U.S.A. Early Commemorative Half Dollars 1892-1954

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$ km148 half dollar (1921) Alabama Centennial ASW=0.3617 Contributed Image
$ km173 half dollar (1936) Albany, New York Charter ASW=0.3617
$ km168 half dollar (1935-1939) Arkansas Centennial ASW=0.3617
$ km190 half dollar (1937) Battle of Antietam ASW=0.3617
$ km181 half dollar (1936) Battle of Gettysburg ASW=0.3617
$ km174 half dollar (1936) Bay Bridge San Francisco-Oakland ASW=0.3617
$ km198 half dollar (1946-1951) Booker T. Washington Memorial ASW=0.3617 For Sale Here
$ km175 half dollar (1936) Bridgeport, Connecticut Centennial ASW=0.3617
$ km155 half dollar (1925) California Diamond Jubilee ASW=0.3617
$ km200 half dollar (1951-1954) Carver-Washington ASW=0.3617 For Sale Here
$ km176 half dollar (1936) Cincinnati Music Center ASW=0.3617
$ km177 half dollar (1936) Cleveland Great Lakes Exposition ASW=0.3617
$ km178 half dollar (1936) Columbia, South Carolina Sesquicentennial ASW=0.3617
$ km117 half dollar (1892,1893) Columbian Exposition ASW=0.3617
$ km169 half dollar (1935) Connecticut Tercentenary ASW=0.3617
$ km165 half dollar (1934-1938) Daniel Boone Bicentennial ASW=0.3617
$ km179 half dollar (1936) Delaware Tercentenary ASW=0.3617
$ km180 half dollar (1936) Elgin, Illinois Centennial ASW=0.3617
$ km158 half dollar (1925) Fort Vancouver Centennial ASW=0.3617
$ km151 half dollar (1922) Grant Memorial ASW=0.3617
$ km163 half dollar (1928) Hawaiian Sesquicentennial ASW=0.3617
$ km170 half dollar (1935) Hudson, New York Sesquicentennial ASW=0.3617
$ km154 half dollar (1924) Huguenot-Walloon Tercentenary ASW=0.3618
$ km143 half dollar (1918) Illinois Centennial ASW=0.3617
$ km197 half dollar (1946) Iowa Centennial ASW=0.3617
$ km156 half dollar (1925) Lexington-Concord Sesquicentennial ASW=0.3618
$ km182 half dollar (1936) Long Island Tercentenary ASW=0.3617
$ km183 half dollar (1936) Lynchburg, Virginia Sesquicentennial ASW=0.3617
$ km146 half dollar (1920) Maine Centennial ASW=0.3617
$ km166 half dollar (1934) Maryland Tercentenary ASW=0.3617
$ km149 half dollar (1921) Missouri Centennial ASW=0.3617
$ km153 half dollar (1923) Monroe Doctrine Centennial ASW=0.3617
$ km191 half dollar (1938) New Rochelle, New York ASW=0.3617
$ km184 half dollar (1936) Norfolk, Virginia Bicentennial ASW=0.3617
$ km172 half dollar (1935) Old Spanish Trail ASW=0.3617
$ km159 half dollar (1926-1939) Oregon Trail Memorial ASW=0.3617
$ km135 half dollar (1915) Panama-Pacific Exposition ASW=0.3617
$ km147 half dollar (1920-1921) Pilgrim Tercentenary ASW=0.3617
$ km185 half dollar (1936) Rhode Island Tercentenary Providence ASW=0.3617
$ km186 half dollar (1937) Roanoke Island, North Carolina ASW=0.3617
$ km187 half dollar (1936) Robinson-Arkansas Centennial ASW=0.3617
$ km171 half dollar (1935-1936) San Diego-California-Pacific Exposition ASW=0.3617
$ km160 half dollar (1926) Sesquicentennial of American Independence ASW=0.3617 For Sale Here
$ km157 half dollar (1925) Stone Mountain Memorial ASW=0.3617
$ km167 half dollar (1934-1938) Texas Centennial ASW=0.3617
$ km162 half dollar (1927) Vermont Sesquicentennial ASW=0.3617
$ km188 half dollar (1936) Wisconsin Territorial Centennial ASW=0.3617
$ km189 half dollar (1936) York County, Maine Tercentenary ASW=0.3617

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This is my collection of world coins. Here you will find foreign coin photos, coin values and other information useful for coin collecting. Some coins came from the coin mint, some came from coin dealers, some came from coin auction. Some are stored in coin folders, others are stored using other coin supplies. Many of these coins are silver coins and a few are gold coins. This information is useful for coin collecting software and cataloging coin types and coin values in U.S. dollars.