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Coin Types from Gabon

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French Equatorial African Territory

 C   S  W   C=Collection  S=Spare for Trade  W=Wantlist
$ Tn1 Non-denominated (1926) Elephant
$ Tn2 Non-denominated (1926) Leopard Image from Vladimir Startsev
   Tn3 Non-denominated (1926) Ox
   Tn4 Non-denominated (1926) Pelican
   Tn5 Non-denominated (1926) Rhinoceros


 C   S  W   C=Collection  S=Spare for Trade  W=Wantlist
$ km12 100 Francs (1971-1972) Image from Buddy Kyler
$ km13 100 Francs (1975-1985)
$ km14 500 Francs (1985) Image from Vladimir Startsev
$ km16 1500 CFA Francs (2005) Throwing knife
$ km16a 1500 CFA Francs (2005) silver
$ km15 4500 CFA Francs (2005) Oil drop on map
$ km15a 4500 CFA Francs (2005) silver center in gold-plated ring
$ km15b 4500 CFA Francs (2005) silver
$ km17 4500 CFA Francs (2007) Pope John Paul II
$ km17a 4500 CFA Francs (2007) silver center in gold-plated ring
$ km17b 4500 CFA Francs (2007) silver ASW=0.3854
$ Other types not yet listed here

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