U.S. Presidential Dollars

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$ km401 1st Presidential dollar (2007) George Washington For Sale Here
$ km402 2nd Presidential dollar (2007) John Adams For Sale Here
$ km403 3rd Presidential dollar (2007) Thomas Jefferson For Sale Here
$ km404 4th Presidential dollar (2007) James Madison For Sale Here
$ km426 5th Presidential dollar (2008) James Monroe For Sale Here
$ km427 6th Presidential dollar (2008) John Quincy Adams For Sale Here
$ km428 7th Presidential dollar (2008) Andrew Jackson For Sale Here
$ km429 8th Presidential dollar (2008) Martin Van Buren For Sale Here
$ km450 9th Presidential dollar (2009) William Henry Harrison For Sale Here
$ km451 10th Presidential dollar (2009) John Tyler For Sale Here
$ km452 11th Presidential dollar (2009) James K. Polk For Sale Here
$ km453 12th Presidential dollar (2009) Zachary Taylor For Sale Here
$ km475 13th Presidential dollar (2010) Millard Fillmore For Sale Here
$ km476 14th Presidential dollar (2010) Franklin Pierce For Sale Here
$ km477 15th Presidential dollar (2010) James Buchanan For Sale Here
$ km478 16th Presidential dollar (2010) Abraham Lincoln For Sale Here
$ km499 17th Presidential dollar (2011) Andrew Johnson For Sale Here
$ km500 18th Presidential dollar (2011) Ulysses S. Grant For Sale Here
$ km501 19th Presidential dollar (2011) Rutherford B. Hayes For Sale Here
$ km502 20th Presidential dollar (2011) James Garfield For Sale Here
$ km524 21st Presidential dollar (2012) Chester A. Arthur For Sale Here
$ km525 22nd Presidential dollar (2012) Grover Cleveland 1st term For Sale Here
$ km526 23rd Presidential dollar (2012) Benjamin Harrison For Sale Here
$ km527 24th Presidential dollar (2012) Grover Cleveland 2nd term For Sale Here
$ km547 25th Presidential dollar (2013) William McKinley
$ km548 26th Presidential dollar (2013) Theodore Roosevelt
$ km549 27th Presidential dollar (2013) William Howard Taft
$ km550 28th Presidential dollar (2013) Woodrow Wilson
$ km571 29th Presidential dollar (2014) Warren G. Harding
$ km572 30th Presidential dollar (2014) Calvin Coolidge
$ km573 31st Presidential dollar (2014) Herbert Hoover
$ km574 32nd Presidential dollar (2014) Frankin D. Roosevelt
$ km606 33rd Presidential dollar (2015) Harry S. Truman
$ km607 34th Presidential dollar (2015) Dwight D. Eisenhower
$ km608 35th Presidential dollar (2015) John F. Kennedy
$ km609 36th Presidential dollar (2015) Lyndon B. Johnson
$ km619 37th Presidential dollar (2016) Richard Nixon
$ km620 38th Presidential dollar (2016) Gerald Ford
$ km621 40th Presidential dollar (2016) Ronald Reagan


U.S. First Lady $10 Gold Coins and Medals

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$ km407 1st Spouse $10 Gold (2007) Martha Washington
   n/a 1st Spouse Medal (2007) Martha Washington
$ km408 2nd Spouse $10 Gold (2007) Abigail Adams
   n/a 2nd Spouse Medal (2007) Abigail Adams
$ km409 3rd Spouse $10 Gold (2007) Jeffersons Liberty
   n/a 3rd Spouse Medal (2007) Jeffersons Liberty
$ km410 4th Spouse $10 Gold (2007) Dolley Madison
   n/a 4th Spouse Medal (2007) Dolley Madison
$ km430 5th Spouse $10 Gold (2008) Elizabeth Monroe
   n/a 5th Spouse Medal (2008) Elizabeth Monroe
$ km431 6th Spouse $10 Gold (2008) Louisa Adams
   n/a 6th Spouse Medal (2008) Louisa Adams
$ km432 7th Spouse $10 Gold (2008) Jacksons Liberty
   n/a 7th Spouse Medal (2008) Jacksons Liberty
$ km433 8th Spouse $10 Gold (2008) Van Burens Liberty
   n/a 8th Spouse Medal (2008) Van Burens Liberty
$ km456 9th Spouse $10 Gold (2009) Anna Harrison
   n/a 9th Spouse Medal (2009) Anna Harrison
$ km457 10th Spouse $10 Gold (2009) Letitia Tyler
   n/a 10th Spouse Medal (2009) Letitia Tylor
$ km458 10th Spouse $10 Gold (2009) Julia Tyler
   n/a 10th Spouse Medal (2009) Julia Tylor
$ km459 11th Spouse $10 Gold (2009) Sarah Polk
   n/a 11th Spouse Medal (2009) Sarah Polk
$ km465 12th Spouse $10 Gold (2009) Margaret Taylor
   n/a 12th Spouse Medal (2009) Margaret Taylor
$ km481 13th Spouse $10 Gold (2010) Abigail Fillmore
   n/a 13th Spouse Medal (2010) Abigail Fillmore
$ km482 14th Spouse $10 Gold (2010) Jane Pierce
   n/a 14th Spouse Medal (2010) Jane Pierce
$ km483 15th Spouse $10 Gold (2010) Buchanans Liberty
   n/a 15th Spouse Medal (2010) Buchanans Liberty
$ km484 16th Spouse $10 Gold (2010) Mary Todd Lincoln
   n/a 16th Spouse Medal (2010) Mary Todd Lincoln
$ km509 17th Spouse $10 Gold (2011) Eliza Johnson
   n/a 17th Spouse Medal (2011) Eliza Johnson
$ km510 18th Spouse $10 Gold (2011) Julia Grant
   n/a 18th Spouse Medal (2011) Julia Grant
$ km511 19th Spouse $10 Gold (2011) Lucy Hayes
   n/a 19th Spouse Medal (2011) Lucy Hayes
$ km512 20th Spouse $10 Gold (2011) Lucretia Garfield
   n/a 20th Spouse Medal (2011) Lucretia Garfield
$ km532 21st Spouse $10 Gold (2012) Alice Paul
   n/a 21st Spouse Medal (2012) Alice Paul
$ km533 22nd Spouse $10 Gold (2012) Frances Cleveland
   n/a 22nd Spouse Medal (2012) Frances Cleveland
$ km534 23rd Spouse $10 Gold (2012) Caroline Harrison
   n/a 23rd Spouse Medal (2012) Caroline Harrison
$ km535 24th Spouse $10 Gold (2012) Frances Cleveland
   n/a 24th Spouse Medal (2012) Frances Cleveland
$ km561 25th Spouse $10 Gold (2013) Ida McKinley
   n/a 25th Spouse Medal (2013) Ida McKinly
$ km562 26th Spouse $10 Gold (2013) Edith Roosevelt
   n/a 26th Spouse Medal (2013) Edith Roosevelt
$ km563 27th Spouse $10 Gold (2013) Helen Taft
   n/a 27th Spouse Medal (2013) Helen Taft
$ km564 28th Spouse $10 Gold (2013) Ellen Wilson
   n/a 28th Spouse Medal (2013) Ellen Wilson
$ km565 28th Spouse $10 Gold (2013) Edith Wilson
   n/a 28th Spouse Medal (2013) Edith Wilson
$ km593 29th Spouse $10 Gold (2014) Florence Harding
   n/a 29th Spouse Medal (2014) Florence Harding
$ km594 30th Spouse $10 Gold (2014) Grace Coolidge
   n/a 30th Spouse Medal (2014) Grace Coolidge
$ km595 31st Spouse $10 Gold (2014) Lou Hoover
   n/a 31st Spouse Medal (2014) Lou Hoover
$ km596 32nd Spouse $10 Gold (2014) Eleanor Roosevelt
   n/a 32nd Spouse Medal (2014) Eleanor Roosevelt
$ km612 33rd Spouse $10 Gold (2015) Bess Truman
   n/a 33rd Spouse Medal (2015) Bess Truman
$ km613 34th Spouse $10 Gold (2015) Mamie Eisenhower
   n/a 34th Spouse Medal (2015) Mamie Eisenhower
$ km614 35th Spouse $10 Gold (2015) Jacqueline Kennedy
   n/a 35th Spouse Medal (2015) Jacqueline Kennedy
$ km615 36th Spouse $10 Gold (2015) Lady Bird Johnson
   n/a 36th Spouse Medal (2015) Lady Bird Johnson
$ km627 37th Spouse $10 Gold (2016) Patricia Nixon
   n/a 37th Spouse Medal (2016) Patricia Nixon
$ km628 38th Spouse $10 Gold (2016) Betty Ford
   n/a 38th Spouse Medal (2016) Betty Ford
$ km629 40th Spouse $10 Gold (2016) Nancy Reagan
   n/a 40th Spouse Medal (2016) Nancy Reagan

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