47 Prefecture Coins of Japan

y141 500 Yen (2008,Yr.20) Hokaido Prefecture
y143 500 Yen (2008,Yr.20) Kyoto Prefecture
y145 500 Yen (2008,Yr.20) Shimane Prefecture

y147 500 Yen (2009,Yr.21) Nagano Prefecture
y149 500 Yen (2009,Yr.21) Niigata Prefecture
y153 500 Yen (2009,Yr.21) Ibaraki Prefecture

y155 500 Yen (2009,Yr.21) Nara Prefecture
y159 500 Yen (2010,Yr.22) Kochi Prefecture
y161 500 Yen (2010,Yr.22) Gifu Prefecture

y163 500 Yen (2010,Yr.22) Fukui Prefecture
y165 500 Yen (2010,Yr.22) Aichi Prefecture
y167 500 Yen (2010,Yr.22) Aomori Prefecture

y169 500 Yen (2010,Yr.22) Saga Prefecture
y171 500 Yen (2011,Yr.23) Toyama Prefecture
y177 500 Yen (2011,Yr.23) Shiga Prefecture

y183 500 Yen (2012,Yr.24) Okinawa Prefecture
y185 500 Yen (2012,Yr.24) Kanagawa Prefecture
y187 500 Yen (2012,Yr.24) Miyazaki Prefecture

y191 500 Yen (2012,Yr.24) Hyogo Prefecture
y193 500 Yen (2012,Yr.24) Oita Prefecture
y196 500 Yen (2013,Yr.25) Miyagi Prefecture

y198 500 Yen (2013,Yr.25) Hiroshima Prefecture
y200 500 Yen (2013,Yr.25) Gunma Prefecture
y202 500 Yen (2013,Yr.25) Yamanashi Prefecture

y204 500 Yen (2013,Yr.25) Shizuoka Prefecture
y206 500 Yen (2013,Yr.25) Okayama Prefecture
y208 500 Yen (2013,Yr.25) Kagoshima Prefecture

y211 500 Yen (2014,Yr.26) Ehime Prefecture
Y213 500 Yen (2014,Yr.26) Yamagata Prefecture
y215 500 Yen (2014,Yr.26) Mie Prefecture

y217 500 Yen (2014,Yr.26) Kagawa Prefecture
y219 500 Yen (2014,Yr.26) Saitama Prefecture
y221 500 Yen (2014,Yr.26) Ishikawa Prefecture

y230 500 Yen (2015,Yr.27) Tokushima Prefecture
y234 500 Yen (2015,Yr.27) Wakayama Prefecture
y236 500 Yen (2015,Yr.27) Osaka Prefecture

y238 500 Yen (2015,Yr.27) Nagasaki Prefecture
y240 500 Yen (2015,Yr.27) Chiba Prefecture
y254 500 Yen (2016,Yr.28) Fukushima Prefecture

y255 500 Yen (2016,Yr.28) Tokyo Prefecture

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