Coin Types from Easter Island
(Isla de Pascua)

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$ x1 1 Peso (2007,2014) Bonito fish
$ x2 5 Pesos (2007,2014) Forceps fish
$ x3 10 Pesos (2007,2014) Tangata Manu birdman
   new 20 Pesos (2014) Starfish Image from Jeff S.
$ x4 50 Pesos (2007,2014) Moray eel
$ x5 100 Pesos (2007,2014) Vaka canoe
$ x6 200 Pesos (2007,2014) Hammerhead shark
$ x7 500 Pesos (2007,2014) Moai stone statues
   new 1000 Pesos (2008) Image from Jeff S.
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