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77549German Federal Republic1950-Dkm1062 Pfennig (1950-1968) (3 available)$1.50A
77550German Federal Republic1950-Dkm1062 Pfennig (1950-1968) (2 available)$3.75A
77553German Federal Republic1950-Fkm1062 Pfennig (1950-1968) (2 available)$1.20A
77558German Federal Republic1950-Fkm1062 Pfennig (1950-1968) $3.60A
77552German Federal Republic1950-Gkm1062 Pfennig (1950-1968) $1.20A
77559German Federal Republic1950-Gkm1062 Pfennig (1950-1968) $4.50A
77554German Federal Republic1950-Jkm1062 Pfennig (1950-1968) (3 available)$1.50A
77560German Federal Republic1950-Jkm1062 Pfennig (1950-1968) $3.75A
77598German Federal Republic1958-Dkm1062 Pfennig (1950-1968) $4.50A
77561German Federal Republic1958-Dkm1062 Pfennig (1950-1968) $5.10A
77562German Federal Republic1958-Gkm1062 Pfennig (1950-1968) $2.10A
77563German Federal Republic1959-Dkm1062 Pfennig (1950-1968) (2 available)$1.20A
77564German Federal Republic1959-Fkm1062 Pfennig (1950-1968) $4.80A
77600German Federal Republic1959-Gkm1062 Pfennig (1950-1968) $1.80A
77565German Federal Republic1959-Gkm1062 Pfennig (1950-1968) $4.50A
77566German Federal Republic1959-Jkm1062 Pfennig (1950-1968) $3.60A
77601German Federal Republic1960-Dkm1062 Pfennig (1950-1968) $2.55A
77567German Federal Republic1960-Dkm1062 Pfennig (1950-1968) $3.15A
77568German Federal Republic1960-Gkm1062 Pfennig (1950-1968) $1.20A
77569German Federal Republic1961-Dkm1062 Pfennig (1950-1968) $3.30A
77571German Federal Republic1961-Fkm1062 Pfennig (1950-1968) (2 available)$2.85A
77603German Federal Republic1961-Gkm1062 Pfennig (1950-1968) $0.90A
77570German Federal Republic1961-Gkm1062 Pfennig (1950-1968) $3.15A
77572German Federal Republic1961-Gkm1062 Pfennig (1950-1968) $5.40A
77573German Federal Republic1961-Jkm1062 Pfennig (1950-1968) $4.80A
77604German Federal Republic1962-Dkm1062 Pfennig (1950-1968) $2.55A
77574German Federal Republic1962-Dkm1062 Pfennig (1950-1968) $3.15A
77575German Federal Republic1962-Fkm1062 Pfennig (1950-1968) $2.10A
77576German Federal Republic1962-Gkm1062 Pfennig (1950-1968) (2 available)$4.20A
77577German Federal Republic1962-Jkm1062 Pfennig (1950-1968) $2.70A
77578German Federal Republic1963-Dkm1062 Pfennig (1950-1968) $1.20A
77579German Federal Republic1963-Gkm1062 Pfennig (1950-1968) $2.85A
77581German Federal Republic1964-Fkm1062 Pfennig (1950-1968) $1.95A
77580German Federal Republic1964-Gkm1062 Pfennig (1950-1968) $2.85A
77584German Federal Republic1965-Dkm1062 Pfennig (1950-1968) $0.90A
77583German Federal Republic1965-Gkm1062 Pfennig (1950-1968) $1.95A
77586German Federal Republic1965-Gkm1062 Pfennig (1950-1968) $4.20A
77582German Federal Republic1965-Jkm1062 Pfennig (1950-1968) (2 available)$2.40A
77588German Federal Republic1966-Dkm1062 Pfennig (1950-1968) $1.05A
72693German Federal Republic1966-Fkm1062 Pfennig (1950-1968) $0.25A
77587German Federal Republic1966-Fkm1062 Pfennig (1950-1968) $1.80A
77589German Federal Republic1966-Gkm1062 Pfennig (1950-1968) $1.80A
77590German Federal Republic1966-Jkm1062 Pfennig (1950-1968) $1.80A
77606German Federal Republic1967-Jkm1062 Pfennig (1950-1968) $2.10A
72695German Federal Republic1968-Dkm1062 Pfennig (1950-1968) $0.25A
77607German Federal Republic1968-Dkm1062 Pfennig (1950-1968) $1.80A
77608German Federal Republic1968-Gkm1062 Pfennig (1950-1968) $1.50A

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