WorldCoinGallery Store introduces FREE shipping for coins world-wide!
with FREE tracking within the U.S.


Purchase Risk Free! If your coins are not delivered within the U.S.,
I will refund your payment. No questions asked.


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Free shipping requirements:

1.) Your coin order totals at least ten U.S. dollars
2.) Average coin price in your order is at least one U.S. dollar
3.) Average coin weight in your order is no more than 6 grams
4.) Payment from within the U.S. is made by cash, check or money order
5.) International payment is made by any accepted currency
     (U.S. dollars, Canadian dollars, British pounds, Euros and more)

Simply send me a personal greeting card with payment enclosed.
For international orders and small domestic orders,
I'll send your coins in a series of well-packed letters which do not require Customs forms.
Any over-payment will be applied to your next order.