How to identify and find the value of your foreign coins

Step 1. Determine the country of origin. Look for a country name on the coin.
If it is not obvious, check this List of Western Text that can reveal the country.

If helpful text is not present, scan through these 2 pages of typical symbols.

To complete the identification, convert the date to the Gregorian calendar if needed.
I recommend using the Creounity Time Machine.

Step 2. Once you have a good idea of the country, return to the Home Page and select that country from the menu box by the flashing
purple arrow. Then if you don't know the coin denomination and date,
scroll to the bottom of the country page and follow the View All link.

Step 3. When you find your coin type, Click the green dollar sign $ between the collection check boxes and the catalog ID. Follow the instructions there to obtain current values by coin date in up to 5 condition grades.

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