U.S. Native American Tribes

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Los Coyotes Indians

 C   S  W   C=Collection  S=Spare for Trade  W=Wantlist
   new 1 Cent (2011) Turkey
   new 5 Cents (2011) Rattlesnake
   new 1 Dime (2011) Bobcat For Sale $5.00
   new 1/4 Dollar (2011) Mule Deer For Sale $5.00
   new 1/2 Dollar (2011) Bear For Sale $8.00
   new 1 Dollar (2011) Eagle
   new 5 Dollars (2011) Cultural Heritage

Iipay Nation of Santa Ysabel Indians

 C   S  W   C=Collection  S=Spare for Trade  W=Wantlist
   new 1 Cent (2012) Medicine Man
   new 5 Cents (2012) Basketry
   new 10 Cents (2012) Fire
   new 1/4 Dollar (2012) Ancestors
   new 1/2 Dollar (2012) Crafts
   new 1 Dollar (2012) Pellytaay Sage
   new 5 Dollars (2012) Rabbit

Lakota Nation

 C   S  W   C=Collection  S=Spare for Trade  W=Wantlist
   new 1 Lakota (1/2 oz. fine copper)
   new 2 Lakota (1 oz. fine copper) Image from David Barrette

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