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80638German Empire1876-Akm101 Pfennig (1890-1916) $2.00A
69038German Empire1890-Akm101 Pfennig (1890-1916) $0.25A
69040German Empire1890-Akm101 Pfennig (1890-1916) $2.50A
80639German Empire1890-Akm101 Pfennig (1890-1916) $2.75A
69039German Empire1890-Akm101 Pfennig (1890-1916) $3.25A
93857German Empire1890-Dkm101 Pfennig (1890-1916) $1.25A
72122German Empire1890-Ekm101 Pfennig (1890-1916) $2.00A
72123German Empire1890-Fkm101 Pfennig (1890-1916) $1.00A
69041German Empire1890-Fkm101 Pfennig (1890-1916) $2.00A
69043German Empire1890-Fkm101 Pfennig (1890-1916) $2.50A
72126German Empire1891-Akm101 Pfennig (1890-1916) $1.00A
72125German Empire1891-Akm101 Pfennig (1890-1916) $2.00A
68936German Empire1891-Dkm101 Pfennig (1890-1916) $2.75A
68932German Empire1891-Jkm101 Pfennig (1890-1916) $8.75A
69045German Empire1892-Akm101 Pfennig (1890-1916) (2 available)$1.25A
69046German Empire1892-Akm101 Pfennig (1890-1916) $2.00A
72127German Empire1892-Akm101 Pfennig (1890-1916) $2.25A
72128German Empire1892-Dkm101 Pfennig (1890-1916) $2.00A
72129German Empire1892-Jkm101 Pfennig (1890-1916) $2.50A
69048German Empire1892-Jkm101 Pfennig (1890-1916) $3.25A
80640German Empire1893-Akm101 Pfennig (1890-1916) $2.50A
93859German Empire1893-Dkm101 Pfennig (1890-1916) $0.75A
72130German Empire1893-Dkm101 Pfennig (1890-1916) $3.50A
93860German Empire1894-Akm101 Pfennig (1890-1916) $1.25A
72131German Empire1894-Akm101 Pfennig (1890-1916) $1.50A
69050German Empire1894-Akm101 Pfennig (1890-1916) $2.50A
72132German Empire1895-Akm101 Pfennig (1890-1916) (2 available)$1.25A
69052German Empire1895-Akm101 Pfennig (1890-1916) $1.75A
69053German Empire1895-Akm101 Pfennig (1890-1916) $2.50A
68933German Empire1895-Dkm101 Pfennig (1890-1916) $5.50A
68937German Empire1895-Ekm101 Pfennig (1890-1916) $5.25A
68935German Empire1895-Gkm101 Pfennig (1890-1916) (2 available)$3.50A
72134German Empire1895-Jkm101 Pfennig (1890-1916) $1.50A
72135German Empire1896-Fkm101 Pfennig (1890-1916) $1.50A
72136German Empire1897-Akm101 Pfennig (1890-1916) $1.50A
93862German Empire1897-Jkm101 Pfennig (1890-1916) $2.00A
72137German Empire1897-Jkm101 Pfennig (1890-1916) $2.50A
93863German Empire1898-Akm101 Pfennig (1890-1916) $0.25A
68934German Empire1898-Gkm101 Pfennig (1890-1916) $6.00A
80641German Empire1899-Akm101 Pfennig (1890-1916) (2 available)$1.25A
69059German Empire1899-Fkm101 Pfennig (1890-1916) $4.75A
69064German Empire1900-Akm101 Pfennig (1890-1916) $0.50A
93865German Empire1900-Akm101 Pfennig (1890-1916) $1.25A
69057German Empire1900-Akm101 Pfennig (1890-1916) $2.50A
72140German Empire1900-Jkm101 Pfennig (1890-1916) $2.00A
69058German Empire1900-Jkm101 Pfennig (1890-1916) $2.75A
93866German Empire1901-Akm101 Pfennig (1890-1916) $0.25A
93868German Empire1903-Akm101 Pfennig (1890-1916) $0.25A
69073German Empire1906-Akm101 Pfennig (1890-1916) (2 available)$2.50A
69076German Empire1906-Fkm101 Pfennig (1890-1916) $1.25A
93870German Empire1906-Gkm101 Pfennig (1890-1916) $2.50A
69080German Empire1907-Akm101 Pfennig (1890-1916) (2 available)$1.75A
69083German Empire1907-Dkm101 Pfennig (1890-1916) $1.50A
69079German Empire1907-Dkm101 Pfennig (1890-1916) $2.75A
93873German Empire1909-Akm101 Pfennig (1890-1916) $0.75A
69088German Empire1909-Akm101 Pfennig (1890-1916) $2.50A
69091German Empire1910-Dkm101 Pfennig (1890-1916) $2.50A
69099German Empire1912-Akm101 Pfennig (1890-1916) $1.25A

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