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80581Great Britain1874km7531 Farthing (1874-1895) $6.00A
72189Great Britain1875-Hkm7531 Farthing (1874-1895) $4.50A
96597Great Britain1878km7531 Farthing (1874-1895) $10.00A
72191Great Britain1878km7531 Farthing (1874-1895) $11.00A
69766Great Britain1878km7531 Farthing (1874-1895) (2 available)$14.00A
72190Great Britain1878km7531 Farthing (1874-1895) $23.00A
72192Great Britain1879km7531 Farthing (1874-1895) $11.00A
69768Great Britain1879km7531 Farthing (1874-1895) $15.00A
69769Great Britain1881-Hkm7531 Farthing (1874-1895) $1.80A
72193Great Britain1881-Hkm7531 Farthing (1874-1895) $17.00A
72198Great Britain1882-Hkm7531 Farthing (1874-1895) $15.00A
69771Great Britain1884km7531 Farthing (1874-1895) $12.00A
69770Great Britain1884km7531 Farthing (1874-1895) $23.00A
72199Great Britain1884km7531 Farthing (1874-1895) $9.00A
69774Great Britain1885km7531 Farthing (1874-1895) $11.00A
69772Great Britain1885km7531 Farthing (1874-1895) $12.00A
69775Great Britain1885km7531 Farthing (1874-1895) $22.00A
69773Great Britain1885km7531 Farthing (1874-1895) $7.00A
72200Great Britain1885km7531 Farthing (1874-1895) (2 available)$9.00A
69776Great Britain1886km7531 Farthing (1874-1895) (4 available)$12.00A
80582Great Britain1886km7531 Farthing (1874-1895) $3.60A
72202Great Britain1886km7531 Farthing (1874-1895) $9.00A
72203Great Britain1887km7531 Farthing (1874-1895) $13.00A
72204Great Britain1888km7531 Farthing (1874-1895) $22.00A
72205Great Britain1890km7531 Farthing (1874-1895) $11.00A
69780Great Britain1890km7531 Farthing (1874-1895) $14.00A
69781Great Britain1890km7531 Farthing (1874-1895) $4.20A
69782Great Britain1891km7531 Farthing (1874-1895) $12.00A
69783Great Britain1891km7531 Farthing (1874-1895) $3.60A
72206Great Britain1891km7531 Farthing (1874-1895) $9.00A
72207Great Britain1893km7531 Farthing (1874-1895) $10.00A
69784Great Britain1893km7531 Farthing (1874-1895) $7.00A
72208Great Britain1894km7531 Farthing (1874-1895) $10.00A
69785Great Britain1894km7531 Farthing (1874-1895) $4.20A

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