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69937Great Britain1911km8101 Penny (1911-1926) (2 available)$3.50A
104603Great Britain1911km8101 Penny (1911-1926) $6.50A
72265Great Britain1912-Hkm8101 Penny (1911-1926) $1.25A
51362Great Britain1912km8101 Penny (1911-1926) $0.25A
69943Great Britain1912km8101 Penny (1911-1926) $0.50A
96554Great Britain1912km8101 Penny (1911-1926) $1.25A
69942Great Britain1912km8101 Penny (1911-1926) $2.50A
69940Great Britain1912km8101 Penny (1911-1926) (3 available)$4.75A
51364Great Britain1913km8101 Penny (1911-1926) $0.25A
49530Great Britain1913km8101 Penny (1911-1926) (2 available)$0.50A
69946Great Britain1913km8101 Penny (1911-1926) $1.25A
69947Great Britain1913km8101 Penny (1911-1926) $3.50A
72266Great Britain1913km8101 Penny (1911-1926) $4.50A
69944Great Britain1913km8101 Penny (1911-1926) $5.50A
47265Great Britain1916km8101 Penny (1911-1926) (5 available)$0.25A
69956Great Britain1916km8101 Penny (1911-1926) $0.50A
69950Great Britain1916km8101 Penny (1911-1926) (5 available)$5.25A
69954Great Britain1916km8101 Penny (1911-1926) (2 available)$5.50A
69955Great Britain1916km8101 Penny (1911-1926) $7.50A
32045Great Britain1917km8101 Penny (1911-1926) (6 available)$0.25A
69958Great Britain1917km8101 Penny (1911-1926) (2 available)$0.50A
96551Great Britain1917km8101 Penny (1911-1926) (3 available)$1.00A
69960Great Britain1917km8101 Penny (1911-1926) (3 available)$5.25A
72269Great Britain1917km8101 Penny (1911-1926) $5.50A
104604Great Britain1917km8101 Penny (1911-1926) $6.75A
51372Great Britain1918km8101 Penny (1911-1926) (5 available)$0.25A
69968Great Britain1918km8101 Penny (1911-1926) (3 available)$0.50A
49533Great Britain1918km8101 Penny (1911-1926) $0.75A
69965Great Britain1918km8101 Penny (1911-1926) $1.75A
69963Great Britain1918km8101 Penny (1911-1926) (3 available)$2.75A
72270Great Britain1918km8101 Penny (1911-1926) $4.00A
104605Great Britain1918km8101 Penny (1911-1926) $6.75A
49534Great Britain1919km8101 Penny (1911-1926) (5 available)$0.25A
69978Great Britain1919km8101 Penny (1911-1926) (2 available)$0.50A
104606Great Britain1919km8101 Penny (1911-1926) $2.25A
69971Great Britain1919km8101 Penny (1911-1926) (4 available)$2.75A
69972Great Britain1919km8101 Penny (1911-1926) (3 available)$4.50A
69970Great Britain1919km8101 Penny (1911-1926) $5.25A
72271Great Britain1919km8101 Penny (1911-1926) $5.50A
49532Great Britain1920km8101 Penny (1911-1926) (8 available)$0.25A
69980Great Britain1920km8101 Penny (1911-1926) (4 available)$0.50A
69984Great Britain1920km8101 Penny (1911-1926) $3.50A
72272Great Britain1920km8101 Penny (1911-1926) $5.00A
49531Great Britain1921km8101 Penny (1911-1926) (4 available)$0.25A
69988Great Britain1921km8101 Penny (1911-1926) (3 available)$0.50A
96549Great Britain1921km8101 Penny (1911-1926) $1.00A
69987Great Britain1921km8101 Penny (1911-1926) (2 available)$2.75A
69986Great Britain1921km8101 Penny (1911-1926) $3.25A
69985Great Britain1921km8101 Penny (1911-1926) (3 available)$4.50A
104609Great Britain1921km8101 Penny (1911-1926) $6.75A
69991Great Britain1922km8101 Penny (1911-1926) $4.00A
72274Great Britain1922km8101 Penny (1911-1926) $6.75A
69993Great Britain1922km8101 Penny (1911-1926) $7.25A

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