Coin Types from Al-Fujairah
(one of the seven emirates that make up the United Arab Emirates)

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$ km2 2 Riyals (1970) Richard Nixon ASW=0.1929 Image from Vladimir Startsev
$ km3 5 Rials (1969,1970) Olympics ASW=0.4822 Contributed Image
$ km4.1 10 Riyals (1969) Apollo XI Moon Landing ASW=0.9600 Contributed Image
$ km5 10 Riyals (1969) Apollo XII ASW=0.9645 Contributed Image
$ km19 10 Riyals (1969) Apollo XIII ASW=0.9645 Image from Vladimir Startsev
$ km22 10 Riyals (1969) Apollo 14 ASW=0.9645 Contributed Image
$ km7 25 Riyals (1969-1970) Richard Nixon Image from Vladimir Startsev
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