Please help add links to the detailed values of specific coin types from the NGC World Coin Price Guide.

Open the Price Guide HERE and scroll down to "Search by criteria"

Enter the search criteria for this Canada 1 Dollar (2006--) maple leaf mintmark and click "Search"

If presented with a list of coin types, find km495 on the list and click "Select"

If the guide offers several sub-types but WCG does not, try to find the most common (cheapest) one,
so coin "type" collectors can get an idea of the minimum value of the general coin type.

Then, from the web address at the top of the browser window*, enter the cuid and duid values here: ... -cuid--duid-

*If you don't see a web address at the top of your browser window, turn on the "Navigation Toolbar"
For Firefox, click "View", point at "Toolbars" and check "Navigation Toolbar"
For Internet Explorer, right-click on one of the remaining toolbars and select "Address Bar"