Rare (or Large Silver) Coins For Sale
Photos show the exact coins you will receive.

Simply Email Me a list of the item numbers you would like to buy,
along with your name and home country.

Please do NOT include each item's country name or cat-ID in your list.
Item numbers are unique. They do not repeat by country.

I will reply with a list of the coins reserved for you, along with total cost.

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89779Austria1886km22221 Florin (1872-1892)$58.00
90109Austria1980km2949500 Schillings (1980) Maria Theresa$50.00
88085British North Borneo1891km11/2 Cent (1885-1907)$50.00
71670Denmark1890km794.15 Ore (1874-1891)$67.00
92395El Salvador1914km12510 Centavos (1914)$50.00
93712German State of Baden1864km2401 Thaler (Vereins) (1857-1865)$70.00
93659German State of Prussia1866km4971 Thaler (1866)$75.00
68938German Weimar Republic1930-Ekm371 Reichspfennig (1924-1936)$46.00
90092Gibraltar1997km5731 Crown (1997) Mausoleum at Halicarnassus$100.00
67015Great Britain1853km7251 Farthing (1838-1864)$72.00
92200Great Britain1917km8111 Penny (1911-1920) silver$50.00
90686Great Britain1826km6951/2 Crown (1824-1829)$50.00
90707Great Britain1897km7831 Crown (1893-1900)$50.00
90705Great Britain1898km7831 Crown (1893-1900)$60.00
91313Haiti1816km1225 Centimes (1813-1816)$48.00
92951Hungary1786km3991/2 Thaler (1785-1790)$100.00
91667India - British1840km458.11 Rupee (1840)$53.00
87735Isle of Man1811Tn101 Penny (1811)$50.00
95766Isle of Man1830Tn181 Penny (1830)$55.00
93376Isle of Man1992km33550 Pence (1992) Christmas$125.00
93377Isle of Man1994km42550 Pence (1994) Christmas$125.00
93375Isle of Man1995km52150 Pence (1995) Christmas$150.00
95681Isle of Man1997km79450 Pence (1997) Christmas$55.00
95593Italy - Tuscany1842c721 Fiorino (1826-1858)$88.00
67008Italy1937km595 Centesimi (1919-1937)$64.00
67003Italy1928km621 Lira (1922-1935)$58.00
88825Korea1895km11091/4 Yang (yr 501,504)$125.00
92671Mexican Republic1893km377.18 Reales (1825-1897)$50.00
92458Order of Malta1786km30010 Grani (1776,1786)$50.00
92226Portugal1874km5173 Reis (1868-1875)$55.00
91691Portugal1916km56150 Centavos (1912-1916)$50.00
67013Portugal1929km5781 Escudo (1927-1968)$49.00
92694Russia1783C62c15 Kopeks (1783-1794) silver$75.00
90902Russia1924y90.11 Rouble (1924) Youth and Peasant$65.00
96246Spain1893km7005 Pesetas (1892-1894) Alfonso XIII$50.00
92952Straits Settlements1903km251 Dollar (1903-1904)$125.00
95649Swiss Canton of Geneva1844km1301 Centime (1840-1846)$75.00
89090TurkeyAH1327 yr7km7675 Para (AH1327) yr7$96.00
91094USA1926km160half dollar (1926) Sesquicentennial of American Independence$50.00

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