Seated Liberty km99 resumed
km116half dollar (1892-1915) Liberty Head (Barber)
km142half dollar (1916-1947) Walking Liberty
km199half dollar (1948-1963) Franklin
km202half dollar (1964) Kennedy silver
km202ahalf dollar (1965-1970) Kennedy 40% silver
km202bhalf dollar (1971-1975) Kennedy copper-nickel
km205half dollar (1976) Bicentennial copper-nickel
km205ahalf dollar (1976) Bicentennial silver
kmA202bhalf dollar (1977--) Kennedy km202b resumed
kmA202chalf dollar (1992--) Kennedy silver proof
km148half dollar (1921) Alabama Centennial
km173half dollar (1936) Albany, New York Charter
km168half dollar (1935-1939) Arkansas Centennial
km190half dollar (1937) Battle of Antietam
km181half dollar (1936) Battle of Gettysburg
km174half dollar (1936) Bay Bridge San Francisco-Oakland
km198half dollar (1946-1951) Booker T. Washington Memorial
km175half dollar (1936) Bridgeport, Connecticut Centennial
km155half dollar (1925) California Diamond Jubilee
km200half dollar (1951-1954) Carver-Washington
km176half dollar (1936) Cincinnati Music Center
km177half dollar (1936) Cleveland Great Lakes Exposition
km178half dollar (1936) Columbia, South Carolina Sesquicentennial
km117half dollar (1892,1893) Columbian Exposition
km169half dollar (1935) Connecticut Tercentenary
km165half dollar (1934-1938) Daniel Boone Bicentennial
km179half dollar (1936) Delaware Tercentenary
km180half dollar (1936) Elgin, Illinois Centennial
km158half dollar (1925) Fort Vancouver Centennial
km151half dollar (1922) Grant Memorial
km163half dollar (1928) Hawaiian Sesquicentennial
km170half dollar (1935) Hudson, New York Sesquicentennial
km154half dollar (1924) Huguenot-Walloon Tercentenary
km143half dollar (1918) Illinois Centennial
km197half dollar (1946) Iowa Centennial
km156half dollar (1925) Lexington-Concord Sesquicentennial
km182half dollar (1936) Long Island Tercentenary
km183half dollar (1936) Lynchburg, Virginia Sesquicentennial
km146half dollar (1920) Maine Centennial
km166half dollar (1934) Maryland Tercentenary
km149half dollar (1921) Missouri Centennial
km153half dollar (1923) Monroe Doctrine Centennial
km191half dollar (1938) New Rochelle, New York
km184half dollar (1936) Norfolk, Virginia Bicentennial
km172half dollar (1935) Old Spanish Trail
km159half dollar (1926-1939) Oregon Trail Memorial
km135half dollar (1915) Panama-Pacific Exposition
km147half dollar (1920-1921) Pilgrim Tercentenary
km185half dollar (1936) Rhode Island Tercentenary Providence
km186half dollar (1937) Roanoke Island, North Carolina
km187half dollar (1936) Robinson-Arkansas Centennial
km171half dollar (1935-1936) San Diego-California-Pacific Exposition
km157half dollar (1925) Stone Mountain Memorial
km167half dollar (1934-1938) Texas Centennial
km162half dollar (1927) Vermont Sesquicentennial
km188half dollar (1936) Wisconsin Territorial Centennial
km189half dollar (1936) York County, Maine Tercentenary
km208half dollar (1982) George Washington
km212half dollar (1986) Statue of Liberty
km224half dollar (1989) Bicentennial of Congress
km228half dollar (1991) Mount Rushmore
km233half dollar (1992) 1992 Olympics
km237half dollar (1992) Columbus Discovery
km240half dollar (1993) Bill of Rights
km243half dollar (1993) World War Two 50th Anniv.
km246half dollar (1994) World Cup Soccer
km257half dollar (1995) Olympic Basketball
km262half dollar (1995) Olympic Baseball
km254half dollar (1995) Civil War
km271half dollar (1996) Olympic Soccer
km267half dollar (1996) Olympic Swimming
km323half dollar (2001) US Capitol Visitor Center
km348half dollar (2003) First Flight Centennial
km438half dollar (2008) American Bald Eagle
km506half dollar (2011) U.S. Army
km171 dollar (1794-1795) Flowing Hair
km181 dollar (1795-1798) Draped Bust Small Eagle
km321 dollar (1798-1804) Draped Bust Heraldic Eagle
km591 dollar (1836) Gobrecht Dollar
km711 dollar (1840-1865) Seated Liberty no motto
km1001 dollar (1866-1873) Seated Liberty w/ motto
Pn1352Trade Dollar (pattern) 1873
Pn1645Goloid Metric Dollar (pattern)
km1081 dollar (1873-1883) Trade
km1101 dollar (1878-1921) Morgan
km1501 dollar (1921-1935) Peace
km2031 dollar (1971-1974) Eisenhower copper-nickel
km203a1 dollar (1971-1974) Eisenhower silver
km2061 dollar (1976) Bicentennial copper-nickel
km206a1 dollar (1976) Bicentennial silver
kmA2031 dollar (1977-1978) Eisenhower km203 resumed
km2071 dollar (1979-1981,1999) Susan B. Anthony
km2091 dollar (1983) XXIII Olympiad - Discus
km2101 dollar (1984) XXIII Olympiad - Stadium
km2141 dollar (1986) Statue of Liberty Centennial
km2201 dollar (1987) Constitution Bicentennial
km2221 dollar (1988) Olympic Torch
km2251 dollar (1989) Bicentennial of the Congress
km2271 dollar (1990) Eisenhower Centennial
km2291 dollar (1991) Mount Rushmore
km2311 dollar (1991) Korean War
km2321 dollar (1991) USO 50th Anniversary
km2341 dollar (1992) Olympic Baseball
km2361 dollar (1992) White House Bicentennial
km2381 dollar (1992) Columbus Quincentenary
km2411 dollar (1993) James Madison and Bill of Rights
km2441 dollar (1993) World War II 50th Anniversary
km2471 dollar (1994) World Cup Soccer
km2491 dollar (1993) Thomas Jefferson
km2501 dollar (1994) Vietnam Veterans Memorial
km2511 dollar (1994) National Prisoner of War Museum
km2521 dollar (1994) Women in Military Service
km2531 dollar (1994) US Capitol Bicentennial
km2551 dollar (1995) Civil War
km2591 dollar (1995) Paralympics - Blind Runner
km2601 dollar (1995) Atlanta Olympics - Gymnastics
km2631 dollar (1995) Atlanta Olympics - Cycling
km2641 dollar (1995) Atlanta Olympics - Track and Field
km2661 dollar (1995) Special Olympics World Games
km2681 dollar (1996) Paralympics - Wheelchair Racer
km2691 dollar (1996) Atlanta Olympics - Tennis
km2721 dollar (1996) Atlanta Olympics - Rowing
kmA2721 dollar (1996) Atlanta Olympics - High Jumper
km2751 dollar (1996) National Community Service
km2761 dollar (1996) Smithsonian Institution
km2781 dollar (1997) US Botanic Gardens
km2791 dollar (1997) Jackie Robinson
km2811 dollar (1997) Law Enforcement Officers Memorial
km2871 dollar (1998) Robert F. Kennedy
km2881 dollar (1998) Black Revolutionary War Patriots
km2981 dollar (1999) Dolley Madison
km2991 dollar (1999) Yellowstone National Park
km3111 dollar (2000) Library of Congress
km3131 dollar (2000) Leif Ericson
km3241 dollar (2001) Capitol Visitor Center
km3251 dollar (2001) American Bison
km3361 dollar (2002) Winter Olympics - Salt Lake City
km3381 dollar (2002) West Point Military Academy
km3491 dollar (2003) First Flight Centennial
km3621 dollar (2004) Edisons Electric Light
km3631 dollar (2004) Lewis and Clark Corps of Discovery
km3751 dollar (2005) Chief Justice John Marshall
km3761 dollar (2005) US Marine Corps
km3871 dollar (2006) Benjamin Franklin - Scientist
km3881 dollar (2006) Benjamin Franklin - 3/4 bust
km3941 dollar (2006) San Francisco Mint Museum
km4051 dollar (2007) Jamestown - 400th Anniversary
km4181 dollar (2007) Central High School Desegregation
km4391 dollar (2008) American Bald Eagle
km4541 dollar (2009) Lincoln Bicentennial
km4551 dollar (2009) Louis Braille birth bicentennial
km4791 dollar (2010) American veterans disabled for life
km4801 dollar (2010) 100 yrs. Boy Scouts
km2731 dollar (1986--) One Ounce Silver Eagle
km3101 dollar (2000--) Sacagawea
km5041 dollar (2011) Medal of Honor
km5071 dollar (2011) U.S. Army
km4671 dollar (2009) Native Americans - planting corn
km4741 dollar (2010) Native Americans - Hiawatha Belt
km5031 dollar (2011) Native Americans - Wampanoag Treaty
km5281 dollar (2012) Native Americans - Trade and Economy
km5291 dollar (2012) National Infantry Museum and Soldier Center
km5301 dollar (2012) Star-Spangled Banner
km5521 dollar (2013) Girl Scouts of the USA, 100th anniversary
km5531 dollar (2013) Five-star generals - Marshall and Eisenhauer
km5541 dollar (2013) Five-star generals - Arnold and Bradley
new1 dollar (2013) Native Americans - Treaty with the Delawares
new1 dollar (2014) Native Americans - Lewis and Clark Expedition
km4011st Presidential dollar (2007) George Washington
km4022nd Presidential dollar (2007) John Adams
km4033rd Presidential dollar (2007) Thomas Jefferson
km4044th Presidential dollar (2007) James Madison
km4265th Presidential dollar (2008) James Monroe
km4276th Presidential dollar (2008) John Quincy Adams
km4287th Presidential dollar (2008) Andrew Jackson
km4298th Presidential dollar (2008) Martin Van Buren
km4509th Presidential dollar (2009) William Henry Harrison
km45110th Presidential dollar (2009) John Tyler
km45211th Presidential dollar (2009) James K. Polk
km45312th Presidential dollar (2009) Zachary Taylor
km47513th Presidential dollar (2010) Millard Fillmore
km47614th Presidential dollar (2010) Franklin Pierce
km47715th Presidential dollar (2010) James Buchanan
km47816th Presidential dollar (2010) Abraham Lincoln
km49917th Presidential dollar (2011) Andrew Johnson
km50018th Presidential dollar (2011) Ulysses S. Grant
km50119th Presidential dollar (2011) Rutherford B. Hayes
km50220th Presidential dollar (2011) James Garfield
km52421st Presidential dollar (2012) Chester A. Arthur
km52522nd Presidential dollar (2012) Grover Cleveland 1st term
km52623rd Presidential dollar (2012) Benjamin Harrison
km52724th Presidential dollar (2012) Grover Cleveland 2nd term
new25th Presidential dollar (2013) William McKinley
new26th Presidential dollar (2013) Theodore Roosevelt
new27th Presidential dollar (2013) William Howard Taft
new28th Presidential dollar (2013) Woodrow Wilson
new29th Presidential dollar (2014) Warren G. Harding
new30th Presidential dollar (2014) Calvin Coolidge
new31st Presidential dollar (2014) Herbert Hoover
new32nd Presidential dollar (2014) Frankin D. Roosevelt
km407First spouse gold $10: 1st - Martha Washington (2007)
n/aFirst spouse medal: 1st - Martha Washington
km408First spouse gold $10: 2nd - Abigail Adams (2007)
n/aFirst spouse medal: 2nd - Abigail Adams
km409First spouse gold $10: 3rd - Jeffersons Liberty (2007)
n/aFirst spouse medal: 3rd - Jeffersons Liberty
km410First spouse gold $10: 4th - Dolley Madison (2007)
n/aFirst spouse medal: 4th - Dolley Madison
km430First spouse gold $10: 5th - Elizabeth Monroe (2008)
n/aFirst spouse medal: 5th - Elizabeth Monroe
km431First spouse gold $10: 6th - Louisa Adams (2008)
n/aFirst spouse medal: 6th - Louisa Adams
km432First spouse gold $10: 7th - Jacksons Liberty (2008)
n/aFirst spouse medal: 7th - Jacksons Liberty
km433First spouse gold $10: 8th - Van Burens Liberty (2008)
n/aFirst spouse medal: 8th - Van Burens Liberty
km456First spouse gold $10: 9th - Anna Harrison (2009)
n/aFirst spouse medal: 9th - Anna Harrison
km457First spouse gold $10: 10th - Letitia Tyler (2009)
n/aFirst spouse medal: 10th - Letitia Tylor
km458First spouse gold $10: 10th - Julia Tyler (2009)
n/aFirst spouse medal: 10th - Julia Tylor
km459First spouse gold $10: 11th - Sarah Polk (2009)
n/aFirst spouse medal: 11th - Sarah Polk
km465First spouse gold $10: 12th - Margaret Taylor (2009)
n/aFirst spouse medal: 12th - Margaret Taylor
km481First spouse gold $10: 13th - Abigail Fillmore (2010)
n/aFirst spouse medal: 13th - Abigail Fillmore
km482First spouse gold $10: 14th - Jane Pierce (2010)
n/aFirst spouse medal: 14th - Jane Pierce
km483First spouse gold $10: 15th - Buchanans Liberty (2010)
n/aFirst spouse medal: 15th - Buchanans Liberty
km484First spouse gold $10: 16th - Mary Todd Lincoln (2010)
n/aFirst spouse medal: 16th - Mary Todd Lincoln
km509First spouse gold $10: 17th - Eliza Johnson (2011)
n/aFirst spouse medal: 17th - Eliza Johnson
km510First spouse gold $10: 18th - Julia Grant (2011)
n/aFirst spouse medal: 18th - Julia Grant
km511First Spouse gold $10: 19th - Lucy Hayes (2011)
n/aFirst spouse medal: 19th - Lucy Hayes
km512First Spouse gold $10: 20th - Lucretia Garfield (2011)
n/aFirst spouse medal: 20th - Lucretia Garfield
km53221st Spouse gold $10 (2012) Alice Paul
km53322nd Spouse gold $10 (2012) Frances Cleveland
km53423rd Spouse gold $10 (2012) Caroline Harrison
km53524th Spouse gold $10 (2012) Frances Cleveland
new25th Spouse gold $10 (2013) Ida McKinly
new26th Spouse gold $10 (2013) Edith Roosevelt
new27th Spouse gold $10 (2013) Helen Taft
new28th Spouse gold $10 (2013) Ellen Wilson
new29th Spouse gold $10 (2013) Edith Wilson
km731 dollar gold (1849-1854) Liberty Head - Type 1
km831 dollar gold (1854-1856) Indian Head - Type 2
km861 dollar gold (1856-1889) Indian Head - Type 3
km272.5 dollar gold (1796-1807) Liberty Cap
km402.5 dollar gold (1808) Turban Head
km462.5 dollar gold (1821-1827) Turban Head
km492.5 dollar gold (1829-1834) Turban Head
km562.5 dollar gold (1834-1839) Classic Head
km722.5 dollar gold (1840-1907) Coronet Head
km1282.5 dollar gold (1908-1929) Indian Head
km843 dollar gold (1854-1889) Indian Head with Headdress
km195 dollar gold (1795-1807) Liberty Cap
km385 dollar gold (1807-1812) Turban Head
km435 dollar gold (1813-1834) Turban Head
km575 dollar gold (1834-1838) Classic Head
km695 dollar gold (1839-1866) Coronet Head
km1015 dollar gold (1866-1908) Coronet Head
km1295 dollar gold (1908-1929) Indian Head
km2215 dollar gold (1987) Constitution
km2265 dollar gold (1989) Congress
km2305 dollar gold (1991) Mt. Rushmore
km2355 dollar gold (1992) Olympic
km2395 dollar gold (1987) Columbus Quincentenary
km2425 dollar gold (1993) Madison - Bill of Rights
km2455 dollar gold (1993) World War II
km2485 dollar gold (1994) World Cup
km2565 dollar gold (1995) Civil War
km2615 dollar gold (1995) Olympic
km2655 dollar gold (1995) Olympic
km2705 dollar gold (1996) Olympic
km2745 dollar gold (1996) Olympic
km2775 dollar gold (1996) Smithsonian
km2805 dollar gold (1997) Jackie Robinson
km2825 dollar gold (1997) Franklin Delano Roosevelt
km3005 dollar gold (1999) George Washington
km3265 dollar gold (2001) Capital Visitor Center
km3375 dollar gold (2002) Olympics-Salt Lake City
km4115 dollar gold (2008-2009) Bison
km4405 dollar gold (2008) Bald Eagle
km5055 dollar gold (2011) Medal of Honor
km5085 dollar gold (2011) U.S. Army
km5315 dollar gold (2012) star-spangled banner
km2110 dollar gold (1795-1797) Liberty Cap Small Eagle
km3010 dollar gold (1797-1804) Liberty Cap Heraldic Eagle
km66.110 dollar gold (1838-1839) Coronet Head, Old-style
km66.210 dollar gold (1839-1866) Coronet Head, New-style
km10210 dollar gold (1866-1907) Coronet Head, New-style w/ motto
km12510 dollar gold (1907-1908) Indian Head, no motto
km13010 dollar gold (1908-1933) Indian Head, w/ motto
km21110 dollar gold (1984) Olympics
km28310 dollar platinum (1997-2008) Eagle flying right over sunrise
km74.120 dollar gold (1850-1861) Liberty. Coronet head
km9320 dollar gold (1861) Liberty. Coronet head Paquet design
kmA74.120 dollar gold (1862-1866) Liberty km74.1 resumed
km74.220 dollar gold (1866-1876) Liberty. Coronet head w/ motto "Twenty D."
km74.320 dollar gold (1877-1907) Liberty. Coronet head "Twenty Dollars"
km12620 dollar gold (1907) Saint-Gaudens, Roman numerals in date, no motto
km12720 dollar gold (1907-1908) Saint-Gaudens, Arabic numerals in date, no motto
km13120 dollar gold (1908-1933) Saint-Gaudens, motto added
km21950 dollar (1986--) One Oz. Gold Eagle

Los Coyotes Indians

new1 Cent (2011) Turkey
new5 Cents (2011) Rattlesnake
new1 Dime (2011) Bobcat
new1/4 Dollar (2011) Mule Deer
new1/2 Dollar (2011) Bear
new1 Dollar (2011) Eagle
new5 Dollars (2011) Cultural Heritage

Iipay Indians

new1 Cent (2012) Medicine Man
new5 Cents (2012) Basketry
new10 Cents (2012) Fire
new1/4 Dollar (2012) Ancestors
new1/2 Dollar (2012) Crafts
new1 Dollar (2012) Pellytaay Sage
new5 Dollars (2012) Rabbit


km1650 Som (2002) Shahrisabz town
km17100 Som (2004) 10 yrs State Currency
km31100 Som (2009) Tashkent Archway
km32100 Som (2009) Tashkent Monument


km850 Vatu (1983--) FAO
km1050 Vatu (1988) Olympic Boxing
km1350 Vatu (1992) Earth Pigeons
km1450 Vatu (1992) Olympic Canoers
km9100 Vatu (1988--) sprouting coconuts


km64.2100 Lire (1960-1962) Regnal year under bust
km3411 Euro cent (2002-2005) John Paul II
km3651 Euro cent (2005) Sede Vacante
km3751 Euro cent (2006--) Pope Benedict XVI
km3422 Euro cents (2002-2005) John Paul II
km3662 Euro cents (2005) Sede Vacante
km3762 Euro cents (2006--) Pope Benedict XVI
km3435 Euro cents (2002-2005) John Paul II
km3675 Euro cents (2005) Sede Vacante
km3775 Euro cents (2006--) Pope Benedict XVI
km34410 Euro cents (2002-2005) John Paul II
km36810 Euro cents (2005) Sede Vacante
km37810 Euro cents (2006-2007) Pope Benedict XVI
km38510 Euro cents (2008-2013) Relief map of Europe
km34520 Euro cents (2002-2005) John Paul II
km36920 Euro cents (2005) Sede Vacante
km37920 Euro cents (2006-2007) Pope Benedict XVI
km38620 Euro cents (2008-2013) Relief map of Europe
km34650 Euro cents (2002-2005) John Paul II
km37050 Euro cents (2005) Sede Vacante
km38050 Euro cents (2006-2007) Pope Benedict XVI
km38750 Euro cents (2008-2013) Relief map of Europe
km3471 Euro (2002-2005) John Paul II
km3711 Euro (2005) Sede Vacante
km3811 Euro (2006-2007) Pope Benedict XVI
km3881 Euro (2008-2013) Relief map of Europe
km3482 Euro (2002-2005) John Paul II
km3582 Euro (2004) 75 yrs. City State
km3722 Euro (2005) Sede Vacante
km3742 Euro (2005) World Youth Day
km3942 Euro (2006) Swiss Guard
km3822 Euro (2006-2007) Pope Benedict XVI
km3892 Euro (2008-2013) Relief map of Europe
km3992 Euro (2007) Pope Benedict VI 80th Birthday
km4042 Euro (2008) St. Paul on rearing horse
km4102 Euro (2009) Year of Astronomy
km4202 Euro (2010) Year of the Priest
km4262 Euro (2011) 26th World Youth Day in Madrid
km4352 Euro (2012) 7th World Meeting of Families In Milan
new2 Euro (2013) Sede Vacante
new2 Euro (2013) 28th Youth Day, Rio de Janerio
km3495 Euro (2002) A Plan of Peace
km3545 Euro (2003) Year of the Rosary
km35510 Euro (2003) 25 yrs. Pope Paul II


y10050 Centimos (2010) 70 yrs. Central Bank
y4510 Bolivares (1973) 100 yrs. Liberator on coins
y4625 Bolivares (1975) Jaguar
y4750 Bolivares (1975) Giant Armadillo
y5575 Bolivares (1980) 500 yrs. Death of Sucre
y56100 Bolivares (1980) 150 yrs. Death of Bolivar
y57100 Bolivares (1981) 200 yrs. birth of Andres Bello

Vietnam - North

km42 Dong (1946) Ho Chi Minh

Vietnam - South

km1310 Dong (1974) FAO
km1120 Dong (1968) FAO
km1450 Dong (1975) FAO


km3910 Dong (1991) Steam and sailship - Savannah
km4910 Dong (1996) Rice harvesting scene
km22100 Dong (1986) 100 yrs. of Automobile
km23100 Dong (1986) Calgary Olympics - Skier

West African States

km115000 Francs (1982) 20 yrs Monetary Union

Yemen Mutawakkilite Kingdom

y121/40 Riyal (AH1369-1380) 1 Buqsha

Yemen Arab Republic

y22 Riyals (1969) Apollo 11
y431 Fils (1978) FAO
y385 Fils (1974) FAO
y3910 Fils (1974) FAO
y4025 Fils (1974) FAO
y4150 Fils (1974) FAO
y441 Riyal (1978) FAO


km2920 Riyals (2004) tree
km30500 Rials (2004) City Gate of San-a


km611 Dinar (1976) FAO
km552 Dinara (1970) FAO
km565 Dinara (1970) FAO
km605 Dinara (1975) Nazi Defeat 30 yrs
km1455 Dinara (1989) Chess Olympiad in Novi Sad
km6310 Dinara (1976) FAO
km9610 Dinara (1983) Battle of Neretva River
km97.110 Dinara (1983) Battle of Sutjeska River, with pathway in front of monument
km97.210 Dinara (1983) Battle of Sutjeska River, w/o pathway in front of monument
km16920 Novi Dinara (1996--) Nikola Telsa
km65100 Dinara (1978) Mediterranean Games in Split
km90100 Dinara (1982/1984) Ice Hockey-Sarajevo Winter Olympics
km98100 Dinara (1983/1984) Figure Skating-Sarajevo Winter Olympics
km99100 Dinara (1983/1984) Bobsledding-Sarajevo Winter Olympics
km105100 Dinara (1984) Speed Skating-Sarajevo Winter Olympics
km106100 Dinara (1984) Pairs Figure Skating-Sarajevo Winter Olympics
km115100 Dinara (1985) Liberation from Fascism 40 yrs
km127.1100 Dinara (1987) Vuk Karajich
km146100 Dinara (1990) Chess Olympiad in Novi Sad
km66150 Dinara (1978) Mediterranean Games in Split
km147150 Dinara (1990) Chess Olympiad in Novi Sad
km166150 Novih Dinara (1994) National Bank Centenial (gold)
km52200 Dinara (1968) 25 yrs of Republic (gold)
km64a200 Dinara (1977) Tito 85th Birthday (Proof)
km67200 Dinara (1978) Mediterranean Games in Split
km170200 Novih Dinara (1996) Nikola Tesla
km68250 Dinara (1978) Mediterranean Games in Split
km91250 Dinara (1982/1984) Sarajevo view-Sarajevo Winter Olympics
km100250 Dinara (1983/1984) Artifact-Sarajevo Winter Olympics
km101250 Dinara (1983/1984) Radimlja tombs-Sarajevo Winter Olympics
km107250 Dinara (1984) Jajce village-Sarajevo Winter Olympics
km108250 Dinara (1984) Tito-Sarajevo Winter Olympics
km69300 Dinara (1978) Mediterranean Games in Split
km171300 Novih Dinara (1996) Nikola Tesla
km70350 Dinara (1978) Mediterranean Games in Split
km71400 Dinara (1978) Mediterranean Games in Split
km53500 Dinara (1968) 25 yrs of Republic(gold)
km76500 Dinara (1980) Vukovar Congress 60 yrs
km80500 Dinara (1981) Table Tennis Championship in Novi Sad
km92500 Dinara (1982/1984) Downhill Skiing-Sarajevo Winter Olympics
km102500 Dinara (1983/1984) Ski Jumping-Sarajevo Winter Olympics
km103500 Dinara (1983/1984) Biathalon-Sarajevo Winter Olympics
km109500 Dinara (1984) Cross-country Skiing-Sarajevo Winter Olympics
km110500 Dinara (1984) Slalom Skiing-Sarajevo Winter Olympics
km116500 Dinara (1985) Ski Jumping Championship Planica
km175600 Novih Dinara (1998) Chilander Monastery 800 yrs (gold)
km541000 Dinara (1968) 25 yrs of Republic (gold)
km771000 Dinara (1980) Vukovar Congress 60 yrs
km781000 Dinara (1980) Death of Tito
km78a1000 Dinara (1980) Death of Tito
km811000 Dinara (1981) Table Tennis Championship in Novi Sad
km821000 Dinara (1981) Uprising and Revolution 40 yrs
km931000 Dinara (1982) Kayaking and canoeing Championship in Belgrade
km1171000 Dinara (1985) Bloudek, Ski Jumping Championship Planica
km1181000 Dinara (1985) Craddle, Ski Jumping Championship Planica
km1191000 Dinara (ND 1985) Traditional Game, Sinjska alka 270 yrs
km1481000 Dinara (1990) Chess Olympiad in Novi Sad (gold)
km1721000 Novih Dinara (1996) Nikola Tesla (gold)
km721500 Dinara (1978) Mediterranean Games in Split (gold)
km791500 Dinara (1980) Vukovar Congress 60 yrs
km831500 Dinara (1981) Table Tennis Championship in Novi Sad
km941500 Dinara (1982) Kayaking and canoeing Championship in Belgrade
km1761500 Novih Dinara (1998) Chilander Monastery 800 yrs (gold)
km732000 Dinara (1978) Mediterranean Games in Split (gold)
km1202000 Dinara (ND 1985) Traditional Game, Sinjska alka 270 yrs
km742500 Dinara (1978) Mediterranean Games in Split (gold)
km1213000 Dinara (ND 1985) Traditional Game, Sinjska alka 270 yrs
km1283000 Dinara (1987) Vuk Karajich
km1773000 Novih Dinara (1998) Chilander Monastery 800 yrs (gold)
km755000 Dinara (1978) Mediterranean Games in Split (gold)
km955000 Dinara (1982/1984) Emblem-Sarajevo Winter Olympics (gold)
km1045000 Dinara (1982/1984) Tito-Sarajevo Winter Olympics (gold)
km1115000 Dinara (1982/1984) Olympic Tourch-Sarajevo Winter Olympics (gold)
km1225000 Dinara (1985) Liberation from Fascism 40 yrs
km1295000 Dinara (1987) Vuk Karajich
km1355000 Dinara (1989) Non-aligned Summit in Belgrade
km1786000 Novih Dinara (1998,1999) Chilander Monastery 800 yrs (gold)
km12310,000 Dinara (ND 1985) Traditional Game, Sinjska alka 270 yrs (gold)
km12410,000 Dinara (1985) Ski Jumping Championship Planica (gold)
km12520,000 Dinara (ND 1985) Traditional Game, Sinjska alka 270 yrs (gold)
km12640,000 Dinara (ND 1985) Traditional Game, Sinjska alka 270 yrs (gold)
km13050,000 Dinara (1987) Vuk Karajich (gold)
km13650,000 Dinara (1989) Non-aligned Summit in Belgrade
km137100,000 Dinara (1989) Non-aligned Summit in Belgrade
km1382,000,000 Dinara (1989) Non-aligned Summit in Belgrade (gold)
km121 Dukat (1931-1934) Trade coinage (gold)
km131 Dukat (1931) Trade coin larger letters, smaller head and coat of arms (gold)
km144 Dukata (1931-1933) Trade coinage (gold)


km92.5 Zaires (1975) Mountain Gorillas
km105 Zaires (1975) Okapi
km20500 New Zaires (1996) Leopard
km21500 New Zaires (1996) Gorilla
km22500 New Zaires (1996) Two Okapi
km231000 New Zaires (1997) Hippopotamus
km241000 New Zaires (1997) History of Seafaring


km32 Shillings (1964) Reedbuck
km45 Shillings (1965) President Kaunda
km10a2 Ngwee (1982-1983) Martial Eagle
km2055 Ngwee (2012) Zambezi Indigobird
km20610 Ngwee (2012) Antilope head
km2220 Ngwee (1981) FAO
km2320 Ngwee (1985) Bank of Zambia
km1450 Ngwee (1969) FAO
km1550 Ngwee (1972) FAO
km2450 Ngwee (1985) United Nations
km20850 Ngwee (2012) Elephant head
km2091 Kwacha (2012) Zambian Barbet (bird)
km2110 Kwacha (1980) Year of the Child
km11910 Kwacha (2000) UNICEF
km50100 Kwacha (1997) Bull Elephant
km1301000 Kwacha (1999) 200 Euro note
km741000 Kwacha (2000-2004) Dated calendar
km1134000 Kwacha (2001) Two dolphins


km135 Dollars (2001-2003) Rhinoceros
km1410 Dollars (2003) Water Buffalo
km1525 Dollars (2003) Military Monument