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76655Denmark1961km851.11 Krone (1960-1971) (3 available)$0.25A
71707Denmark1962km851.11 Krone (1960-1971) (6 available)$0.25A
76661Denmark1962km851.11 Krone (1960-1971) (2 available)$1.25A
76670Denmark1963km851.11 Krone (1960-1971) (4 available)$0.25A
71708Denmark1963km851.11 Krone (1960-1971) (2 available)$0.75A
76665Denmark1963km851.11 Krone (1960-1971) (6 available)$1.00A
104195Denmark1963km851.11 Krone (1960-1971) $2.50A
107438Denmark1963km851.11 Krone (1960-1971) (3 available)$3.00A
76673Denmark1964km851.11 Krone (1960-1971) $0.25A
71711Denmark1964km851.11 Krone (1960-1971) $0.75A
76674Denmark1964km851.11 Krone (1960-1971) $1.00A
107436Denmark1964km851.11 Krone (1960-1971) (2 available)$3.00A
76675Denmark1965km851.11 Krone (1960-1971) $0.25A
71712Denmark1965km851.11 Krone (1960-1971) $0.75A
76702Denmark1965km851.11 Krone (1960-1971) $1.00A
107435Denmark1965km851.11 Krone (1960-1971) $2.50A
71713Denmark1966km851.11 Krone (1960-1971) (2 available)$0.50A
107434Denmark1966km851.11 Krone (1960-1971) $2.50A
71735Denmark1967km851.11 Krone (1960-1971) (2 available)$0.25A
76706Denmark1967km851.11 Krone (1960-1971) $0.50A
76707Denmark1967km851.11 Krone (1960-1971) $1.00A
106574Denmark1968km851.11 Krone (1960-1971) $6.50A

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