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77191France1974km94010 Francs (1974-1987) $0.70A
68923France1975km94010 Francs (1974-1987) (2 available)$0.45A
77192France1975km94010 Francs (1974-1987) $0.50A
68926France1975km94010 Francs (1974-1987) (2 available)$1.50A
66720France1976km94010 Francs (1974-1987) (6 available)$0.25A
68918France1976km94010 Francs (1974-1987) (4 available)$0.45A
51570France1976km94010 Francs (1974-1987) $0.50A
77194France1976km94010 Francs (1974-1987) (2 available)$0.70A
77193France1976km94010 Francs (1974-1987) $0.80A
51571France1976km94010 Francs (1974-1987) (2 available)$1.00A
68925France1976km94010 Francs (1974-1987) $1.05A
68921France1976km94010 Francs (1974-1987) $1.50A
66724France1977km94010 Francs (1974-1987) (3 available)$0.25A
68917France1977km94010 Francs (1974-1987) $0.45A
68916France1977km94010 Francs (1974-1987) $1.05A
66726France1978km94010 Francs (1974-1987) (4 available)$0.25A
68914France1978km94010 Francs (1974-1987) $0.45A
56419France1978km94010 Francs (1974-1987) $0.50A
77199France1978km94010 Francs (1974-1987) $0.70A
77197France1978km94010 Francs (1974-1987) (2 available)$0.80A
68915France1978km94010 Francs (1974-1987) $1.05A
71848France1978km94010 Francs (1974-1987) $2.00B
66729France1979km94010 Francs (1974-1987) (9 available)$0.25A
68912France1979km94010 Francs (1974-1987) $0.45A
77200France1979km94010 Francs (1974-1987) $0.70A
68911France1979km94010 Francs (1974-1987) $1.05A
68913France1979km94010 Francs (1974-1987) $1.50A
84838France1980km94010 Francs (1974-1987) (2 available)$0.25A
77202France1980km94010 Francs (1974-1987) $0.50A
77201France1980km94010 Francs (1974-1987) $0.80A
68910France1980km94010 Francs (1974-1987) $1.05A
68908France1984km94010 Francs (1974-1987) (2 available)$1.05A
77203France1987km94010 Francs (1974-1987) $0.80A

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