Rare (or Large Silver) Coins For Sale
Photos show the exact coins you will receive.

Simply Email Me a list of the item numbers you would like to buy,
along with your name and home country.

Please do NOT include each item's country name or cat-ID in your list.
Item numbers are unique. They do not repeat by country.

I will reply with a list of the coins reserved for you, along with total cost.

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104427Australia1920km231 Penny (1911-1936)$99.00
101549Australia1924km256 Pence (1911-1936)$60.00
101150Austrian Netherlands1786km321 Kronenthaler (1781-1790)$175.00
100895Canada1919km2425 Cents (1912-1919)$50.00
101519Canada1911km1950 Cents (1911)$75.00
101518Canada1916km2550 Cents (1912-1919)$90.00
101515Canada1919km2550 Cents (1912-1919)$75.00
88540Canada1976km86.110 Dollars (1973) World map$50.60
88520Canada1976km86.110 Dollars (1973) World map$50.60
88530Canada1976km8710 Dollars (1973) Montreal skyline$50.60
88527Canada1976km8710 Dollars (1973) Montreal skyline$50.60
88528Canada1976km9310 Dollars (1974) Head of Zeus$50.60
88526Canada1976km9410 Dollars (1974) Temple of Zeus$50.60
88539Canada1976km9510 Dollars (1974) Cycling$50.60
88531Canada1976km9510 Dollars (1974) Cycling$50.60
88536Canada1976km9610 Dollars (1974) Lacrosse$50.60
88525Canada1976km9610 Dollars (1974) Lacrosse$50.60
88534Canada1976km10210 Dollars (1975) Mens hurdles$50.60
88517Canada1976km10210 Dollars (1975) Mens hurdles$50.60
88532Canada1976km10310 Dollars (1975) Womens shot put$50.60
88522Canada1976km10310 Dollars (1975) Womens shot put$50.60
88519Canada1976km10410 Dollars (1975) Sailing$50.60
88529Canada1976km10410 Dollars (1975) Sailing$50.60
88521Canada1976km10510 Dollars (1975) Canoeing$50.60
88537Canada1976km10510 Dollars (1975) Canoeing$50.60
88518Canada1976km11110 Dollars (1976) Football$50.60
88533Canada1976km11110 Dollars (1976) Football$50.60
88515Canada1976km11210 Dollars (1976) Field hockey$50.60
88538Canada1976km11210 Dollars (1976) Field hockey$50.60
88516Canada1976km11310 Dollars (1976) Olympic Stadium$50.60
88524Canada1976km11310 Dollars (1976) Olympic Stadium$50.60
88535Canada1976km11410 Dollars (1976) Olympic Velodrome$50.60
88523Canada1976km11410 Dollars (1976) Olympic Velodrome$50.60
100921Denmark1805km660.12 Skilling (1801,1805)$47.50
101342Denmark1851vskm7431 Rigsbankdaler (1849-1851)$75.00
101154France1728-BBkm4841/2 Ecu (1726-1740)$50.00
101155France1796-Dkm6371 Decime (1795-1797)$80.00
101521German Federal Republic1963km1125 Mark (1951-1974)$60.00
67015Great Britain1853km7251 Farthing (1838-1864)$72.00
101149Great Britain1900kmT51 Dollar (1895-1935) Trade Dollar$225.00
101162Italy - Naples1794km21460 Grana (1792-1794)$200.00
67008Italy1937km595 Centesimi (1919-1937)$64.00
67003Italy1928km621 Lira (1922-1935)$58.00
104042Netherland Antilles1973 proofkm1425 Gulden (1973) 25th anniversary of reign$50.00
67013Portugal1929km5781 Escudo (1927-1968)$49.00
96246Spain1893km7005 Pesetas (1892-1894) Alfonso XIII$50.00
89090TurkeyAH1327 yr7km7675 Para (AH1327) yr7$72.00

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