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72115France1920km8755 Centimes (1920-1938) $14.40A
76834France1921km8755 Centimes (1920-1938) (4 available)$0.70A
68831France1921km8755 Centimes (1920-1938) $1.35A
76838France1922km8755 Centimes (1920-1938) $0.70A
68830France1922km8755 Centimes (1920-1938) $1.05A
76839France1922km8755 Centimes (1920-1938) $2.00A
76840France1923km8755 Centimes (1920-1938) $0.80A
76841France1923km8755 Centimes (1920-1938) $0.90A
68828France1923km8755 Centimes (1920-1938) $1.20A
68829France1923km8755 Centimes (1920-1938) $1.35A
76842France1924km8755 Centimes (1920-1938) $0.80A
65148France1925km8755 Centimes (1920-1938) $2.00A
65145France1926km8755 Centimes (1920-1938) (2 available)$1.20A
65149France1926km8755 Centimes (1920-1938) $1.60A
72114France1927km8755 Centimes (1920-1938) $12.00A
76843France1927km8755 Centimes (1920-1938) $3.40A
73610France1933km8755 Centimes (1920-1938) (4 available)$1.40A
76844France1933km8755 Centimes (1920-1938) $1.60A
76845France1934km8755 Centimes (1920-1938) $0.80A
76846France1934km8755 Centimes (1920-1938) $1.40A
76847France1935km8755 Centimes (1920-1938) $0.70A
68822France1935km8755 Centimes (1920-1938) $1.35A
68826France1936km8755 Centimes (1920-1938) $1.35A
68825France1937km8755 Centimes (1920-1938) $1.35A
68818France1938km8755 Centimes (1920-1938) (4 available)$1.35A

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